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“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”

-William Shakespeare-

// A Temporary Act Between Two Stages

by Johannes Sverlander

... (How temporary are the spaces we inhabit? What makes us act in different ways? How do we inhabit space as moving people - a dancer, a visitor, a traveller etc. What makes us stay and what makes us leave? Where does a movement start and where does it end? ) When they move along the square they move differently from one another. Fast. Slow. Stop. Run. Turn. Yes. No. Change. Ahead. They move in this place only for a moment, crossing and defining the public space. Then gone. But what if they would enter the stage? This project deals with two theatrical stages, one internal for dance and one external for public life. They meet and view each other at the blurred border of the private and the public. Yet here they cannot touch each other. Whereas the internal expression of dance is as free as it can possible be, the external sets limits of what expression there can be. By moving from the external to the internal the body transits through different borders and dig deeper into what finally opens up through the dancing act. The project tries to improve the existing public structures of medborgarplatsen by introducing new ways to act and view acts along the square. Seen as a stage for the public life the people become actors and dancers framed by the surrounding structures. Some people will take part in this act, others will merely be viewers or passers-by. What part do you play or in what moment do you step on stage? The internal and the external body The viewer/visitor The dancer/expressionist

//Public spaces connecting to Medborgarplatsen Medborgarplatsen is an urban space with a main public square on Sรถdermalm in Stockholm city. It connects in a north-south axis as well as in the west-east axis. The straight movements on the site are being interrupted hoping to improve the square and create spaces for temporary interactions between different acts.

Scale 1:4000

//Permanent & Temporary Spaces today The permanent spaces of today on medborgarplatsen frame the square whereas the smaller urban structures have more temporary uses.

/Permanent structures & uses

/Temporary Structures & uses

Scale 1:500

//Siteplan & Illustrations


Moving from the public to the more private through layers from nature. Over time and over the seasons the structure change.




Scale 1:400

//Main Floor Plan & experience of movement & distance

Walking through the layered foyer connecting from the entrance downstairs to the stage

The blurred experience at the border of the private and the public. The further from the border the more blurred.

Scale 1:100

//Elevation South & Section day-time & night-time

B - B Scale 1:200

Urban Black Box

Entrance Bar A - A Scale 1:200

//Lower Floor Plan & Building Components Exploded

Skin of Aging Wood

The Stage and Seating area

Framework between private & public

Circulation & Secondary spaces

//Section Perspective A temporary space of an exposed architectural & human body

Wiki: “Dance is a type of art that generally involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It is performed in many cultures as a form of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise, in a spiritual or performance setting, and is sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story.�

//The Public Stage Embracing the main movement by Improved green structures and urban structures for temporary stops, plays and interactions

//Conceptual Models Layers of Transitions, Public movements & Relation between the External and Internal Stage

//Final Models Wooden Facade, Interior and Exterior of Model 1:50, Site model 1:300

Dance Stage  
Dance Stage  

The first studio project of my master studies at the KTH School of Architecture. The brief asked for an extension of the existing institutio...