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International Master of Sport Management

5 th A n n i v e r s a r y

• 20 07 - 2012

The idea for this book arose from a desire to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the International Master of Sport Management (affectionately known by those ‘in the know’ as “MISM”), and to create something tangible providing an insight into this remarkable program since its inception in 2007 in Amsterdam. This book shares stories and anecdotes from the students, professors, staff and partners who have made this program possible over the last 5 years. As sports people we constantly search for ways to improve our performance, and the Cruyff Institute continuously seeks to improve the MISM to serve our students and alumni. Thanks to your dedication to life long learning, drive for success and honest feedback, the MISM has evolved into the unique program it is today. This book serves as a tribute to everyone who has been involved in the program. We thank you for your commitment and being a valuable member of the MISM story. Enjoy the memories!

5 years of MISM

Last class Stratagic Managment 2009-2010

Class in Barcelona 2011-2012

Cruyff Institute at the Olympic stadium

First year MISM graduation


Johan in class

Barcelona Study Trip 2008-2009

5 years of MISM

Class at FC Utrecht 2010-2011

Professors - Frans, Wim, Joost & Henk

Masters Graduation 2011

MISM 2011- 2012

Masters Graduation 2010 farewell to Alyson

Cruyff Instiute at Laan de Hesperiden


Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies The Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies is committed to developing talent, combining sport and study. Our programs provide athletes with the opportunity to develop their talent at all levels. We believe that athletes and people with a heart of an athlete are best equipped to serve the best interests of sport and society. They have both experience and a passion for sports. That's why we took the initiative in 1999 to make it possible for them to combine sport and study. We consider sport and education to be noble activities in which students must find opportunities for development. Our programs are designed to replicate the everyday practice of sport, while focusing on good preparation for a business career in the sports world. Our students have the opportunity to develop in all areas of their lives: in sport, in study, in work and personally. The Johan Cruyff Institute was designed to offer programs directly to sports people and to compliment the Johan Cruyff University and Johan Cruyff College programs already offered in the market in cooperation with leading education institutions in the Netherlands. The Cruyff Institute is now represented in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Mexico, Stockholm and Malaysia (SEA). The establishment of the International Cruyff Institute office in Barcelona has allowed us to venture into on-line programs, making MISM (and other programs) even more accessible to students around the world. In this way, we have full capacity to respond to the needs of sports people with both agility and quality. Currently our international network consists of: • Johan Cruyff Colleges (MBO) for (future) professional athletes in the Netherlands (located in Amsterdam, Enschede, Groningen, Nijmegen and Roosendaal); • Johan Cruyff Universities (HBO) for professional athletes in the Netherlands (located in Amsterdam and Tilburg); • Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies (Masters, workshops and courses) for people with a passion for sport in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Mexico, Stockholm and Malaysia. Over the years we have delivered study programs to more than 1500 students at various locations worldwide. This group includes student-athletes, former athletes, coaches and sports people, all sharing a strong passion for sport and supporting our vision that sport and study can be combined. There are currently more than 1000 students in our international network.


World of Johan Cruyff The Cruyff Institute and the Cruyff Foundation represent the social domain of Cruyff, next to the commercial initiatives such as Cruyff Management, Cruyff Classics, Cruyff Library and Cruyff Football. The Johan Cruyff Foundation started in 1997 and has grown into an organization that initiates and supports projects that stimulate sport and games for youth around the world. The Cruyff Foundation supports sports-based projects for disabled children, develops the Cruyff Courts - playgrounds that provide safe places for children to play that are accessible for everybody - and organizes unique events to stimulate children via sport.

International Master of Sport Management The International Master of Sport Management is a unique program because the student group consists of athletes, former athletes and people with a passion for sport from (sport) businesses. This mix of people from different backgrounds can share their experiences and learn from each other. This book presents the highlights from the MISM over the last 5 years. We are delighted to present this book to our alumni, professors, partners and everyone associated with this program. We are proud of everyone who has helped make this book possible. On behalf of all Cruyff Institute employees,

Johan Cruyff

Todd Beane


Senior Advisor


The history of MISM From the beginning, Johan Cruyff has only cared about one main goal - to educate sports people so that they may build a productive future and serve the best interests of sport and society. To realize that goal we then needed to put into place a step by step strategy to do so, with expansion of programs and the location where we could offer those programs. The aim was not to grow for growth’s sake, but to fill gaps where they are needed for athletes to develop fully. By offering a Master program, we offer sports people the highest credentials to carry with them as they compete to lead sport organizations and clubs. In that way, the future presidents of federations, clubs and private businesses will be able to in turn provide younger sports people the opportunity to balance sport and study. MISM began as an initiative to round out the ‘opleiding’ line of programs offered to athletes, former athletes and sport leaders. By offering College, University and Master programs the Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies could offer sports people a ladder to success and meet their sport management needs. That is, at any point of their development a sports person could find the development support they might need to advance their career. For two years (2005-2006 and 2006-2007), our Master program was offered in cooperation with the Sport Management Institute in Groningen and La Salle University in Barcelona. These two years served our first generation of Master students well and opened the door for us to pursue our own path by creating a new International Master in Sport Management (MISM). We felt that we had a purely unique agenda to serve sports people in a way that only the Johan Cruyff Institute would allow us to do. So, we hired sport management specialists and researched curricular guides from around the world to put together the program we offer today. Our focus was on a practical master program designed to guide students through a journey toward creating their own business plan.


The MISM was originally (and still is today) largely based upon the curricular guidelines of the North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM) and thus by extension the European Association of Sport Management (EASM). Todd Beane and Dr. Bob Heere were the first to build the specific MISM curriculum. The first class began in September 2007 in Amsterdam with a group of 19 students. Classes were held in the Cruyff Institute office in the Olympic Stadium. Both staff and students were pioneers in a program that provided something new and unique in the market: a program delivered in a dynamic, innovative and practical way for sports people. The MISM in Amsterdam now averages close to 40 students per year, coming from a range of sport and business backgrounds, all sharing one common interest: SPORT. There are now almost 200 alumni who have followed the program in the Netherlands, working in various positions both in and outside of the sports world. Five years after the establishment of the MISM the initial goal has been realized, as evidenced by the remarkable students with whom we have had the honor to work over the years. We are proud that the MISM has been awarded 3rd place worldwide (second in Europe) by SportBusiness International magazine in the 2012 student satisfaction ranking of all postgraduate sport education courses. This result was based on feedback provided by alumni who have graduated from the programs in Amsterdam and Barcelona. We thank our alumni for their confidence and support, and our teachers and staff for their efforts in making the MISM a success.


“Together we have done a lot and together there is still more to be done” Johan Cruyff

Todd Beane


Senior Advisor

Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies

Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies

“Congratulations to the students,

“What inspires me most about the

former students, and professors. To

JCI are the students, alumni, and

be honest, our former students are

professors that have contributed

the best example of what we are

to this initiative. Together, we

trying to accomplish. They will always

started with a little idea and turned

have sport in their heart and that

that concept into one of the best

helps them do the right thing when

programs in Europe. Not many

they lead. It is really now up to the

people can say they were part of

next generation of sportspeople to

such a passionate team who gave so

drive this project forward. Perhaps

much of themselves for the benefit

my role was to get it going and to

of others. I am honored to be part

clear the road, but now we see the

of a remarkable program. The

students making the most of it and

academic world has now embraced

that is the most important. I hope

athletes and the sport world has

that the new leaders will help the

come to understand the power of

youth have even more opportunities

education to compliment athletic

to balance sport and study. Together

development. I am witness to

we have done a lot and together there

something extraordinary and now

is still more to be done.”

take such pride that our students themselves are driving this institute to greatness.”


Alyson Annan

Bram Lomans

Manager Johan Cruyff Institue Amsterdam

Manager Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam

March 2007-June 2010

August 2011-Present

“The MISM started 5 years ago with

“I believe the MISM has developed

the years, and the unique personal

19 students. Today there are 40

into one of the best sport

guidance offered by the Johan Cruyff

students per year. We began this

management masters in the field. The

Institute Amsterdam team.

initiative to provide topsporters

experience over the years together

As one of the leading masters in

with the opportunity to develop

with the passionate professors and

Europe and working under the

themselves further during or after

the strong curriculum has enabled

name of Johan Cruyff, I feel the

their sports career.

the program to grow. Whilst it was no

responsibility to continuously

surprise that the program did well in

deliver and improve the quality. As

The Cruyff Institute has succeeded in

SportBusiness International Magazine

a true professional sports team we

this initiative. I am extremely proud

ranking of postgraduate sport

are always looking to improve our

that I was able to contribute to this

courses, the fourth place in Europe

performance and we strive to bring

success. “

was more than I expected. More

the best to our students. One of our

importantly, we were ranked third

goals will always be to educate (ex)

worldwide based on the satisfaction

athletes so they can play a major role

of our alumni (second in Europe),

in the future of sport organizations.”

which tells me even more about the program. In my opinion three vital things make the MISM unique: The professors who are connected and devoted to the students and the program, the international curriculum built through


Program Managers over the years “I found the MISM dynamic and very fun to do, and had a great experience with the students in 2007-2008. It is difficult to name my one most memorable moment during my time as program coordinator as it was a continuous process of experiencing on an intensive level. The structure of the program with module lecturers and renowned guest speakers contributed to the program and the development of the students. The serious and energetic approach to the study applied by the majority of students was really promising and supported the need for the professionalization of sport management in general. The MISM has also enabled me to continue to look for the much-needed professionalization of the Bart Buijs

sport in my current work as interim manager in the sport and public sector.”

June 2007 - June 2008 “The MISM was relatively new when I started at the Institute and I helped develop the program. It was really fun, with the program still in the developing phase there was something new each year. I enjoyed my contact with the professors and also with the students. It was an enjoyable time. I had diverse experiences with the students - some I had to help to get started, some I had to stimulate (sometimes like a school teacher!), and with others I evaluated the program. I really enjoyed the Barcelona trip. And when I look back on my years as coordinator of the MISM I am very proud that we started two classes in 2008-2009. The MISM has a lot of depth, and as someone who has always been a coach, the program helped me realize there is a lot more to Jack Holtman

sport. In the last few years the program has developed further and that is good to see.”

May 2008 - June 2010 “I am proud to be both an alumnus and now the manager of the program. I am lucky to work together with a highly motivated team (Institute staff and professors) who are focused on making this program an ever-improving success. The MISM group - alumni, students, professors, staff and guest speakers - exudes energy, enthusiasm and an ever-connecting love for sport. This is the heart and soul of the program and what sets it apart in the market. Each year I have the privilege of accompanying an amazing group of students on their journey through the MISM, and being a witness to their personal change and development during the Kristy Housley

academic year. This is the main reason I do what I do - seeing people grow & develop to seek out

June 2010 - present

their dreams and give back to sport & to the community is an awesome experience; it motivates me to continuously strive to improve the program and our offering to fellow sport lovers.”


