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Model Catalog 2011 v.1 O Gauge Limited Editions Table Of Contents:

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North American Trains

Boston & Maine Rolling Stock Fuel Tank Cars Delaware & Hudson Rolling Stock Passenger Coaches

Balkan Trains

Hellenic Motive Power and Rolling Stock Class A550 End-Cab Diesel Locomotives Covered Freight Cars Refrigerator Cars

Nordic Trains

Finnish Rolling Stock Long Flat Cars Long Log Cars Covered Freight Cars

Model Categories and Types

Fuel Tank Cars •

Passenger Car Sets

Category A completely scratch-built with standard spare parts

Boston & Maine (single-dome) •

Delaware & Hudson (smooth-sided)

Refrigerator Cars

ΟΣΕ (Ψ2, Ψ3)

Covered Freight Cars

ΟΣΕ Ζ1... Ζ7 VR (Cargo)

Flat Cars

VR (Occ, Sp)

Category B scratch-built body shell based on mechanism from other manufacturers

Hood Diesels End-Cab Diesels Center-Cab Diesels Diesel Multiple Units Electric Locomotives Electric Multiple Units

ΟΣΕ (A550)

Category C re-painted and detailed models from other manufacturers

Welcome aboard to an exciting journey with rather exotic O_gauge model trains. We proudly present our first colorful catalog to the interested low-end hobbyists depicting our latest North American (1:48), Continental European (1:45) and further affordable handcrafted train models. Our aim is to provide with a plethora of alternatives to the O gauge community world-wide. Therefore for each state railway and heritage roadname we intend to selectively manufacture at a very low budget particular types of motive power and rolling stock representing the post-war and modern eras. Since MOROP's NEM standard does not specify the eras of many European countries, we introduce here some more simplified era distinctions. As we usually know from classic toy trains, our train models are decorated with slightly exaggerated details, just to emphasize the uniquely recognizable characterictics of the detailed train models even at long observation distance on an outdoor garden layout. We prefer also the extreme weathering case-by-case in order to mediate the more realistic impression of heavily used engines and cars especially on nicely decorated industrial layouts with refineries and steel mills. So, for the rest of us average hobbyists counts more the overall impression of the whole train set. Concerning our locomotives we rely on the more robust hirail wheel flanges and remote-controlled operating couplers, while for our cars and coaches we prefer a hybrid solution of 2-rail and 3-rail metal or plastic wheel sets with hirail and scale couplers. Upon customers' request we equip our train models also with traditional Lima and Rivarossi knuckle couplers, or with primitive hook couplers or with NEM-compatible Lenz couplers, while the pilot of the locomotives can be fixed to the body shell for wider curves (e.g.: O-80 or R=2000mm) or articulating together with the trucks for narrower curves (e.g.: O-42 or R=1000mm). Some of our handcrafted train models are in exact scale, while some others are in reduced length or with compromised over-proportional dimensions for functional reasons. Suggestions for new models or for different roadname liveries are always appreciated.

American Trains Fuel Tank Cars Boston & Maine A nice fuel tank car set consisting of few completely scratch-built post-war and quasimodern types painted, detailed and weathered in several variations.

Each car with varying tank diameter and length has been lettered with its individual running number. The average length is 10� approximately.

The tank cars can be equipped on both sides either with hi-rail couplers or with scale coupler. Alternatively on one side there can be operational hi-rail coupler while on the opposite side can be manual scale coupler.

American Trains Passenger Coaches

Delaware & Hudson

A smooth-sided 17� long coach for a D&H passenger train set consisting of completely scratch-built coaches, a dinner car and a baggage car suitable for PA-1 and Sharknose units.

All coaches are supposed to be equipped with diaphragm, underframe and roof details as well as interior decoration and lights.

Balkan Trains Diesel Locomotives

Hellenic ΟΣΕ

Scratch-built body of a heavy 6-axled 550 class end-cab diesel locomotive with smoke and sound, which is numbered as A-558. The length is slightly reduced for rolling on narrower switches and on O-42 curved tracks.

Balkan Trains Covered Freight Cars Hellenic ΟΣΕ

Completely scratch-built bi-axial Ζ1 (Gb), Z3 (Gbs, Gbgs) or Ζ5 (Gbgs-v) type and trucked Z7-type freight cars in different painting and weathering variations.

The average length from buffer to buffer is 10” approximately. Future version may have sliding doors.

Balkan Trains Refrigerator Cars Hellenic ΟΣΕ

Ψ2 and Ψ3 (Ibbehs) type in different variations. The average length from buffer to buffer is 10” approximately.

Nordic Trains Long Flat Cars

Finnish VR

Completely scratch-built 17� long Occ-type flatcar for larger industrial goods and freight containers.

Nordic Trains Long Log Cars

Finnish VR

Completely scratch-built 17� long Sp-type logcar for logs in the wood processing and pulp industry.

Nordic Trains Covered Freight Cars

Finnish VR CARGO

Completely scratch-built soft-covered bi-axial freight car with different painting and weathering variations. The average length from buffer to buffer is 10� approximately.

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Model Catalog 2011 O Gauge Limited Editions

Model Catalog 2011 v.1 O Gauge Limited Editions  

model catalog of 1:48 and 1:45 scaled model railroad

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