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s n i k S r u S ave O s a e S r u S ave O rmors skin against aging UVA rays locks 93% of skin-burning UVB rays ares for our coral reefs




549.75 224.75

100% Natural P P

200g 50g


Dear Friends, Summer has officially started and for families out there, this is the best time to be outdoors and explore our beautiful country. Arriving just in time is our much-awaited, 100% natural, water-resistant and reef-friendly SAFEBLOCK. It’s the country’s very first 100% natural sunscreen offering complete broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Grab a tube and don’t leave home without SAFEBLOCK! On to more good news, after only 3 months since we’ve launched our Goodness Rising campaign to provide homes for 100 families, we have now raised enough funds to build 61 homes thanks to your support and the relentless generosity of our whole Human Nature family.

Hello! The weather is already quite scorching, so I hope you’re keeping yourselves hydrated this season! We’ve made some changes in this issue with the goal of making it easier for you to share the goodness. We’ve put the products in Shopping Guides by category towards the end for your easy reference. We’ve also added more articles for you to enjoy such as Staff Picks and Dealer Buzz so that you’ll get to know the rest of the HN Family better. In the coming months, we will be doing more collaborations with our most valuable players on exciting articles – YOU!

Thank you for sharing our passion. We hope that you continue to grow with us as we get closer and closer to our goal of a beautiful, prosperous and inclusive Philippines.

I hope you like this new change. We’d love to hear your thoughts about our new magalogue and other new stuff, so just share them with us through our Customer Service Team as we always want to improve and serve you better.

Walang iwanan!

Enjoy & keep cool everyone!


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Sizzling NEW Products 2-3, 32-35, 62 SAFEBLOCK Igniting the Spirit of a Hero: Mike Go 11, 54 Hair Shaper 4 Fab Lip Tips 12, 62 Healthy Lotion - Powder Love Sizzling Summer Looks 13, 53 Scented Cleansing Bar Cheers to Summer - Lavender Mint Bayani Brew and Theo & Philo 14, 50 Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick Melding Science & Beauty Overnight Elixir Sun-kissed Skin 42-62 Face Care Hair Care Sun-safe Tresses Face Care Daily Hair Treatment Make-up Girl Talk Body Care Feminine Wash Wellness In Every Issue Saving Power of Tough Love Feminine Care Home Care 4 Sister Speak Soaps 5 Our Love Story Stress-free Getaways Men’s Care 6 Our Products & FAQ Wellness 6-7 The Goodness List Protective Care One Summer’s Day 18 Staff Picks Pet Care at the Fun Farm with the Guevaras 30 Dealer Buzz Baby & Kids Care The Seatizen’s Guide to Sunscreen 40 Branch Directory Home Care SAFEBLOCK Social Enterprise Goodness Rising & Bayani Challenge Our NEW Magalogue App The Men Behind the App If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return or Win a Trip to El Nido exchange it within 30 days – absolutely. That’s the way

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it’s been and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Because you deserve Only the Good.

is about loving our beautiful Philippines, loving our rich environment, loving our countrymen, and loving our families. Every Human Nature home care, personal care and beauty product is a testament to this love and feels as good on your skin as it does in your heart. We’ve captured our love in every bottle for you to enjoy and to share with others.



We formulate products using only ingredients that can be grown in the Philippines. We patronize fellow Filipino suppliers and partners even though sourcing overseas can be cheaper. In doing so, we help make our local economy stronger.

As a social enterprise, we strive to optimize rather than maximize profit, considering not just what’s good for business, but what’s best for our country, our people and the poor.


Through our partnerships with Gawad Kalinga and other organizations, we aim to develop worldclass organic farms and other enterprises that will multiply the income of poor communities as we help create the market for their products and produce.


We believe that each Filipino can be a steward of nature. All our products are made from natural raw materials that are processed using environmentally-safe methods and that do no harm when they seep back into our soil and seas.


We aspire to be the gold standard of a globally successful business with a heart. We work to inspire and nurture local social enterprises to step up, scale up and become as big as – or bigger than! – Human Nature. In a country with so many brilliant products created by people who care, we wholeheartedly believe we can help our countrymen rise out of poverty and into a first-world quality of life.


The origin of each Human Nature product belongs to Mother Earth’s own laboratory of moist rich soil, sunshine, and dew. Our ingredients are more than inspired by nature – they are nature itself, carefully selected, deftly distilled and perfectly blended in each bottle.

Tree of Life

Miracle Worker We use...

Instead of...

Sunflower  Moisturizer Emollient

mineral oil petroleum petrolatum

We use...

Instead of...

Moisturizer Emollient Surfactant Humectant

mineral oil petroleum petrolatum SLS/SLES CDEA/CMEA


is the first range of affordable and genuinely natural products in the Philippines. Each product we create is a pledge to goodness. All our natural ingredients are safe, pure, and biodegradable. They come from renewable resources and are processed in a way that’s kind to the environment. We abide by standards set by the US Natural Products Association – every single product of ours is at least 95% natural, and most are 100% natural. We take pride in the science that goes into every product. Each one is formulated for Filipinos, by Filipinos in our Natural Care Labs based on the latest breakthroughs in green chemistry and manufacturing.


All our products go through safety assessments by leading dermatologists and thorough clinical studies evaluated by independent third party labs. Additional checks are conducted for breakthrough products such as hypo-allergenic evaluation, SPF testing, and efficacy testing to ensure you get genuinely natural, safe products. Goodness... it’s Human Nature.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization in the world, awarded Human Nature the distinction of being the first Filipino cosmetics and personal care company to be truly animal cruelty-free.

DengueBattling Duo

Golden Grain We use... Rice Chelating agent SPF booster

Instead of... disodium EDTA benzophenone/ oxybenzone

Beyond Sugar Bowls We use...

Instead of...

Sugarcane Foam booster Antibacterial

hydroquinone CDEA/CMEA triclosan

F.A.Q. Why do Human Nature products cost less than most natural & organic brands? We use top-quality raw materials and prioritize teaming up with local suppliers even if they cost more – but we choose to reduce profit margins. We push to sell more instead so that millions can afford to use genuinely natural products and do a world of good for the earth and Filipino farming communities. Why do your products have a 1 year shelf life? Our natural preservatives, which comply with Ecocert and US Natural Products Association standards, help extend the life of our products from 12 to 18 months which is quite enough time for a product to be completely used up. Fresh is best!

We use...

Instead of...

Insect repellent


Citronella & soybean

Nature’s Time Brakes We use...

Instead of...

Anise & Corn preservative


Why do I have to store natural products below 35°C and out of direct sunlight? Natural products have a tendency to be heat and light sensitive – just as fresh fruits and vegetables tend to deteriorate faster in a hot, sunlit room. This is why we keep our products and raw materials in very controlled temperatures. To help the efficacy and freshness of your natural products last longer, store them below 35°C and away from the sun. Can people still be allergic to natural & organic products? Yes. Natural doesn’t necessarily mean allergenfree, so make it a rule of thumb to check product labels for ingredients you know you’re sensitive to. You can test the product on a small patch of skin on your forearm, and observe for any reaction within 24-48 hours. Even natural products’ effects may vary from person to person, since each individual’s body chemistry is unique.