The current Johan Cruyff Institute team Laura van Velzen

Talitha Stegeman

Project Leader ‘Meedoen,

Office Manager

Leren, Winnen' Sport: Short Track

MariĂŤlle Hoogland

Niels Meijer

Marketing &

Program Manager Master in




Sport: Basketball

Sport: Tennis

Other members of the team:

Bram Lomans

Kristy Housley

Manager Cruyff Institute

Program Manager MISM


Sport: Triathlon

Sport: Hockey

Thanks to old employees who have assisted with the MISM over the years: Marieke Zelsmann Esther Heijnen Dick Tuip


MISM Professors Current MISM Professors

Joost de Wit

Wim de Wit

Henk Verschuur

Head Professor & Professor Entrepreneurial

Professor Marketing of Sport

Professor Strategic Management


2008 – present

2008 – present

2009 – present

“I am a professor because my

“I see it as a privilege to teach former

“I like to share my experiences and

passion is to teach and to empower

athletes and sports minded people

bring them over to those who can use

students. Whatever happens enjoy.

to become valuable assets of the

this in their future careers.”

With enjoyment you are building a

organized sports. The whole concept of

foundation that can guide you to a

contributing to the future of sports is

tangible future.”

my mission! 3C! And Lean Back”

Frans Boumans

Gijs Groeneveld

Martijn van Westerop

Professor Financial Management of Sport

Professor Management Skills

Professor Management Skills

2009 – present

2009 – present

2009 – present

“You climb up your own learning curve

“The mix of business, sports people,

“I believe that strong synergies are

every time you meet students and

thinking, doing, learning, fun and

created and leading sports managers


100% full engagement makes the MISM

are developed by bringing together


knowledge and expertise from the sport and the corporate world.”


Todd Beane

Dirk Loots

Professor Management &

Professor Management Skills


2009 - present

2007 – present

“Gijs (my business partner)

“To be a professor of MISM

and I got to know the MISM

is to be part of a dynamic

more than 3 years ago and

environment. I have had the

we instantly liked it. The

good fortune to facilitate a

reason? We strongly believe

learning journey, but to be honest the students learn as much

in the power of sports

from one another as they do from a professor. So, I thank

people in business life.”

all the students, past and present, who have made my own journey so rewarding.”

Past MISM Professors

Petra Seegers Professor Marketing of Sport 2007-2008

Willem Kauffmann

Fred Witte

Abdul Rahman

“I was very honored when

Academic Coordinator & Professor

Professor Facility & Event

Professor Financial Management

I was asked to develop

Entrepreneurial Management


of Sport

and execute the marketing




module in 2007.

“High performance athletes

“In the two years at the

“The Cruyff Institute is a

The students were very

and managers are forced

Institute it was great to have

fine organization with a

diverse, dynamic & active,

to abandon and challenge

students, among them a lot

very noble objective. It

and there was a lot of

their comfort zones: as

of (former) topsporters, that

was an honour for me to

energy. I enjoyed it!”

professor in Entrepreneurial

were interested, ambitious

be associated with it as a

Gert-Jan Pruijn

Management my courses

and focused to succeed. The

teacher of Sports Finance.”

Professor Strategic Management

were inspired on discovering,

trip to Barcelona always was


challenging and tackling

a highlight! Teaching, talking

“It was an honour to be

comfort zones in real life

about sports, and social

invited to co-produce the

business and management.”

moments all passed by.”

first year of the MISM”


MISM over the years Hiddo Uhlenbeck (now working as golf coach at Golf & Businessclub De Scherpenbergh in

Hiddo, Esther & Frank

Alyson, Madelon & Ton

Apeldoorn, MISM student 2008-2009)

“Having played professional golf for a

Joachim Vercaigne (now working as a

Madelon Baans (now working as

number of years, I felt it was time to

researcher for the scouting department of Club

Communications Manager at the Reading and

start preparing for a future after my

Brugge, MISM student 2007-2008)

Writing foundation, MISM student 2009-2010)

playing career. I came across the MISM

“I decided to follow the MISM because

“Sport will always be a special

and quickly decided this course suited

I believe strongly in the philosophy of

interest. For years I was a top athlete

my needs very well and would give me

the Institute. Bringing together people

(swimming) myself and I wanted to

the tools needed to open many new

from inside the world of sport, sharing

combine my experiences in sports


knowledge, expertise and experience to

with my experiences in my profession

The MISM gave me a structure in which

develop into someone who has the skills

(communication). When I saw the

to think, in a time when I was not yet

and the theoretical knowledge to leave

opportunity to win a scholarship I didn't

completely sure which way I wanted to

your mark in the world of sport.

hesitate for one moment. I saw MISM as

go. As a sports person it is very clear

I have very good experiences with

an opportunity to get extra knowledge

what your goals are, but in choosing a

the institute and the MISM. It is an

on the professional side of sports and

new path for your career, this can be

active study where the group can take


a bit more difficult. The Johan Cruyff

initiatives. We wanted to hear from a

I remember the group work and

Institute for Sport Studies helped me

professional, and one week later it was

especially the enthusiasm of all students

get clarity on the path to new pursuits.

Alberda himself who told us how he

to get a good result. Also the study trip

Thinking about the experiences we

reached an Olympic medal.

to Barcelona and the basketball game

each had and the desire to share and

I will never forget the moment I

we visited there was marvelous.

help each other, are what still gives

received my diploma out of the hands

MISM was a nice way to meet

me a feeling of great pleasure. For me

of Johan Cruyff. I couldn't celebrate it

sports enthusiasts and study sports

individually a stand out moment was

with my colleagues from Amsterdam,

management at the same time. The

presenting the business plan that I

but it was an incredible moment to get

students and teachers all share the


it from Johan Cruyff.”

same passion for sports!”


Barbara, Renate & Evelien


Renate Groenewold (now working as

Johan Kuijper (now working real estate

Koos Moerenhout (now working for

trainer and coach of the women’s ice-skating team

financing for Westland Utrecht Bank, MISM

Rabobank Cycling Team, MISM student 2011-2012)

Team Corendon, MISM student 2010-2011)

student 2009-2010)

“Having been a cyclist since I was

“The stand-out moments were classes

“I found the year I spent at the JCI

a child it's good to experience

from Henk Verschuur, especially the

very inspiring and got energized from

the knowledge from professors

first class. I was a big ‘fan' of his way

many of the classes, because of the

and students. All with their own

of teaching from the start. Besides that

positive energy from both teachers and

background, coming from sports (other

I will never forget the business plan

students. It was very different from all

than cycling), study and business life.

presentation, where we received redo

the other classes I had done before.

The MISM as a whole broadens my

and no one in the class could believe

I had already done a bachelor in IBMS


it. You should have seen the faces of

and was a professional basketball

I enjoy the friendly atmosphere between

the people in the room, awesome!

player at that time, and thought this

class and professors, and amongst each

Thankfully a week later we received a

would be an excellent follow up as

other. Everybody is quite helpful to each

high pass. Every week I am confronted

I could combine my management

other and realize this is the perfect

with things, where I can use the MISM

interest and experience with my sports

place to make mistakes and learn from

in my daily work. Lots of things come

interest and experience.


up that I have learned or spoken about

I will never forget the discussions

during the study.

we had in class, where people from

The MISM was one big experience!

different sports backgrounds put their

Through the practical way of teaching

individual experiences into the mix and

and the discussions during class,

where both overlaps and differences

you learn a lot, and also a lot about

between the playing fields became

yourself! I enjoyed every minute of it.”



Class of 16



2007-2008 was the year of conception for MISM in the Netherlands. Bar t Buijs was the coordinator of the program, and worked together with Alyson Annan, the manager of the Cruyff Institute, to have the program ready to start on 19 September 2007 in Amsterdam. The pioneering MISM group comprised 19 students, with sport backgrounds ranging from football, hockey, tennis & wheelchair tennis, badminton, handball and rowing. The original group of professors included Willem Kauffmann (Entrepreneurial Mana g em ent),

To d d



Principles & Leadership), Fred Wit te (Facilit y & Event Management), Abdul Rahman (Financial Management of Sport), Petra Seegers (Marketing of Sport), and Gert-Jan Pruijn (Strategic Management).



Class of


H eidi A lemans

J ohnny A losery

Marco B urgstra


“Interesting classes with a nice group of people”

“I met great people with the same vision”

“I am working in sales at the first division football club Telstar”

“Everything I gained from the MISM helps me to be a more complete person”

J ordy Halapiry

Djordi H opman

Floris L oeff

N ienke M eurer

“I work as marketing manager for the Johan Cruyff ­Foundation”

“The ­ambiance was ­professional”

“I have a more open view”

“The whole Barcelona trip was an experience never to forget”

N ils

S onja Peters

E rika Pozzobon


N es

“A great opportunity to broaden my view and develop new skills”




G eest

S udesh R amsaroep

H idde R einhard

B ryan Roy

I lse S uidgeest

“I’ll never for­get the dynamics from the classes”

“I am now selling the most beautiful beer brands in the world”

“I learned to get a better ­perspective about myself”

“Sharing the dream to work in the sport”

Rudi Tuijn

D ick Tuip

J oachim Vercaigne

Sten Weingärtner

“The MISM gave me the opportunity to combine studying and working”

“Experiencing all the business facets of sport which is so unique”

“It is an active study where the group can take ­initiatives”

“A good i­nitiative to prepare sports people for their ‘second’ career”



Bryan Roy (now working as a trainer for Ajax)


“I learned to get a better perspective


about myself. Through that I can get my own performances at a higher level and I know how to manage other people better.”

Feedback from the student and professor group indicates that the first year of MISM was a learning experience for all. It set the platform for the development of the program over the following 5 years, and provided a new breed of sport professionals for both the Dutch and International markets. MISM 2007-2008 began with an extended Introduction spread over 3 days at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam (the Introduction is now delivered on one day). The student group was majority Dutch nationals, with one student originally from Italy and another from Belgium (choosing to make the long drive to Amsterdam every week!). The student delegate team (Djordi Hopman, Joachim Vercaigne, Sonja Peters & Jordy Halapiry) was elected, and this structure is still utilized in the MISM program in 2012. This foundation year instigated the study trip to Barcelona with a 4-day visit between 16-19 January 2008. The trip was used to research the right mix for future years. Students attended a match between FC Barcelona and Villarreal CF at Camp Nou. Even in 2007-2008, reports from students show that the Barcelona trip is one of the highlights of the MISM year. During the study year an amazing line-up of guest speakers presented to the MISM students. Speakers included Bas van de Goor (Bas van de Goor Foundation), Arie Koops (Topsport KNSB), Isabelle Conner (ING), and Joop Alberda (Nevobo). In the final stages of the year, the Dragons Den sessions were held over 2 days on 16th and 23rd June 2008. Graduation was held at ING House (still the venue for the Masters graduation in 2012) on 27th June, with Twan Huys as the special presenter at the event. A fantastic finale to a momentous first year for the MISM!

