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Whether your assets are your people, your customer data, your intellectual property, your infrastructure, or your product, any security breach is costly. Margins can disappear. Services can be disrupted. Reputations can be lost. So can lives. Protecting Linear Assets Pipeline operators have huge linear assets to monitor. Flying the pipeline is one way of making sure no one is hot-tapping your pipe – or that it has not been compromised by building activity or landslides. But that’s an expensive solution that does not provide real time reporting. We have people who know how to use our OptaSense® technology to monitor the pipeline – or any linear asset – and give good warning of any untoward activity. We have deployed solutions in Europe, Vietnam, Nigeria, Iraq, the UAE and the US, monitoring 5% of the world’s oil. Information and Intelligence The most secure parts of government need to be able to use IT just as the rest of us do. But security is paramount. We have people who know how to deliver intelligence-led protective monitoring which will satisfy the most stringent of requirements. We are the partner that the heart of UK Government trusts to look after its data. This pedigree led Logica and SAP to select QinetiQ to join their bid to provide data services to the UK’s future smart metering initiative.

Cyber Security Volpe is the US National Transportation Systems Center, charged with running the control systems for the country’s critical transport infrastructure. Think air traffic control, rail safety systems, passenger security... We have people who know how to analyse cyber threats and protect these systems from attack. Our cyber security experts are working with Volpe to develop the very best protection, keeping the US traveling safely. Force Protection In a combat zone, understanding where you, your people and your vehicles are is vital. We have people who know how to locate assets wherever they are. Our Bushman® asset tracking service is a secure pay-as-you-go solution. Combat tested and proven, it can be man, vehicle or aircraft mounted. No network infrastructure is needed, so it can be set up in minutes. We provide blue-force tracking to UK and NATO forces, protecting assets, saving lives. Rail The theft of copper from UK railway lines costs millions. Not only does the network provider have to replace the copper, but services are disrupted. Penalties payable to train operators for service outages increase the cost. We have people who know how to tackle these problems using OptaSense® technology. Currently being investigated outside the UK as well by rail operators such as Deutsche Bahn, the solution will create a ‘nervous system’ alongside railway tracks which will detect potential thieves before they can compromise services.

People Who Know How To Protect Your Assets  
People Who Know How To Protect Your Assets