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AIESEC in Austria

Country cooperation booklet for 2012-2013

Live the values! Dare to perform!

Austria Austria, is a small and beautiful country located in the heart of Europe combines its rich cultural heritage with a drive for innovation with unparalleled ease and elegance. Austria flaunts its heritage in exuberant fashion. Vienna's bombastic Habsburg palaces and Salzburg's baroque splendour are great, but dig deeper and you'll unearth Stone Age settlements, Roman ruins and vibrant medieval festivals. You barely need to look for culture here - it waltzes right up to you. Austria is a largely mountainous country due to its location in the Alps. The Central Eastern Alps, Northern Limestone Alps and Southern Limestone Alps are all partly in Austria. Vienna, whose origins date back to the Roman empire, was the capital of the Habsburg empire which controlled much of Europe for over 600 years. Vienna experienced its golden years as the cultural centre of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. In this period of time the emperors of the Habsburg dynasty expanded the city with magnificent buildings as s tribut to their own power. Other Austrian cities like Innsbruck and Salzburg are well known for the impressive Ski resorts. This way Austria attracts visitors from all over the world all year long.

AIESEC in Austria – 2012/13 The motto of AIESEC in Austria for the term 2012/13 is “Live the values! Dare to perform!” To make our country grow towards 2015 we set ourselves ambitious goals and planned careful strategies to support this growth. To reach 100% plan achievement is one of the most important commitments of our generation. In order to make our entities grow with a focus we decided for each LC on one focus product, which is driving the growth of the entity. Overall we focus on two programmes this year. The first is OG GCDP, which we want to grow in the summer and winter peak as well as outside of peaks. Secondly we focus on IC GIP to become a relevant partner in specific market segments. You can find more information on our programme plans on the following pages.

Our goals for 2012/13:

OG GCDP 224 IC GIP 105

TLP 181 ELD delivered 1281


TMP 621 IC GCDP 79

OG GCDP In OG GCDP we are focussing on different student segments we we plan to recruit. Please find below the different student profiles. Our main strategies for this year to grow LC operations and OG GCDP results are about connecting the growth of LCs to the development of this focus product. We will develop certain GCDP product packages, focussing on different regions and the needs of certain student segments. Additionally we foster realizations outside of peaks. Our GCDP EP Profiles: Field of studies: Social sciences, business studies, psychology, development studies, teaching studies, different country backgrounds, bachelor students Planned realizations: Winter peak January, February, March Summer peak: June, July, August Outside of peaks Interested in following regions: South east Asia, Latin America, Africa, Southern Europe (Balkan)

OG GIP Please find here our GIP EP profiles and the raising and matching timeline: Information Technology recent graduates and undergraduates [20]+[10]    

Programming Web development Network Administration Database Design & Management Aug IT B&E M&C T&L

Ra Ra

Sep Ra Ra Ra

Oct Ra Ra/Ma Ra/Ma

Nov Ma Ra/Ma Ra/Ma Ra

International Management Business Administration Project Management Economics Finance Accounting HR Management

  

Dec Ma Ra/Ma Ra/Ma Ra

Management, Business & Economics recent graduates and undergraduates[20]+[10]       

Teaching & Languages [5] Cross-cultural Education Foreign Languages Education Education & Teaching

Jan Re Ra/Re Ra/Re Ma

Feb Ra/Re Ra/Re Ra/Re Re

Mar Ra/Ma Ra/Ma Ra/Ma

Apr Ra/Ma Ra/Ma Ra/Ma Ra

May Ma/Re Ma/Re Ma/Re Ra/Ma

Jun Ma/Re Ma/Re Ma/Re Ma/Re

Marketing & Communications [5]      

Consumer/Buyer behaviour Market Research & Evaluation International Marketing Cross-cultural communication Marketing Social Media

Jul Re Ma/Re Ma/Re Re

IC GIP For the IC GIP we developed a new brand in AIESEC in Austria. We promote different sources of Talents to different company markets. With the so called “Access Global Talent” Brand we start to focus on 3 market segments for the term: Access Global IT Talent (AGIT): Focus on SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) searching for graduates (Master or Bachelor graduates) with professional experience (1 year+) in Web Development, Software Development/Programming and Database Management. Excellent/Good German skills preferred, preferably WENA/CEE GIP EPs. 2012/13 Year Goal 60 IT TNs raised: Aug 3