Rudi Tuijn (now working as Facility Manager at Olympisch Netwerk Flevoland)

“For the organization 2007 was the first year, it was quite a challenge to achieve a successful year. Personally it was also a challenge, because I didn't have any experience as a sports manager; for me it was a challenge to complete the year as the youngest student at the time.” Jordy Halapiry (now working as Marke­ ting Manager at the Johan Cruyff Foundation)

“The MISM was totally new at that time, so everything had to be discovered by the teachers and students. This was an interesting process to be part of.” Heidi Alemans (now working as Area Manager at Cargill)

“I wrote a business plan about a personal training studio. After further research it seemed not to be feasible, but I worked for four years successfully as a Personal/Lifestyle trainer.”





Student Comments Marco, Djordi & Rudi

Djordi Hopman (now working as a teacher, coordinator and developer for

MISM become something big. As I did the MISM in its first

sports education at Sportacademie Amsterdam)

year it existed it sometimes felt a bit like pioneering. But I

“I'll never forget the fun we all had with each other, between

do believe that everything I learned broadened my view and

but also during classes. The ambiance was professional but

has made me aware and more understanding of what the

people were fun to work with. Also the lessons we had from

organizational part is behind the clinical work that I do.”

Todd Beane were really fantastic because you could really sense how experienced he is with leadership principles and

Marco Burgstra (now working at the sales department of first division

management theories.”

football club Telstar)

“I worked with Djordi Hopman and Rudi Tuijn. We wrote the Hidde Reinhard (now working as an Account Manager for Heineken in

business plan about Total Football Consultancy, a company


that sells the Dutch way of playing football. Football

“I decided to follow the MISM, because it was a logical step

organizations could hire us to help them train their coaches.

within the field of sport marketing and management in

We had the plan of really doing it but we all went other ways.

which I was working at that moment. I learned a lot and it

But never say never....”

was very inspiring! I help negotiate daily with owners of bars, restaurants and clubs. The knowledge I gained during the

Dick Tuip (now working as a marketing specialist and owner of

MISM about entrepreneurship is very useful.”

“I use my experience in sports and sport marketing in the daily management of my staff. The mentality, purpose and passion

Nienke Meurer (now working as a Senior Account Manager at Puur

of sport is not found in the normal business. A piece of this


mentality can cause huge change. I try to lead with this way

“I heard about the course during my job at the Amsterdamsche

of thinking...”

Hockey and Bandy Club and wanted to expand my knowledge in Sport Management. As we were the “pilot class” we didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be fun learning, intensive and very useful!” Sonja Peters (now working as a psychologist at Centrum Kristal)

“An enthusiastic team that was really dedicated to make the



Sonja, Jordy & Ilse

Message Board 2007- 2008 Bryan:

Use this MISM for the benefit of


Looking forward to see you all again.

opening your own mind towards

that you can achieve everything you

I will never forget the MISM, as I was pregnant with our first boy.

yourself and others. It will give you also the self confidence to believe


Meanwhile I’m pregnant with number Hidde:

Thanx for the great time!

3 and hope that they will follow the MISM course in the future ;-)!

want to achieve. Joachim:


The MISM, the Institute, the

Hopefully Johan Cruyff will continue

We have had a wonderful time. I hope

professors and my classmates are a

this program for a long time!

we will meet each other more often

part of the person I am right now.

in the future, in sport or outside the

Somebody who knows that reaching

field of sport.

something in the world of sport only



succeeds by working hard and never

Succes is een keuze, maak er iets

giving up.

moois van!


“Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy makin’ other plans.” (John Lennon)


Who ate all the pink cookies? Sudesh?



We’ve spent a year together in one

I’m very curious how everybody is

classroom as students, let’s try to stay

doing and above all what they are

in touch more often to see if we can


benefit from each other’s network and experiences!



Class of 24



The second year of the program. Jack Holtman became the program coordinator. Marieke Zels 足 mann and Esther Heijnen supported Jack in organization and coordination of the program. This was the first year with two MISM classes, the morning class and the evening class. The program made a gigantic leap, with 41 students enrolling in the program. This talented group of young individuals came from a mix of sporting backgrounds including skating, golf, cycling, volleyball, gymnastics, hockey, tennis, table tennis, football, running and basketball. The professor team remained largely the same, with Henk Verschuur starting as the Strategic Management professor, and Wim de Wit in the Marketing of Sport professor role.



Class of O lawale Bada “Leadership & Strategy are very relevant for my position”

E dgar Chen

E lsa


G reef

“A year of personal growth and a confirmation of my own abilities”

L aurens van H uijgevoort


Frank Balvers

Sander B ennink

“As a coach I am using a lot from the sport modules”

“The MISM has been a great investment for my future”

H edwig Davelaar

E rwin D erksen

“My English improved a lot during the MISM”

“Helped me a lot with expanding my network and knowledge”

H ilda


G reef

“I wanted to increase my knowledge and broaden my perspective”

G odfried Jacob “The courses I found the hardest I learned the most from”



E sther H eijnen “Practical experience is transformed in a theoretical context”

J esse Korf “Enhance my leadership and management skills to benefit my coaching”

M ichael B oogerd “I have learned a lot”

D ennis G ebbink “Being part of the initiatives of Johan Cruyff is a very good feeling”

Arlo Hemkes “Nice to be in touch with so many sport minded people from all over the world”

Per Kyrk-Å stemo “The people made my year at MISM one of the best in my life.”

M ichel B utter “You could taste the passion to perform among the students”

E rik G eerdes “A master with former top-athletes brought me the information I wanted”

I lja


H olsteijn

“Good base in all the aspects of sports management”

Jan K ees M ons “I learned to know professional athletes and how they act and behave”

J ulia M ueller “I do have to think about my business plan when I see after school cares!”

E sli O nclin “Learning from classmates with experiences in business and sport”

Frank van Rooijen “Now I recognize cross connections and opportunities to match parties”

H iddo U hlenbeck “The environment of like-minded people with a drive for their passion”

Danny N elissen “MISM is daring and a challenge of its own”

R yan Pelley “It was like a global community of like-minded individuals”

A lbert Sala “A special moment was the trip with the entire group to ‘my’ city”

J ochem U ytdehaage “Different view on all the things I learned in my sport career”

Jan -Paul


N es

D ennis N ieuwveen

“Learned more about myself”

Frank R engenhart “I use the knowledge as luggage which I always carry with me”

J ochem S chellens “I never forget the private sessions with Johan”

R ishawd Watson “The lessons were very practical”

M iranda O ffers “The personal approach really appealed to me”

R ichard R ep “The elevator pitch during the graduation day was the finishing touch”

Rutger Tijssen “Showed me clearly why people are acting as they are doing”

M ichel R ibbens “I will never forget the last day when we received our certificate”

Paul Toes “This study got me thinking about my future plans”

Marieke Zelsmann “A chance for me to combine my passion in sports in study and work”





Frank van Rooijen (now working as Manager Topsportontwikkeling & Alliantiemanager Olympisch Netwerk Amsterdam for Topsport Amsterdam)

“Most of the lectures were special, especially the Financial MISM was still in its development phase, and the Institute team had been refining

Management with the ING professor

(and growing) the program to have it ready to start on 12 September 2008. Jack

Abdul Rahman, Wim de Wit in

had been busy together with Alyson filling the program with an interesting mix of

Marketing (tangible!) and the group

students and working with the professor team to have the curriculum polished for

class with Johan Cruyff.”

the start of the new study year. Per Kyrk Åstemo (now working as Club

Of this new group of 41 students, there were 23 students in the morning class and

Manager for Skövde Allmänna Idrotts Klubb

18 in the evening. Of the 39 who successfully graduated from the program, only

in Sweden)

7 were women. The international mix was growing, with students from Canada,

“For me as foreigner, just being

the United States, Nigeria, Spain and Germany. Whilst the majority lived in the

in Amsterdam and meeting and

Netherlands, we still had a Belgian resident driving to Amsterdam to attend class

studying with all these great

twice per week (this trend has continued every year until now!).

people, made my year at MISM one of the best years in my life.”

The module portfolio was the same as 2007-2008, with new professors (Henk and Wim) providing added value in their respective modules. Barcelona again topped

Sander Bennink (now working as a

the USPs of the programs, with the study trip held 16-19 January 2009. Other

Product Manager at BBB Cycling)

highlights in the year included a group outing to the ‘Zes Daagse’ in Amsterdam.

“The MISM has been a great

The Dragons Den wrapped up the academic program with sessions held on 25 and

investment for my future, I have

27 May 2009. The success story of the Dragons Den would have to be awarded

met great people and gained

to Dennis Gebbink, who wrote his business plan about the Ronald McDonald Only

a lot of knowledge in the field

Friends Centre. Dennis has since opened Only Friends in Amsterdam North, and

of sports business. The most

the center now supports more than 300 children.

memorable moment was probably when marketing professor Wim

The finale of the year was again the Graduation, held on 4 June at the ING House.

de Wit stripped down to his Ajax

Johan himself was the guest of honor, joining students bearing their diplomas in


celebratory photos!





Student Comments Ryan, Per, Dennis & Frank

Dennis Gebbink (now working as director/founder of Only Friends)

Jan Kees Mons (now working as Lifecoach for Life coach/Inspirator)

“As a man of the field this study came at the right time. With

“Following a successful career in banking and finance, I

the realization of my dream “a sports centre for disabled

decided it was time to do something entirely different, more

children” and the enormous growth of my club Only Friends,

aligned with who I am. Sports and personal growth are

this study matched perfectly with my personal evolvement.

both passions of mine and hence the choice to do a Master

The study has given me more self-confidence. It helps me in

in International Sports Management was easily made. MISM

my daily affairs. I have learnt to approach matters differently

gave me new insights in leadership. Moreover I learned to

and I have held on to certain theories that I learnt.”

know professional athletes and how they act and behave; this helps me when I am involved in life coaching or team

Esther Heijnen (now working as Office Manager at Avantage training en

coaching of athletes. For consultants purposes I have learned


specific knowledge about sports organizations.”

