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Johanna Vargas Resume and portfolio Berlin 2014




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Graphic Design & illustration

Languaje skills

SPANISH - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Native ENGLISH - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Advance GERMAN - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - B2+

Master of Arts in Integrated Design (MAID) 2009 | Dessau, Deutschland Hochschule Anhalt (FH) Art and Visual Communication 2001 - 2006 | Costa Rica Universidad Nacional

ADDRESSE Warschauer Str. 27 10243 Berlin


Microsoft Office Mac / iWork Photoshop InDesign Illustrator AutoCad

Information EMPLOYMENT


Graphic Design | Oct - Nov 2013 Twisper Travel GmbH | Berlin Marketing Graphic Design Graphic Design | June - Juli 2013 TrendOne GmbH | Berlin Illustration | Graphic Design | Graphic Design | Feb – Nov 2012 DropGifts Gm| Berlin Illustration | G Design | Marketing Graphic Design | 2010 - 2011 Art Lab Studios | Berlin Illustration | Graphic Design | Adds Graphic Design | 2007 AntCrafts S.R.L | Heredia Costa Rica





Design work Web Design

Web design work DropGifts Solutions

Design work Corporate Identity Custom Logo

Graphic design work // online marketing DropGifts Berlin // Landing pages, banners, newsletters

Graphic design work // Screen design DropGifts Berlin // Mobile apps and screen design

CO2 diet Information design, Comunication project, illustrations, diagrams, pictograms.

CO2 Diet began as a project of information design, for the topic energy footprint. I focus on the problem of CO2 emissions, every single activity we do, the food and daily goods that we consume, or the transportation systems we use are emitting CO2 in to our air. When we talk about CO2 we never think of milk for example. To produce milk, a lot of forest is been cut down for keep grassing animals, such as the cow, who emit big quantities of gas in to the air.

This is a guide book for 30 days with planed activity. It begins with some general information about the problem and then on each spread of the book there is a description of a problem generated by our energy footprint and a call for action, a small thing to do or at least to consider about. My project is about changing a life style, an energy addiction that we assumed as normal and necessary. The result of the project: reflection.

Design work Design intership at TrendOne Berlin.

Languages diagrams Diagrams, use of typography.

6912 516

of those languages that are nearly extinct the number of living languages

Beginning with drawings and Hieroglyphs, going through different stages of visual communication, many kinds of alphabets are related to each other in several ways.

graphic piece. In the world map, the most spoken languages in the world were displayed by areas. But there are also some other data about languages.

The diagram is an alternative version of the common family tree concept, but it shows the roots, relationships, ages, kinds of alphabets and the quantity of characters they have.

For example Mandarin is the most spoken languaje, but it is spoken in only three countries, and it has a different kind of alphabet.

The aim of the project is to visualize extensive amount of information in one

Helvetica Book Editorial design use of typography.

Reseach about the Helvetica type-font, to create a booklet with the information and details.

Diagrams design Information design

Introduction Site Options Project Goals

Administrative District Uckermark Barnim



Republic Poland

Schwedt / Oder



Bernau photovoltaic solar power plant

wind /

biomass / water power / potential

Administrative District Berlin

geothermal plant

Posters Illustration, comunication project, pictograms.

As a communication medium, a poster can reach a big amount of audience. In this two examples there were different goals. The right one looks to inform and explain acomplex scientific system, the carbon cycle and the different possibilities of fuel. Illustrations and pictograms were used to make it clearer and have a reference with the real situation.

On the other hand, the poster on the left side is promoting an exhibition about camouflage, in which typography was used as the main element and representing the concept of camouflage.

Design work Design intership at DDB Berlin.

During my six months as an intern in DDB, I was involve in several projects which had different purposes, media, and goals. Many of them involved illustration, sometimes just as a detail but also as the main important element of the project. Another important subject was the use of typography. For brochures, posters and the rest of task that involved its used in combination with the corporate identity of the brands and clients.

An overall of the projects could be seen in the sample pictures.

Illustration Analog & digital

How can an illustration be used to educate, tell a history and motivate? Hand made and digital, informative, decorative or just for fun.

Masther thesis work Master of Arts in Integrated Design // Hochschule Anhalt 2009, Dessau

Not only luxury items, but products that we buy maybe everyday and we do not even know what is behind its production. Human rights violation, pollution of natural resources and psychological problems on consumers minds, are only some of the consequences of over consumerism. The aim of this project is to create conscious about the decisions we take as consumers but also as visual


Crime Design / Masther thesis work Comunication project, diagrams, packaging, coorporate identity.

For my final Master project in the University of Applied Sciences of Anhalt (Hochschule Anhalt) in Dessau Germany, I choose the topic of consumerism and its role in our lives, but at the same time the role that we, as designers play on it. Are we also part of the cause? As designers we are promoting and even creating new products that do not solve any real problem in our lives, mean while a big number of people in the world are not able to satisfy basic needs that really could used design solutions, for instance drinking water, furniture and equipment

for education, a dignified place to live with the basics and many other problems that come on extreme weather conditions. Luxury VS necessity. If design is function... How could we determine the function of a luxury item? Which will be the role of design? Nevertheless, there are organizations that work to solve many of those problems. My project is related with the visual communication. My idea is based on denounce and criticize consumerism.

Interactive postcards Interface Design, Information Design

Depending of the quantity of air pollutants a software converts these numbers into symbolic representations. Creating a unique post-card for the current air quality. Each pollutant have a different shape and a color that is going to change according with the current levels in the air. On the front side of the postcard is visualized the number of current polluntants in the air in the chosed city.


Grettings from Berlin!!! The weather is really nice today, but, do you know how polluted is the air right now??


On the back side, there is a legend explaning the number of pollutants and their color meaning, as well as some espace for writting the address and for the stamp.

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