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“Rat in Hiding�


This assignment I had to complete a black and white etching, preferably with a lot of detail. The first thing that came to mind that had a lot of detail

was an animal. The assignment needed to be 4 inches by 6 inches. I thought is was important to choose a small animal since the image would be small as well.

So I chose a rat inside a little cubby. It was a hard but fun process to learn.

“Adopt-A-Dog J�


The challenge of this project was to take the first letter of our last name and make a symbol using that letter that would descibe ourselves. I have a huge

passion for animals and pet rescue. My family and I are involved with the Adopt-A-Dog association and also own many pets as well. I really wanted to

incorporate that aspect of my life into this piece because it is an important part of my life.

Ashley’s Ticker

Book Design

The challenge of this project was to interview someone that I knew but would like to get to know better. Then take the questions and answers and make a book about that

person. I chose a co-worker that seemed like an interesting person. What I did with the book was make the covers resemble her hair, which was blonde with bright red high

lights, out of type. Then on the inside pages I wanted it to look mechanical to resemble what goes on in her mind.

“Venus of Wellindorf�

Post Modernism Painting

The project that was given was to create a post modernism piece. Other materials other than only paint were to be used. I chose to focus on the issue of body image.

I took six Venus of Wellindorf statues and painted skimpy outfits on them. The body image that is forced upon women, and even sometimes men has gotten out of hand. .

So I wanted to do a piece that would help people realize how crazy it has really gotten


Restaurant Logo

The challenge for this project was to come up with a restaurant name and logo for a category of food the class was given. I was

given fish. I went through a lot of name and “Fins” just seemed to ft the best. I wanted to keep the logo simple and elegant

because my restaurant was casual/fine dinning.

“Fins Identity�

Letterhead, Business card, Envelope

This project is connected with the logo design I did. The class had to design the letterhead, business card, and envelpe that the restaurant would use. What I had decided

to do was use a die-cut for the blue fin in the logo to add interest and an expensive type feel. I also chose a cotton paper and a linen paper for the same reason. The same

with the logo, I wanted these pieces to be simple and elegant as well.



Magazine design was the object of this project. I picked and interior design magazine and names it Fixture. I researched

several different interior design magazines and tried to incorporate different aspects

into my design. I wanted this magazine to have a simple, modern feel.

“Historical and Genealogical Society�


For this project the class was given an organization, Campbell County Historical and Genealogical Society, and needed to make a

brochure for them. When I researched this organization everything seemed to have a timeline feel to it. So I decided to

incorporate the timeline look into the design. I also used a vintage but modern colors to go along with the theme.

“Copywright Forms�


The challenge of this project was to find a poorly designed form and redesign it. The forms needed to be simpler, easier to navigate through, and easier to file. I found

a form that is used for copywright. It was a very lengthy form and I was able to downsize it so it was not as overwhelming to look at. I also made it more clear as to what

someone needed to fill out and what the office needed to fill out.



This project was left pretty open. We were to illustrate something using any and more than one media. I chose use textured paper and parts of photographs.

I wanted to do an illustration for the AdoptA-Dog association. I have worked with Adopt-A-Dog for a few years now and it is something close to my heart. I wanted to

go for a cute but sympathetic look for this illustration.

Monica Johansing  
Monica Johansing  

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