“After coaching the female gymnast at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing I needed a new challenge, especially mentally. The

Elsa de Greef (now working as a Process Manager at Randstad)

personal development I experienced made my “being” much

“I already finished the Johan Cruyff University and after

more stable and from this I profit every day, in my work and

gaining some work experience I decided to do the masters as

in my private life.”

well. This is so I could expand my knowledge. It was a year of personal growth and a confirmation of my own abilities.” Rutger Tijssen (now working as assistant coach at TVM commercial skating team)

“There were several moments, too many to mention, but the strategic management lessons inspired me. It helped me a lot with having a different look at organizations and figuring out why and what they decided. The MISM helped me as a person and as a sport coach, it showed me clearly why people are acting as they are doing. My experiences were all positive, good professors and a great organization.” Frank, Jan Kees, Danny, Esther & Michael



Julia Mueller (worked for Under Armour Europe from September 2009

and the set up was very practical (not academic). Experiences

until December 2011, now focused on Olympic preparations with the German

overall were very good. Abdul Rahman was brilliant and Todd

Womens Hockey team for London 2012)

Beane was very inspiring. I learned more about myself, which

“I will never forget the lessons from Wim de Wit, serious

is also useful in my work as a lawyer.”

working and laughing moments. Interactive lessons!” Michel Ribbens (now working as the Manager of a jazz club in Rotterdam) Paul Toes (full time wheelchair basketball player for the Dutch national

“I always wanted to know more about the economics and


business of sports. I'm a total freak for facts and statistics of

“I'll never forget Wim de Wit. What an amazing character that

sports but didn't know a lot about the financial side of it.”

man is. Such an energetic individual. I've always enjoyed every lesson. The professors teaching at MISM always had time to explain anything over and over again.” Hedwig Davelaar (at the moment doing research for company Mars whilst finishing a Master in Marketing Management)

“We learned a lot from the sport management and sport marketing professionals. During the classes we worked in a small class of students and that is why we got to know each other. Besides that we could learn from each other.” Jan-Paul van Nes (works as a lawyer, currently in Australia gaining more experience by doing volunteer work at different sport events)

“I was attracted by Cruyff's basic philosophy on how sport organizations should be run (‘keep it simple and sport people first'). Another reason was that the Master only took one year

Jan-Paul, Wally & Erik

Jochem, Rutger & Jesse

Julia, Godfried & Frank



Student Comments Miranda Offers (now working as Location Manager at BSO Hakuna Matata)

“I made a business plan for a sporty after school childcare together with Julia Mueller. During the making of the plan I came to find the content of the work even more enjoyable, and I even came to visit the company where I now work. After the study I came to the conclusion that I would like to work in this field of business, so I ended up at BSO Akuna Matata where I now work as the location manager for the largest location.” Esli Onclin (now working as Club Manager at Sportfondsen Haarlemmermeer)

“The classes of Henk were fun, he was always focused, and of

Frank, Hedwig & Ilja

course his favorite question: why? Also some of the classmates

Frank Balvers (now working at the Sales department of Sanoma Media)

inspired me. I last visited Dennis Gebbink (at Only Friends), it is

“After I finished my HBO Sport Marketing study I wanted to

great to see what he has reached and a real example of pure

develop myself further in the sport sector. It was a logical step


to follow the MISM. It was ideal, a 1 year program where I learned a lot. It was a great year, but it was tough next to my

Arlo Hemkes (works as Marketeer at Nationale Nederlanden)

regular 40 hour working week.”

“I have to implement the plans that I made in an organization of 6000 people. This is a rather complex task which includes

Ilja van Holtsteijn (now working as Manager Cruyff Courts at the Johan

convincing people, leading change and networking. My social

Cruyff Foundation)

skills, which was a pivotal element of the MISM, help me to

“The MISM was a great way to get a good base in all the

lead the entire company to a focus change.”

aspects Sports Management, to get to know a lot of sport minded people and develop your values and personal leadership skills. I think that I've grown personally during the MISM, and that I use that in my daily work.”



Message Board 2008 - 2009


Follow your heart. Michael:

We haven’t seen each other for a while. I still have a lot of warm Albert:


memories from our study year. Hope

It was a real pleasure to be in a

Reading through my ‘This I Believe’

year next to you, because I learned

assignment (Nice one, Todd), I got

something from all of you. The

reminded that it is not so much

knowledge is not only in the books

the end goal, but more the path

Remember: Sport, it’s not just a

and the PowerPoints.

towards this goal that can give great

game anymore! Sometimes my heart

pleasure and valuable experiences.

says it’s a pity and a disadvantage

to catch up soon! Michel B:

I hope everybody is enjoying and

for the nature of sports (that it’s not

I hope the potential value of being

appreciating their path towards their

just a game anymore), but we are

connected will be explored and used


the specialists to take advantage of


in the future. If there is any possible way I can be beneficial for a fellow

these developments. After all, “every Jesse:

JC-member I would be honoured to

To the guys of my business plan

help out.

group: Think it would be fun to catch up at Bosbaan!

perseverance to get to your goal! Erwin:

Michel R:

I just hope everybody is doing fine and wish them good luck.


Use your determination and

disadvantage has its …”

Jochem S:

I hope all of you are well and


whenever you are close to Papendal

You made my year with you one of

feel free for a cup of coffee.

the best! Hope to see again one day!

“Life is a mindset’’ E.D. Julia: Esther:

Really enjoyed this study and it was a

Although not often in touch, you all

great experience with all of you. Talk

pass my mind frequently; the MISM

a lot about it, it helped me a lot and

changed my life!

will help in my future career for sure.


Become an eternal student. Richard:

Be happy by staying healthy and focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses, good luck!



Class of 34



Year 3 of the MISM in Amsterdam and the program continues to grow and develop. Jack remains the coordinator with Marieke assisting him during the year and Esther working with the program until January 2010. The group of 36 students is made up of cyclists, basketballers, footballers, volleyballers, hockey players & coaches, martial artists, a swimmer, a triathlete and a horse rider. Joost de Wit became the Entrepreneurial Management professor, Frans Boumans is the new Spor t Finance professor and the Skills module replaces the Facilit y & Event Management module.



Class of Natasha A dmiraal


Timi A kinrele

“When I think of the MISM I think of a family with common interests”

Marieke E nkt

Sander Fonville

“Sport is an excellent binding factor”

“The experience of building a business plan I used for my own plan”

E rik H ermans

K risty H ousley

“The small group made it more personal”

A shley J udge “Interesting backgrounds that came together trough sport.”



Madelon Baans “I use the experience and skills from the study”

“I learnt a lot about myself”

Toine K lerks “Know yourself as a human being”

C arolien Harleman

Ronald B eukers “Group atmosphere was great”

Frank Harrak “Network and good lessons and interesting teachers”

J eroen

de J ong

“I better understand how I can improve myself”

J ohan Kuijper “ Very different from all the other classes I had done before”


de J ong

“I use the knowledge of all modules at my current job”

L aura van Leeuwen “Emphasis on loyalty & commitment I’ve experienced”

Daan B oon “It’s all about how much effort you put in to the program”

L uc H erberichs “1 year of MISM creates a total different mindset”

I ris de J ong Posthumus “People with those backgrounds was a good combination”

J elle L uijnenburg “I’m implementing my business plan at the moment”

N iels M eijer “It was the start of my second career”

Jan R ademaker “A great experience”

E d Vander

Leendert Jan M ulder

Maud M ulder

“Gives you possibilities to personal growth”

“Knowledge& skills from the MISM are always with me”

I rene S loof “Those moments I will treasure”

Tim Veldt

Marijn Petermeijer

S erge S poelstra “To me the MISM is a life changing experience”

K arlijn Veth “A lot of personals insight made me more ‘me’ in my job”

Dorien Tenhaeff “Different student backgrounds are an interesting addition”




“I use the learned knowledge but also use the practical skills”

Matthé Pronk “It was a unique chance to create a future”

Paul Tips “A diverse group who can look at the same challenge differently”

Leonie Weijling “It opened my eyes about the whole sports sector”

D erk van Westenbrugge




Leendert Jan Mulder (Pro-athlete,


Business Owner and Foundation Director)

“Study on a high level with the possibilities a pro-athlete needs.”

The MISM team is continuing to develop the program, to fulfill the wants and needs of the market. Alyson, Jack and the professor team have been busy evaluating the content, and have made some changes based on their findings. The biggest change is the removal of Facility & Event Management from the module portfolio, making way for the Skills module. The goal is to provide a portfolio of workshops enabling students to have the opportunity to improve their skills, the

Luc Herberichs (now working at the Marketing department of Neptunus)

“1 year of MISM creates a total different mindset; it changes your way of thinking.”

skills that are necessary for any manager in a sports organization (such as Energy Management, Time Management, Listening, Presentation and Negotiation skills). There are a lot more women this year: 14 women and 22 men. 3 students of international origin join the program, from the United States, Nigeria and Australia. This year there are 2 students travelling up and down from Belgium to follow the program. The academic year begins on 11 September 2009, a Friday afternoon session in Amsterdam. This is followed by a full day Entrepreneurial Management session

Jelle Luijnenburg (Manager of Roeicentrum Berlagebrug)

“Hands on study that's putting your thoughts in overdrive, and JCISS is possibly one of the better schools for sports minded people…possibly because there is 10.000 hours needed to become the best!”

with Joost at the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven the following day. Similar to 2008-2009, the morning and evening classes have different schedules, with the common classes being held on a number of Saturdays throughout the year. The Barcelona trip is held 7-10 January 2010, with 32 of the group attending the 4-day program. Valenti Giro receives the highest rating from the student group. The FC Barcelona basketball match on the Saturday evening is also a hit. The Masters Graduation is held 4 June 2010. This year the MISM students are joined by the new International Master in Coaching students at graduation. Todd Beane hosts the event and provides a lasting memory for relatives and friends of the students. It is also at graduation that we say goodbye to Alyson Annan as manager of the Institute, and Jack Holtman as coordinator of the MISM.



ASHLEY JUDGE (now working as part of the finance team for The Gap in New York)

“The field trips and guest speakers were awesome. Not only were we gaining first-hand experience from knowledgeable professionals, we were given the opportunity to go ‘behind the scenes' of events, that most people are not privy to.”



Student Comments Irene, Karlijn & Marieke

Irene Sloof (wheelchair basketball trainer and coach working at the CTO

Karlijn Veth (now working as a Management Trainee for Randstad

in Papendal with the mens and womens team, and coach of the U22 national



“There are a thousand moments I will never forget. But what

“Fonds gehandicaptensport gave me the chance to follow this

comes to mind immediately are the Barcelona trip, the talks

Master. I have been a basketball player all my life and sport is

to the teachers who always challenged the students and the

what I love. To get the opportunity to learn more about what

presentation in dragons den. A lot of personal insights made

happens behind the scenes of playing and coaching was one I

me more ‘me' in my job and a lot of information I can use

took with enthusiasm.”

every day.”

