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My name: Johann Jiménez Bustamante

Grade: 10°1

Teacher: Sonia López

Intitucion Educativa Colombia 2017

THE WALK IN FAMILY My name is Johann Jimenez Bustamante I am 15 years old and study in the educational institution Colombia, in the year 2015 we went away for the coffee axis to a family walk we were in different places for four days and three nights. On the first day when we were going towards the hotel we enter the municipality of Salento to know the vale of the nuisance and to do a trip and to see the different crafts that there they realize, when we did the trip buy two pictures that we liked very much, on having entered this municipality, I learned that there the wax palm grows which one it is a national emblem of Colombia and in the one that inhabits the parrot orejiamarillo. this municipality we were for 1 hour in which we could do buys, enjoy different attractions and eat the sweets and you will crush typical of the municipality that the majority takes the coffee as a main ingredient, when we return to the bus to continue the trip towards the hotel we had to wait during half an hour more since two presents himself of the excursion they were not coming, when these two persons came we set off towards the hotel. When we come to the hotel it seemed very good to us since it was a very agreeable place, on the same night that we come to the hotel the guide he explained to us the activities that we would realize during this excursion, and after the dinner we did a small integration to meet a little the persons who were with us in the walk, in which we laugh very much and could integrate with all. There I met a child called Mateo and made his friend we understood each other very much because it had the same my age, after the integration I went to throw swimming pool in which I amused myself very much since most of persons of the excursion were played by us and doing several dynamics, when I left already it was 11:30 of the swimming pool pm of that time I bathed and went to bed rapidly because to another day we had to get up early at 8:00 am because we were going for the national park of the coffee.

We went away at 8 am for the national park of the coffee there we were the whole day and knew this beautiful place, where we did a trip called the footpath of the coffee where they taught us the stages of the coffee and the different types of coffee that exist in Colombia and showed us one of the first machines to do the production of the coffee, in the national park of the coffee there were houses and buildings full of histories where the main protagonist was the coffee. After the lunch, we went to see the show of the coffee there they showed all the folklore and the tradition of this department, later we went away to mount in some attractions mechanics between them the highest roller coaster of Latin America, did the trip for the whole park in the train, we were in the track of cars of car and then in the cars chocones we rise to a lookout where the whole park was seen, mount in the rapids and other attractions more. When we were going to go away we rise for a telefĂŠrico since we go down for the footpath of the coffee, being in the park taste the different varieties of the coffee that was coming in different presentations like the arequipe cookies Capuchin all these they took the coffee as a main ingredient. Already in the night, after having dinner, we were to the swimming pool the smallest of the group while some adults were sharing, while we were in the swimming pool children a fixed one threw himself and the head banged although it was not serious at all they all worried very much and the guide warned us that we were careful on having thrown ourselves to the swimming pool since it was not very deep and we did not have a hospital it surrounds. After a long moment in the swimming pool we went away to rest and to prepare everything for the following day because we would visit Panaca, when we were in the room my parents and I we report of well that we were spending it in this walk that was not programmed with many days of anticipation.

To another day we go out at 9:00 am of the hotel, when we were going for panaca a man was raised to the bus to sell to us a few desserts prepared with arequipe and coffee, while we were coming to panaca the guide explained to us what we would do during the day and what the trip would be. Panaca is the national park of the agricultural culture and he is located in Quimbaya, QuindĂ­o there are different species of animals and plants. Being there they delivered to us the bracelet of revenue with which we could enter the different shows of the park, every show lasted about 45 minute and they all were very graceful and they left good educations to us, because they all showed us how nice there are the animals and the field. The show that more attracted attention of me was that of the horses because they did a presentation to us called passage, the horses were very quite trained and the persons who were mounting them were very skillful and qualified to realize these stunts, it was a very entertaining and agreeable experience, when we enter another show we amuse ourselves very much because it was with pigs and the presenters were very graceful because they were telling jokes and were doing trovas and were setting the pigs to realize several presentations. During this trip we could observe different animals species between them the ostrich, the buffalo, goats, different species of birds and some domestic animals and could feed some of them. Being in panaca we have lunch, we did a trip in horse, happened for a suspension bridge for alone which it could cross of a person. Then in the night, after having dinner, we visit the municipality of Montenegro, QuindĂ­o, there we knew the church where the standing crucifix is and we were for some hours knowing the park, did several buys some adults were brought in for a discotheque and the smallest children were raised to the games that existed in the main park, there we were

until 10:30 p. m. and then we went for the hotel to pack the baggage for the following day, because we would go away already on returning to house. While we were packing my parents and I we were speaking of well that we had spent during this walk. The latter day of the walk in family my mom was of birthday and my dad had a very special surprise for her at the time of the breakfast, we all sing the birthday to him and we ate cake, went out at 9:00 of the morning, this day the trip was to enter the thermal ones of pink saint of complete and to Manizales that was staying at three hours from which we were. We come to pink saint approximately at 12:00 and to come even the thermal ones we had to walk during 15 minutes along a few ecological footpaths, we change and we got to the thermal ones that are a few swimming pools of warm natural water that goes down from the mountain with high temperatures, this place seemed very nice and agreeable to me for the nature and the waters so pure that they come to the swimming pools. Being there we enjoy very much and we are useful to take some pictures and are a few acquaintances of my dad, remain with them the rest of the day, later we enter Manizales to know this city and to buy some things to take them to our relatives. We leave of return for the house and after having covered one hour the bus, it had a mechanical flaw and they took a long time one hour to organize it, we have lunch for the way the return trip seemed very long to me because we were already tired and wanted to come rapidly to house. When we come to Medellin the guide asked all that where we had left easy to take some transport and my family and I we remain at the station the star, there we say goodbye of all and we gave our gratitude to the guide for all its amiability. When we come to the station niquia it was very difficult to find transport because it was already much late.

This trip seemed very wonderful to me because during the conocĂ­ you present yourself very kind and I could know one of the tourist destinations most visited in this department I liked knowing very much a little about the tradition and culture about the coffee since Colombia is the biggest exporter of coffee of the world, there were four days in which I enjoyed, learned and shared better moments next to my parents, there are experiences that never forget and stay forever in our hearts.

The walk in family  

Johann Jimenez Bustamante 10°1

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