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BANTAYAN BACK TO SEA PROJECT PROFILE In a nutshell, Bantayan Back to Sea Project is a grassroots initiative of concerned individuals who aim to rehabilitate and rebuild the 2,500+ damaged boats of Bantayan Island. It was formed in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, which destroyed the fisherfolks' boats, fishing materials and livelihood.

Who initiated the Project? ________________________________________________________________________ The Bantayan Island Association of Hotels, Resorts, Bars and Restaurants, Inc. initiated the project. They are a SEC-registered non-stock, non-profit organization who have been existing since 2003. They have been promoting sustainable development of the island's tourism industry and is actively involved in community work in Bantayan Island.

Prior to Yolanda, their latest achievement was initiating a Tourism Value Chain Assessment wherein through the support of the Cebu Provincial Government, they were able to gather stakeholders and the 3 Local Government Units of the island (Madridejos, Santa Fe and Bantayan Proper) in one room to work for a Bantayan Island Tourism Roadmap. This is a first wherein the private sector took it upon itself to lead the way to sustainable development.

Post-Yolanda, they initiated a multi-sectoral meeting between the Landbank and the Philippine Crop Insurance that was attended by fishermen, farmers and poultry and hog raisers.

Although also busy rehabilitating and rebuilding their businesses, they all agree that they should help the community first, cognizant of the fact that the tourism industry can only truly recover when the Bantayan Island's communities have recovered too. It is a package deal.

They have 20 members and their officers are:  President

Edgar Allan Monreal

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

 Vice-President

Janeth Holaysan

Sta. Fe Beach Club/Ogtong Cave Resort

 Secretary

Joan Nepangue

Beach Placid Resort

 Treasurer

Maia Becker

Maia's Beach Resort

 Auditor

Agnes Gilbuena

Mabuhay Balikbayan Restaurant


Bernadeth Yagui

Yoonek Beach Resort

Who is leading the project? ________________________________________________________________________ Allan Monreal, President of the Association, along with a trusted employee who is now on the payroll of the Project, Lucky Baulita, does the legwork in the island. They hope to get more people to do the outreach and enroll barangays in the project. They also do consultations and assessments, validation of beneficiaries and overall research work.

Johanna Michelle Lim, who is based in Cebu City, does the Administrative work. She raises funds, writes grants, meets with donors and supporters and takes care of disseminating information about the project through their Facebook Page and through invited talks in the city.

How does the project work? ________________________________________________________________________

Bantayan Back to Sea Project is a grassroots initiative. As is, the strong aim is not just to bring the boats back to sea, but to empower these fishermen to sustain their livelihood, and to create a more empowered barangay that will hold the community accountable for their individual and group success.

As such, the project strongly involves the barangay captains, the barangay officials and the fisherfolks themselves to act and move accordingly. This is not a dole out. It is empowering the individual to help himself, and more importantly, help his community. 


Bantayan Back to Sea Project touches base with the different barangays in Madridejos, Santa Fe and Bantayan where boat units and fisherfolk constituents were severely affected by the storm. They should hand over a list, certified by the Barangay Captain, containing the figures that include 1. the names of beneficiaries 2. the type of damage their boats incurred (partially or totally damaged) 3. the cost estimate for repair of damaged units 4. fishing implements involved 5. the cost estimate of fishing implements

This list should be certified by the barangay captain and the rest of the barangay officials. An on-thegrounds volunteer of Bantayan Back to Sea Project also double checks and certifies said list. 


Once the barangay and the fisherfolks have expressed interest to join Bantayan Back to Sea Project, they will be encouraged to form a Fisherman's Association that will be accountable and will organize

the beneficiaries in the area. If they already have one, Bantayan Back to Sea Project taps the Officers to be the on-the-ground key personnel in the area.

An agreement between both parties will later on be signed expressing that the Fisherfolk Association: 1. should be directly responsible for their fisherfolk constituents enrolled in Bantayan Back to Sea Project 2. should agree to safeguard the integrity of the project by not using said boat units repaired or donated in overfishing or illegal fishing, and if any member is caught doing so, he will be amenable to paying full whatever was spent on their boat unit as penalty. Once caught, they will also be blacklisted from any future sustainable and developmental projects initiated by Bantayan Back to Sea Project 3. should come up with a sustainable alternative system conducive to environmental changes such as mangrove planting, seaweed culture, etc., and will present this to Bantayan Back to Sea Project once laid out 4. should not sell boat units repaired or donated by Bantayan Back to Sea Project in the near future. A withholding time of 2 years shall be imposed. 5. should follow payment schemes and regulations as agreed upon by the Barangay Officials, the Fisherfolk Association and Bantayan Back to Sea Project. 


