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Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013



Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

It’s time for a new challenge: Differentiation


e are now leaving the 2012 theme, Challenge, and taking on a new theme for 2013 – Differentiation. You will see it appear in our events, newsletters and in other channels this year. The most recent customer survey conducted by our sister company Universum concluded that differentiation is the biggest challenge for management, employer branding and recruitment managers in Sweden. We have taken note of that, and this year’s theme will therefore focus on how to differentiate yourself from your competitors when it comes to attracting, recruiting and retaining talent, and how this affects business performance and profitability. Since we always have two target groups: partner enterprises and Novas, we need to link our theme to both the macro level, focusing on businesses, and the micro level, focusing on YOU as a Nova. In a world where products and services are becoming increasingly similar, it’s even more important for us as individuals to differentiate ourselves from each other. For several years I have lectured and held workshops on personal branding or personal PR, whatever we chose to call it for the moment. Today there are several of us travelling all around the Nordics, visiting universities, colleges, businesses and other agencies to share our knowledge. In our business we make choices on a daily basis and have been doing so for a long time: “You can be a Nova but you cannot,” or “You get the job but you do not.” Our recruitment decisions range from filling a trainee position to appointing the next CEO, so we know what we’re talking about ... It’s not just about having the right CV, it’s about your appearance, how you express yourself and tell your story, what is unique about you, what you do in your spare time and how you present yourself etc. Some of this may seem superficial ... but this is how you create an impression and differentiate yourself. Why build obstacles for yourself if there’s a simple way to show what and who you are and why we should choose you! We hope that by reading this publication you will gain inspiration from employers and other Novas who have succeeded in standing out. • Sara Sterner, Head of Network & Communication NovaAgentum

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Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


It was action from day one on the trading floor. Erica Blomgren, SEB

The work is highly academic; it’s almost like fighting an intellectual war. Eric Johnson, Cederquist


Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

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CONTENT Referral recruitment - Great People Know Great PeoplE....... 8 Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities............. 10 NovaAgentum excels in the trainee arena.. ........................... 41 The Novaagentum Team....................................................... 46 Arla Foods.. .........................................................................12 Boliden ...............................................................................14 Cederquist.. .........................................................................16 Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige ab........................................18 Deloitte.............................................................................. 20 Grant Thornton.................................................................. 22 mONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL.. ..................................................... 24 Nordea.. .............................................................................. 26 Orkla.. ................................................................................ 28 Schibsted........................................................................... 30 SEB..................................................................................... 32 the swedish export credit corporation (SEK)...................... 34 Vattenfall.......................................................................... 36 Xylem.................................................................................. 38

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Referral Recruitment – Great People Know Great PeoplE The motto “great people know great people” is becoming ever more true. We face so many choices that it’s difficult to choose which computer or mobile phone to buy and it's even harder to decide who to hire. References and recommendations are simply the only way to make the right decisions quickly.


egardless of whether we are looking for the right holiday resort or buying a computer, we want someone we trust to recommend the right choice; the hotel, the beach, a nice restaurant, the best computer brand or smart phone. We don’t blindly put our faith in the travel agency or retailer. Relationships and recommendations are what we trust – and they seldom disappoint us. This is what we work with every day, but in our line of business we call it referral recruitment. The idea is simple: great people know great people. We have created an extraordinary model in order to offer recruitment via a network of trusted, prominent 8

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

and networking people within the Nordic business community. Through us, customers gain access to highly prestigious individuals who are otherwise almost impossible to reach. They are our Agents, and they know the customers’ future managers, decision makers and key personnel. And most importantly, they know them and can vouch for them personally. When an assignment is given to us, we consult our Agents to find the best candidates for the job. We don’t need to advertise or search through databases. The candidates are already in the Agents’ minds. Agents are people we can relate to, who understand the way we work and who love to use their networks.

Our Agents are carefully selected and thoroughly screened. All of them have been interviewed in order to become part of our network. What they all have in common is that they have access to great networks, both private and professional, and they appreciate the value of recommending the right people. Our model is simple. The complexity lies in building the right relationships and selecting and finding the right Agents. We’re not afraid to say that we’re really good at that after 15 years in the business of creating the right opportunities for the right people. •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities Being part of the Nova 100 network is a personal achievement and a great privilege. Your strong academic merits, drive, energy and social maturity combined with your humility have qualified you to become a Nova. As a Nova, you are one of the Nordic countries' most talented students and part of a greater network of young professionals, seasoned professionals and executives. Your privilege? We connect you with great opportunities.


ova 100 is the connecting node between you and great opportunities. In the illustration to the right you will see an assortment of opportunities offered to you by the Nova 100 network. We love creating opportunities and we hope you love experiencing them. We also hope that you will want to create opportunities for others by, for example, recommending new talent to the Nova 100 network. We want to exceed the high expectations you have of us and our events, which is why we encourage you to always give us feedback. Our expectations of you are fulfilled every time you are active and full of energy during the events. To help us present you in the best possible light prior to events, keep your profile up-to-date and keep us posted on your career moves. We love creating these opportunities for you. It's what we do: Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities. • 10

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

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Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Arla Foods Arla Foods offers unique opportunities for people who want to grow with a global leader that still has strong roots in the national dairy cultures of its owners – the dairy farmers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Luxemburg and Belgium. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


he opportunity to work in a global company with wellknown brands such as Lurpak, Castello and Arla, a well-structured trainee programme, a great product heritage, responsibility early on and the great impression he formed of the Arla team were some of the reasons why Manfred von Richthofen chose Arla Foods as an employer.

You joined Arla Foods straight after graduation. What was the attraction? “I was keen to work with fast-moving consumer goods. It’s fun to work with products and brands that everyone is familiar with. The fact that Arla Foods is a global company that can offer international opportunities was also important. After meeting Arla Foods’ representatives I was even more convinced. But the main reason was the trainee programme. When comparing different programmes I realised that Arla Foods had a trainee programme that stood out.” 12

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


And did the trainee programme meet your expectations? “Yes, absolutely. It has given me a solid foundation for my career while providing me with immediate challenges and opportunities to learn. Throughout the programme I had the opportunity to learn and develop in key areas, such as Arla’s corporate culture, project management and leadership. I started the programme as a product manager within the Swedish food service department where I learnt about product management and obtained valuable insights within supply chain and production. After that I had the opportunity to go to the Netherlands where Arla Foods had recently acquired a company. As part of the local marketing department I was involved in the introduction of the Arla brand in the Netherlands. Working all of a sudden in a Dutch marketing department was quite a challenge in the beginning. I quickly learnt how to be very clear and transparent in

my communication. During the final part of the programme I worked with business development in Sweden. Throughout the programme I worked with other trainees on projects. Among other tasks, we analysed and mapped the potential of the European cheese snack market.”

And now you work full time with Arla’s cheese products ... “Yes, after a short stint as a Customer Marketing Manager, I was offered my current role as Brand and Product Manager Speciality Cheese. I’m responsible for Kvibille, Castello, Apetina and Höng which involves handling everything from product management to branding and communication as well as setting and following up on our marketing and sales strategies. In the space of a day I do a million things. The morning might start with a global strategy meeting and end with approving labels and discussing a specific product launch with a local customer.”

It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Do you do all of this yourself? “I work closely with a Customer Marketing Manager, but also with our whole marketing team. We share our successes and challenges with each other. You really do get a lot of responsibility early on in your career at Arla Foods.”

What do you think makes Arla Foods unique? “First and foremost it’s our great products. We always need to stay current for our consumers, which means constantly being ready to make updates and changes to stay at the top of the game. Our trainee programme is unique. Most companies have a trainee programme these days – it’s expected. But a well-thought-out programme is something very different. Arla Foods’ trainee programme gives you a genuine and solid platform upon which to build your career.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Arla is a team of people working at different levels within different areas – from production, innovation and logistics to sales, procurement and communication. To be successful at Arla you need to have a global mindset and lots of ambition because you will be working with challenging assignments in a dynamic and diverse environment that offers plenty of development opportunities.

