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Host a Tupperware Party now & add more to your life! More fun and more FREE gifts! Start with the Host gifts listed in the catalog and monthly brochure, then reward yourself with these extras. Ask your Consultant for details.


(and provide recipe ingredients)


and 2 datings held


Hold your party during December 17, 2011– January 6, 2012


Receive $30 in Host Credit FREE!

Receive Super Cereal Storer for $6.25! Choose a seal color: 9091 Black 9092 Passion 9093 Brilliant Blue ($23 value)



and 2 datings held

and 2 datings held

Hold your party during January 7–27, 2012

DOUBLE Host Credit!

Give Yourself Extra!


and 2 datings held

Additional gifts and offers may be available. Ask your Consultant for details. Limit one offer or bonus with qualifying party. Host Offer does not count toward party sales for Host Credit. Future datings must be held within 21 days. * To be eligible for Host gifts, party must be held and submitted by the offer end date. © 2011 Tupperware 2011-349-164 CA


Pick either Modular Mates® 13-Pc. Set for $35 or Sweet Stuff Set for $30 Modular Mates® 13-Pc. Set Includes these Modular Mates® containers: one Oval 1, one Oval 3, two Super Oval 1s, one each Square 1, 2 and 3 and Rectangular 1, 2 and 3, plus two exclusive Round 1s and one exclusive Round 2.

1868 ($225 value) Sweet Stuff Set Includes two Fix-N-Mix® Bowls, one Insulated Tumbler with Drip-Less Straw Seal, four Tupperware® Impressions Mugs with Drip-Less Straw Seals and four Microwave Cereal Bowls.

1867 ($148 value)


Receive Chef Series 14"/35 cm Casserole Pan with Cover AND 12-Qt./11.8 L Covered Stockpot FREE! Requires $330 in Host Credit. 9178 ($660 value)