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Secure Hosting Service

QinetiQ’s Secure Hosting Service is for customers who want to outsource the proactive analysis, protection and management of their secure digital data to a trusted third party. • Optimal availability, integrity and security • Geographically diverse Secure Hosting Sites • Additional protection provided by QinetiQ digital security services • Service Desk Support • Operated and administered by security-cleared personnel The security challenges faced by organisations are well known. Threats to networks and systems include theft of proprietary information, financial fraud, insider and outsider system penetration and sabotage of data networks. Implementing an in-house function to mitigate and protect against these threats around the clock is a major undertaking with considerable cost implications. Outsourcing to a trusted 3rd party, experienced and capable of providing

seamless round the clock protection is the preferred option of many global organisations. QinetiQ’s Secure Hosting Service is for businesses and organisations that value the availability and integrity of their data assets and who need to ensure maximum protection against hacking and defacement. The service can provide a complete website or application solution which combines the functionality customers expect with the security and resilience needed.

Best of Breed Deployment Choosing QinetiQ to provide your secure hosting solution means choosing a company with a technological heritage and reputation for providing innovative solutions to exacting problems. Whichever hosting service you select we can provide unexcelled levels of performance and resilience to conduct online business with confidence, security and total peace of mind. QinetiQ Proprietary Methodology The service is designed, managed and monitored by information assurance and security specialists, trained and experienced in providing a range of information security services to highprofile government departments, where the availability and protection of sensitive information is a crucial balancing act. QinetiQ sites are physically secure to List X standards. The hosting equipment is housed within an access controlled building compliant to the stringent requirements of the MoD to security standard JSP 440. The security of the service is ensured through the use of hardened Linux or Windows® operating systems and protection is supplemented by regular penetration testing. We further ensure the security of the service by deploying our Managed Intrusion Detection Service which is provided in compliance with CESG Memo 37. QinetiQ can also provide a number of supplementary services such as email, mail forwarders, Domain Name Server (DNS) registration, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate Management, antivirus and anti-spam. Maintaining ownership and control of site content is very important to customers and our infrastructure allows customers to upload their own

content using our staging server application and to view their site or information prior to release. The success of a web site can be determined by demand and the QinetiQ service allows the customer to have easy access to online statistics and reports, which can help in future planning or help predict peaks of traffic to a web site. The flexible design of the infrastructure means that scalability is easy and it supports burstable bandwidth to sustain those peaks of traffic. Scalable Solutions We provide customers with three choices of hosting. Virtual hosting which is a keenly priced and easily set up service, perfect for customers who require availability and security, but whose information is not particularly sensitive. Dedicated hosting can be deployed when security is key and physical separation is essential. This service provides the physical separation customers require and does not compromise availability or reliability.

Total Support QinetiQ is the UK’s leading international defence and security technology company developing innovative technology-based solutions and products and providing technology-rich support services for major government organisations, such as the UK MoD, the US DoD and for commercial customers around the world. We provide our customers with proactive analysis, protection and management of their digital data assets and achieve this with the application of a range of offerings: • Information Security and Assurance Consultancy • Management Intrusion Detection Service • Managed Vulnerability Assessment and Alerting Service • Penetration Testing Service • Secure Hosting Service • Digital Forensics Service

High availability is an extra special service and provides protection for extremely sensitive and valuable information. It ensures that the service is robust with no single points of failure. This service can still function effectively even with a loss of up to 50% of the hardware. Customer Integration This service seamlessly integrates with customers existing business operation. Availability and integrity are important to the customers in the protection of their digital data assets and this service ensures that customers have an uninterrupted business presence with high levels of performance, reliability, resilience and availability.

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