Margo de Vries (now working as Coordinator Kaderontwikkeling at the

Dorien Tenhaeff (now working as a consultant for Nevobo, the Dutch


Volleyball Federation)

“The MISM and JCISS trigger students to take a closer look

“A challenge is a positive thing where you can extend your

at themselves, develop themselves and facilitates knowledge

knowledge and show what you are capable of. The MISM

transfer between students and teachers. All this happens in a

showed me that you should not avoid difficult cases, but

very friendly and inspiring environment.”

grasp these and see them as an opportunity.” Leonie Weijling (now works as an economics teacher at Jan Arentsz Middelbare school)

“I decided to follow MISM because I wanted to do something with my passion for sports! The number of sport related studies are just limited and the MISM course gave me directly a good feeling; it gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about sports management and marketing with other passionate people. My experience was that this study enriched my life; not only on personal level with new friends from all over, but also on a new level of mindset. It made me think in a new way and more strategically. It opened my eyes about the Alyson, Ed, Jelle, Dorien & Todd



whole sports sector and gave me new opportunities.”

Marieke Enkt (works for ABN AMRO)

“I read an interview with Michael Boogerd where he mentioned his participation in the MISM program. Part time opened the possibility to combine work and study and get

Paul, Laura & Sander

acquainted with sport management environment. Sport is an excellent binding factor for all people involved in

Paul de Jong (now works as User Experience Designer for Funda)

MISM and the Institute. No matter what, it all comes back to

“The graduation day. At that moment I realized what we'd

team work and the ability to learn from each other.”

achieve the past year. And we could, I mean, should be proud of that. I had an amazing time, with ups and downs, with

Serge Spoelstra (now working in recruitment at More the art of Work)

relaxation and stress, with lots of work and not so lots of

“There are several MISM moments I will never forget and

work and fine professors. I use the knowledge of all modules

those are the moments when students help and learn from

at my current job and by running the foundation Stichting

each other and each other's experiences. I never forget the


vivid discussions, confrontations and exchanges of points of view. To me the MISM is a life changing experience, because it

Laura van Leeuwen (now works for the KNVB)

has basically changed the way I think and perceive things. It

“The moment I will never forget is the presentation of the

has taught me so much about interpersonal communication,

business plan KNVB football schools. All creativity, co-

leadership, strategy, marketing and all other aspects that

operation with my fellow students Paul and Sander, the

cover the course.”

KNVB, time and energy came together in this plan for Football Schools. We were very satisfied about the plan on paper,

Serge & Niels

somewhat less on the presentation that day. Nevertheless, the football schools are now a product (for the KNVB) to develop amateur football clubs in the Netherlands.” Niels Meijer (now working as Manager of the Master in Coaching for the Johan Cruyff Institute)

“A moment I will treasure is the process I was in with my business plan group. It was a great experience for me, from the moment we started brainstorming about the idea until presenting our plan to the Dragons. I learned a great deal during that period.”



Message Board 2009- 2010 Ashley:

I hope everyone from the evening


Thanks for the great time!

group of MISM 2009-2010 is doing

I don’t believe in the idea that only children should spend their time in

well! I miss you all.

study. Be a student so long as you still Irene:



have something to learn, and this will

Besides working hard on developing

mean you will feel like a student all

yourself you make friendships for life!

your life.

We should catch up and have a drink! Jan: Dorien:

Thanks to the teachers, students and

As an alumni, I hope we can find ways for information!

to continue to grow the network and

employees of the Cruyff Institute, the

help each other to realize our own

MISM year has taught me a lot about Sport Management and the work


Take a look at www.sanitas-

individual dreams….As the manager Jeroen:

of the program now, I am very

possibilities within this field. MISM

Thanks for the different views,

proud of the students who commit

year 2009/2010, thanks!

different backgrounds but the same

to program and to developing

drive to learn as much as possible in

themselves in the process. It is always

the journey we made together.

a privilege to see the changes of each and every student during the study year. I wish you success in your future endeavours, and hope you will remain committed to developing yourself and remaining open to new ideas and innovations.




See you in 2028.


The most important question of all…

Paul de J:

“Make the best of it and make it now”

“WHY?” Leonie:

Great class, great people, great

Paul T: Matthé:

meeting you all! Definitely stay in

It was a intensive and unforgettable

touch and wish you all the best!

time in my life until now, where you

Always ask yourself: “How high is high today?”

share with people with the same passion and develop a bond. Thank you for sharing your ideas, friendship and happiness. Remember:


Thank you for this experience.


Because of the education and you Natascha:

I started my own company and I

“Happiness is the only thing which

MISM avondklas 2009-2010 I miss

hope I can do something for you, like

doubles, if one shares it”


providing job opportunities. If I can do something for you, let me know.


Always remember: Citius, Altius,


Let’s keep in touch.




Class of 44



MISM’s four th year. Lots of changes at the Institute. Kristy Housley became the facilitator of the program. Ruud Polet (from ING Business School) stands in as interim manager for the Cruy f f Institute. 36 new students enrolled in the program. This group included our first student s f r om Hungar y, Isra el, B ulgar ia, Cyprus, and Curaçao. Once again there was a broad range of sport backgrounds, including skating, downhill skiing, snowboarding, swimming, hockey, football, korfball (our first ‘korfballer’!), volleyball and softball. This was the f irst year we pioneered Sk ype in the MISM (thanks to our travelling biathlete Herbert Cool).



Class of R amon A legre B iosca “Experience in an international environment”

Sabrina B uur “MISM is a part of my development”

R enate G roenewold


J ulienne A lkema “I will never forget the three C’s of Henk Verschuur”

H erbert Cool “Passionate people who love sport and had the time of their life”

M ichael H eijtenis

“You learn a lot, and also a lot about yourself”

E sther J onker “I’m much more structured”



L oes Balk “I have to believe in it and work hard to achieve it”

Marco D ijkema

“Know who you are and believe in yourself”

E duard D riessen

“All sports people together was really social bonding”

K ees H endriks “I am the director of my own life and I make my own choices”

E milia K abadozova

Mark Balk “I liked the way of teaching: Substantiated with anecdotes”

N ir K atzir “I wanted to wish my dreams and work in a sport environment”

N iels B reuker “It’s a safe environment and all the teachers are people too”

Tom G erits “Passionate people who love sport and had the time of their life”

Fieke H olman “Every lecture I got triggered and motivated”

N icholas Kwast

van der

“I plan for the future and make sure personal happiness comes first”

M ichel Janssen “Sport experiences are easy to use within regular businesses”

Kjell L abaere “Gave me chances, believed in me, triggered & got the best out of me”



L oor

“The MISM was a perfect complement to my sport experience… like 1+1=3”

Tom van O ever


“Leadership and Strategic Management can be applied anywhere”

A rie Verburg “Trying to be Consistent, Committed and accepting the Consequences”

L oizos L ouvaris “Opportunity to share knowledge with elite athletes & creative minds”

Tessa van Panne


“Knowledge and the connections to work in sports marketing”

Evelien Vonk “I got to know myself better and what I can offer the sports world”

Ruud van M eijden


“Everybody treats you the same: Olympic champions or amateurs.”

Roland R ademaker “We learned a way of thinking”

M itchell van Waardenburg “I learned, I experienced, I improved, I graduated”

Wies van den M eiracker “Convinced me to continue with what I’m doing & how to get there”

G ert S choltes “In difficult moments I try to think about the lessons”

A ndreas van der

Paul M ennink “Every day I use different things I learned in the MISM”

B ela Szenasi “An important milestone in my life”


“Extraordinary one day seminars”





Loizos Louvaris (our first student from Cyprus, currently working as Shop Manager at Fast and Easy)

“Absolutely great experience. I The summer of 2010 was spent evaluating the program and making adjustments based on feedback from the graduates of 2009-2010. Kristy as program facilitator and Joost as head professor closely with Todd over the summer to make subtle changes to the program. Some of the biggest changes include aligning of the

enjoyed the opportunity to share knowledge with elite athletes and creative minds. I really use it a lot. I try to be consistent and reliable.”

morning and evening class schedules (this means both groups now follow the same schedule and still have Saturday sessions together), refining the grading system, incorporating more site visits and guest speakers into all modules throughout the year, and launching of the new virtual campus. On 10 September the MISM launched with 36 new students. This new group of students had an average age of 28 years, with the youngest at enrollment being 21 years (congrats Kjell), and the oldest somewhere above the big 4-0 (that’s

Kjell Labaere (now working as Department Manager for Decathlon Antwerp)

“A whole year moment where diversity of students form one group of colleagues and friends.”

our secret, isn’t it Paul!). Site visits during the year included FC Utrecht Stadium, Papendal, the ‘Zes Daagse’ in Amsterdam, the Nike Campus at Hilversum and an optional trip to FC Mainz in Germany (accompanied by Joost & Frans) for those students who wished to attend. Some of the guest speakers included Peter Kentie (PSV), Victor Hoekstra (Van Lanschot), Joris Coppes (social media) and Craig Masback (Nike). The Barcelona trip was moved earlier to November, and a theme for the trip was established thanks to feedback from the 2009-2010 students. This Management & Leadership theme set the stage for the guest speakers (everyone’s favorite Valenti Giro made an appearance again) and site visits (Camp Nou was back on the agenda). There was a re-match of the World Cup finale using the MISM Barcelona students versus the MISM Amsterdam students (luckily the Dutch group were the victorious side on this occasion!). Following another successful Dragons Den week on 16 and 18 May, the Masters graduation was held on 17 June 2011.



Esther Jonker (organizes sport events at Bovelander & Bovelander events in Haarlem)

“I will never forget the amazing days in Barcelona. We became one group! The Institute is very professional, teachers from all businesses, a perfect combination to graduate from an interesting study. I'm much more structured and I'm able to plan my work much better than before I graduated.”



Student Comments Tom

Fieke Holman (now working as Marketing Manager at Hockey Republic)

Tom van den Oever (is working as Project Manager at Tyco

“All the different lectures from the MISM I will never forget.


Every lecture I got triggered and motivated. And I think that

“It has been quite a turbulent last year for me at the MISM

is very difficult to achieve. Of course the days where we had

balancing a full time job with a study. However, once again it

to present our Business Plans were also very memorable.

showed that following where your passion is, with challenging

That whole year you have worked so hard to finally get there.

people around gave an incredible amount of energy and

When that moment comes you realize that you have just a

proudness in the end to achieve a diploma of value and an

couple of minutes to be as convincing and persuasive as you

extensive network of nice people.“

can be. Those points I found a big challenge and had been looking forward to that moment for months.”

Ramon Alegre Biosca (hockey player for SV Kampong Hockey and actively looking for a job opportunity in the Netherlands to start after the

Evelien Vonk (now working as Project

Olympic Games in London 2012)

Manager at Rotterdam United Baseball)

“I will never forget two moments: after the first appointment

“I will never forget the first day

with Kristy at JCI facilities and after the Business Plan

we met with both MISM groups.

presentation. The first one because meant that I had a new

I believe Todd did a great job

challenge in my life to pass the MISM, and the second because

starting off the year with the

I reach my goal and I passed it. An unforgettable experience

energy he has inside of him. He set

in an international environment, where you can interact with

the standard and was able to get

passionate sports people and top athletes.”

everyone comfortable with each

Fieke & Evelien

other. It is not on a daily bases

Michel Janssen (now working as Team Manager at UWV)

that I think: what did I learn at the

“Experiences from the sports are very easy to use within

JCI and how can I use that today?

regular businesses. You're part of a team and mostly your

From my previous studies I had a good theoretical base. I

depending on others and others on you. I daily use the

think the MISM prepared me personally for the job. I got to

Management Experience and skills that I learned during the

know myself better and what I can offer the sports world. I


think I take that with me every day.”