Lavender Mint Scented Cleansing Bar

Intro Price! Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick P

295.00 4g

Available in 6 shades

See p14


74.75 120g See p13

Pure Strength Hair Shaper P

99.75 50g See p11


Powder Love Healthy Lotion P P

199.75 200ml 64.75 50ml See p12


549.75 200g 224.75 50g See p2, p32, 34





The Man of Pure Strength has the heart of a hero. He has not only the desire to make a difference in the world, but the courage to respond to social realities of calamity and injustice. His compelling passion for social action can rouse a spirit of volunteerism in others, mobilizing a legion of heroes united in their mission to leave no one behind.

Mike Go – Human Nature’s Social Enterprise Development Head and founder of Trese – stands on a heroic frontier, driven by a commitment to carry out the mission of Gawad Kalinga (GK) to build a nation founded on compassion and shared prosperity. What first sparked your passion for nation-building? Mike: In 2008, I joined my first GK Bayani Challenge in Kitaotao, Bukidnon. I had always thought that helping out was only for when you had free time to participate in outreach programs, but I was awakened by GK’s immense dedication. They were able to mobilize people of different backgrounds to do something as crazy as build an entire village in five days. I’ve been doing it every summer since then. What fuels your everyday “missions” to empower and uplift others? M: The people I’m doing it for! In over 5 years of community work and social entrepreneurship, I’ve learned that everything I do is as much for my family and friends as it is for my GK families. The future and safety of my family is intertwined with the confidence and dignity that we restore in the poor. The better future that we all strive for has to be inclusive.   What do you think makes a hero? M: The ability to sacrifice for a cause and carry a smile while you’re at it. The mission and volunteers of GK are a perfect example of this: Doing good and helping out should be carried out with great joy as this minimizes the pain and pushes others


to carry on. They have shown me that the best way to live is in joyful service of others.     What are the most challenging and most rewarding things about being a nationbuilder? M: It’s unavoidable to doubt yourself every now and then, especially when failures compound. But the perk of being a nation-builder is the ability to stay grounded as you re-focus on the bigger picture. It’s like scaling a mountain: It may get harder and harder but the exhilarating views make it worth it, so you keep on going. I would say that today is still as exciting as day one.   What words can you offer young volunteers to keep their passion ablaze? M: There’s no better time to volunteer than now. Deep in our hearts, we’ve always wanted to do something great and touch people’s lives. We truly live in exciting times! Sorry, girls, Mike’s taken! But we think you’ll love this candid little piece written by the girl to whom Mike’s heart belongs – about (what else?) love and nation building. /2014/02/06/dont-date-a-nationbuilder


Why Style? I look good, I feel good. If I feel good, I do good. -Mic 33

To feel good and build confidence to start my day with. -Wilson 29

Para bumagay naman ang buhok ko sa face ko :) -Mon 26

Pure Strength Hair Shaper 100% Natural


HEROIC DUO DEAL Buy one Pure Strength Black Diamond Shampoo 500ml at


and get one Pure Strength 100% Natural Hair Shaper for


69.75 50g Save P30!

See p54

99.75 50g

Keep your bayani ‘dos in top shape with Pure Strength’s 100% Natural Hair Shaper, the ultimate hair wax for the nation’s movers and shakers. Formulated with kaolin clay, this nourishing hair wax provides a medium hold with a matte finish for a fresh and polished look. Quick to style and easy to rinse, our versatile Hair Shaper offers a range of looks to keep up with even the most patriotic lifestyles.


e t a r b e l e C Fair, dark, light, morena – whatever your color – let your irresistible Filipina beauty shine from within with the good, good skin lovin’ of 100% Natural Healthy Lotion! √ Rich in 12 powerful nutrients and antioxidants. √ Infused with all-natural moisture boosters, aloe vera, coconut, sunflower & avocado oils. √ Non-whitening & non-tanning for a 100% happy healthy hue. √ 3 summery scents: Blossom Beauty, Berry Bliss & NEW Powder Love.

Healthy Lotion 100% Natural

199.75 200ml P 64.75 50ml



y n o h p m y S A

ents c S r e m of Sum

Tired from a full day of deadlines and laundry lists? Belt the everyday bustle away in the shower with the symphony of scents of our 100% Natural Scented Cleansing Bars!

√ Cold processed to retain skin-hydrating abilities √ Free from harmful EDTA and BHT present in most soaps √ 3 soothing scent-sations: Lemon Zest, Aloe Fresh & NEW Lavender Mint

100% Natural

Scented Cleansing Bar P




Get Aloe Fresh or Lemon Zest Scented Cleansing Bar for only P64.75 when you buy the Lavender Mint variant!

GET P20 OFF when you buy the Family Bath Time Bundle. see page 53.


Rachel Grant is wearing Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick in Coral Kiss


Vivid color. Luscious moisture.

One rich lipstick Summer girls, it’s time to let your natural beauty shine as bright as the sun! Keep your summertime smile dazzling with six sublime hues. Wear them solo or mix and match for countless stunning looks.


Coral Kiss satin finish

Red Candy satin finish

Pink Smoothie shiny finish


Coral Charm shiny finish

Crimson Glaze shiny finish

Lucky in Love satin finish

Fantastic lip colors, and amazing creme formula!

Definitely at par with my MAC lippies - both in color and formula – Dinna - at half the cost! Mixing and matching colors… super fun! Testimonial on the limited preview Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette

Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick


100% Natural


325 4g


295 4g




Save P30!

F 15

Crimson Glaze shiny finish

4Naturally Fab Tips for

Gorgeous Lips

Coral Charm satin finish

Pink Smoothie shiny finish

1 2

Red Candy satin finish

3 Lucky In Love satin finish

Coral Kiss satin finish



Prep. Start out with a smooth base by gently exfoliating lips with a damp cloth to remove dry skin. Swipe on Human Nature’s 100% Natural Lip Balm for soft and silky lipstick application. Pro tip: Create your own moisturizing lip scrub by combining equal parts of Sunflower Beauty Oil and brown sugar. Gently rub the mixture on your lips, rinse, and kiss rough lips away!   Know your hues. If your skin has a pink undertone, pick cool tones like pink, mauve, and nude. If your skin has a golden or yellow undertones, go with warm red, red-orange or coral.   Human Nature’s Mineral ColorCreme Lipsticks come in six sensational shades: Coral Charm, Pink Smoothie, and Coral Kiss for cool undertones, and Lucky in Love, Crimson Glaze, and Red Candy for warm undertones.    Blot. Keep your puckers pigmented like a pro by gently pressing a tissue against your lips – not between your lips – so the color wears off evenly. Then lightly dust powder on your lips (your Human Nature Mineral Pressed Powder will do). Apply a second layer of color, blot, and voila! You’ve got color that stays all day.   Keep ‘em cool. To keep your lippies creamy and divine, store their tubes away from direct sunlight and high temperatures above 35°C. Pro tip: Beat the summer heat by drinking a glass of water hourly – it’ll help give you a natural glow and your lips looking absolutely enviable!

Beat the Heat with Sizzling summer Looks! LOOK 1 : Wear Barely There

Perfect for: A cool summer lunch with the family or a day at the beach with friends.

Products used:


Smooth on Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick in Pink Smoothie.


Top it off with Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus.

Model Inside Scoop Dia Lacaba is Human Nature’s International Business Development Manager. After a stint as our Face Care Category Manager, she took a two-year break to pursue further studies in Australia. Now, she’s back, ready to spread the Goodness to the rest of the world!

LOOK 2 : Shimmer Summer Fling Perfect for: Picnic dates at the beach or chill hangouts at a cafe

Products used: Smile and blend Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in Pacific Shimmer on the apples of the cheeks.

