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Responsible Driving Tips for Safer Trips A responsible driver always remembers and observes road traffic signs that are there to give him guidance on the road. Being on the steering wheel gives him the responsibility and the accountability for all his acts. As a driver, your main responsibility is to drive carefully and well so as to be at the designated place at the right time; at all times following road signs and traffic regulations to keep you and other road users safe. You are likewise accountable to bring your passengers to the destination safely that you have to take all the needed safety driving precautions to keep them safe. A responsible driver observes traffic regulations that include the following:

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Driving within the speed limits. Maximum speed limit is specifically observed for specified areas such as school and church zones while minimum limit is set for those trailing the freeways. A responsible person on the wheel should always observe safety and courtesy measures, among others are: o Pedestrians are given the right of way – always! o Always slow down for pedestrians in marked and unmarked crosswalk with or without traffic signs o Stop when a school guard displays an official stop sign or flag o Stop when there is a parked school or daycare bus and church bus until the stop sign is retracted or the bus’ red lights are turned off. o Slow down and watch for children if a school traffic sign is posted Click it or Ticket to ensure compliance with proper use of seatbelt for added security and travel safety. Law enforcers are keen on issuing tickets for noncompliance thereto. Use of cellular phones and similar gadgets while behind the wheels are prohibited. You deserve a traffic ticket once violation thereof is committed. Beating red lights is a big “NO” for drivers and this is not spared from the issuance of a traffic ticket. Besides, your irresponsible move may cause harm to other motorists and road users. Drunk or drugged driving as this can cause a driver to commit other traffic violations and the possibility of being involved in road accidents. Obstruction of traffic especially in cases of accidents and road traffic problems is strictly prohibited and must be observed. Motorcycle riding not using helmet is a traffic violation as it is a safety measure and a must for motorized vehicle driving.

Such violations may not be seen by a roving traffic enforcer, but you cannot escape the monitoring device installed in main streets such as the Optotraffic speed cameras that record road users’ acts, issue traffic tickets for offenses committed and collect payments. Thus, although you can afford to pay the fine for the ticket you got from a traffic enforcer, following traffic rules and regulations should be a concern if you are really that responsible. The penalty imposed is only a proof for having violated some rules so why not just follow them and be kept safe on the roads.

Remember, the driver’s license issued to you meant you are eligible and thus granted the privilege to use the road. It’s just proper that you prove your worth as a responsible driver committed to ensure safety – not just yours but of the other road users as well.

Responsible Driving Tips for Safer Trips  

As a driver, your main responsibility is to drive carefully and well so as to be at the designated place at the right time.