Nicholas van der Kwast (now looking for a job)

“I will never forget the moments with the new friends I made as well as some of the opportunities that have come out of the program like working with PSV and meeting one of my childhood idols, Johan Cruyff himself. It was a tremendous learning opportunity where I got to experience some of the most unique sporting environments and meet incredible and genuine top professionals from the sporting industry. The lessons learned have given me a new perspective on sport as

Group in Barcelona

well as a new sense of self-awareness and confidence.”

Kees Hendriks (now working as a volunteer at the youth academy

Ruud van der Meijden (now working as Marketing Manager at MVM

experiences, getting closer to fellow students and getting


closer to myself. During the lessons time management I

“Everybody who works within the MISM does everything to

learned how to handle in stressful situations, how important

help you and you can call or mail everyone day or night with

it is to have your own rhythm and your periods of rest.

questions of whatever you want to know. Above this I think

Next to that I have learned to make my own choices. I am the

it's a great compliment for the people there that everybody

director of my own life and I make my own choices.”

NEC/FC Oss) “It

was one big rollercoaster ride, from learning

is treated equally. If you're an Olympic champion or just someone acting on amateur-level everybody treats you the

Tessa van der Panne (now working as a sport marketing teacher for

same and that's very special.”


“JCI provides you with the knowledge and the connections Arie Verburg (now working as an Online Marketeer at BCC)

to work in sports marketing. It's fun, a unique learning

“It's a journey one follows with a great mix of people who

experience and they provide a good mix between theory and

share the same passion for sports but who have a different

practice. I use the theory and especially the information from

perspective on life, learning and business. This makes you

guest lectures and the sports venues/companies as input in

humble, respectful and inspired all the way.”

some of my classes.” ANDREAS VAN DER WEIJDE (now working as a teacher for Saxion)

“Extraordinary one-day seminars gives you inspiration, fun and guidance in the sport!”

Arie & Sabrina



Message Board 2010- 2011 Arie:



Be humble and become a great sports

Dear all, I wish everybody a great

Thank you for a wonderful year that

leader. And keep in mind Thomas

future and hope that with the

opened my eyes about how many

Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just

knowledge you got during MISM you

people are as crazy and passionate

found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

all become great leaders in the sport

about sports as I am. It was an honour


being your classmate and student and it matured me as a person.


I learnt from my classmates and


professors and I hope I provided

The MISM is a great study. What

something for them…I hope I was a

you put in to it is what you get out

Thanks for a great year, to get

‘puzzelstukje’ for them.

of it. The JCISS has great resources

to know everybody (class mates,

available to you for during the MISM

professors, JCI staff), and to

and after. It was an awesome time

learn from your experiences and

A year I will never forget thanks to

at the JCISS. Learned much from

knowledge. Keep in touch!

my classmates, professors and Kristy

the study and I am putting this into


practice in my job. Would definitely


choose to do it all over again. Fieke:

your heart and do what you love, only

An unforgettable experience! Thanks

then you can give the best out of you

for everything! Gert:

the other trainees! Loes:

meet in future businesses, this means

I have a lot of warm memories with

that both yours and my dream to

and from my classmates. Every time

work in the professional sports world

we meet each other it is still really

has come true!



Thank you Kristy, Marielle, Marieke,

Dear classmates, I hope that we will

and contribute to the world!



Laura, Niels, Ruud, Jack, Alyson and all


Don’t give up on your dreams, follow



Come on!!!!



Guys I miss you every Monday and

I want to thank everybody, my fellow

Wednesday, sometimes I even miss

classmates, professors and everyone I

the Saturday with all you. Life with

met in this incredible year for sharing

MISM: I hope that we can get

the MISM year 2011/2012 was great!

their passion for sport and all their

(together) one or twice a year for a

I learned a lot of myself and of the

lessons about life and business, I will

training because some knowledge

course. The performance of Todd still

take with me the rest of my life.

you forget so easy. (I will even pay for

makes me smile, but our performance

a yearly training)

on the beach in Barcelona is lifetime





by the professors. I hope to stay in

je bent gevallen.

contact and eventually work in the world of sport (with a little bit of your



Tom van den O: Renate:

Live life to the max!

Thank you all for this wonderful year. Hopefully we will stay in regular touch and help each other when needed!

You’ve all become friends and I will see you all at Bela’s wedding!! ;-)


Out of the box truly inspirational.

I would like to thank you all again for the wonderful time I had during the

happy how the MISM was set up

Succes is een keer meer opstaan dan Eindhoven kampioenen. Mitchell:

I am happy with the chance that Telesport has given me and I am


I miss the talks.



Have fun, get out of your box!


Good luck with everything you do! Enjoy life.



Class of 54



Five years on and the MISM is still evolving! The Cruyff Institute has moved to our new location – Laan der Hesperiden 118 – and the Institute team has been busy ensuring the new study year will commence with seamless transition. Bram Lomans starts as the new manager for the Cruyff Institute; Kristy is still the program manager and Joost the head professor. The modules and professor team stay the same as 2010 -2011 with some changes to content and scheduling (based on our commitment to listening to and learning from our alumni and future students). 41 students start the MISM on 14 September 2011, held together with the Cruyff Foundation Open Day at the Olympic Stadium. 39 students will graduate at the end of the study year. The 5th year of MISM sets some new ‘records’ for the program, including the oldest & youngest students to enroll (congrats Steve & Thomas!), the first student from Turkey and the largest number of completed business plans (20 plans written in total in 20112012!). We are proud of the progress the program has made so far, and look forward to the challenges in the next 5 years.



Class of S ebastiaan A mbagtsheer


A rjenne Bastiaansen

“I will try to understand each person as an individual”

“People with the same mindset: ambitious with attention for each other”

Robin B urgman

Lenneke Corsten

“This study is about you in everything you do”



G ilde

“A unique practical sport experience education”

I nge H uitzing “I try to share knowledge with others interested in sports and business”



“We turned from classmates into friends”

Daan G lorie “It was a “priceless” experience and lesson from Valentino Giro”

A lex


H unen

“I will never forget the strong group feeling in Barcelona”



B on

“Good experience to be back at school”

K irsten Doorn


“I dare to be different”

K erem G okmen “Acquiring academic knowledge while having lots of fun”

Douwe K appelle “How strangers become friends”

Jan B os “It gave me new insights”

Jaap Dozy “The energy I get from the MISM I put into my daily life”

Mats H euzen

M ichiel B rewee “You get to know people in a different way”

J ohn



“Do what gives energy”

E rnesto H oost

“It is about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and when to use them”

G ene K emble “All the classes at different sports locations”

G eorge K ipiani “My second big family...”

A lain Kooiman

R ins

“We shared great moments in Barcelona and are connected forever”

Wouter M ol

van der

“After my career I needed a new challenge”

“I use it every day at work”

“The study makes you better prepared of working in a sport field”

“I will never forget the moment that Wim was showing all his identities”

“Really changed my way of working in a huge way”

J ohn


“I use the lessons in daily work but also in personal life”

I rsan Widarto “I wanted to find out if I could turn my passion into a profession”

“I enjoy the friendly atmosphere between class and professors”


“The interaction between students is remarkable”

Koos M oerenhout

L ottum

“Being part of such a highly motivated group is energizing”

Maarten S choenmaker

“I have learned a lot and enjoyed the connection with other students”

S eb Visser

Steve L awrence

Peter van Paassen

O mar S chlingemann


Paul Veldhuijzen


Marc N uijten

“It helps starting my own business”

E dwin



R eus

“What happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona”

M ichael

Leonie S chreve “We all have different backgrounds, but are eager to develop further”

Thomas van Z anten “The entire package of the MISM I will not forget”


R iet

“BIRD is the word!”

Tamara Tien “I’m focusing more on long term goals”

H erre Zonderland “Very useful for developing and exploring yourself”

Tom Zoontjes “The MISM will help me to find my place in the world of sports”




Edwin van der Sar (now working as


Football analyst on television for NOS and doing commercial activities for Manchester United)

“The introduction of Henk Verschuur Whilst the program is continuously developing both the professor team and module make up are becoming more stable, and only minor changes need to be made to the content of the program. Some additional subjects are added to the Management & Leadership module following suggestions from graduates, including human resource management, organizational development and change management. Guest speakers include Henk Markerink (CEO Amsterdam Arena), Bob van Oosterhout (Triple Double), Paul van den Heuvel (KNZB), and Carla de Groot & Hans Lubberding (Stichting Olympisch Stadion). The sites and events visited include European Water Polo Championships (at the Pieter van den Hoogenband Stadium in Eindhoven), Papendal, Eiffel Towers Den Bosch, Amsterdam Arena, and RKC Waalwijk. An optional study trip was also organized for MISM students and alumni to London in the lead up to the London Olympics. Skype is now a regular feature in the course, with one student attending class via Skype almost every session. Once again Barcelona is HUGE hit! Of the 41 students, 38 attend the study trip. This is the first year all the MISM professors also attend – bringing the total number of participants to 46. A new hotel has to be found to accommodate this growing group, and the team in Barcelona does an awesome job to make sure this is another memorable occasion. The student group are very active outside the classroom, organizing additional events such as a pre-christmas dinner in Amsterdam, a visit to Eiffel Towers Den Bosch to watch classmate Peter van Paassen play, a golf tournament at Easter, and Ronde van Oranjewoud in May. At the time of writing the students are busy completing their business plans and preparing for the Dragons Den on 14 and 16 May 2012. All going well, 20 business plans will be delivered (on time!), and 39 students will graduate on Friday 8 June at the ING House in Amsterdam.



and the start of his strategic management lesson left me puzzled at the end for all the brain activity I needed to participate!” Vera de Reus (now working as gymnastics coach for

“Practical things and all the knowledge and insights form you in a different way of thinking and doing things.” Jaap Dozy (now working as Sales and Account Manager for Monster Energy drink)

“Every day I think about what I have learned so far. All the energy I get from the MISM I put into my daily life.” RINS VAN KOUWEN (working as sports editor at a newspaper and as a tennis trainer)

“Overall, the MISM has given me more insight in who I am and what I'm good at, and a more clear vision of the direction I'd like to go to in working life.”



Student Comments Irsan & Jan

Kirsten van Doorn (currently working as Sales employee at Tally-ho)

Jan Bos (currently working for HPT Delft, trying to break the world speed

“All my experiences with the MISM are too much fun, too

record on bike)

unforgettable, too embarrassing, too great to miss out on.