Manfred von Richthofen

Job titel: Brand and Product Manager Speciality Cheese Education: Technology Management, Lund University, 2009


Arla Foods’ trainee programme gives you a genuine and solid platform upon which to build your career. Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Operates in: 33 different countries on 5 different continents. Our core markets are UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland and Germany Number of employees: 20,000 Number of Novas: 13 Trainee programme: Arla Foods Future Fifteen Graduate Programme®, Supply Chain Leader Talent Programme and Summer internship Contact person: Ann-Louise Rova, +46 8 789 55 87 Career development at Arla Foods: As Arla gains more ground in the international market our employees are able to choose between an increasing number of career opportunities, allowing them to fulfil their professional ambitions. The overall objective is to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to continuously develop their competencies in accordance with Arla’s strategy and to realise their full potential.

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Boliden Project Manager Johan Persson is a typical generalist. At Boliden he has the chance to get his feet wet in everything from procurement to sales. Right now he’s working with an IT project replacing several IT systems with a new company-wide system. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


fter graduation Johan Persson worked for a global Swedish company in Düsseldorf, Germany. But after a year and a half, he wanted to come back home. After looking into different career paths, he decided that he wanted to work within the metal and smelting industry. Boliden, being one of the leaders in the industry, was a natural choice.

What attracted you to the mining industry and Boliden? “The Swedish raw material industry seemed really exciting. And the mining industry is doing exceptionally well at the moment. Boliden seemed like an interesting place because it’s the leader in the sector and has a great Swedish heritage combined with a global presence. And the more I found out about the company, the more intrigued I was. So I applied and was lucky enough to be accepted.” 14

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


And have your experiences working for Boliden met your expectations? “It’s actually even better than I thought. Not only are the projects I work on really exciting, I get a lot of support in my career development as well. For example, I’ve had the opportunity to take part in Boliden’s Young Professionals programme. There were 20 of us all under the age of 35 and we meet on a regular basis for training and education. Through the network I’ve become familiar with different areas of the business outside my normal project areas, which has been great for my general knowledge of mining and smelting, and of course of Boliden.”

Can you tell us more about the current project you are working on? “About a year ago we started to analyse our financial processes and realised it was time to consolidate our IT systems. First we analysed the needs and requirements of each stakeholder. Then we went to the market to investigate what systems were

out there and who we wanted to bring in to work with us on implementation. A few of the potential partners were invited to ‘Demo Day’ where they showed us how their systems would work. After that we first sent out an RFI (request for information) and after another selection process, a few were contacted for an RFP (request for proposal). Right now we are evaluating the shortlist of systems and consultants for the implementation phase.”

That sounds like a lot of steps to decide what solution to go for. How many people are involved in this project and how long does it take? “It’s only me and one other person working full time. But at least 20 people have been involved, providing us with support and background information. We started about a year ago and it will take another 15 months to implement. As soon as we start the implementation phase there will be a more permanent project team. I will be

the main project manager but I’ll work with four other project managers as well as financial department resources and internal IT resources, and of course the consultants we choose to work with.”

What distinguishes Boliden from other employers in your opinion? “One thing is the nature of what we do. We work in a global market where the price is dependent on the metal stock market rather than, for example, the strength of the brand. Although Boliden is one of the largest companies within the metal and mining industry, it still feels like a small company. People are very encouraging and they listen to your ideas. Decisions can be made quite quickly and you can also climb rapidly in your career. Fewer than 100 people work at the headquarters, so it’s easy to get access and to be involved in everything. For me it’s great because I like working in different areas.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Although Boliden is one of the leaders in the metal and mining industry, it still feels like a small company.

Boliden is characterised by professionalism, a safe work environment and the determination of the employees to conduct themselves in line with our shared values. Continuous improvement and always striving to achieve it is a lodestar for every single Boliden employee.

Johan Persson

Job titel: Project Manager Education: MSc Industrial Engineering and Management, LinkĂśping University, 2009

about boliden

Operates in: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland Number of employees: 4,400 Number of Novas: 2 Trainee programme: No trainee programme in 2013 but internship opportunities throughout Boliden Group. Contact person: Martin Eman, Manager Employer Branding, Boliden Group Human Resources, +46 (0)70 577 45 33 Career development at Boliden: The diversity of Boliden´s operations makes it possible to offer a wide range of career opportunities. Changing work assignments and locations is one of several important characteristic features in a continuous process designed to enhance the professional development and knowledge of our employees.

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Cederquist Cederquist is a modern law firm offering both legal advice and talent development. Cederquist stays on top by involving everyone – from recent graduates to partners – in the personal development of each employee and in developing the business in general. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


ssociate Eric Johnson’s first meeting with Cederquist was by chance through one of his part-time jobs while a student. Not being particularly familiar with the firm before, he had the opportunity to work with one of the senior associates who was on a secondment at the company where Eric worked. She provided him with a first-hand sneak peek into the firm. The impression he got was extremely positive. Eager to join Cederquist, he applied for a job. Three years later, he has no plans to go anywhere else.

Tell us how you got the job at Cederquist! “I think it was during the interview that I nailed it. I met with the HR director and the managing partner. We had a great conversation and I could feel that it really ’clicked’. The focus was not on my academic merits but instead on values and me as a person to determine if I was their next team player. I believe the relationships 16

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


we have here with our colleagues are essential. We spend many hours sequestered in a room together turning legal issues inside and out. It’s important that you’re happy to see those colleagues again when you come into the office again on Monday. That requires trust and respect. Walking into that interview three years ago, I already had a good impression of Cederquist. Walking out, it was confirmed.”

And do you feel that it is still “clicking” after three years at the firm? “Absolutely! If I were to say what I like most about my job, it would still be the people, so that hasn’t changed one bit. Of course it’s also the actual work I do. When I first started here I was convinced I wanted to specialise in intellectual property, but I got an opportunity to try dispute resolution and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that I really fell in love with that area of practicing law.”

What is it that you like so much about dispute resolution? “The work is highly academic; it’s almost like fighting an intellectual war. You sharpen your legal arguments, you practice them and then you use them against your opponent at just the right moment. We often deal with complex issues but I truly enjoy that challenge. The other aspect is strategy: How do I work the arguments? How can I be the most convincing? When do I deliver the final blow? It's about seeing your counterparty's move before it's made. Finally, settlement negotiations can also be a lot of fun – finding constructive solutions, being able to bury the hatchet and move forward.”

Who is your typical client and what is a typical case? “We don’t really have a typical client and there’s no such thing as a typical case. Every assignment is unique. Our clients range from big to small. That said, marketing disputes have been

more frequent lately. For example, a company may ask us to represent them in a case to prohibit a competitor from using a certain advertisement. On occasion our cases are even taken to the EU level, which is fun since you get the chance to work on a case that will determine how disputes will be solved in other cases in the future.”

How do you view your own future at Cederquist? “I really enjoy my job and want to continue with what I’m doing now. I can't say I’m not aspiring to one day become a partner in the firm. Cederquist is a great place to be for many reasons – the colleagues, the cases, but also the focus that the firm puts on its employees. Through courses and education they are making me a better lawyer and negotiator. And Cederquist has invested in my personal development from day one.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

A true CQ employee is a person with genuine curiosity, a personal and unique drive and the will to run all the way, focusing both on the goal and how to get there. If you meet someone from Cederquist you will probably find a person who is passionate, humble, energetic and a great team player who has set high goals. Working at Cederquist you are not only in it to win, but also for the journey.

Eric Johnson

Job titel: Associate Education: Master of Laws, Stockholm University, 2010; one-year exchange programme at Université de Fribourg and Universität Bern, Switzerland, 2008-2009.

The work is highly academic; it’s almost like fighting an intellectual war. Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

about cederquist

Operates in: Sweden Number of employees: 120 Number of Novas: 7 Trainee programme: No Contact person: Eva Dahl,, +46 8 522 065 38 Career development at Cederquist: At Cederquist we have a very structured way of helping you reach your goals. Together we identify your strengths, your skills and your vision and then we find a way to get there together.

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden AB Initially it was the brand that attracted Johanna Sjöblom to Coca-Cola Enterprises. But as she learnt about the culture and the people, she realised that a job there would be a great fit in many areas. She made a decision: She was going to get into the trainee programme. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


oca-Cola Enterprises’ trainee programme only had two available positions in Sweden when it started in 2012. Johanna Sjöblom landed one of them. Over a period of three years she will have the opportunity to learn all there is to know about sales and marketing, preparing herself for a successful career.

