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Model Catalog 2011 v.2 O Gauge Limited Editions

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Welcome aboard

Nordic Trains Finnish Rolling Stock Covered Freight Cars with Graffiti

North American Trains U.S. Rolling Stock Fuel Tank Cars with Graffiti

Model Categories and Types

Fuel Tank Cars •

Category A completely scratch-built with standard spare parts

U.S. post-war with grafitti (single-dome) •

Passenger Car Sets •

Refrigerator Cars •

Covered Freight Cars •

Flat Cars Hood Diesels End-Cab Diesels Center-Cab Diesels Diesel Multiple Units Electric Locomotives Electric Multiple Units

VR (Cargo) with grafitti

Category B scratch-built body shell based on mechanism from other manufacturers

Category C re-painted and detailed models from other manufacturers

to this particular issue with emphasis on the railroad graffiti, which is art, vandalism and reality of the modern train era. This 2nd catalog publication is again dedicated to the many O gauge enthusiasts and to the global 1:43...1:48 scale community. Generally the bodies of the depicted rolling stock are handmade out of garbage materials, such as food packing materials, poster mailing tubes and dumped refreshment tin cans. Most of the artistic decoration with quite unlimited imagination realized on the rolling stock is either handpainted or computer-designed with color inkjet prints. Many free graffity fonts can be downloaded from the web. Any weathering is applied only with drybrush technique. The rusty metal is made with pigment powder. The purpose of this issue is hopefully to inspire you, the active O gauge modeler, to produce your own vandalized rolling stock for the industrial backyard on your layout. ______________________________________________________

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Nordic Trains Covered Freight Cars

Finnish VR CARGO

Completely scratch-built soft-covered freight cars on 3-rail trucks with different painting and grafitti variations. The reduced length from buffer to buffer is 10� approximately.

American Trains

U.S. Fuel Tank Cars...

A mixed fuel tank car set, which consists of several completely scratch-built modern and post-war rolling stock. The cars are hand-painted, detailed with grafitti decoration of different motives and finally weathered. Their heavy weathering indicates the transportation of crude oil load to refineries.

Fuel Tank Cars ...with Grafitti The tank cars can be equipped on both sides either with hi-rail couplers or with scale coupler. Alternatively on one side there can be operational hi-rail coupler while on the opposite side can be manual scale coupler. The trucks can have either hi-rail wheels or flanged scale wheels. So, trucks and coupler are replaceable at any time depending on the track profile of the layout.

American Trains

U.S. Fuel Tank Cars...

The collection will be continously enriched with more graffiti variations and different fuel tank car types.

Fuel Tank Cars ...with Grafitti (to be continued) More vandalized fuel tank cars are under development for operations and for the dump yard in the background. The manufacturing methods, the used materials and the quality will be improved.

O Gauge Catalog 2011 Volume 2  

Limited Edition of hand-made O Gauge train models

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