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Self Care Plan Warning Signs

When I need to start caring for myself? You can also utilize How Am I Doing? survey to monitor your wellbeing. (Review 1.5)

Coping Strategies and Distractions What do you do for yourself? (Review 4.5)

Support Network

Who is there to support me? Who can I transfer responsibility to when things become too much? (Review 3.3)

Crisis and Professional Support Who is there to support me professionally? (Review 1.2)

Healthy Environment

What threats exist to my wellbeing based on my caregiving relationship? (Review 3.2) What boundaries must be put in place to guard against these threats? (Review 4.3)

Reason(s) for Helping

Being a suicide caregiver is not easy. Keeping your reason(s) for helping in mind can help motivate you during challenging times.

Self Care Plan  
Self Care Plan