Coca-Cola Enterprises’ trainee programme was only open to two trainees. How did you get the job? “As soon as I heard about the University Talent Program, I thought to myself: ’This is my job’. I did everything I could, learnt all there was to learn, went to the production facility in Jordbro and talked to people I knew in the business. I think my enthusiasm and dedication got me the job.”

It’s a three-year programme, does that feel like a long time? “In the beginning I was afraid I would think so, but you have real roles 18

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


throughout the programme so you’re given responsibility from day one. I’m at my first placement right now, responsible for 250 customers at direct sales locations such as Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, restaurants and small stores. After this I’ll spend time in the marketing department getting involved in campaigns, developing product categories and working with agencies. That will give me an opportunity to work more strategically. My final placement could for example be as a Key Account Manager taking care of our bigger clients, such as ICA and Coop. All three roles within the programme will prepare me for my future career. There are only two trainees in Sweden this year – myself and my colleague working in supply chain management. But after just one month we have already met up in London with the other trainees working in Europe and in February we are planning to meet up again in Berlin. It’s great to have such a strong international network of people at a similar stage in their careers.”

What does a typical day look like for you? “I start working around 8 a.m. going through the meetings for the day. Then I get into my red Coca-Cola car and get on the road. I visit about 10 customers in one day. Between the meetings I talk to my sales colleagues who work in other sales districts. Usually we meet up for lunch in the middle of the day. Even though those of us in the field sales team work individually with our customers, we talk to each other a lot. When I get home I finish the day at my laptop writing down reflections from the day and planning the next step with the customers.”

What do you talk to your customers about in your meetings? “Apart from the pure act of selling, it might involve leaving samples for new product launches, putting up new marketing campaign materials or simply ensuring the product assortment is well represented. Most importantly I build relationship with the customers.

It’s important to listen to each customer and understand that they all have different situations and challenges.”

What do you enjoy most about your work? “I think it’s the fast pace of my job and the quick feedback I get from my customers. I also love working with well-known products that everyone is familiar with. The social aspect is great; I’m constantly learning how to deal with a diverse set of people and I work closely with such a great team.”

What would you say distinguishes Coca-Cola Enterprises? “In order to be leaders within each brand category, we need to value our customers and work closely with them. Our customers recognise our achievements and we are constantly hearing from them that we are their best suppliers. Also, Coca-Cola Enterprises has a flatter organisation than people might think. I can easily pick up the phone and call our Sales Director or even the CEO.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

As soon as I heard about the University Talent Program, I thought to myself: ‘This is my job’.

Employees at CocaCola Enterprises have a thirst for exploring new territory, for pushing limits and for the challenge of a fast-moving business. They have personalities that enable them to influence others and make connections. They’re able to sustain the pace needed to keep growing. Because of their desire to win, they have a serious impact. Do you have the same thirst?

Johanna Sjöblom

Job titel: Sales and Marketing Trainee Education: MSc Business & Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, 2012


Operates in: Sweden, Norway, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg Number of employees: 13,500 in Europe (1,700 in the Nordics) Number of Novas: 7 Trainee programme: University Talent Program within Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing and Business Technology Contact person: Sofie Johansson, Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, Career development at Coca-Cola Enterprises: Unlike many companies, there is no typical career path at Coca-Cola Enterprises. We encourage our employees to develop breadth in their careers, to explore cross functional experiences and to test their talents in different locations. Trainees can work in Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Finance, HR, IT or PR.

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Deloitte As a Senior Consultant, Joel Nilsson’s job is to help clients implement more efficient financial systems and processes. But at the moment he can be found in the auditing department. After two years with Deloitte, Joel just joined one of the company’s trainee programmes. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


eing part of Deloitte’s business network means maintaining a very strong client-centric approach. All of the skills and knowledge within the firm are available to the clients under the Deloitte brand. For Joel Nilsson it was this particular market approach combined with the personal impressions he formed from the people he met within the firm that compelled him to choose Deloitte.

What do you do at work? “I’m an Auditing specialist and I work with Deloitte’s Business Process Solutions (BPS) service with an offering that is quite unique in our sector. We help our clients become more efficient and improve their financial processes. This includes, for example, helping them implement new reporting systems or document their processes. Our projects cover everything from year-end reports and financial statements to ongoing reporting.” 20

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


What are the typical stages of a BPS project? “Usually we receive requests for new projects from our colleagues in other departments – audit, tax or consulting First of all we identify the client’s challenges and needs, and then we create a project plan and put a team together. Sometimes the team consists solely of people from the BPS department and sometimes it includes a mix of people from other areas within Deloitte. A project usually lasts from three to six months.”

What do you enjoy most when it comes to working with these projects? “A satisfied client is the greatest reward we could ever receive. I also really enjoy getting to know so many companies across a wide range of sectors. In order to do our job, we quickly understand the company’s need. Working with a client you get the opportunity to get to know both the company and the employees closely. But moving from one project to another it can be challenging to leave the

people you worked with behind. In the same time it gives me the opportunity to build my own professional network.”

Right now you are in an internal Secondment Programme, tell us more about the programme! “This programme originated from a Deloitte initiative to bring the various business areas closer together and find ways of working more cohesively as one company. During the 18-month programme I’ll be seconded to two other departments. Right now I’m working with auditing and after that I’ll spend six months working in the consulting department. It’s a great way for me to learn how my colleagues in different departments work and to bring that knowledge back to my colleagues at BPS. This will also improve our ability to bring value to our clients.”

Are your auditing colleagues any different from the people working with BPS? “That’s hard to say. What I have noticed in the auditing department is

that they have a very well-established approach to their project work and I will take this knowledge with me for my future projects.”

What have you learnt about auditing? “A lot. I’ve only been here for two months though, so there’s still a lot to learn. I think the biggest difference is that the projects are shorter. Auditing projects can be completed in just a couple of weeks – or even days.”

After 18 months you will be back at BPS. Do you plan to pursue your future career there? “Yes, I believe that Deloitte is right for me in the long term. And since the BPS area is growing, there is constant organic development. Several of my colleagues seize the opportunity of taking a secondment in Hong Kong, New York or Singapore. The fact that there are so many opportunities is one of the reasons I chose to work for Deloitte from the start – and this has not changed.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

the fact that there are so many opportunities is one of the reasons I chose to work for Deloitte from the start – and my perception hasn’t changed.

It is our people that make us unique. We are adaptive to change, young and hungry, and this results in a performance-oriented culture. We are proud of our open organisation where feedback flows in all directions. There are no old truths and sayings here like: “We tried it before and it didn’t work”. We always welcome good ideas!

Joel Nilsson

Job titel: Senior Consultant, Business Process Solutions (BPS) Education: Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Halmstad University; MSc in Finance, specialising in accounting, University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, 2010

about deloitte

Operates in: 150 countries Number of employees: 1,100 in Sweden, 200,000 worldwide Number of Novas: 107 Trainee programme: No trainee program. Full-time Audit Internship in January and February, and a full-time Financial Advisory Internship during the spring semester, 10 or 20 weeks. Contact person: Sofia Nordström, Career development at Deloitte: From day one you are part of a team that includes your senior colleagues. Besides advancement in your own area, there are plenty of opportunities for internal and international mobility through our mobility programmes.

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Grant thornton The stability and fast growth at Grant Thornton are among the many reasons why Anders Thörnsten, Manager in Corporate Finance, is dedicated to the firm and foresees a long career doing what he likes best. T ex t: a nne ma rgrethe MANNERF ELT


fter graduation Anders Thörnsten applied for a job at Grant Thornton thinking that accounting would be a good stepping stone for a future career. He chose an accounting firm where he believed he would get the opportunity to work close to decision makers and gain an understanding of the big picture. Six years later, after a short stint in the online advertising business, he is still with Grant Thornton and has no plans to go anywhere else.

You applied to Grant Thornton thinking it would be very different to the other accounting firms. Did the experience meet your expectations? “Yes, it really did. At Grant Thornton you are given a lot of responsibility from the very start without having to spend your first year doing the same tasks every day. I was part of a group of graduates who all started at the same time. We worked very hard and there were always lots of activities going on 22

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


– from training to pub nights. It was a great way to start a career.”