Model Inside Scoop Emmylou Tejol is one of our hard-working retail merchandisers. Before being part of the Human Nature family, she worked at a gambling joint and faced a lot of moral challenges. Now as part of the Human Nature family, she’s found fulfillment, a stable income and an advocacy to live out every day.


Citrus Burst Spray Sanitizer 100% Natural P P

189.75 59.75

All smiles and best face forward “It makes me feel fresh, not oily – and at the same time I feel like my face is protected during really hot summer days.” -Pony, 40, Store

200ml 50ml

Numbers-cruncher, globe-trekker at heart

“It’s a great summer musthave because it helps when I’m feeling “biyahilo” because of its scent. Also, it’s great for keeping me clean whenever I go to unfamiliar summer destinations.” - Pam, 30, Finance

Perfect Coverage Foundation in Caramel

100% Natural P



OFFER Here’s a not-soP secret fact: we love our own. We’re the 7.5g Save P 200! first people to try our new goodies, and while we are our own worst critics, when we fall in love with a product, we fall head over heels.


Our resident commercial hair model

“I like using this because my hair tends to get extra dry during the hot weather. I like the overall effect on my hair and how it leaves my hair feeling refreshed. The scent is great too” - Jennilyn, 26, Sales

Natural Daily Hair Treatment 100% Natural P



Bug Shield Lotion

100% Natural | DEET-free P 50ml


Our daily mover and shaker

“Effectively protects from pesky mosquitoes for a long period of time, the scent’s not too strong and it doesn’t dry the skin. Advisable for those who love camping.” - Neil, 24, Logistics Department


Read her lips: you deserve only the good “ The color is very ideal and even if I get slightly more tan during the summer, the color is still a good match for my skin. Aside from that, I like how it keeps my lips very moisturized.” - Belle, 33, Customer Service

Tinted Balm in Flame Tree 100% Natural P



Oh, how the sunshine beckons! With the season in full swing, summer is too short to be tied down by short span diet plans – let yourself indulge in the total feel-good fun of healthy and natural eats by Bayani Brew and Theo & Philo!

Sangria Brew Chill out with the only allnutritious, all-delicious, all-Filipino beverage made especially for nationbuilders! Bayani Brew’s award-winning classic flavor is expertly and lovingly brewed from native lemongrass, pandan, and a hint of calamansi, making it rich in vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants.



• 4-pack Bayani Brew • 2 cups unsweetened grape juice • 1/2 cup sweet orange (or dalandan) juice • 2 dalandan, sliced • 2 apples, cored and sliced • 1 lime (or dayap), sliced fruits in season for garnish Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Chill or serve with crushed ice and adorn with your favorite summer fruits. For an adult version of this brew, use red wine instead of grape juice.

gross wt. 50g

Treat yourself to the chocolate that everyone is craving and raving about! Theo & Philo’s artisan chocolates are made from high quality cacao from Davao and sugar from Bacolod, with a few added twists. Their newest concoction, Ginger Mint, offers a perfect fusion of bittersweet dark chocolate, classic mint, and candied ginger for an unforgettable flavor that will delight the most adventurous taste buds.




77% of women who tested it said their skin felt softer and visibly smoother the morning after the very first use* Yours, today – an impeccably potent blend of 9ActivOil Nutritives carefully curated to penetrate and work deep within the skin overnight for luxuriously soft, smooth, and luminous skin the morning after.

It’s worth the price! My face feels soft and looks radiant the next morning after applying it the night before.

It’s a must for every woman -Jenny out there!

Super love the Overnight Elixir. True to your word, I’ve seen results on the first use. I have fresher and clearer face in the morning -Angel every time.

*Based on a self-assessment test by regular users of prestige skincare brands who tested the Overnight Elixir for 7 consecutive days without the use of any other product.


MELDING SCIENCE & BEAUTY Discover skin revival with the powerful blend of



EXQUISITE SOFTNESS SOYBEAN Effectively softens and moisturizes skin

LAVENDER Locks in softness and imparts a soothing, relaxing scent

SUPERIOR HYDRATION PASSION FRUIT Promotes hydration and full of Vitamin C to make skin brighter and more radiant

AVOCADO Packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, lecithin and fatty acids which heal the skin barrier and provide superior moisture

TIMELESS RADIANCE ROSEHIP Rich in Vitamin A that helps regenerate skin and slow down premature aging, and skin-brightening Vitamin C for a healthy glow ELEMI An anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent that helps protect skin and improve clarity

Overnight Elixir

SUNFLOWER Its high linoleic acid content helps brighten skin, giving it a smoother, more even texture NATURAL VITAMIN E One of the most potent anti-oxidants that helps fight photo-aging ROSEMARY An antioxidant that helps fight skin damage; revives the senses with its uplifting fragrance

100% Natural Clinically-tested







30ml Save P200!


For a limited season only, each purchase of our Overnight Elixir entitles you to a complimentary special edition clutch bag* – the perfect dazzling accessory for your radiant beauty. *While stocks last. *Color may vary.


4 Steps to Glowing

Summer Skin 1. Cleanse & Scrub

Double your dose of good, deep cleansing by alternating a gentle face scrub with your favorite daily facial wash two to three times a week.

2. Prep & Tone

Toning removes deep-seated dirt, makeup, or cleanser that may have been left behind after washing and also helps restore the pH of your skin.


3.(we trust MOISTURIZE we don’t need to repeat that)

Always make time to hydrate your skin to replenish lost liquids as well as seal in your skin’s natural moisture – especially during this hot weather!

4. MIRACLE CARE Amp up your sun-kissed skin regimen with our Sunflower Beauty Oil! You’ve seen the rave reviews; you’ve counted the miracles. Discover the facts behind our #1 beauty best-seller.

• Sunflower oil has high vitamin E content which helps prevent UV damage to skin cells. Tip: Smooth sunflower oil on your face and body after a long day under the sun to soothe sunburn. • Free radicals penetrate the skin daily, leading to skin damage and aging. Sunflower oil is rich in antioxidant vitamins A and C, which help neutralize free radicals. Tip: Since sunflower oil is very light in consistency, you can apply it before you put makeup on in the morning. • Sunflower oil has high emollient properties; it prevents dryness and helps skin retain moisture. Tip: Massage sunflower oil on areas prone to hot-weather dryness and flaking, like elbows, knees, and heels. • Anti-inflammatory linoleic acid is present in high amounts in sunflower oil, and helps improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Tip: With proper diet, exercise, and a little daily help from Sunflower Beauty Oil, get the confidence to show off some summer skin when you hit the beach! These are just 4 of the 23 miracles that a bottle of our Sunflower Beauty Oil can perform! See p44 for the full list.


274.75 100ml 149.75 50ml 23


Sun-Safe tips for Your Tresses

As temperatures start to soar, so does your hair’s need for extra TLC

Just as your body needs water, your hair needs constant hydration to keep it healthy and beautiful. Make sure to deeply condition your hair regularly.

2. Find Your Summer Style

Have heat-free fun with your tresses while protecting it from sun damage. Put your hair up into a chic bun for summer

soirees, a pretty braid for beach breaks, or a fun ponytail for adventure hikes – the fab possibilities are endless!

Sweet Summer Secret:

3. Primp Before Jumping In

After showering, apply a generous dollop of Daily Hair Treatment on your hair.

Before hopping into a pool or the beach, make sure to first wet your locks in the shower and then apply Daily Hair Treatment. This will keep it from soaking up too much chlorine and salt water.

did you know?

Sun, chlorine, and salt water can do a lot of damage with constant exposure.

