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A smart number like 1800 number serves the business with additional flexibility and functionality. In today’s phase, the smart numbers have achieved so much popularity, that people are ready to pay huge amounts, to buy relative smart numbers for their business. Buying smart numbers at auction has become popular nowadays. The easy remembering contact number like: If care is a brand, then 1800 care or 1800 3 1 18 5(where 3 stands for c, 1 for a, 18 for r and 5 for e) can be recalled quickly, by the customer to contact a service provider. A smart number is becoming a strong basis, for networking and catching the eyes of customer in this competitive world. The smart number is so demanding that they are even kept in the auction. An auction is a procedure with legal authorization, where the time of bidding is publicly announced, for selling a product and anybody can participate. The auction promotes the interested people, to claim highest rates they can pay, to own the product. The person, who calls for, the maximum value of the product or smart number, wins the auction and is provided the legal ownership over the product. The same procedure of the auction, takes place in the case of smart numbers. The auction of the smart numbers is organized and controlled under the surveillance of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which is the Commonwealth Government agency in Australia. It is the responsible body for the fortnightly auctions of smart numbers. Generally the auction for smart numbers is held on Wednesday, from 11 am to 4 pm (Victorian time). Now discussing about basics of auction for smart numbers in Australia Schedule of the forthcoming auctions of smart numbers. The details of the schedule of the auction are available on the site of ACMA (i.e. The list of numbers placed for auction is available on the ACMA website as well. Online registration is done for the auction participation on the site of ACMA. To login to the bid, you have to pay $42.00 registration fee.

After winning the bid, you have to pay the winning bid amount: A reserve price is assigned to every number participating in bid (that is also called opening bid amount). This is the minimum amount to be paid after winning the bid (reserve prices range between $250 and $20,000). The winning bid amount must be paid within 30 days by you (counted from the completion of your auction). Supportively, an invoice via email emphasizing the exact due date will be sent and mentioning the several modes of payment. Further, you have to talk to your telecom company for further connection and service. The annual numbering charge is submitted, by the phone company to the ACMA, for the smart numbers that are activated with them, in the month of April every year. The popularity of smart numbers like 1800 numbers has raised their value in market. Having a smart number becomes your additional quality to brand fame.

Auction process of smart numbers  

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