After a year working in Assurance you switched to Corporate Finance. Is it easy to move to another department if you feel like it? “Well, you won’t be automatically transferred whenever you feel like it. You have to try it out first by doing an assignment. That way you can check if it is right for you and at the same time prove that you’re up to the job. Luckily it went well for me and I’ve been working with Corporate Finance ever since, with the exception of a oneyear break from Grant Thornton to try working on the ‘other side’.”

What did you do during your “break” from Grant Thornton? “I worked as COO of a small but fast-growing online advertising firm. It was a great learning experience, but I much prefer working for Grant Thornton. I think many people don’t appreciate what it means to work for a

stable company that allows you to grow and develop. And Grant Thornton is growing rapidly so there are endless opportunities. It almost never gets boring. Having said that, the firm does respect your work-life balance. I can combine my role at work with being an active and involved parent of two. I think that is quite unique.”

What exactly do you do in your job at Corporate Finance? “Corporate Finance has three service lines: Mergers & Acquisition, Valuation and Transaction Advisory Services. I work within Transaction Advisory Services. A typical day involves a mix of analysis, client meetings and project management. Working with transactions basically means that we provide advice to private equity firms or corporate clients when they invest in or acquire companies. This involves indepth analysis of the target company’s business model, identifying key revenue and profitability drivers as well as

possible risk exposure that could have a negative impact on the future cash flow development.”

What do you enjoy most in your work? “First and foremost it’s the colleagues I work with. We are as good at celebrating our successes as facing challenges together. But I also enjoy working with my clients. We often get to know companies that are dynamic and fast growing. You might think that analysis wouldn’t be the most exciting thing to do. But it’s extremely gratifying when you can transform those numbers into concrete advice for your clients.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

It’s extremely gratifying when you can transform those numbers into concrete advice for your clients.

Our employees are engaged, open-minded and team-oriented. They share a passion for helping entrepreneurs unlock their potential for growth. Our success is based on committed teamwork on behalf of our clients.

Anders Thörnsten

Job titel: Manager, Corporate Finance Education: MSc, Accounting and Finance, Stockholm University, 2007

about Grant thornton

Operates in: Grant Thornton has 24 local offices in Sweden. Grant Thornton International member firms operate in over 100 countries. Number of employees: 1,000 in Sweden and 35,000 total within Grant Thornton International member firms. Number of Novas: 7 Trainee programme: No, but we have an employee training program. Contact person: Jenny Stråhle, Employer Brand Manager,, +46 (0)8 563 070 75 Career development at Grant Thornton: There’s a great position for you at Grant Thornton even if you’re young. What is important is that you’re talented and engaged. Here you will have the opportunity to make the best possible use of your skills, background and ability so you can make a difference every day. Your efforts advance our company as you develop your unique talents.

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

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Mondelez International It was well-known brands like Marabou, Gevalia and Philadelphia, along with the size and global presence that were the main drivers for Adam Östling’s application to the trainee programme at Mondelēz International. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


hen Adam Östling arrives at work in the morning he can smell the aroma of chocolate from the factory. Proximity to the factory is a strength for Mondelēz International where most of the production, marketing and sales work is done locally. The trainee programme gives Adam the opportunity to work with everything from product launches to financial analysis and sales.

What was the first thing you were given to do during the trainee programme? “I started with marketing, which is my main area. I worked with several projects. One involved launching new products in the praline segment. I worked with developing communication platforms and marketing strategies. I was also involved in design development, budget responsibility and collaboration with advertising, media and PR agencies. In addition, I had the opportunity to work in the initial phase of developing 24

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


a new product as well as analysing the potential of a new segment which we might enter in the future.”

And now you are doing your second ‘block’ in the programme? “Yes, at the moment I am working as Financial Analyst for the Gum & Candy category in the Nordic markets. I evaluate how we perform against our budget and review our portfolio from a financial standpoint in order to find ways of making improvements. My work also involves providing profit and loss (P&L) support to the marketing team as well as financial planning. Right now I’m actually about to start my third block of the trainee programme. In the months ahead I’ll be working within sales and sales analysis.”

What do you plan to do after the two year programme? “My ambition now is to work with marketing, but I may get ‘hooked’ on sales after working in that area for a

few months. It’s really up to me and the company. Throughout the programme I’ve had an ongoing dialogue with my mentor about where I best fit in. It’s important for me not to close any doors. There are many aspects of the business that appeal to me. I see a future within Marketing and/or Sales and within the timeframe of five years I would love to take the opportunity to work abroad, which is something the company provides lots of opportunities for.”

What would you say makes Mondelez International different from other companies? And will there be any changes when it becomes Mondelez International? “Our consumers know us through our products and brands and from that perspective there will be no changes. However, as Mondelēz International we will have a clearer focus on ‘snacking,’ in other words, everything we eat or drink between or instead of meals. Another thing that makes our company unique is that we work with

the whole chain. Our Swedish office and our factory are located in Upplands Väsby outside Stockholm. It’s a global company, but at the same time it feels very local. That will not change.”

And how would you describe Mondelez International as an employer? “There is a very open and welcoming atmosphere here. We work in open office landscapes where everyone talks to everyone, including our Managing Director. We all understand that every single person plays an important role in our success.”

And finally, we have to ask: What is your favourite product? “I really love Marabou, simply because it is so delicious, but also because of the brand strength. It communicates joy and happiness. If I had to choose one specific product in the whole portfolio (which is a lot of products), I would have to say the Norwegian chocolate wafer bar Kvikk Lunsj, which is my favourite taste wise.” •

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You innovate. You inspire. You influence. You’re bright and brave enough to come up with ideas for fresh, exciting products, speedy new ways to get them on the shelves and pioneering projects to reduce our environmental impact. And importantly, you know how to make your great ideas happen. We work together to meet our goals, we stay focused and we don’t make things harder than they need to be.

Adam Östling

Job titel: Financial Analyst, Gum & Candy Nordic Education: Master of Science in Marketing and Consumption, University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, 2011

about Mondelez international

It’s a privilege to work with some of Sweden’s most beloved brands.

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Operates in: Worldwide, operations in over 80 countries Number of employees: 100,000 employees worldwide, approximately 1,500 employees in the Nordics Number of Novas: 26 Trainee programme: Nordic Jump Program (Junior Management Program) Contact person: Linnéa Lindblom, HR Specialist, Career development at Mondelēz International: With opportunities in marketing, sales, research & development and engineering, to name a few, we also offer multiple cross-functional opportunities. We love what we do and we’ll reward you for what you do with great benefits, an exciting environment and plenty of fun along the way.

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nordea As the largest financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, Nordea provides fantastic opportunities for young and ambitious talent. At the same time Nordea provides an environment where people at all levels work as one team supporting each other. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


lexandra Blauenfeldt started her career at Nordea through the two-year graduate programme. It gave her the foundation for her future career and equipped her with the knowledge, experience and network to excel in her current role as Communications Manager, Nordea Investment Funds, Norway.

You started your career at Nordea through the graduate programme. Can you tell us a little about the programme? “The programme was a great way to get to know the company and it gave me the opportunity to familiarise myself with the culture here and, not least, to build a great network. I had the opportunity to work as Executive Advisor to the Head of Global Operations in Asset Management here in Oslo and to get involved with business development in Copenhagen. The jobs you have during the programme are real jobs, which means a lot of responsibility 26

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from day one. That’s challenging but also very rewarding. During my time in Copenhagen I had a good dialogue with HR, which led to the job I have now as Communications Manager for investment funds in Oslo. At Nordea, people are extremely knowledgeable in their areas, with expertise in specific markets, risk analysis or specific shares in investment funds etc. Being able to work closely with my colleagues in different areas was a great experience. Everyone I’ve worked with has been very keen to share their knowledge and help me grow.”

What would you say was the very best aspect of the programme? “It really gave me a solid platform and a fast track into my future career. I thoroughly enjoyed the international seminars where graduates from different countries and different parts of Nordea met, networked and learnt about the fundamentals and Nordea’s business. But it was also of course

the actual roles I had throughout the programme. Being able to move around in the organisation really gave me an opportunity to see the big picture in what I’m doing now.”