Once the Barangay and their Association have tapped and organized their members, Php50,000 seed money will be given by Bantayan Back to Sea Project during a turnover ceremony to start their boat repair and rebuilding service.

Ideally, each sitio should have one boat repair service area as agreed upon by the fisherfolks. However, this will also depend on the available manpower (carpenters) and space of the barangay. This will be agreed upon by the Barangay officials and the Fisherfolk Association.

For boats with minor damages, the payment scheme works like this:

50% of the cost estimate for their unit will be shouldered by Bantayan Back to Sea Project, while 50% will be rolled over to the Barangay's Fisherman's Association, as startup or emergency fund for future projects and needs. This is interest free, and is payable within a year of Agreement.

For boats with major or irrepairable damages, the scheme works like this:

They will be given a new unit but will have to leverage on sweat equity. He will make his own boat, with the assistance of a carpenter.

It is important to emphasize that Bantayan Back to Sea Project is NOT a commercial boat repair or building entity. Thus, it relies on the skills and efficiency of the fisherfolks employed in the project for its overall success.

As a skill-oriented scheme, each barangay will have different timelines, deadlines and rates of boats repaired or rebuilt. Deadlines will be managed by the Fisherfolk Association and will be constantly checked by a Bantayan Back to Sea Project volunteer. 


As this is a grassroots initiative, the fisherfolk, to be assisted by a carpenter and fellow fisherfolk, is in charge of repairing or building his own boat. The boat will not just be handed over to him. He will have to work for it. For more boats to go back to sea in the soonest possible time, they will also have to work together.

The scheme of beneficiaries prioritized will be decided upon at a barangay level although boats with minor damages will ultimately be prioritized. The easier the extent of damage to repair, the faster the boat goes back to sea.


The target barangays of Bantayan Back to Sea Project and its members will also undergo livelihood seminars, trainings and workshops that will turn them into fishermen entrepreneurs. Included in the social entrepreneurship workshops are the inculcation of sustainable fishing practices and how to maximize community resources without harming the environment. 


The rest of the community members in the barangay such as the family members of the fisherfolk or their neighbors will be employed by Bantayan Back to Sea Project to repair or make fishing implements. This is part of the employment-generation component of the project.


Fisherfolk are educated about sustainable and safe fishing practices. We will also touch base with them on protecting their marine sanctuaries and reactivating Bantay Dagat efforts. Seminars and workshops will be held together with partner organizations to give fisherfolk enough education on the State of the Philippine Seas and what can be done to conserve it. 


Lastly, since Bantayan Back to Sea Project, is also fully aware of slow seasons in fishing, the Fisherman's Association through the assistance of Bantayan Back to Sea Project, will be encouraged to find alternative livelihood methods in the near future.

Part of this alternative livelihood methods are: seaweed culture, being employed as sea protector, etc. To empower them, each barangay will have to come up with their own scheme of success.

Who are the Beneficiaries? ________________________________________________________________________ Currently, there are 12 barangays that are part of Bantayan Back to Sea Project with 1,011 members in total. 1. Barangay Bantigue (151 Members) Association: Bantigue Fishermen Association (BFA) President: Vice President:

Jesus Quesio Christopher Yaon

Secretary: Treasurer: PRO:

Ernesto Tayo Christopher Alob Eduardo Ague Pedro Corridor Joselito Villarino

2. Barangay Guiwanon (73 Members) Association: Barangay Guiwanon Fishermen Association (BAGFA) President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Messenger:

Cristita Sola Nillama Benvienido dela Pena Juan Giganto Roland Gio Jimmy Fernandez Alberto Giganto Roberto Buhawi

Auditor: Internal

Roberto Villadolid Juan Deja Cepriano Espina


3. Barangay Suba (106 Members) Association: Kapunungan sa mga Gagmaing Mananagat sa Brgy. Suba (KASAMA-GAMASABASU)

President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Auditor: PRO: Sergeant At Arms:

Teotimo Arresgado Pedro Necesario Jesus Placencia Nectar Delgado Miguel Buytrago Jaime Gimenez Virgilio Desamoarado Jose Onipa Rolly Escarro

4. Barangay Atop-atop (83 Members) Association: NAMABA President: Vice President: Treasurer: Secretary: Auditor: PRO:

Teofilo Desabille Alfredo Almohallas Leonardo Jumaquin joel Rayco Roque Ponce Anastacio Batiancila Jr. Gregorio Jumaquin

