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March 1916,

Finally I have turned fourteen. My Mom always tells me how important reading and writing is. Maybe there is a real purpose, but it is too soon to think about grown-up issues. Two days ago I asked Mom about Germany and how was life while they life in there. She even told me about how the changed their family name from GroĂ&#x;steinbeck to Steinbeck before they reached Salinas,

California the place we live now. That is all by now‌ John E. Steinbeck

April 1918,

I am very nervous. The time is finally coming, next year I am going to graduate from High School. I have been thinking about it and I will be studying Literature, I guess that is my profession. You know, on summer I worked on ranches near my home and also in Spreckels which is very fertile ground specially sugar. It helps me unwind and on free time I explore the greens

nearby. I brought this because I have seen how I or some friends, migrants are treated by Americans. That is all by now‌ John E. Steinbeck

September 1924,

It has been four years in Stanford. I am trying hard really, but I think college is not my place. My efforts have been in bane and I would not be able to graduate at all. Maybe this is not what I wanted after all. Then what awaits me in the future? I need time to analyze again and figure out how I am going to tell my parents about this. John E. Steinbeck

January 1927,

This is great being in New York. If I have not told you, yes I got out of University now I am a full-time writer (basically). I got two jobs right now just to keep a normal life in here, such a rush! By the way I am working on my first writing. Is not quite done since I work more in my job and cannot spend it in the writing itself. This time I got the feeling, I think I have it. Wish me luck!! John E. Steinbeck

May 1929,

Hey! I am back to California. Yes the work did not go publish, so I had to come back. I had some many job in this three weeks that I cannot even remember their names. Right now I am a Tour Guide for a fish company. Is not great, or smell nice, but there I met a very special girl named Carol Hennings. We have been dating for almost a year. I know times are bad, but I am working

hard on my writings. The Cup of Gold, this is my first one‌ John E. Steinbeck

February 1936,

It is great talking again to you. I already released my second work called Tortilla Flat. I have plans of making our home in Los Gatos, California. Yes, it has been nice spending time with Carol since we got married six years ago. Now I am planning a trip with Ed Ricketts, but I am quite fine by now. I almost forgot I have published also In Dubious Battle which is getting quite an attention. It is

really nice you keep in touch with my letters, John E. Steinbeck

March 1941,

The trip was amazing! Spending this time helped a lot on my new writing. I called it The Log of the Sea Cortez. You know my wife says I spend so much time with this that I totally forgot about her. I think she is over reacting, but we are getting divorced. I really thought that was the one, but it was not so shortly I will be back to the singularity of life. Now I am just thinking again

about my achievements. Anyways write you when I clear my mind‌ John E. Steinbeck

February 1944,

I am married again and I got two children. Her name is very strange which I am not going to tell right now. Right now I am in Africa badly wounded and trying to work, I am a War journalist at least before something exploded near me. No it is not my new job I just wanted to be another adventure and anyways I am helping my country. Well not for long I already talked with the

official and they are going to head me back home. John E. Steinbeck

November 1947,

You can say I am a bad learner, but I am heading right now to the Soviet Union. We are going to visit different parts of Russia to take some pictures. I have recovered from last time and know I just want to appreciate my time. I am planning on publishing this work later on with the experiences I gain from this trip. This is going to be awesome. John E. Steinbeck

December 1948,

The trip was great. Now I am headed to back to California, but this time is for my best friend Ed Ricketts. He had a car accident and unfortunately he passed before I arrived at the hospital. It was my best friend and I cannot stand it. Now I am figuring out what is worst Rickett’s death or my wife that is asking me the divorce. I feel terribly sad about this. Bye. John E. Steinbeck

April 1949,

Guess what? I got married again, this time is Elaine Scott. Definitely this is my last chance, but I think this is the right one. We have a couple of months since we got married and she is wonderful. This is the time in life when I remember about all I have done, especially because I am getting old and I want to be happy. John E. Steinbeck

July 1966,

I do not know if you remember when I talked about being in the place where my family lived. Well is not exactly Germany, but it results I have a brother in Arabia and I went to visit him because it was his funeral. They say he was killed by Arab marauders. Maybe that is how they call villains in that part of Earth. Leave you by now‌ John E. Steinbeck

November 1968,

I feel terribly bad. I think this is my last adventure. I have been in this hospital for three months. Sincerely I appreciate all this time, all my awards, all my works and especially you that took the time to read this. I will miss everything including my wife, but that is how life is. Beyond this point I would not be able to write, but I will continue in your memories and you will be the

one who keeps me awaken. Thank You‌ John E. Steinbeck

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