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Tool Kit Proposition

Ben Wood 10th March 2010

Background John Lloyd BA(hons) MBA Halifax – most successful area business manager / set up Halifax new build dept g dedicated to new build for over 10 yyears Established successful brokerage Established The Home Buyers Tool Kit & commenced development of other Tool Kits

Mark Ray Network/Project Manager for BICC Cables R&D Wrexham S t new I.T I T Business B i i February F b Setup in 2000 Established The Home Buyers Tool Kit & commenced development of other Tool Kits

Phil Milsom „ „ „

Senior Manager & Director within Financial Services & Property Maintenance Sector Head of Operations & Business Development in Residential Property Market Commercial Director of Macmedia & Mousesale Internet Estate Agent Development

The top 3 UK house builders account for 30%+ of the UK market, yet do not sale have ICT at point of sale. We provide ICT (at POS) & software for both negotiator & purchaser… y Tool Kit The Home Buyers …

Sales tools at point of sale; UK Government target of 240,000 (Callcutt Rept 2007)


Provides direct access to the websites required when buying a new home 2 64 million enquiries (11 per sale) 2.64


Related transactions, Estate Agent, HIP, brokers etc (income generator)


Local advertisers & local information (income generator)


“S d Site” Sit ” button b tt so every enquirer i gets t a Home H B T l Kit “Send Buyers Tool


Builder Resources – Email, Skype, Standard Documents

The Home Buyers Tool Kit provides experience and “route to market” for the Home Owners Tool Kit

Current House Builder Relationships

Other Relationships

6 Month Time Line …

Secure contract with 3 national builders ((from top10) p )


Pilot small builder version via Mousesale franchisees


Interrogate market regarding Home Owners Tool Kit

12 Month Time Line …

Operational Profit Year 1 = £500,000 (Year 2 = £2.074m)


Develop p existing g relationships p with large g and small builders,, identifying y g additional sales/marketing g opportunities – digital marketing/security at point of sale


Aggressive marketing of the proposition


Secure 5 of the top 10 house builders (35%+ of new build market)


Develop pilot version of Home Owners Tool Kit

18 Month Time Line …

Launch additional Tool Kits (pilot) UK & Ireland


Cosmetic, Laser, Dental Trainer, Gymnasiums y



Ireland, USA, Australia

Home Owners

Tourists Attractions

Home Improvement Regulations Conservatories, Shed, Garage Builders, Windows, Builders Windows

Home Buyers

House builders Purchasers new homes

Home Rental

Landlords Tenants

Holiday Home y Maintenance Electrical, Gas, Plumbers Decorators, Roofers


Home Personal Car

Secure involvement, support, commitment from Google … … … … … … …

Property portal Google maps Google street Gmail Valuations Financial services Advertising

Investment / Equity Partnership / Ownership


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