5. Barangay Hilantagaan (100 Members) Association: Hilantagaan Fisherfolk (HFF) President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Auditor: PRO:

Rufino Gilbuena Jr. Crisanto Jumola Alfredo Carabio Jr. Elmer Marabi Rosita Escaran Rene Ofquiria Jomarie Marabi Edgar Manzanares Ben Ilustrisimo Fernando Ofqueria

6. Barangay Ocoy (106 Members) Association: Kahugungan sa Gamay na Mananagat sa Ocoy (KAGAMO) President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:

Delfin Escarlan Jique Pilones Miraluna Desabille Rosalie Zaspa

7. Barangay Malbago (103 Members) Association: Malbago Small Fishermen Association (MALSFA) President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Auditor:

Bonifacio Lumacang Roberto Umbao Arnel Tinga Roberto Pasasadaba Joel Lawan

8. Barangay Kaongkod (63 Members) Association: Kaongkod Fisherfolk Association (KAFFA) President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Auditor: PRO:

Ernesto Ilusorio Eufeniano Bautro Regina Seville Editha Gidayawan Orlando Villalon Jimmy Villaester Roque Cena Santos Bayon-on Vicente Alolor

9. Sitio Kambaki in Barangay Tamiao (25 Members) Association: KAMFA

10. Barangay San Agustin (37 Members) Association: New Agustinian Fishermen Association (NAFA) President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Auditor: PRO: Sergeant At Arms:

Luis Visagar Dionesio Descartin Jupiter Ilosorio Tirso Gigante Felix Caramelo Wenceslao Almohallas Santos Maru Cresente Niedo

11. Barangay Talisay (82 Members) Association: Talisay Fishermen Association (TAFA) President: Vice President: Treasurer: PRO: Auditor: Sergeant At Arms:

Reynaldo batuhan Roberto Cabrera Celerio Rayco Josue Giducos Bonifacio Saagundo Roberto Tumakay Jenny Giducos Francisco Sarabia

12. Barangay Sungko (82 Members)

Should you wish to ask for a detailed list of the beneficiaries, please feel free to email us.

How much do New Boats Cost? ________________________________________________________________________ Based on material estimate and carpentry labor, here are the following options for new boats: 

Baroto or Paddleboat Fits 1

Php6,000 

Small Pumpboat with Motor Fits 3

Php15,000 

Medium Pumpboat with Motor Fits 5


Where do most funds raised by Bantayan Back to Sea Project come from? _______________________________________________________________________ Since the onset of the project (about a week after Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan), donations have been coming in mostly from private sectors and individuals.

Funds raised are mostly because of the awareness campaign going viral through the Facebook Page:

Who has the final control over the money that Bantayan Back to Sea Project fundraises?


The amounts raised by Bantayan Back to Sea Project will be in the custody of target barangays which will use it to buy construction materials for the boats and fishing implements.

The Barangay Captain is in charge of balancing and liquidation. He will not be giving any amounts to the fisherfolk. He will instead be in charge of purchasing said materials and implements. A Bantayan Back to Sea Project volunteer constantly goes around everyday to check the proper distribution to beneficiaries.

Does Bantayan Back to Sea Project encourage immersions?


As much as possible, we encourage beneficiaries to grab the opportunity to hand over any helping amount to beneficiaries directly. BBTSP also encourages being part of a Voluntourist Program advocated by the Bantayan Island Association of Hotels, Resorts, Bars and Restaurants, Inc., that shall immerse the donor in the different target barangays and boat building stations involved in the project.

How Can you Help? and How Can we Assure you Help reaches the Beneficiaries?

_______________________________________________________________________ Bantayan Back to Sea Project is very big on transparency and accountability. We fully encourage donors, corporate or private, to hand over the donations themselves to beneficiaries. This is the most ideal setup.

As this might not be possible to some though, you can course your donations through: 

Fairbank Account Number: 001-02532-1 with Account Name: Bantayan Island Association of Hotels, Resorts, Bars and Restaurants, Inc.

Fairbank Account through PNB with Account Number: 1431-00721-9 with Swiftcode: PNBMPHMM Account Name: Fairbank, Inc. Please indicate via PNB Head Office, Manila Please send us Deposit Slip after Deposit, so we can claim via Fairbank

Paypal Address

Official receipts will be issued for the donation and will also include you in our monthly relief reports once donations have been made.

Thank you for your interest. For us, it's not just about repairing boats, but rebuilding lives. And more importantly, rebuilding it right this time around.

All the best from Bantayan Back to Sea Project.

Bantayan Back to Sea Project Profile  

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