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Today’s Mobile Generation?

It can be a question or it can be point for the debates that, in today’s mobile generation, can the old Home phone technique sustain its importance. As in present scenario, every country is focusing on the development in each and every aspect, whether its technical or non-technical. Hence in this situation, we can see that there are several things of our lives which are now not showing that bigger impact that they were used to be earlier. Those old things are getting replaced by the new ones now. Similarly, if we take a serious look on to the fact that the Home phone systems are not that much popular now a days. These home landline phones are getting replaced by the mobiles and cell phones, very frequently. According to a survey, it has been stated that the Home landline phones are losing its command on the telecom world. There are many reasons due to which this old and popular and conventional technique is not that much effective as it used to be earlier. One of them could be that it doesn’t offer the most important feature of mobility, of which, every human being is getting used to so much. The other factors could be like, its mode of operation on which it functions. There could be many other factors as well which causes this home landline phone technique to lose its charm. Now, we can’t say that, these landline services are not taken care off. All the vendors or service providers are making so much efforts to prevent these telephone system get completely replaced by the mobile technology. The increased speed of broadband internet, new unlimited usage plans and many other features are examples which are helping landline system to sustain its importance in today’s generation. Although the fast internet speed and other tremendous features of mobile phone technology are increasing day by day, there are some features like ADSL2, Optical Communications, as well which are making home broadband bundles quite useful to have. Due to these new technologies in the telecom world, the vendors or the service providers are offering various utilities to consumers, like now we can compare internet and home phone bundles between different telecom companies and its features. So, we can say that although these home landline phone techniques are now not that much popular as the mobile phones are, but there are efforts going on to keep this technique alive for a longer period of time.

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