Save your hair from the summer sizzle by treating it to a hot towel therapy:

• Soak your towel in hot water and wring out the excess water. • Wrap the damp towel around your hair for a few minutes. This helps your hair cuticles open up and absorb the treatment’s moisturizing oils. • Rinse your hair well, air dry, and luxuriate in the feel of every silken strand!


1. Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Our Daily Hair Treatment is infused with a rich blend of avocado, sunflower, and soybean oils to transform dull, dry hair into luxurious, va-va-voom locks – in minutes. P

299.75 150g



Girl Talk

It’s high time for tank tops and tie-dyed sarongs, bikinis and beach shorts! With summer comes a few niggling lady cares – but don’t fret. All you need is a little care and patience to enjoy worry-free tropical holidays.

Easy does it. Dry up! Sitting in a chlorineor saltwater-soaked swimsuit all day can irritate your tush or encourage yeast problems down south. Yeast naturally grows in your intimate area in small numbers, but changes in environment (like excess moisture) can cause them to multiply and cause itching. Change out of your wet bikini bottoms and keep dry and clean between dips.

Choose cotton. Light, natural fabrics, like cotton, silk, and linen are more “breathable” and help keep you cool and comfortable. Avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester, which trap moisture next to your skin and may cause rashes.


Your intimate area has its own built-in natural protection against infections. Excessive soap washing strips away this barrier and creates an imbalance, leaving you vulnerable to infections that cause odor or discomfort. Wash with warm water and a mild, pH-balanced cleanser.

Launder. Taking your brand new itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini straight off the rack into the pool? Hold it! First wash it in warm water and soap, rinse, and dry thoroughly. Clothes are sometimes treated in chemicals before they make it to the store, so better safe than itchy. P P

154.75 54.75

200g 50g

These tips offered by Human Nature may not always be applicable to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your intimate health, always consult your trusted physician.

Use Human Nature’s Natural & Hypoallergenic Feminine Wash Our Natural Feminine Wash keeps you fresh and free from harsh chemicals with the goodness of chamomile, soothing aloe vera and natural cleansing agents – the way nature intended it to be.

chamomile oil

decyl glucoside pH-balanced cleanser

natural fragrance

anisic acid

aloe vera

natural preservative

skin soother

Your feminine wash is the best. I had the worst candidiasis attack last year. The fungal infection kept on coming back. I used the popular brand but to no avail. The doctor gave me prescription medications too. After I tried your feminine wash, everything changed. I felt better—no itch and no fishy smell. It’s a godsend! – Lusay


Get any cooling Feminine Wash 50ml



149.75 49.75

200ml 50ml

for with every purchase of any cooling Feminine Wash 200ml.




Save where it counts the most


uckily, these days we can make a big difference through our own small but cumulative ways. We created Tough Love 100% Natural Liquid Detergent, 100% Natural Powder Detergent, and Natural Dishwashing Liquid with no harmful chemicals because we want to save more than the Earth - we also want to save you time, while saving you money in the long run.

Save time:

Fewer rinse minutes Tough Love Natural Detergent has 100% plantbased foaming and cleansing properties that require less water to rinse off. Shorter rinsing time means you have more time to spend with your family.


Save the Seas:

Navigating the water cycle Did you know that the average washing machine is the 2nd largest water consumer in your home, using about 41 gallons of water per load?* That means your commercial chemical detergent flushes floods of toxic chemicals every laundry day! You can help spare our sea life from toxins by choosing natural home care products that are kind to the Earth.

So do you want to save the

w rld?

You could start simple by helping mom do the dishes — the right way!

Perhaps P.J. O’Rourke had a point when he said,

“Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes.”



500ml P







Save Money:

More value for money With a bigger bang for their buck, budget conscious households can rejoice with their monthly savings. Tough Love has been found to: Reduce water consumption per medium load by 1/3 Lessening your electricity expenses** Save on the cost of fabric conditioner (That’s enough to buy a few extra bags of groceries every month!)



Sources: * ConserveWater.htm **Versus non-natural brands, based on hourly consumption computation from calc/electric/energy-consumptioncalculator.htm


dealerbuzz Featuring the latest local buzz from our HN Dealers from all over to contribute cool and exciting scoops to share the goodness with everyone!


More Fun with

Human Nature !

Why not explore the beauty of local spots off the beaten track this summer? Check out these awesome recommendations!


Katherine recommends Island-hopping Perfect for: Beach-lovers

Credit to

What’s summer in the Philippines without the exciting island hopping? Spend the whole day exploring Iloilo’s pristine islands and islets, ending the trip with a hearty dinner overlooking the sea. Human Nature must-have: Healthy Lotion Keep your skin moisturized while hopping from one beach to another under the summer sun.


Melissa recommends Mystical Cave Perfect for: Explorers-at-heart This cave is home to waters and stones that are believed to heal the sick and protect people from harm.   Human Nature must-have: Bug Shield Lotion Antipolo’s lush greenery can be home to some mosquitoes, so slap on some Bug Shield before you go exploring! Credit to Local Government of Antipolo


Roger recommends Ilonggo Cuisine Perfect for: Foodie friends

Credit to Local Government of Negros Occidental


Top 3 local eats: - Chicken House’s chicken inasal - Bob’s along Lacson Street - Calea along Lacson Street Human Nature must-haves: Bring your own Calming or Rejuvenating Massage Oil if you want to experience the spas in Bacolod City – there are heaps!

Guide to Stress-free

1 2 3

SUMMER S Y A W A T E G Travel on less busy days. Avoid the holiday rush and pricey plane fares by booking off-season flights. When going on a road trip, start early or leave late into the evening.


Write down your itinerary. Write down or print out a physical copy of all your flight details, contact numbers and addresses that you need for your whole vacation. This will come in handy during on-the-road hitches like drained batteries and no Wi-Fi.

Bring your own water. Non-stop traveling + summer heat = a very thirsty body. Keep your trusty water bottle handy for a refreshing gulp! Bringing your own water can help prevent travelers’ diarrhea, too.

Beat the nausea. Dizzy on the road? Take a sip of water or ginger tea, or nibble on a cracker to ease motion sickness. Breathe in wellness. Some of our customers recommend a quick whiff of our Balm for All Seasons! The scent of peppermint and eucalyptus can help relieve the queasy feeling.



99.75 10g

Pack wisely. A well-prepared camper is a happy one! Pack a simple yet essential Summer Travel Kit for each one in the family:



Guevaras The Guevaras cheer from a carabao-pulled cart emblazoned with Sta. Elena’s holistic back-tothe-countryside philosophy.