Sept 5

Oct 4

Nov 8

Dec 7

Jan 4

Feb 6

Mar 2

Apr 5

May 5

Jun 7

LCs focusing on AGIT: Graz (15 ), Linz (26), SBG (6), Vienna WU (19), Access Global Talent (AGxT): National Sales Team in place which will realize 45 TNs until June 2013. Market segment not set yet, most likely no excellent German required, preferably WENA/CEE GIP EPs. Cooperation needed: approach us with your country EP supply and we see if it fits to Austrian company market demand.


Access Global Talent China Connection (CC):

Offered to companies who are doing business in China or planning to expand their operations. EP profile: Chinese/Mandarin natives Raising peaks: Oct/Nov 2012, May/Jun 2013

Other segments: Green energy sector: Vienna UV (10 TNs/Year) Logistics: eg LKW Walter – German speakers required, mainly CEE EPs

The IC GCDP projects in Austria run under the brand of Colours of the World. With our projects we want to bring internationalism, tolerance and intercultural understanding to youth in Austria. During the next term we will realize xx projects in all our LCs. Please find the list of Projects below with the planned realization period.

Other Projects : Access Global Talent for NGOs –LC Vienna UV, LC Vienna WU (whole year) IC GCDP TNs in Schools – Working as Teaching Assistant – LC Vienna UV (whole year) Approximately 25 raises (September 2012 – June 2013)

Colours of the World Diversity –Workshops in Schools & Kindergartens Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Project 5 Project 1 LC Graz, IG Klagenfurt (TNs LC Vienna LC Linz LC Linz, Salzburg, WU Linz appear under Graz) LC UV WU Realization Realization date Realization Realization Realization date: date: Feb 2013 date: date: Oct 2012 Jan 2013 Mar 2013 Apr 2013 # of TNs: # of TNs: # of TNs: # of TNs: # of TNs: 4/6/8 = 18 4/3 = 7 3/7 = 10 6 4

TMP & TLP Our diverse membership consists of 300 students from 25 universities in 7 different cities and many different nationalities. The study background is again very similar. 70% of our members have an economics background. The others follow studies in the fields of languages, law, communication or technical studies. National leadership development happens mainly on our two Leadership conferences ALPS 1&2. This conference , which name is in long form Austrian Leadership Preparation Seminar, provides two tracks for members in TLP (Team leader track; EB track) and as well a leadership track for TMP participants. We always love to welcome delegates from abroad to this conference. If you are interested keep the time from 29th of November till 2nd of December 2012 or 25th till 28th of April 2013 free and join our ALPS. Other opportunities to interact with our members and leaders are three out of more CEED opportunities:  Recruitment CEED in Graz (September till October)  OGX CEED in Linz (September till December)  Initiative Group CEED to build up a new local committee in Klagenfurt (September till December) For further information and contacts feel free to approach the respective LCPs or Madis (MC VP TM).


MC Austria 12/13 MCP


MC VP OG GIP & Finance


MC VP TM & StudentCommunication


Johannes Ide

Predrag Gogić

Raúl Pineda

Andrea Süschetz

Madis Välja

Peter Kürti







Alexandre Taillandier Alexandre.taillan

AIESEC in Salzburg

AIESEC in Vienna UV

AIESEC in Vienna WU

Martin Härtl

Ivan Juric

Alisa Eresina


Ivan.juric@aiesec .net


MC VP Marketing

LCPs Austria 12/13 AIESEC in Graz

AIESEC in Innsbruck

Katharina Zauner

Melissa Hering



AIESEC in Klagenfurt Madis Välja (LC Coach) Madis.valja@aies

AIESEC in Linz Johanna Gutmann Johanna.gutmann

See you in Austria!

Country Cooperation Booklet Austria 2012  

Please find all information about AIESEC in Austria for potential cooperations in the term 2012-13.