Can you tell us more about what your job current entails? “My job is to keep up to date with all that’s going on within the investment fund business in Norway. Then I determine how best to communicate news and information to our client advisors so that they can use the information in a way that brings value to our clients. I also work closely with our external communications team.”

What does a typical day look like? “A lot of my time is spent talking to various colleagues at Nordea – from the product specialists to our lawyers and IT experts. I get questions from people in the organisation on everything from fund presentations, prices and return figures, to how we are doing

compared to our competitors. I also get involved in producing marketing and information materials for new investment funds. I really enjoy interacting with many different people during my workday – all brilliant and knowledgeable in their areas.”

What would you say distinguishes Nordea as an employer? “There’s a great working atmosphere here. The Nordea culture is openminded and supportive. We really work as one team moving in the same direction towards the same goals. And the internal job market is great. I think I’m a perfect example of that. It’s easy to move around both internationally and between different business areas. To me this has been fantastic because I as a graduate I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to work with.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

We recruit people with different backgrounds and competencies. We strive for diversity and effective teams to support our customers and live our values. A typical Nordea employee is ambitious and wants to make a difference.

Alexandra Blauenfeldt

Job titel: Communications Manager, Nordea Investment Funds, Norway Education: Business Studies and Economics, University of Edinburgh, 2008

The internal job market is great. It’s easy to move around both internationally and between different business areas. Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

about Nordea

Operates in: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, as well as branches in Singapore, New York, London, Shanghai, Luxembourg and Frankfurt Number of employees: Approx. 33,500 Number of Novas: 150 Trainee programme: Nordea Graduate Program Contact person: Tanja Ebmark, Graduate Program Manager, tanja. Career development at Nordea: Nordea offers a number of different career opportunities. It is possible to follow a leadership pipeline progression or become a specialist in one of our financial or support functions.

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Orkla After graduating, Maria Berggren knew what she wanted. Growing up next to the factory producing Göteborgs Kex biscuits, she had been curious about the company behind these strong local products all her life. Without hesitation she applied for a job with Orkla. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


hile working at Orkla as a Brand Manager, Maria Berggren has learned that the company behind brands such as Göteborgs Kex, Abba and OLW focuses on learning and development as well as responsibility and ownership. After graduating, she was accepted into Orkla’s trainee programme and moved from Lund to Oslo to work for the confectionery company Nidar at the headquarters. When the sales and marketing departments for Göteborgs Kex were moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm two years later, she seized the opportunity and applied for a job there.

What is Orkla’s trainee programme like? “It’s very different from other programmes. Instead of rotating between different roles and locations, I was offered a permanent position at Nidar in Oslo. During that time I was part of the “Young Professional Programme” and had the opportunity 28

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to take part in a number of training courses. For example, everyone working in marketing went to Orkla’s Brand Academy training centre.”

What was it like working in Oslo? “I really liked it. My role was in between sales and marketing, working with our campaigns and making sure that our confectionary products were properly represented in the shops. I thoroughly enjoyed the job, but when I heard that the marketing and sales departments for Göteborgs Kex were moving to Stockholm, I jumped at the opportunity. That was one of the brands I always wanted to work with and I also really wanted to move to Stockholm. It was a perfect combination.”

What do you do as Product Manager for Göteborgs Kex? “I work with all of the ‘savoury products’, such as digestive biscuits and crackers for cheese. My job is to make sure we manage and secure the reputation of our

brand, set up sales targets and ensure we meet them. A big part of my job also relates to product development. Orkla is quite unique in that way. Unlike other large international companies where you are given a product to work with, we are involved from the very start. From market research and tastings, to launch, campaigns, marketing and sales. Having all the knowledge and experience in one place gives us a competitive advantage, and it also allows us to work closely with our colleagues throughout the company.”

Can you tell us about a recent product launch? “Yes, this year’s success is the Ballerina sandwich biscuit. It’s really delicious. It has been amazing to see its yearlong journey from research to the shop shelves.”

What do you enjoy most about your job? “All of the different people I work with. From the production unit in Kungälv outside Gothenburg to my colleagues

at the other Orkla companies here at the Stockholm headquarters. And the external partners I work with on an almost daily basis. We work closely with, for example, research companies and PR and media agencies.”

What sets Orkla apart from other employers? “I would say that it’s the sense of community. We all work together towards the same goals. We all want to help each other succeed – as a company and as individuals.”

Where do you see yourself in three years? “My goal is to become marketing manager. But it would also be interesting to work with sales or perhaps for another Orkla company. There are plenty of opportunities to advance in your career here – either moving between roles, or geographically. It all comes down to what direction you want to take.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

we all want to help each other succeed – as a company and as individuals.

Working at Orkla enables you to build a great CV thanks to the mobility between companies. There are multiple career paths and employees are frequently exposed to different opportunities for development within the Orkla Group.

Maria Berggren

Job titel: Brand Manager Education: Master in Marketing, MSc in Business and Economics, University of Lund, 2009

about orkla

Operates in: More than 40 countries Number of employees: 30,000 Number of Novas: 29 Trainee programme: Procordia Production Trainees, Stabburet (Norway) Production Trainees Contact person: Elin Jerklin, HR Advisor,, +46 709 961842 Career development at Orkla: Orkla is a company that distinguishes itself from the other FMCG companies through its multi-local model. Unlike several competitors in the industry, Orkla works with the whole value chain – from production to the end-consumer in the store.

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

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Schibsted From established print media publications like Verdens Gang to online channels like Blocket, Schibsted has a unique media portfolio and is constantly focusing on product development to stay on top of its game while creating unique opportunities for young talent. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


s sales manager for mobile platforms at Blocket, Frida Kvarnström is responsible for product development and revenue. She was offered the job straight after the two-year Management Trainee Programme. This might seem like a lot of responsibility for someone at the beginning of their career, but it’s not unusual at Blocket where most managers are young and many are former trainees.

Tell us about the Management Trainee programme at Schibsted “For me it was great. I had quite a broad education and wanted to continue to explore my career options. The Management Trainee Programme gave me that opportunity. Over the course of two years I had four different roles in three different countries. The placements I had during the programme were ’real’ jobs which I think is quite unique for Schibsted. Throughout the programme we 30

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


discussed what I would do next depending on the needs of the organisation and what I wanted to learn more about.”

What jobs did you have during the programme? “First I went to Oslo to work as a commercial product manager for VG Mobile, the mobile platform for the newspaper Verdens Gang. My job was to generate income through product development and new solutions, working closely with both sales and production. It was a challenging task, but at the same time tremendously fun and I learnt a lot. After six months in Oslo I went to Stockholm to work as a key account manager for Blocket Shopping, a vertical site on Blocket where businesses can reach their consumers. During that time I had the opportunity to meet clients, get to know them and discuss ways in which we could improve our products. My third placement was in Budapest. That

was completely different since we have only just launched the equivalent of Blocket there. I worked as a market analyst identifying new users and increasing loyalty among existing ones.”

What was it like working in Hungary? “It was great. I was part of a small team working with a new website in a new market. But you could still tell that it was a Schibsted company. It’s amazing that the culture is similar in all the different companies. After that I went back to Sweden and worked as an analyst and product manager for Blocket.

And then in September you were offered a full-time position. Congratulations! What do you do now? “I am the sales manager for mobile platforms at Blocket. The mobile channel is growing rapidly and we have to keep up by finding new commercial revenues for Blocket. My job is to raise our commercial mobile revenues by working closely with our sales team

and developing new products for our advertisers. The job is very varied. Today I went to a client meeting, reviewed drafts for new products to determine the price and the sales strategy, and then towards the end of the day I had a meeting with our CEO and our head of sales.”