hoc-nut the carabao plods calmly under the sun-dappled trees, pulling a cart with a mom, dad, and two lively toddlers. It could be any ordinary family excursion – except the passengers are all but ordinary. Olympian and swimming advocate Akiko Thomson-Guevara and ecoentrepreneur Chips Guevara are at the Sta. Elena Fun Farm in Laguna with little Noah, 3, and Elijah, 1, in tow. Ponies whinny, chickens wander underfoot, and rabbits hop around their pens. The sky is a brilliant blue. “It’s a great thing for the kids to be out and about, to play in the sunshine, to pet the animals,” says Akiko. Chips and Noah take up a fishing pole to try their hand at hooking something from the pond while ducks dip in and

out of the water. Akiko and Elijah discover a brightly-painted farm truck and promptly climb in to explore. Ahead, a mini zip line beckons. Chips zooms down to the delight of the kids, then Noah gets rigged out with a harness. He shuts his eyes, clings tight, and zips by to cheers and applause. As the sun rises higher, everyone troops to the club house, slathers on sunblock, and makes a beeline for the pool. “Oh, I have to spread it, do I?” grins Chips, comically covered in white. Elijah and Noah squeal and splash about in the shallow end while mom and dad alternate between easy laps and playing with the boys. “They don’t really swim yet, but Noah’s very confident in the water,” Akiko remarks. The husband-and-wife team

teaches a swimming program in a Makati school, and plan to hold an infant swimming class this summer. After a simple lunch, Elijah is tuckered out and napping, while Noah is still full of energy. “I love soccer!” he exclaims, waving about his red Lightning McQueen toy car. The Guevaras live and breathe sports and the great outdoors. Chips says, “There are so many options – go to the beach, go to the mountains –” “…We don’t have as many parks as other countries –” interjects Akiko. “But you could do a day hike, like up Mt. Maculot. During the weekend, go outdoors, fly a kite in Luneta, go to La Mesa Dam, have a picnic. Climbing Mt. Taal is only a 45 minute hike going up, anyone could do it. It really does a lot more to kids’ confidence – than say, staying at home to watch TV,” finishes Chips. “I think for us, when we bring them out of the house, we’re more likely to get them off the internet, off iPads,” smiles Akiko. “They become more creative.” The family bikes around their village with Elijah and Noah perched behind. Chips even cycles to work daily. “I save P8000 in gas every month. It takes 15

minutes for me to get to work on my bike. On a car it takes me 30 minutes,” he chuckles. The boys adore going to the beach, too. According to Chips, Noah’s a very picky eater, but has a hearty appetite after a swim. Outside, the noon sun shines bright and hot, and the pool gleams a cool crystal blue. The Guevaras wave good-bye and pile into their car for the drive back home, sans cart and carabao, but with the promise of more days like these ahead. Summer has come, indeed. The Sta. Elena Fun Farm in Barrio Malitlit, Sta. Rosa, Laguna is open daily from 9AM-4PM. To book a farm visit, go to or call 09204688785. Entrance fee is P300 per head (2 years old and above).

Your family, the wide outdoors, and SAFEBLOCK. Live the summer of your life.

SAFEBLOCK 100% Natural


549.75 200g 224.75 50g

Chips and Noah feed Kismet, a gentle 30-year old pony in the Fun Farm corral


Photo by Hamelton Gilig for Zee Lifestyle Magazine

THE PHILIPPINES is a country of 7,107 islands completely surrounded by water and we are known worldwide for our sparkling seas, gleaming coasts, and abundant coral and fish species. And yet, it seems that we Filipinos haven’t quite grasped the value of our waters. As of 2010, only 1% of our reefs are in a pristine state, and about 40% are in poor condition. Our sea continues to be battered by illegal fishing methods, wildlife trade, destructive diving and snorkeling practices, and solid and toxic wastes.

In 2011, I co-founded a movement called Save Philippine Seas (SPS) with other netizens to address some of these issues. Since then, the sea has been my greatest teacher and biggest critic. As its “Chief Mermaid,” one of my tasks is to share the best lesson it taught me: if we take care of the sea, it will take care of us. The idea of taking care of the sea sounds difficult (especially if you don’t live near a coastline) and to some people, irrelevant. But that huge body of water is actually our source of life: it gives us food, jobs, and half of the Earth’s oxygen. It supports our economy through tourism, shipping, importing, and exporting products. In SPS, we call people who take care of the sea as “seatizens.” People become seatizens by being mindful of the everyday choices they make that affect the sea and the rest of the environment. One major lifestyle commitment is using personal care products that are biodegradable and don’t end up polluting the waterways and coating sea creatures with harmful chemicals. Another one is to decrease our wastes by using reusable products: shopping bags, tumblers, utensils, etc and water bottles. The less we use, the less stuff will end up in the sea. Finally, seatizens need to get to know what lies beneath. We can’t take care of something we don’t love, and we can’t love what we don’t know. Now go and seas the day! Anna Oposa, Chief Mermaid, Save Philippine Seas

Water resistant doesn’t mean you’ll never need to reapply sunscreen. Even water resistant sunscreens need reapplication because the SPF drops after a certain amount of time your skin is exposed to water. SAFEBLOCK is classified water resistant. Clinical tests show that SAFEBLOCK’s SPF15 may drop to SPF13 only after 80 minutes of swimming.


PA rating or Photo Aging protection refers to how much your sunscreen shields you against skin-aging UVA rays.


SAFEBLOCK is rated PA+++ which is the highest rating a sunscreen can get for photo aging protection!

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) means how much protection your sunscreen gives against skin-burning UVB rays. Don’t see double – SPF30 doesn’t mean twice the protection of SPF15. SAFEBLOCK’s SPF15 already blocks 93% of UVB rays, while SPF30 actually only blocks 4% more!



Broad-spectrum SAFEBLOCK

blocks rays from your skin with a layer of natural physical particles. Unlike chemical sunscreens which absorb UV rays and converts them to heat, physical blockers stay on the skin’s surface to deflect rays.

SAFEBLOCK provides broad spectrum protection of 383.6nm critical wavelength. That thin white film on your skin? Means SAFEBLOCK is doing its job shielding you from UV rays AND saving the reefs.

Rock that white, No SPF

SPF 15 (Blocks 93% UV-B Rays)

SPF 30 (Blocks 97% UV-B Rays)

sea warrior.

Reef friendly. Each year, 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of sunscreen wash off from swimmers into the sea. Here’s the kicker: many commercially-available sunscreens use ingredients that cause the bleaching of corals, such as oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate, and camphor derivatives. Based on a study by Dr. Roberto Danovaro, professor of Marine Biology and Ecology in the Polytechnic University of Marche in Italy, even small amounts of these chemicals can completely bleach the reef within just 96 hours of exposure. Here’s where we take a step further than where most sunscreens would stop:

SAisFEBLOCK 100% natural

and free from reefdestroying che micals. Seatizens everywhere, REJOICE!

SAFEBLOCK Right! Here are sun-smart ways to maximize your sunscreen and help bring down the risk of sunburn and skin-aging:

Use sun protection even when it’s cool and cloudy out, and don’t stay too long under the sun even while using a sunscreen.

Don’t skimp! Apply liberally to exposed skin. Dermatologists recommend waiting 20 minutes after applying sunscreen before exposure to sun.

Slather on a fresh layer of SAFEBLOCK after swimming or sweating, after toweling, or as needed.


Helping rebuild encourages survivors to stay and heal through the rebuilding process.

From the rubble of Typhoon Yolanda’s devastation rose waves of volunteers with hearts of heroes, ready to respond to the call to rebuild our nation.

In solidarity with Gawad Kalinga (GK), we’re building a village for 100 families in Visayas through our Goodness Rising project! We raised P7.3 million in just over 3 months for the first Human Nature GK Village in Purok 7 Tambulilid, Ormoc, Leyte. That’s 61 houses raised, 39 more to go! For more information and updates, visit: goodnessrising

Volunteering, donating or simply spreading the message of a bright new beginning for those whose lives were shaken, are all ways to ease their burden.


12 Provinces 2 Months of Hope & Heroism





Don’t forget these Bayani Challenge essentials


Shining after the storm Rachel Grant, November 2013

Giving back to Typhoon Yolanda survivors by helping rebuild is a beautiful ray of hope for those who have lost so much.

