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CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: [1] view looking towards the loop, [2] & [3] site plans, [4] section perspective

DAM[N] THE CHICAGO RIVER COLLABORATION: Fox + Bear SITE: Chicago, Illinois A proposed visitor’s center and sauna for Ping Tom Park in Chicago, Dam[n] the Chicago River seeks to sensationalize the polluted waters of the river while simultaneously cleaning them and providing an urban spa and swimming hole. Diversion of the river from its present, channelized course recreates the historic flow of the river in this section. Along this historic flow, a wetland provides filtration and remediation for the water that passes through. Once the water reaches Ping Tom Park, an architectural insertion provides a public viewing area of the river along with a spa and swimming area fed from the wetland. [23]

2013 11112 johnvictorfaichneyworksample  
2013 11112 johnvictorfaichneyworksample  

Selection of student and personal work from 2005-2013.