It sounds like you have pretty big responsibilities for someone at the beginning of their career. Is that usual at Schibsted? “At Blocket we are all fairly young. There are just 100 of us and the average age is 30. But Schibsted is good at promoting young and driven employees. The Management Trainee Programme is also a platform for future leaders. Four members of our management team are former trainees. Of course, you need to prove yourself; you don’t just get a job like this automatically. And perhaps you need a little luck. Blocket needed someone to handle the mobile offering just as I was finishing the programme and I had the right experience.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Together we achieve results at Schibsted. Our teams are distinguished by a great team spirit. They offer an environment where our employees can grow and this is a major factor in our success. In a fast-moving industry it’s important to strive for continuous improvement – both individually and at the team level. Openness, curiosity and drive are all important ingredients. Our employees are people with a winning mentality; they take their work seriously, but don’t necessarily take themselves too seriously! Frida Kvarnström

Job titel: Sales Manager, Mobile Blocket Education: M.Sc., Business Administration, Lund University, 2010

about Schibsted

Our CEO, marketing manager and business development manager at Blocket are all former trainees. Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Operates in: 200 companies in more than 30 countries Number of employees: 7,400 Number of Novas: 46 Trainee programme: Management Trainee Program and Technical Trainee Program, Trainee-Program/. Summer internship, Contact person: Jonas Behrendt, Head of Trainee Programs, jonas.behrendt@, tel. +47 23 10 66 00 Career development at Schibsted: Schibsted’s definition of career development involves working in different departments in various high-level positions. This allows employees to build the competence, experience and networks they need to take a leadership role within Schibsted early on in their career. After the Trainee Program their potential for success within the Group is extremely high. Trainee alumni are working as CEOs, Business Unit Managers and Marketing Managers in Sweden and internationally.

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SEB Chief Strategist Erica Blomgren first got acquainted with SEB working part-time at the bank as a student. During that time, SEB also gave her the opportunity to do a couple of summer internships in trading and she knew immediately that she had found her calling. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


he minute Erica was introduced to trading at SEB, she knew she had found her future career. Five years later she is still very happy with her choice. As a Chief Strategist at SEB in Oslo, her days are filled with analysing numbers, understanding the financial markets and trends and communicating this information to SEB’s corporate and institutional clients.

It clicked immediately when you were introduced to the world of trading at SEB. What was it about trading that you liked so much? “It was action from day one. The trading floor is an extremely exciting environment where you are constantly fed news from around the world and new, detailed financial data. All of this needs to be understood, analysed and put in a context so our clients can act upon it.” 32

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


Could you tell us what a typical day looks like? “Essentially, my job is to analyse currencies and interest rates. I usually come in very early in the morning to get up to date with what has been going on around the world during the night. Then what I need to focus on during any particular day is very dependent on external factors. I have to keep up to date with the financial news and I need to be available for both clients and colleagues. Some days are spent at the office analysing data and writing reports, but I also spend a lot of time out of the office with clients, presenting my analysis to them. It’s essential for our clients to have a good understanding of financial markets. That’s what we help them with.”

What do you think distinguishes SEB? “We are one of the largest banks within merchant banking in Norway. Our

clients are mostly large companies and institutions. For young professionals, SEB is a great employer offering a lot of responsibility early on. It’s a very inspiring work environment with open and straightforward communication, which creates a great sense of team spirit. We have fun together.”

Is it true that you have very long days when you work in merchant banking? “I'd be lying if I said I don't work a lot as an analyst. It is intense, but that’s just the nature of the business. And the ever-changing environment makes it very fulfilling, so I don't count the hours. In addition, I find it valuable to work with a great sense of freedom under responsibility.”

here. Since SEB is a global company, there are many opportunities to take up other positions in the future, both internationally and in Norway.”

I have to ask, what to do you think about the financial and political situation in the US and the troubled countries in Europe. Are we heading towards a serious recession again? “The situation is, of course, worrying and still serious. A lot of uncertainty remains and the European sovereign debt crisis continues to hinder global economic recovery. On a positive note, initiatives taken by politicians indicate that the euro zone is moving in the right direction. I believe the worst is behind us although the way back to ‘normal’ is still long.” •

Where do you think you will be in five years? “I want to focus on enjoying what I do now and doing a good job every day. The important thing for me is feeling that I’m growing and learning every day, and I definitely do that Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Our employees have the desire to grow and take responsibility for their personal development. An important aspect of working at SEB involves building a global network and working in cooperation with other SEB units. Our employees work with ease across disciplines and spend time getting to know their colleagues.

Erica Blomgren

Job titel: Chief Strategist, SEB Norway Education: MSc Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, 2007

about SEB

It was action from day one on the trading floor. Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Operates in: SEB is a leading Nordic financial services group. As a relationship bank, SEB in Sweden and the Baltic countries offers financial advice and a wide range of financial services. In Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany the bank's operations have a strong focus on corporate and investment banking based on a full-service offering to corporate and institutional clients. Number of employees: 17,000 employees (around 500 in Norway) Number of Novas: 93 Trainee programme: SEB Summer Internship, an international programme for around 30 interns. SEB Trainee Programme, an international programme for around 20 trainees Contact person: Magnus von Schantz, HR Consultant,, +47 22 82 70 00 Career development at SEB: At SEB we strive to create an environment that is safe and varied and allows for freedom with responsibility. We provide opportunities and exciting challenges so that everyone can develop, but this also requires a commitment on your part.

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The Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) Today’s global market presents great opportunities as well as big challenges for Swedish companies. Credit Analyst Tanja Raassina and her colleagues at SEK offer the Swedish export industry financial solutions on commercial terms. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


enior Credit Analyst Tanja Raassina has been with SEK for seven years. Before moving to Sweden she worked for SEK in Helsinki. Originally from Russia, she gained experience working with Swedish companies at the Swedish Trade Council in Moscow. During her years at SEK she has had the opportunity to work with many nationalities and develop rapidly in her career.

What does SEK do? “SEK is a government-owned organisation that provides the Swedish export industry with financing and transactions abroad. Since SEK matches its lending and borrowing, SEK incurs no refinancing risk. We help companies through our broad international network, generally on a long-term basis. With clients in both Sweden and abroad, one can easily say SEK has the world as its workplace.” 34

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


And what do you do as a Credit Analyst? “My job is to analyse SEK’s partner banks in the markets I’m responsible for, which are currently Western Europe and South America. I need to stay on top when it comes to information ranging from interest rates to political news, and understand the banking regulations and the banking systems in different markets. I also need to have a profound understanding of the principles of credit analysis of banks. Today’s global financial industry is very dynamic; circumstances change all the time and very quickly, so I need to always be very alert. Additionally, I need to communicate my findings and conclusions in a way that makes sense to SEK’s management, account managers and other colleagues.”

Can you give me an example of how you work when you help clients with financial solutions? “Yes, it might be that one of our account managers works with a

company that wants to export to Portugal. He will come to me to discuss the risks involved in investing and doing business in Portugal. I’ll then talk to my colleagues who are responsible for relationships with banks, and together they’ll put together the financial solution for the client and probably find co-financiers. This might be a Portuguese bank, but it could also be a Spanish or American bank that is active in that market. I then need to assess the creditworthiness of these banks. Once I’ve settled that, we go back to the client with a plan. It’s a fun job in the sense that projects often start off with us knowing very little. We quickly need to build an understanding for and knowledge of the new sectors and markets using our experience and expertise.”

What do you enjoy most about your job? “The job as an analyst mainly involves individual work since a large part of my job is done independently. However,

at SEK we work very closely with the account managers so it really feels like I’m working in a team. There are always new things happening in the world that change the rules of the game, which means I always need to stay on top of what’s going on and improve my own knowledge. I really enjoy working with a team that shares that ambition and drive. SEK employees are very smart, intelligent and highly educated, so I grow and develop every day just by working with my colleagues.”

What do the development opportunities look like at SEK? “I’ve had the opportunity to work with several things since I started. Back in Helsinki there were only six of us, so we all did a little bit of everything. Now I’m much more specialised, but I still need to have an understanding for the big picture so I can work closely with my colleagues. In the future, I might like to work in another country, perhaps South America.” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Our employees are committed, highly qualified people who have a strong academic background and are willing to work globally.