It is my first time to Leyte and initial glimpses reveal beautiful skies and calm seas. Manny Pacquiao arrives at Tacloban City Hall and I join him and Mayor Alfred Romualdez for prayers, inspirational speeches and singing in a flag ceremony with thousands of Typhoon Yolanda survivors. Nothing could have prepared me for the heart-wrenching scenes Yolanda left in her path, but throughout my visit, I could not help but notice and focus on all the good that was taking place. Organizations from all over the world as well as local charities were aiding in the relief efforts. That day, I pledged to help build back bigger, brighter and stronger than before. My simple online appeal raised enough funds to donate one house for Goodness Rising.


Human Nature

Magalogue App

SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY – the need to always be updated, to be involved, to be part of something bigger – is something we want to share with our growing family of dealers. This year, we set out on a journey to create an app to help you easily shop and share the goodness to friends and family everywhere you go.

A fresh new way to experience


TAP to BUY your favorite goodies!

SWIPE THROUGH pages to explore each product!


and content icons for videos and rich content!

TURN UP THE EXPERIENCE with sound on select pages

Add reviews of products

Avail special offers and use discount vouchers

Share product pages on your social networks


You don’t have to pay a single centavo for the magalogue – just download it on your Andorid or iOS device and update it every magalogue turnover to get the newest issue. * To view videos and external content, share pages, and send orders, a network connection is needed. Otherwise, you can browse and shop in your magalogue app even if you aren’t connected to the internet.


The AppDev Team testing the newest version of the app

The Inside Story A showcase of true Filipino talent and skills, the Human Nature Magalogue App was all done through the collaboration of Human Nature’s hardworking proudly-Pinoy web team – Philip Ortiz, Loyd Larazo, and Rui Cayanan – and artist Jansen Cheng. Web team captain Philip gives us the scoop behind the scenes: What were the challenges you faced when making the Human Nature Magalogue App? Philip: A lot of thought has to go into how the user experiences the content, and how smoothly it should work. There’s also that element of portability; the app is essentially with you all the time, and you don’t have to be connected for it to work and

let you do what you need to do. The app has to basically let you buy things even if you aren’t on the Internet. In many ways the Human Nature Magalogue App is a lot deeper than most other digital magazines, because of the shopping element AND because of the interactive element.

The Human Nature Magalogue App in three words, GO!   Philip: Feature-packed, practical and nature-friendly (saves on paper!)

How is the latest version different from the first one we launched? Philip: This latest version now has video playback inside the app via a popup that appears in front of the magazine. This works for tablets. On phones it will redirect to your Youtube app. Also, a lot of the other functions on the site have been added, like the ability to add reviews, share pages and use discount codes.

Look for “Human Nature” or “Magalogue” on the App Store or Google Play and this icon:

Enjoy easy-peasy shopping all in the palm of your hand!



Experience the

Best of the

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The Kids’ Corner at the Olongapo branch The Social Enterprise category

Traditional wooden toys for your kids in tow at the kids play area

Freshly-brewed coffee, free all the way! Santiago Branch Grd. Flr., Heritage Complex, Maharlika Road Malvar, Santiago City, Isabela (078) 305-1440/ 0917-5837762

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Davao City Branch Unit 10 Plaza d el Carmen A. Loyola St. Bo Obrero, Davao City (082) 295-2976 0923-3739104 /0923-7476384

Our friendly & accommodating store staff


Natural Daily Hair Treatment A rich banquet of nature’s moisturizing essences for gorgeously soft and healthy tresses P



In a word: amazing! My hair was so soft and fluffy, I felt like I had a spa treatment done. -Rosa

Natural Clarifying Shampoo

Natural Smoothing Hair Serum

Lather your lovely locks in our foamiest shampoo ever. Use 2-3 times a week for beautifully light, bouncy hair.

The secret to silky, head-turning luster with nature’s nutrient-rich soybean & broccoli oils.

100% Natural



I really love this product! when i started using this, I said goodbye to buhaghag hair. -Mila

319.75 149.75

100% Natural



500ml 200ml




199.75 50ml

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Natural Strengthening

Natural Moisturizing

• Hydrolyzed protein for stronger, fuller hair • Helps fight hair fall and breakage • 80% less hair fall.* 90% thicker hair.* 100% toxin-free.

• Rich moisture of avocado oil with omega-3 • Helps nourish locks for a healthy luster

Soothing Aloe Shampoo Conditioner

289.75 129.75 44.75


500ml P 200ml P 50ml P

299.75 144.75 49.75

Mandarin Fresh Shampoo Conditioner







Cool Peppermint Shampoo Conditioner P

289.75 129.75

500ml P 200ml P

299.75 144.75

200ml P 50ml P

299.75 144.75 49.75

500ml 200ml 50ml

Lush Vanilla Shampoo Conditioner





*30 day clinical trial; continued use of shampoos containing SLS/SLES & other sulfates vs our Strengthening Shampoo

500ml P

There is less frizz, no split ends, no dandruff, no signs of dry hair in short my hair looks healthy. -Cha

After one week of continued use, my hair is getting stronger and no more hair fall! -Baby


289.75 129.75 44.75

289.75 129.75

500ml P 200ml P

299.75 144.75

500ml 200ml




Sunflower Beauty Oil 100% Natural P P


274.75 149.75

100ml 50ml

23Miracles in 1 Bottle

Helps lighten dark undereye circles • Helps lighten dark spots & pimple marks • Undereye moisturizer • Helps prevent & diminish the appearance of stretch marks • Helps soften and lighten underarms • Softens feet soles, knees & elbows • Removes stubborn makeup • Overall body moisturizer • Helps diminish fine lines around the eyes • Helps soften cuticles and dry skin • Makes skin glow and helps keep it youthful • Helps relax tired, puffy eyes • Helps relieve itch & redness caused by insect bites • Nourishes & conditions eyelashes • Helps lighten dark lips • Adds shine to dull hair • Helps ease dry & itchy scalp • Helps improve skin condition after sunburn • Smoothens dry, rough skin from shaving • Helps calm skin & ease rashes • Helps relieve symptoms of skin infections • Helps hydrate dry patches on face • Helps lighten lesions and scars

Facial Washes

Face Toners

Naturally stunning summer skin begins with cleansing P P

199.75 79.75

Tone to restore your skin’s natural balance and hydration

200ml 50ml

184.75 99.75 P 169.75 OFFER


199.75 79.75




200ml Save P15!

Balancing for Oily or Combination Skin



200ml 50ml

Since I started using these products, my pores seemed smaller and more refined. -Iris

184.75 99.75 P 169.75 OFFER





200ml Save P15!

Nourishing for Normal or Sensitive skin


199.75 79.75


200ml 50ml

Get any Facial Wash 200ml for P174.75 with every purchase of any Toner 200ml

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200ml 200ml Save 15!

Save P15!

Save P25!

Hydrating for Dry or Mature skin 45

facecare If you truly want visible results, try this! Makes your skin supple and glowing after every wash! -Kiara This moisturizer makes my face feel fresh, nourished, and hydrated all day! -Laine

Purifying Facial Scrub

100% Natural

Scrub those blues away and transform simply clean to summer-ready glowing skin! P

104.75 P



99.75 50g

Save P5!

Night Moisturizer 100% Natural with Jojoba and Plant Collagen

Infused with pure jojoba oil and powerful plant collagen for an undeniably healthy morning glow P P

274.75 149.75

100ml 50ml

Day Moisturizer 100% Natural with 15 Natural Vitamins & Minerals

Bursting in skin-essential nutrients and beetroot extract for that all-day dewy-fresh look P P

274.75 149.75

100ml 50ml


Get any 50ml Moisturizer for P99.75 when you buy any 100ml Moisturizer

Save P50!


