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Issue 9 January 2012

The latest addition to our family...

In him we live and move

It was about 10 months before we finally get to meet. Full of anticipation we were awaiting for his arrival, and just wondering when he would make his way out. And then, in the wee hours of 30 August, he started his journey… After almost 5 hours of me screaming my lungs out, he finally completed his journey, making his way into the hands of the competent doctors and nurses. Me, I was too relieved and exhausted. I only remembered they brought him to me so that I can take a good look and kissed him… All thanks to God for the safe delivery. All thanks to John as well for standing by me throughout the ordeal even though he was so afraid!

And his name is Jed Thirachot Preedakasemrung, the latest addition to our family…

with baby. Thank God for their understanding.

It has been about 4 months since his arrival, and I cannot imagine how life is like without him now. The boys love him too. They sing to him, they read to him, and they keep asking when they can carry their little brother. In a way, they have been a great help to distract baby, especially when mummy needs to cook. With Jed’s arrival, I am not able to devote as much time to the boys as before. John take on more of that role now. But we have all adjusted to his presence in our lives. His older brothers are fully aware and know that mummy needs to spend more time

Inside this issue: A story about a boy


A picture speaks a thousand words


Our first mission team


Till more Shan hear the gospel


A story about a Shan lady


Thanksgiving and prayer requests


Term Fun Home will like to wish one and all a very blessed Happy New Year. We look back to 2011 and give thanks to how God has seen us through every milestone: taking in the boys, struggling and adjusting to one another, welcoming Jed into our family and receiving funds from Singapore. Every milestone is a reminder to us of God’s faithfulness. Thank you so much for all who have been keeping us in your prayers!

A story about a boy... When Chai first came into our Home, we figured out it will be a challenge…. not that he is naughty or anything like that. But that 9 year old Chai cannot even write all 44 letters in the Thai alphabet yet. He has been retained in Primary Two as he had failed both Thai and Mathematics, the two core subjects that he had to pass in order to be promoted to Primary 3. And we are truly worried for him. If this little boy couldn’t even cope in a village school up in the mountains, is he able to do so in Vineyard Primary School?? Yet, we saw God’s amazing grace at work in Chai’s life. When the results of the first term came out, our boy not only passed both of these subjects, but

We appreciate your prayer for Chai too. In two months’ time, he will be sitting for the promotional exam. We just had a meet the parents session in the school. Though he has improved lots, but he is still lagging in his Thai as compared to his peers. His inability to read as well has cost him in other subjects too. Yet, we know with his determination to do well and your prayers, Chai will make it!

he managed to get grade 4 for his Mathematics. How amazing can it get, from grade 0 to grade 4!!! We are just so proud of him, and truly thank God for blessing him!!!

A picture speaks a thousand words Because a picture speaks a thousand words, we decide to let the photographs do the talking. So sit back, relax and enjoy the pictures of our boys!

Playing Uno Stacko with a volunteer

Enjoying homemade sticky rice right outside our house Page 2

‘Monkeying’ around

Proudly holding their medals during the annual school sports’ day

Christmas pageant in school

With aunty Angela in a song teow I N HI M W E L I V E A N D M O V E

Our first mission team In December, Term Fun Home receives our first mission team… a total of 18 children, youths and adults from Toa Payoh Methodist Church! It was a tight squeeze having all of them in our house, but putting them elsewhere will means lesser time to bond with the boys. And so , we host them right in our house; and Term Fun Home has never been more lively! The boys were shy at first. ‘Mummy,’ they asked, ‘how to talk to them? They don’t know Thai?’ ‘Use whatever English you have leant from mummy so far and your hands and your smile, and go.’ By the end of the trip, our boys were so attached to the youths! And the youths have ‘adopted’ the boys as well! Apart from ministering to the boys, the team also painted our fence and gate, conducted children’s ministry at Shineforth Methodist Church and did a Christmas outreach in a Shan camp. We were truly thankful for their presence here with us. Here are just snapshots of their time here. May it inspire you to come and join us too!

Children’s ministry at Shineforth MC

Hard at work... ISSUE 9

Xmas outreach in a Shan camp

Enjoying a typical Northern Thai dinner after a day of painting

Teaching English to the boys Pag

Till more Shan hear the gospel It is not too much of an exaggeration to say that Chiangmai city is full of Shan people. Almost everywhere we go, we can hear people talking in the Shan language. So apart from looking after our boys, we have always hope to do something to reach out to the Shan masses here. But they are always on the move. Since most of them work in construction sites, they flow along with where work is in demand. The Shan that we reach out to as such are more of a friendship evangelism basis. We know a Shan family, and then we get know their relatives and friends here. Our prayer is to be able to start a small Shan group, and this poses a difficulty when no one stays put in one place for long. So we have to travel all over as well, depending on where their next project brings them. We thank God for the few Shan that we get to know, and may you continue to pray with us that we will eventually be able to start a Shan group with these individuals

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the work of our hands—O prosper the work of our hands! Psalm 90:17

A story about a Shan lady When we first knew Pi Jin Poo, she lived alone in a rented room. Her little boy stayed with his father and his new ‘mummy.’ Pi Jin Poo earns a living by sewing. Although her ex-husband already has a new family, but he has refused to leave Pi Jin Poo alone. The poor lady has to shift often in order to avoid the harassment of her ex-husband. She hardly gets to see her son. About two months ago, her ex-husband managed to track her down. He came in the dead of the night, drunk and wanted to stay the night with her. When Pi Jin Poo refused, she was slashed on the arm with a knife and given a hard box on the ear. Thankfully, neighbours heard the commotion and came out to stop the man.

high for her. The attack by her ex-husband has left a lasting mark on her. She is now fearful of venturing out of her house alone. Though she missed her son terribly, but she did not contact him, for fear that her ex-husband will track her down again. She earns her living daily by sewing still. But it was on a borrowed machine. All her savings has gone into her medical treatment and she could no

longer afford to buy one. Pi Jin Poo accepted Christ recently. Together with the pastor of Shineforth Methodist Church, we have been visiting her and encouraging her. John also conducts simple bible study in Shan for her. We appreciate your prayers for her:

She will be safe from the harassment of her husband

She will continue to grow in her faith

She will be able to afford her own sewing machine. (7000 baht) The one she’s using now is rather old, and breaks down often.

After this episode, Pi Jin Poo fled to Bangkok, and sought medical treatment there. Part of her eardrum is permanently damaged, thus affecting her hearing… Pi Jin Poo is now back in Chiangmai. The cost of living in Bangkok is just too


Pi Jin Poo on her borrowed sewing machine

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Thanksgiving: If you will like to contribute to our ministry or are interested to know more about Term Fun Home, please feel free to drop us an email. Do check out our website for more information as well.

For the funds that come in from Toa Payoh Methodist Church and Methodist Missions Society.

For the safe delivery of Jed.

For friends and all who have been such a constant source of encouragement to us in our ministry.

Prayer requests:


For the boys as they sit for their promotional exams in March.

For John and the boys to be able to speak English fluently.

For us to be able to pay the down payment for a pick up to ferry the boys around.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this rather lengthy newsletter, and for remembering us in your prayers. Angela and Jed will be back in Singapore from 21 Jan to 16 Feb (John from 21 Jan to 27 Jan) and will look forward to meet you!

In His Love, John and Angela Address: P.O. Box 318, Amphur Muang, Chiangmai 50000, Thailand Email:,, Website: Hp: 66857081377 (John), 66871740177 (Angie)


The Preedakasemrung family will like to wish one and all a very blessed Lunar New Year!!!


The Preedakasemrung family will like to wish one and all a very blessed Lunar New Year!!!