Tanja Raassina

Job titel: Senior Credit Analyst Education: MSc Management, International University in Moscow, 2002 Level III Candidate in the CFA Program

about sek

I always need to improve my own knowledge. I really enjoy working with a team that shares that ambition and drive. Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Operates in: Offices in Sweden and Singapore Number of employees: 235 Number of Novas: 2 Trainee programme: No Contact person: Human Resources,, +46 8 613 8300 Career development at SEK: Learn a lot in a compact organisation, observe many of our processes and contribute your talent and expertise. Develop in your area of responsibility through increasingly complex assignments in a constantly changing regulatory and business environment.

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Vattenfall Vattenfall is a smart energy enabler. Covering most energy channels, the company provides energy to people and communities in Europe while constantly looking for more sustainable solutions. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT


usiness Developer Johanna Porsö can’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in the environment and energy issues. At university she decided to study industrial ecology as part of her Master’s degree and this led her to a traineeship at Vattenfall. Today she gets to work with both of her interests every day.

What did you do during the trainee programme? “For the first six months I was placed in my ‘home organisation’, Distribution. As a trainee you are employed for an actual position in one of the business units. The location of the assignments is then determined in consultation with Vattenfall and your manager. You also get training with the other trainees on things such as leadership and personal development. During my time at Distribution I worked with new investment and maintenance strategies for the electricity network.” 36

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


And then you got to work abroad? “Yes, that’s right. I spent the next six months first in Tampere and then in Hamburg and Berlin. In Tampere I compared processes in Sweden and Finland, and in Hamburg I had the opportunity to learn about wind farms. In Berlin my assignment was to write a report on the impact of Vattenfall in Germany on birdlife. The trainee programme was a great way to learn about a variety of areas within Vattenfall, to really develop and to meet great friends.”

What was your first job after the trainee programme? “I continued working within Distribution. My main task that year was to improve and align the investment processes in Sweden and Finland. We also worked in cooperation with Finland and Germany on a tool for Asset Management where we simulated investment and maintenance strategies. It’s important to invest money in the right places in the distribution networks.

Two years ago I was offered the role of Business Developer. Still working within Distribution, I focused on business opportunities outside the core business.”

What does that entail? “Vattenfall has an amazing network of power lines and other assets, and there are other ways we can use that infrastructure. Telecom operators can, for example, place their antennas on our power line poles and communication towers. During my time as Business Developer I had the opportunity to get involved with a number of really exciting projects. For example, we built a fast-charging station for electric cars in cooperation with Tyresö Municipality. Another project involved exploring how to use the total capacity of a lighting network by, for example, using it for charging. There has been an even greater focus on projects like these since I came back from my maternity leave as we rotated the tasks in the group. It has been great for me; I really enjoy these projects and learn a lot.”

And you have decided to continue working with electrical transport? “Yes, that’s right. In January I will leave Distribution and start working with product development in the area of electrical transport. This also means that I’ll get to work more internationally. My manager is actually based in the Netherlands and most of my colleagues are based either there or in Germany. I’m really excited about next year.”

What do you think sets Vattenfall apart from other energy providers? “We focus on much more than the actual product, electricity. We are always thinking about how we can help people in their everyday lives. There’s always a lot going on and things are changing fast. At the same time, the company is very understanding and compassionate. As a parent I appreciate the flexibility that makes a work-life balance possible. ” •

Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

We are always thinking about how we can help people in their everyday lives.

Our employees have all kinds of backgrounds. The common factor is what drives us to make a difference to improve and shape the future. We work actively to be a diverse company and care about international rotation. We appreciate people who are proactive and feel free to ask and to act. Our three core values are cooperation, safety and performance. It’s how we behave in our daily working life that makes the difference.

Johanna PorsĂś

Job titel: Business Developer Education: Industrial Engineering and Management, Industrial Ecology, Chalmers University, 2008

about vattenfall

Operates in: Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Denmark, Finland and Belgium Number of employees: 35,000 Number of Novas: 29 Trainee programme: Vattenfall International Trainee Programme, every other year, Vattenfall IT Talent programme, Vattenfall Finance Talent programme, 500 summer jobs a year in Sweden. 120 industry placements a year in Sweden for students working on their degree thesis Contact person: Hanna Welander, Student Relations Coordinator, Career development at Vattenfall: Experienced and skilled employees are critical for Vattenfall’s future operations. We therefore support our employees' development in many different ways. We believe that ongoing professional development is essential. We encourage cross-border work in order to build broader networks and increase cultural awareness.

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Xylem For Zachary Ross being a design engineer is all about solving problems and bringing ideas to life. Working with water sanitation at Xylem, he gets to do exactly that while also helping to find solutions for a sustainable environment. T e x t: a n ne m argrethe MANNERF ELT



hen Zachary Ross received an offer from Xylem, he wasn’t familiar with the company. But after doing the research he was intrigued. Xylem is a major global company in the field of water transportation and treatment. It has 13,000 employees in 150 countries. Zachary works with water sanitation, a field that offers a surprisingly wide range of challenges and opportunities for an engineer who thrives on solving problems and creating a better environment.

What is your role at Xylem?

Xylem might not be familiar to everyone. Can you tell us a little bit about the company?

“One important product is our diffuser which is used to clean wastewater. We design and construct grids made up of pipes that transport air to membranes that diffuse oxygen into the water. This creates an optimal environment for biological oxidation. Other examples of our products include cleaning systems for urban wastewater and transportation solutions to remove water from mines.”

“Xylem was formed when ITT Corporation spun off several of its strategic business segments in October 2011. Essentially, our products are related to wastewater, water transportation and clean water. We produce pumps for mines, communities and larger cities, and we also design and produce products for water treatment systems.” 38

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

“I work with technical product development for wastewater. This means developing products for water and wastewater treatment solutions that are already in use. Since our products have a very long life cycle they need to be updated and improved along the way. Also, we need to incorporate new technology into existing products and processes.”

Can you tell me more about what solutions you provide?

So it’s really all about wastewater from both industry and individuals. What is it like taking care of other people’s waste? “(Laughter) Yes, it might sound a little strange, but you really don’t think about it that way. What I like about my job is that it gives me an opportunity to solve problems and find the most effective way of doing things – from both a cost and an energy perspective. And I do all of this using the latest technology while helping to create a sustainable environment.”

What do you find most challenging in your job? “The challenges that come with finding the best solutions to problems. But that’s also what I enjoy the most. I also really enjoy solving problems together with my colleagues. It’s not always easy to come up with the best solution by myself. The fact that our teams have so much experience and expertise is very motivating.”

How would you describe Xylem as an employer?

“Xylem gives you a chance to try different things in order to figure out where you best fit in. It can be hard for recent graduates to know exactly what they want to do. Being able to try different things helps you find your career path. If I get stuck I can always talk to someone who has more experience than me and who either has an answer or who can simply act as a sounding board. When I first started here I had the opportunity to visit the production department and see first hand how the products are assembled. That was a great experience. You do a better job if you have a full understanding of the actual product.”

Where do you see yourself in three or five years? “Being American I’m already working abroad so I have the international career I’ve always wanted. I’m focusing on continuous growth within my role and in the company while advancing in my career.” •

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Our employees are innovative and highly skilled and they are passionate about solving our customers' most challenging water issues, and about bringing clean water to everyone who needs it...everywhere in the world.

Zachary Ross

Job titel: Design Engineer Education: Bemidji State University, BAS, Prototype Engineer, 2009

about xylem

Being able to try different things helps you find your career path. Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Operates in: 150 countries Number of employees: 13,000 Number of Novas: 2 Trainee programme: No Contact person: Francisco Leal,, +46 (0)84756778 Career development at Xylem: We offer individual planning, internal and external training, mentoring and job rotation. But it's not only about work. We know how important it is to have the right balance between work and leisure. Topping up your salary while you are on parental leave is one example of an employment benefit that helps you find that balance.

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Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

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NovaAgentum excels in the trainee arena


ever before has interest in trainee programmes been so strong among our talent in the Nova 100 network – YOU. According to our latest trainee survey, 9 out of 10 of you are aiming for a trainee programme after graduation. This is not surprising because top talent rate development opportunities as the number one factor when choosing an employer. A trainee programme is a flying start to your career and a great opportunity to maximize your career development. As more and more companies build trainee programmes to strengthen their talent pipeline, competition for talent is intensifying and it has therefore become increasingly important for employers to differentiate themselves. According to our survey, graduates today apply to around 2 – 4 trainee programmes. They make sure they are thoroughly familiar with things like a company’s corporate culture and progress in order to maximize the chances of a successful match. While information on websites and in job announcements provides a basic understanding of a company, interactive meetings with potential employers are of utmost importance for applicants to gain in-depth knowledge on which to base their career choice. NovaAgentum is currently working on attracting and recruiting talent for some of the most attractive trainee programmes. We would like to present a few of the many excellent programmes there are to choose from. •

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Ready to use your talent? Jumpstart your career in an international company that’s growing and has high ambitions.