It made a remarkable difference on my face on my first try. My skin looks fresh and feels soft. My husband was amazed because he noticed the dark spots on my face lightened and [my] rosy cheeks. I love it! -Jill

Overnight Elixir

Limited Edition Gift

100% Natural Clinically-tested

with every purchase of Overnight Elixir

Witness real results after just one use. Awake to visibly glowing, luminous, supple skin every morning with 9 potent ActivOil Nutritives. P


*while supplies last; color may vary





30ml Save P200! 47

makeup Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

I really love using this foundation in honey shade. It doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin. It conceals my uneven skin tone & has a natural coverage. -Lynie Joy

100% Natural

Medium to high natural coverage for blissfully beautiful skin all day. P





395.00 7.5g Save P200!

Available in 4 shades: Pink Undertones


Yellow Undertones

Vanilla | light

Honey | fair

Caramel | medium

Toffee | morena

Cleansing Oil 100% Natural

Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Refill 100% Natural

Gently lift away the sweltering day’s grime and makeup residue. P



Comes with a brand new sponge! P




295 7.5g

Save P30! 48



195ml Save P55!

I absolutely love this blush-on. It always looks perfectly blended and oh-so-natural. -Eca

Perfect Glow Mineral Blush 100% Natural

Available in 3 shades:

Flaunt a healthy sunbronzed flush with a swipe of sheer color.

Pink Bloom (matte)


Sun-kissed (matte)



Pacific Shimmer


Tinted Lip Balm of your choice whenever you buy a Perfect Glow Mineral Blush!

Pacific Shimmer

Available in 4 shades:

Mineral Blush

Rosy Cheeks

100% Natural

Pink Quartz

While stocks last! P


Petal Bloom 3.5g

Tropical Rose Pink Quartz

Mineral Pressed Powder 100% Natural

Lightweight coverage for smooth, shine-free skin in the summer sun. P



Available in 4 shades: Pink Undertones Island Shell | fair Boracay Bronze | morena Yellow Undertones Orient Pearl | light Sand Dollar | medium

Island Shell

Mineral Pressed Powder Refill

100% Natural

Refills come with a brand new puff! P




lipcare Mineral ColorCreme Lipsticks

100% Natural

Lavish hues in a sublime fusion of sunflower seed oil, passion fruit seed oil and cocoa butter for an exquisite, creamy glide. P




295 4g

Save P30! Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick and Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette available in 6 shades:

Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette

Sheen Supreme Palette Crimson Glaze | shiny finish Coral Kiss | satin finish

100% Natural

Red Candy | satin finish

Mix and match for a myriad dazzling looks.

Luxe Luster Palette Coral Charm | shiny finish Lucky In Love | satin finish Pink Smoothie | shiny finish

Luxe Luster


Sheen Supreme



*while stocks last

Mineral Lip Gloss 100% Natural

Available in 3 shades:

Coral Beach

Swipe on luxurious shine and vivid tints plus a kiss of cool sensation.

Island Berry


Pink Hibiscus



Flame Tree Pink Orchid

100% Natural

A dose of dewy lip-lovin’ and a pop of color for that striking smile.

Island Kiss



69.75 4g

Save P10! 50




8.5ml Save P30!

Tinted Lip Balm Available in 3 shades:



bodycare & wellness Hand & Foot Salve

100% Natural | with oregano, spearmint and lemon balm extracts

Your summertime healing skintervention for parched hands and cracked heels P





Massage Oil 100% Natural

Indulge in a choice fusion of oils for the one-hour spa that feels like a lavish holiday P P

360.00 195.00

195ml 95ml



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Wild Berry


Tropical Twist

Lip Balm 100% Natural

A luscious blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and pure natural oils for superb lip moisture. P


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Balm for all Seasons 100% Natural

Travel quick fix – a pocketful of goodness to soothe mental fatigue, dizziness, and body aches P






Get any cooling Feminine Wash 50ml


for with every purchase of any cooling Feminine Wash 200ml.


Natural Feminine Wash

98.66% Natural | SLS/SLES -free Hypoallergenic

Stay fresh in the humid tropical heat with gentle cleansing agents, chamomile, and soothing aloe vera


Cooling Sensation


Cooling Sensation

Powder Cool or Chamomile Cool P P

Powder Cool

I feel more relaxed and complacent knowing that I am using an all-natural product. It is not itchy compared to its chemical counterparts. -Maria

154.75 54 .75

Chamomile Fresh





149.75 49.75

I love how this deo lightens and smoothens my underarms naturally -annamae38

Premium Deodorant 100% Natural

Enjoy the exuberance of sunny summer romps with the confidence of all-day natural odor protection P





89.75 50ml Save P5!


Happy Pink

Powder Fresh

200ml 50ml



when you buy these three together: Pure Strength Cleansing Bar, Kids Bath Soap & Scented Soap in Aloe Fresh or Lemon Zest!

Pure Strength


Kids Bath Soap

Aloe Fresh

Scented Cleansing Bar


100% Natural

Get Lemon Zest or Aloe Fresh for only

A symphony of nature’s scents that’ll refresh you on a hot summer day! P



with every purchase of Lavender Mint Soap



Lavender Mint

Also available Lemon Zest and Aloe Fresh

Natural Hand Soap 100% Natural

Save yourself from squeamish vacation blunders – stash and wash with soap and water! P P P

269.75 139.75 59.75

490ml 200ml 50ml



259.75 490ml Save P10!

Fragrance-Free Soap 100% Natural

Experience goodness in a bar: pure, all-natural cleansing that cares for even the most sensitive skin P




men’scare Pure Strength Black Diamond Natural Shampoo with Revitalizing Peppermint 96.4% Natural


Infused with nature’s powerful bamboo charcoal to help rid scalp of dryness and itchiness P P

299.75 149.75

Buy a 500ml Men’s Shampoo, get a Pure Strength Hair Shaper at




Save P30!

Pure Strength Natural Hair Shaper 100% Natural

Formulated with Kaolin Clay to provide medium hold P

Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar Pure Strength Natural Deodorant 100% Natural

Charged with hardworking antibacterial ingredients that effectively knock out odor-causing bacteria




with Energizing Peppermint 100% Natural

Fueled with potent deep-cleansing bamboo carbon for premium natural care fit for heroes P





72.75 120g

Save P7!



Pure Strength Oil-Fighting Face Wash 100% Natural

Loaded with purifying bamboo carbon and scrubs and cooling menthol to fight oily skin

89.75 P 149.75 P




129.75 100ml Save P20!



protectivecare & petcare

100% of the profits will help build the first Human Nature GK Village in Tambulilid, Ormoc

Bug Shield 100% Natural

Be happy campers and combat pesky summer bug bites Moisturizing DEET-Free Oil P P

159.75 99.75

200ml 50ml

Non-Sticky DEET-Free Lotion P

Moisturizing DEET-Free Oil


Non-Sticky DEET-Free Lotion


Spray Sanitizers 100% Natural

Every globetrekker’s pocket-size germ-nixing sidekick P P

189.75 59.75

200ml 50ml

Citrus Burst

Cool Burst (50ml only)

Cocomutt Shampoo 96.4% Natural

Sunshine Serum

Only the purest, gentlest furry friendly pampering for your pooch – from snout to tail

100% Natural

Say goodbye to tangled furry worries after a dusty hot doggy day adventure! P








224.75 95ml Save P25!



