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In this Bag You Will Find… 5 Catalogs * 10 Sales Flyers * 10 Order Forms * 10 Citrus Peelers * 10 Door Prize “Draw Slip” To earn your “Party In A Bag” Credit just show the catalogs and flyers to everyone you know. When someone places an order give them a citrus peeler And also give them a draw slip to participate in the door prize. Turn in the orders with payment on or before the deadline.

Here Are The Gifts You Will Earn A Free Tupperware Keychain JUST FOR TRYING A FREE Dating Gift (item changes every month) For $175 in Sales: Thank You Gift Of Your Choice (see catalog pg. 78) For $300- $549 in Sales Add 10% FREE Tupperware ($30 -$55) + 1 Half Price Selection For $550- $1,099 in Sales you get 15% in FREE Tupperware instead of 10% + 2 Half Price Selection For $1,100 or more in Sales you get 20% in FREE Tupperware instead of 15% + 3 Half Price Selections ALSO ON TOP OF EVERYTHING THING LISTED ABOVE TUPPERWARE ALWAYS HAVE HOST BONUS GIFTS! CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS!! WHO CAN COLLECT THE MOST SALES TO WIN AN EXTRA SURPRISE GIFT? (Minimum of 3 Party In A Bag Hosts to qualify for challenge)

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Tupperware Party In A Bag Challenge  

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