How? When?

Arla is welcoming talented, ambitious and global-minded graduates to join our unique 2-year graduate programme called Future Fifteen. Arla's F15® programme will give you the opportunity to drive critical processes and complex organisational change. You will learn how to navigate an international and diverse organisation that has numerous stakeholders and many types of challenges, and you will be given responsibility from day one. The programme consists of three job rotations of eight months each, including at least one international posting. At each rotation you will enter a new position and be responsible for tasks that are key to the ongoing development of our business. We will challenge you to take positions in different fields to ensure that you are exposed to many aspects of Arla before you set your mind on a specific career. Throughout the programme, you will be coached by a personal mentor from top management who will guide you through your Personal Development Plan and help you to build strong networks within Arla.

Apply by submitting your application, CV and grades via a link on our webpage, The next group of F15 graduates will start in September 2013 and will be hired for two years as full-time employees. Apply between 1 January and 15 February.

more about the F15 graduate programme on our website contact: Read If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, please send an e-mail to or ask us on our Facebook page:


Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

Leading brands, great people, growth and the reward that comes with it: the raw materials for success are right here.


Still, success depends on our graduates having the same thirst as all our people: a thirst for exploring new territory, a thirst for pushing limits and a thirst for the challenge of a fast-moving business.

Joining Coca-Cola Enterprises University Talent Program within Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain or Business Technology is a unique opportunity for an ambitious and highly driven person to accelerate into a career working with some of the most iconic brands in the world. As a graduate undertaking this three-year program, you'll get to work in real roles and on live projects while benefiting from a clearly-defined structure of training. Rotating three times, 12 months on each rotation, will give you practical experience and high-level exposure across different areas of our business. It's all designed to unlock your potential and prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling career as a future leader at Coca-Cola Enterprises.


Visit our careers site and click on graduates, then choose a country.


Start date in September 2013. Apply no later than mid-January for Norway, mid-February for Sweden.

more information contact Sofie Johansson, Recruiter, Talent contact: For Acquisition, +46 706486777

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Every year, Kinnevik, Tele2, MTG, and CDON offer 15 – 20 positions in their trainee programmes. Are you our next rising star?


As a trainee at one of the Kinnevik companies, you will assist and work closely with one or more members of the management team for about a year. This will give you a unique insight into the business while enabling you to build a valuable network for your future career.

JuMP-Start your career working with our amazing brands!


Now you have the opportunity to JuMP-Start your career working with our amazing brands: Marabou, Freia, Gevalia, Oreo, TUC, Domino, Stimorol, O´boy, Philadelphia, Halls and Daim, to name a few. In our Junior Management Program, JuMP, you will gain broadbased experience within our Nordic organisation. You’ll work and perform in real positions across Marketing, Sales and Customer Service & Logistics. Mondelēz International is a whole new company that has been reimagined with a single focus in mind: to create delicious moments of joy. We do this by sharing the world’s favourite brands with our consumers, delighting people all over the world. With 100,000 employees worldwide, operations in over 80 countries and annual revenues of around USD36 billion, we’re the world’s largest producer of chocolate, biscuits and candy, and the second largest producer of gum.

Kinnevik invests in industries that are currently undergoing major changes. The business environment in online, media and telecommunications is changing rapidly and entrepreneurship and innovation are highly valued skills. We are constantly looking for talented people with the right attitude and commitment, not only for our trainee programmes but for positions at all of our companies. Working within one of the Kinnevik Group companies will give you an opportunity to embark on a truly international career. Are you curious, entrepreneurial and looking for a challenge? Then this is your chance.


You will find more information about how you apply for the trainee programme and other available positions on the individual company websites.


If you want to joy(n) us go to Our JuMP-recruitment is done in collaboration with NovaAgentum & Nova 100 Nordic.


Most of the application processes take place during the spring, but many positions are advertised throughout the year.


The program starts September 2013 and the recruitment process takes place in January to March 2013.,, contact:,

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contact: For more information go to Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


A great job can change your life – and by joining the Nordea Graduate Program you can kickstart your career!


The Program is designed to give you a good insight into the markets, our business and the company. You will be hired for a specific position while also participating in the Nordea Graduate Program.

Do you have a leader inside? Then we would like to hear from you!


During your first year as a Nordea employee, you will attend international seminars with graduates from across the organization. The Program has been running for more than 12 years and has had over 700 participants. What will you get in return? - An in-depth understanding of your own business area/ department and value chain - Challenging tasks and assignments - A focus on your personal and professional development - Mentoring and personal awareness - A broad and valuable network across the organisation

We can offer: - 3-year programme with extensive individual coaching - Orkla academies that match your career development - Early participation in management teams - A progression of responsibilities at various work sites

You invest your talent – we grow together.


We recruit graduates via our website from November to March, depending on the country. Visit our website:


The Nordea Graduate Program starts in September each year.

any of our employer branding managers or Graduate contact: Contact Program Manager Tanja Ebmark,


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Stabburet is part of the Orkla Group and is one of Norway’s largest and most important consumer goods companies. Across a fully integrated value chain, our 1,000 employees manage some of Norway’s best known consumer goods brands. At Stabburet we are proactive, responsible and open-minded. Our main goal for the Stabburet trainee programme is to develop future managers within production and logistics. We have recruited trainees for more than 10 years, and many of our trainees still hold various positions within the company. From an early stage you will have a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to plan your own work day, as well as the prospect of becoming one of our most valued managers. The hands-on experience from different plants is a key element in understanding the business and developing a career.


Visit our website:


The programme usually begins in August every year. We have two application deadlines, in November or February/March.

contact Espen Jakobsen, HR Manager Stabburet, contact: Please +47 45397211,

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Connecting Great People with Great Opportunities | Since 1997

Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013


the novaagentum team

Ann Keve Isaksson Head of Recruitment & senior recruitment Consultant


Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

Annika ร…redal senior Recruitment Consultant

Caroline Sallmander human capital consultant

Charlotte Hรถgman human capital consultant

Ebba Reuterskiรถld Head of Recruitment Coordinators and recruitment consultant

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Emelie nilsson Talent Management & Employer Branding Consultant

EMMA LARSSON Recruitment coordinator

Helene Hammarberg Talent Management & Employer Branding Consultant

Jenny Berger head of talangakademin

Emma Dahlgren human capital consultant

Eric Widskog human capital consultant

Johanna Nordin communications Manager

Josefin Sederlin senior Recruitment Consultant

Linda Eliasson human capital Consultant

Elisabeth Wicklin VICe president and Sales Manager

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Louise Hartwall Recruitment Consultant

Natalie Schoultz Recruitment Consultant & recruitment coordinator


Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

Louise Ramel Talent Management & Employer Branding Consultant

Lovisa Sterner Business unit manager Nova attract & develop

Marie LesĂŠn business developer

Marika Waern human capital consultant

Oivi Jacobsson senior Recruitment Consultant

Peter Hägglund business unit manager agentum recruit

Roger Henrysson senior Recruitment Consultant

Sara Sterner Head of Network and Communication

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Sofia Fridell human capital consultant

Louise Houlberg Høy Talent Researcher

Christian Korshøj Pedersen Talent Manager Nova 100

christian nielsen business developer

Iben Ronja Blom Talent Manager Nova Pro

Jesper Abildgaard Country Manager Denmark

Susanne Henriette Nielsen Agent Network Manager

Julie Brunsvik Talent Manager & Recruitment Consultant

Nina Charlotte Hagen Recruitment Consultant

Sverre Haugen Country Manager Norway

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Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013



Nova 100 talent Catalogue 2013

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Nova 100 Talent Catalogue 2013  

Nova 100 Talent Catalogue 2013

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