“The moment Wim de Wit was taking off ten sets of clothes,

I look at things from more than one angle and try to think

and at the end he was just wearing his underwear. Just be

more outside the box and dare to be different.”

yourself, and don't be ashamed of it, even if you sometimes look silly.”

Thomas van Zanten (currently working as Logistics department at Pon Logisctics)

Wouter Mol (currently working as volunteer for field hockey club RHV

“It's hard to define moments in the MISM. It is a cliché but


for me it was the entire package of the MISM that I will not

“I've experienced the MISM and JCISS as the ideal way for me

forget. For the first time in 4 years I was forced to think not

to develop myself as a person and student. For me, the subject

only about my actions but also why I made these actions.

and approach are perfect. In the MISM you're developing

Combining this with the craziness that apparently occurs at

yourself, so it's used every second of the day. Next to that, it

random in the classroom, you find yourself in a rollercoaster

helps with my managing skills for the hockey club and it helps

that doesn't slow down until the end of the ride. It allows you

starting my own business.”

to reinvent your ways of thinking, working and living. Because of the MISM I can't watch a football match anymore without

Leonie Schreve (currently working as Director and Head of ING’s

analyzing the coach.”

Sustainability Risk Team)

“The practical set up of the program and focus on learning Maarten Schoenmaker

based on competencies is a perfect fit for me. The open

(currently working as a Manager

atmosphere and diversity of people helps me enormously

for Philips)

to develop further on who I am, what I have done and

“The group transformed

what I am capable of. The MISM brings me the theoretical

very quickly into a

and practical management knowledge, which I can relate

“family”, with everybody

well to my daily work. It helps me to improve my work and

helping the others to

management style.”

grow.” Maarten in Barcelona



Kerem Gokmen (our first student from Turkey!)

Gene Kemble (student from St Martin, currently working for HEMA)

“I can never forget Wim's performances in classes, especially

“I know it starts with me and I try to improve myself every

the first Saturday class. The lessons were always so fun. Also

day. Putting 100% effort, commitment and efficiency in

I can never forget how surprised I was when I saw Edwin in

whatever I do.”

the first class, I was so proud that I was in the same class with him.”

Léon de Gilde (currently working as Director of EMEA Customer Service)

“This education is all about who you are, what you want Alain Kooiman (currently a self-employed Management Consultant)

and what decisions will you take, staying true to yourself.

“The MISM is a dynamic, entertaining and memorable trip

This education has helped me to be a better me, be more

through sports business provided by inspiring professors

consistent, no guts no glory, and stay close to who you are

and a great group of supporting staff from the Institute. I

and what your values are. This is something you will use every

hope to use the knowledge and experiences I've gained in the

day in work and in private life.”

development, design and construction of the new Feyenoord stadium.” Tamara Tien (currently working for AON)

“I learned how to juggle. In one of the first Management & Leadership session of Todd Beane, I flunked big time with juggling, because I didn't had the skills & knowledge how to juggle. But with a coach (Vera de Reus) who had the knowledge (and Wikipedia!) I developed the skills that I needed how to juggle.”

Tom & Léon

Introduction - Tamara’s story

Michael & Gene



Message Board 2011- 2012


I am so proud being here with the professors and my classmates. Everybody was so kind and friendly. Kirsten:

Thanks everyone who made my year Alain:


unforgettable! Can I pleeeease join

Fellow classmates, professors

Thanks for the inside track in how to

the Barcelona trip next year and the

and supporting staff of the Cruyff

be active, social, financial and to be a

year after that and the year after

Institute: Thanks for a memorable

leader also off the pitch!


experience. Hope to see you at the next event of the Institute! Alex:

You’re the one who should do it, so


To professors and students: Thank

It was inspiring, fantastic and

you very much for sharing your


knowledge and creating a perfect

always invest in yourself.

learning environment where students Jaap:



Many thanks for the great experience.

can learn from you and each other.

I hope to stay in touch with you fellow

It's a pleasure to be part of the MISM

students and professors in the near

network. I love the MISM ‘culture'

future. For now I want to thank you

I always wondered why former

which for me is ambition while never

for a great year.

students/professors/etc. were so extremely positive about the MISM,

forgetting the human factor. Jan:

I had a lot of fun with everyone…


Students, thanks for all the amazing experiences! I will never forget this


now I understand! I notice that I am very enthusiastic about MISM towards other people, without being able to

John van E:

make an exact statement why MISM

great time. The last months was

“Sport has the power to change the

is great. It is something you need to

not only about learning, but also:

world. It has the power to unite in a

experience yourself!

supporting and being friends.

way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand.

Léon de G:

Sport can create hope where once

MISM: Memorable Inspirational Self-

Never forget this educational and fun

there was only despair. ” (Nelson

reflecting Moments


Mandela, 2000)




Léon van B:


I wish for all students that the

Thanks for all the amazing

business plans will make it to a

experiences and learnings and

successful business.

remember keep the BIRD alive!


Stay in touch Tamara:

Thank you all for the great time. It Leonie:


The MISM couldn’t be so inspiring

Dear Dutchies and fellow foreigners!

without you: my fellow class mates

Boys will be boys and girls will stay

and professors. I have learned a

girls but MISM’ers will become

lot from you, enjoyed the fun and

leaders of change!

refreshing views is really great and


Be involved and follow your dreams


Dear MISM’ers, down here about how great the past year was. But I’m not going to do that. Instead I want to thank all of you.

valuable. Thank you for re-energizing and inspiring me!

you all soon!

I can write down entire monologue

working together. Your diversity in characters, experiences and

was an amazing journey. Hope to see


Thank you for sharing your knowledge

I really enjoyed this year working and

with this young grasshopper. I have

talking about the thing we all truly

learned so much from each and all of

Very great experience with

love. Sports combined us and within

you. The adventures we all experienced

everybody: Students professors and

this education you can really feel that

during this year are proof that no

staff all with one goal to let grow

in everything we have done.

matter what your background is,


everybody towards his/her own goal/ top. Marc:

passion is something that bonds us all. Seb:

doubt that you will accomplish your

Let's stay in touch in the future!

dreams no matter how impossible they

If you do what you always have done, you will get what you always have gotten so far.

seem. Sincerely and with the utmost Sebastiaan:

respect to all of you.

Thank you for this great experience. I have learned from every single person


Once again, thank you and I have no

Thanks for the great time we had.

who is part of the MISM and I hope I


Thank you all for inspiring me!

Enjoy every minute of the

can use this for my future career. The

International Master of Sport

course has given me great insight of

Management, before you even know,

what I can expect when working for a

Thanks to all of you for your

it is over!

sports related organization.

knowledge and friendship!




Mark & Loes


Strategic Management 2008-2009

Special Stories

Johan Cruyff Institute Marc van GEEST (now working in multiple

Erwin Derksen (now working as Marketing

Jochem Schellens (Manager National

Manager for Montone Cycling B.V., MISM student

Olympic Training centre Papendal, MISM student



“I‘ve used and still use a lot of

“The whole period was unforgettable

knowledge into my daily life and work.

but the private sessions with Johan,

I gained a lot of experience from the

Barcelona and the practical discussions

presentations method of MISM.”

I will never forget. It brought me the necessary extra expertise and network,

projects in hockey, MISM student 2007-2008)

“The MISM provides a platform to study

Frank Rengenhart (now working as a

and it gave me an insight and extra

for a management with like-minded

consultant for Page Personnel, MISM student

confirmation how good the Cruyff

people, who share your interest and


philosophy is for sports in general. I use

love for sports.”

“It's great to be together with people

the knowledge and network on a daily

who all have the same passion. Sport is


Sudesh Ramsaroep (now working as a

a binding factor.” Jeroen de JONG (now working as a Product

Process Specialist at Cordares, MISM student 2007-2008)

“I decided to follow the MISM, because I was looking for a method which was dynamic and not only a theoretical study. I'll never forget the dynamics from the classes, the interaction between the students and the teachers and the guest speakers. These were my most precious experiences.”


“I'll never forget the dynamics from the classes, the interaction between the students and the teachers and the guest speakers.”

Manager at Ortec TSS, MISM student 2009-2010)

“At ORTEC TSS we work with sport organizations. I joined the MISM to better understand how sport organizations work. The network of the MISM is a great plus too.”



Special Stories

Athletes Jochem Uytdehaage (Founder Sporttop

Daan training in Barcelona

where I really learned a lot. I needed

I learn in the MISM. Besides all the

to come from Belgium for every class,

knowledge I will use in the future when

and that was really hard. All in all I am

I am working for maybe the Johan

happy I followed the program, but I can

Cruyff Foundation or Johan Cruyff

truly say it was tough.”


Foundation/ CEO De Uytdhaaging, Gold Medallist Olympic Games Salt Lake City 2002, World

Daan Glorie (Marathon swimmer, Dutch

Edwin van der Sar (Former professional

Champion Ice Skating 2002, MISM student 2008-

champion 2006 & 2011, Dutch Record 24 hour

Goal Keeper, played for Manchester United,


swimming 83km 400m, MISM student 2011-2012)

Fulham, Juventus & Ajax, 130 caps for the

“Two years after quitting my speed

“Currently I am busy with preparing

Netherlands, MISM student 2011-2012)

skating career I was searching for new

for a double Channel Swim, England-

“This has been a great experience and

experiences. The MISM was a good way

France-England. It's my dream to swim

an eye-opener for what is needed to be

to challenge myself and find out what I

that long “race”. In the preparation I

ready for a role on the sidelines instead

like to do in the future. (And hopefully it

have to find sponsors, talk with media

of participating on the football pitch!

also improved my English!)”

and sponsors, and those are skills which

I already have knowledge of a lot of

Michael Boogerd (Former Professional


things, but to translate on paper or in ideas is the thing I have learned most!”

Cyclist, Winner Amstel Gold Race 1999, 5th place Tour de France 1998. Dutch Champion 1997, MISM student 2008-2009)

“I was asked if I wanted to follow the MISM. I had enough spare time at that moment so I decided to do it. When I look back on the MISM I look back with a positive feeling. It was a fun time


Barcelona 2008-2009

Special Stories


Boys in Barcelona

Camp Nou

course. So many moments that come

Emilia Kabadozova (now working

to mind. But if I have to pick it would

as brand promoter for OXETTE jewellery,

be visiting DKV Joventut vs Barcelona

MISM student 2010-2011)

and afterwards speeding across town

“The Barcelona trip was the best

Sten Weingärtner (now working as

to catch the second half of a Barcelona

experience to remember. Four days

Account Manager at Masters in Finance,

soccer game.”

of study, socializing, visiting the greatest places like the Camp Nou

MISM student 2007-2008)

“The study trip was very bonding

Frank Harrak (now working as Director Sergio

and the Olympic stadium, fun, party

for the group, we had some great

Tacchini Netherlands, MISM student 2009-2010)

and discovering a great friendship.

moments with each other. I hope you'll

“Sitting in a cold bubble bath on the

We worked hard and we played hard.

understand that I can't give you any

roof of the Hotel with 3 colleagues with

We went to Barcelona as a group of

specific details:-) The soccer match of FC

-5 degrees and ordering 10 beers.”

students and came back as a bonded

Barcelona I will never forget because it's one of the few they lost at home.”

team of people connected with one Marieke Enkt (now working at ABN AMRO,

passion: Sport. I will never forget the

MISM student 2009-2010)

meeting with Johan Cruyff and the

Jesse Korf (now working as professional

“You know what they say: what

pleasure to listen to him. The last

basketball coach, MISM student 2008-2009)

happens in Barcelona stays in

sunny day on the beach when we have

“I think that most would agree that the

Barcelona! I will never forget being

shared some of the deepest feelings

Barcelona trip is the highlight of the

carried around by my classmates in

in our hearts. We got so emotional

relay. Just to get me to the bar after

and sincere and some of us even cried.