Natural Baby Wonder Oil 100% Natural

Bond with baby with premium-grade sunflower oil and Mother Nature’s gentle nurturing care






Natural Baby Lotion

Natural Baby Wash

100% Natural

99.3% Natural Touches of lavender, rosemary and chamomile extracts delicately cleanse baby’s fragile skin

A healthy skin treat for your little one enriched with a blend of sunflower oil, avocado oil and aloe vera P P P


299.75 149.75 49.75







289.75 129.75 44.75

500ml 200ml 50ml


Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash 96.4% Natural

Nix the reasons to skip showers – give your youngsters a summer of adventures with delightfully scented bath-time treats! P P P

Ocean Apple for Girls

Tangerine Thunder for Boys

289.75 129.75 44.75

500ml 200ml

Also available Tangerine Tarsier


Kids Spray Sanitizer

100% Natural | Triclosan-free

Cosmic Clean Green Apple scent P



Kids Bath Soap

100% Natural Chocolate Adventure

Keep bath-times oozing with chocolate-y excitement – while keeping your kid’s skin healthy, clean & soft P




homecare Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid 99.97% Natural | 93.65% Locally Sourced

Watch these zesty sea-friendly dishwashing champions zap the grease off your sink-loads! P P

169.75 99.75

500ml 250ml

Grapefruit-Orange Lemon-Calamansi

Tough Love Natural Powder Detergent

100% Natural |80.67% Locally Sourced Fresh Clear Scent

Bid laundry worries bye-bye with the hardworking laundry soap that’s tough on dirt, grime and stains yet kind to your skin and our earth. P




Tough Love Natural Liquid Detergent 100% Natural 91.95% Locally Sourced Citrus scent

Perfect for delicate fabrics and baby clothes, this liquid lather wonder rinses free of toxic nasties that pollute our water ecosystems. P



socialenterprise 100% of the profits from all social

enterprise products will help build the first Human Nature GK Village in Tambulilid, Ormoc

Bayani Brew Classic Flavor Made with lemongrass and pandan, and hint of calamansi. P



Bayani Brew Gift Pack

4 Classic bottles + box P

199.75 Theo & Philo Chocolates Available in Green Mango & Salt, Siling Labuyo, Calamansi, 70% Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Barako Coffee, Turon, & NEW Ginger Mint P

Theo & Philo bars are unavailable for delivery to preserve their quality and rich flavors. Pick them up from your nearest branch.


gross wt. 50g

Kape Maria Coffee

Pulag Medium, balanced, fragrant (Flavor Strength: 6/10) Maynila Fearless and charming (Flavor Strength: 7/10) Amuyao Rich, nutty, distinctly macho (Flavor Strength: 9/10) P



Cordillera Premium Roast (Flavor Strength: 6/10) 100% single-origin top quality Arabica beans P



Precious Herbal Pillows

Made with nature’s premium natural grains, aromatic herbs and essential oils to soothe sore muscles. Choice of color may vary

Shoulder Pillow Small Pillow

Waist Pillow

Dimensions: 6” x 11”

Dimensions: 8” x 17”





Dimensions: 7” x 20” P



socialenterprise Goodness Rising Origami Greeting Card Fold a house, build a home! All profits from the sales of these cards will fund the construction of a GK Village for 100 families displaced by Typhoon Yolanda. Each purchase merits inclusion in the village commemorative marker. P


Goodness Rising Ladies’ Shirt Wear a symbol of solidarity for Yolanda survivors. Color: White Sizes: XXS, XS and S P

289.75 Trese Men’s Shirt Live for a Greater Cause. Color: Navy Blue Sizes: XS, S, M and XL P

Goodness Rising Mug Raise a toast to unquenchable hope! P



Kids’ Shirt Color: White Size 6 and size 10 P

199.75 Batang Bayani Goodness Rising Shirt


Trese Zippered Tote Size: L 15.5” x W 13.5” x D 3” Strap: L 35” x W 1.5” P

Pinay & Proud Green & Pink


Pinay & Proud Brown & Orange Beautifully Made

Tote Bag Size: L 15.5” x W 13.5” x D 3” Strap: L 35” x W 1.5” P


Goodness Rising Future Full of Hope

Marsse Mobile Phone Holder Made with sustainable farmed premium Honduras mahogany. Dimensions: 3” W x 0.75” Th x 4.75” L P


Plush & Play Clockwise: Jessica Saging, Anne Kamatis, Maria Mangga, Buko Martin P


Anthill Tala Doll Dimensions: 13.5” x 3” x 18” Packed in a mesh bag P

549 61

bodycare Healthy Lotion 100% Natural

Flaunt your true color with this light, fast-absorbing genuinely natural lotion with 12 powerful skin nutrients and antioxidants. P P

199.75 64.75

200ml 50ml

Berry Bliss

Blossom Beauty

Also available in Healthy Lotion Classic Vanilla scent while stocks last


100% Natural

Celebrate the exuberance of summer with this truly natural, family-safe, and reef-friendly sunscreen. Slather on top of Healthy Lotion for soft, nourished, sun-protected skin. WIN a trip to El Nido! See facing page. P P


549.75 224.75

200g 50g

Escape to

El Nido. Photos courtesy of El Nido Resorts

Shake off your city shoes and hotfoot it to the stunning seascapes of Palawan. Sheer limestone cliffs flecked with lush greenery. Crystal-clear waters teeming with over 300 species of tropical fish and corals of every rainbow hue. Pristine sands, vivid watercolor sunsets, the sound of gently lapping waves. Beach dinners and colorful island cocktails under the stars.

All this, all yours. On us. For a minimum purchase of 1000 pesos, get one raffle entry. Get one (1) additional raffle entry for every 500 peso purchase exceeding 1000 pesos.

P1,000 = 1 raffle entry P1,500 = 2 raffle entries P2,000 = 3 raffle entries

...and so on. Amounts specified are net of dealer discount, and credit memo Plus get one (1) raffle entry for every purchase of 200g SAFEBLOCK!

Get ready to dig your toes in and fall in love with the beauty of one of the country’s last natural frontiers.

MECHANICS: 1. Prize includes a 4D/3N accommodation, roundtrip boat transfers, full board meals, use of non-motorized watersports equipment, use of snorkeling equipment, services of a Marine Sports Guide and Guest Activity Coordinator and taxes for two (2) adults. 2. Prize includes roundtrip airfare for two (2) adults. 3. The winner will be drawn on or before June 4, 2014. Travel period is until end of September 2014. 4. Prize is transferrable; should the winner not make it within the travel period, he/she can

give the travel voucher to someone. Prize is however, not convertible to cash. 5. Promo is exclusively for registered dealers & members only. Raffle entries are systemgenerated from Human Nature branches nationwide. Check pages 40-41 for the list of official Human Nature branches. 6. Human Nature Employees, Branch Operators and their first degree relatives, and Branch Staff are not eligible to join.



FREEp49 Tinted Lip Balm

Save P20! p53


Save P200! p48



SAVE P200! p47



Have you downloaded our Magalogue App? See p38! NOW AVAILABLE for ANDROID and iOS! Search for “Human Nature Magalogue”

Since the beginning, promised you top-quality, genuinely natural products and total customer satisfaction – or your money back. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, wherever you purchased it, just return it within 30 days or get in touch with our friendly Customer Service Team, and you’ll get a replacement, refund, or credit for it – absolutely.




That’s the way it’s been and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Because you deserve Only the Good.

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