I stumbled in front of the hotel and

Learning more about each other and

crashed my ankle, which was taped

hearing heartbreaking stories bond us

professionally by Niels, on site in the

even more as friends.”

“You know what they say: what happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona!” 66

restaurant. Nothing could spoil that evening!”

Group in Barcelona 2010-2011

Special Stories


Class in Barcelona 2011-2012

Valenti Giro

Seb Visser (currently a sports writer for USA Sports Magazine, MISM student 2011-2012)

“The Barcelona trip was great and I will never forget how our group developed

Mitchell van Waardenburg (just

into a team in just a few great days. I will

started his own company MvW voetbalevents &

never forget getting on the wrong subway

consultancy, MISM student 2010-2011)

with Inge on our way to the beach for a

“Barcelona was great!! Everything you do,

team meeting and not being able to find

you do together and that really improves

our way there. In the end we finally found

trust and friendships. The one thing I will

it and showed up 45 minutes late. Nice

never forget is the soccer match against

way to see parts of Barcelona I would

the Spanish Cruyff students and sitting

have never seen otherwise!”

“We went to Barcelona as a group of students and came back as a bonded team of people connected with one passion: Sport.”

in the Jacuzzi on the roof with Ruud van der Meijden, Gijs Groeneveld and Joost de

Léon de Gilde (now working as Director EMEA

Wit… Legendary!”

Customer Service for Visualsonic/ Sonosite, MISM

Kees Hendriks (now working as volunteer at the

“What happens in Barcelona doesn't

student 2011-2012)

youth academy NEC / FC Oss, MISM student 2010-2011)

stay there, as this experience is

“One of the best things happened in

unforgettable: The many nights with

Barcelona. During that trip we had a

the entire group, funny Omar, the

lecture from a man who had climbed

pretty boys, my roomy Alain, Johan

the K2. The story that he was telling

Cruyff (a shame he did not stay for the

and the choices that he had to make

group photo), the interesting classes /

during that climb between life or death

workshops, jogging with Ernesto and

were breathtaking.”

Arjenne on the Ramblas.”


Dragons Den

Special Stories

Guest speakers and Dragons

Derk, Natascha & Luc

Tom & Michael

Ruud Polet (Interim Manager Cruyff Institute

Chris Bierman, (co-owner of Juliana van

2010-2011, and regular guest speaker)

Poelgeest Beheer)

The MISM is a rich master program

“I have had the pleasure of being a

covering all the business functions from

‘dragon' for a few years now. Many

Strategy and Finance to Marketing and

times I have been impressed with

Leadership. The diverse composition of

the quality of the business ideas, the

the program, the faculty, the students,

management summaries, and the

the location (it includes a fascinating

presentations. But I was most impressed

Victor Hoekstra (Deputy Director, Van

trip to Barcelona) makes it a unique

when, on the rare occasions that


experience with an invaluable certificate

students didn't get a straight pass, they

“When I was asked to be a guest

signed by the Master Johan Cruyff

recouped so quickly, and managed

speaker at the MISM I saw it as an

himself. It has been a pleasure and an

to turn their disappointment (and

opportunity to work with a group of

honour to have been closely involved to

sometimes anger) into a much improved

enthusiastic and ambitious people who

the JCISS and the MISM for a year.”

presentation. And rightfully passed.”

really decided to participate in this programme themselves. That makes the difference. This is what I experienced during my presentation but also with the Dragons Den sessions. For example I was really impressed by the drive from Herbert Cool to set up his own commercial team. It's all about passion. Do what you really want to do and invest always the full 100% in what you are doing.”


Ruud Polet

“It's all about passion. Do what you really want to do and invest always the full 100% in what you are doing.”

Ryan & Johan

Special Stories

George & Gene

Bela, Loizos, Nic & Gijs

my learning, these are things that I

for; plus, I would be able to stay in

believe should be incorporated into all

Holland for one more year! The field

educational programs around the world.

trips and guest speakers were awesome.

My work activities include overseeing

Not only were we gaining first-hand

all facets of the venture and its

experience from knowledgeable

growth. MISM gave me the tools and

professionals, we were given the

Ryan Pelley (Canadian, is the founder of Sport

confidence to create my own venture.

opportunity to go “behind the scenes” of

for Change, MISM student 2008-2009)

The philosophy behind MISM and JCISS

events, that most people are not privy to.

“Being from Canada, I wanted

about continual personal growth has

I loved how the schedule for the program

to incorporate my study with an

been a positive outlook I have applied to

was setup- in terms of overlapping each

international experience. The whole

my daily life and work.”

subject. I thought this style helped keep

International Students

MISM experience was something I

the course interesting and fresh.”

will never forget. It was an amazing

Ashley Judge (American, part of the finance

experience to work together with other

team for The Gap in New York, MISM student

2007-2008: Erika Pozzobon (Italy), Joachim

students from different backgrounds;


Vercaigne (Belgium)

it was like a global community of

“After living in Holland for two years

like-minded individuals. I would say

(playing field hockey and living as an

(Spain), Julia Mueller (Germany), Edgar Chen

my experience with MISM and JCISS

Au Pair), I began to research Masters

(China), Per Kyrk- Åstemo (Sweden).

was both unique and challenging.

programs back home in the States. I saw

(USA), Kristy Housley (Australia).

The educational model of the master

an advertisement for the MISM program

2010-2011: Ramon Alegre Biosca (Spain), Bela

program was unique and challenging to

in the Telegraaf. I was immediately

me because it differed from traditional

attracted to the opportunity, because

Nicholas van der Kwast (Curacao), Kjell Labaere

North American pedagogy; it allowed

the concept of an International program


me to take on a greater amount

serving athletes and those interested in

of creativity and independence in

sports was exactly what I was looking

The international students over the years include:

2008-2009: Olawale Bada (Nigeria), Rishawd Watson (USA), Ryan Pelley (Canada), Albert Sala

2009-2010: Timi Akinrele (Nigeria), Ashley Judge

Szenasi (Hungary), Emilia Kabadozova (Bulgaria), Nir Katzir (Israel), Loizos Louvaris (Cyprus),

2011-2012: Steve Lawrence (UK), Gene Kemble (St Martin), George Kipiani (Georgia), Kerem Gokmen (Turkey), Michiel Brewee (Belgium).


Special Stories

prepared for the next step, an

it is very special to help them setting

important sales presentation as an

next steps in their working careers.”

important final, your colleagues as


your teammates, your director as


your coach, your competitor as your

Advice to the

Henk Verschuur

opponent, your business success as

graduates (thanks

“We understand

winning gold!”

to Mahatma

the needs of sport

Gandhi): “There are

and we understand athletes who want Henk


Wim de WIT

two kinds of people

“The MISM is a

in the world - those who work hard and

meeting point

those who take credit for it. Join the

sports after their active career. We are

for sports people

first group, there is less competition

building the future pillars of sports.

exchanging ideas

Every class is a stand out moment; the

and best practices

dynamics of teaching and inspiring

with professionals and academics on

Fred Witte

students, the debates, the tutoring etc

a variety of sport study programs and

“The writing of an

etc etc. To see the things that we have

activities related to sports markets. All

international bid for

designed in the academic committee

moments are special. This is because of

a large event was the

come to life and bearing the fruit,

the constant discussions and debates

students final assign­

being our competent students. To see

with the students, and taking them

ment. Inviting (inter)

students fulfil their dreams or still

seriously, whatever happens.”

national top managers out of the event

to contribute to

there!” Wim


- and facility industry made it real for

reminding the things that I have taught them years ago. The fact that we have

Frans Boumans

the students (and I hope exciting!). One

a MISM is a stand out moment in time

“Since many years I

of my personal highlights was talking to

for me!”

am lecturing finance

Michael Boogerd in a bar in Barcelona

courses for all kind

about his last season for Rabobank, and

of students in the

Joost de WIT

the discussions with Danny Nelissen Frans

“The next step

Netherlands and

for you will be

abroad, next to other financing and

great cycle fan. Working with the other

probably in the

research activities. The MISM students

professors and the team in Amsterdam

(sport) business.

are of a special breed, combining

make it all for me a remarkable two

Approach this


about the Tour the France, as I am a

skills and knowledge in their sports

years and I am proud to have been part

as your next game as a topsporter.

careers, balancing private and social

of the MISM.”

The MISM is your basic training, the

life and next to this mastering the MISM

everyday work makes you better

program. Because of their focused lives


ING Academic Partner ING has been an Academic Partner of the Cruyff Institute since 2007. ING and the Johan Cruyff Institute are both dedicated to investing in human capital by training and developing their students and employees to perform at the highest level. ING is a strong advocate of sport sponsoring as it firmly believes sport contributes to the development of people in general. ING assists the International Master of Sport Management program by providing guest speakers, lecture rooms at the ING Business School, and the ING House as the venue for the Masters Graduation. Nick Jue President ING Netherlands “ING and the Johan Cruyff Institute have similar objectives, namely to train the best people so that they can be successful both in their personal life and in their career. Businesses can learn from the success of sports people, whilst sports people can learn from the success of businesses. The International Master of Sport Management supports these objectives by bringing athletes and people with work experience together in the program. This provides a unique environment where they can learn from each other. I wish them success in the future.�


Scholarship Providers Companies that work with us and support Johan Cruyffs’

Jochem Haverman (Marketing & PR Manager, Eurosport)

mission, see sport and education as constructive activities

“Sports and television go hand in hand. Eurosport shows more

with great opportunities for the development of talent,

than 100 different sports and disciplines, representing sport

success and lifelong friendships. Scholarship Providers give

and sport fans both now and in the future and thus serving

(former) athletes, coaches and leaders the opportunity to

the sport fanatic in the broadest sense of the word. Eurosport

follow a specific study program. The companies listed on

offers even more because we think it is also our responsibility

this page have been a scholarship provider. Thanks for your

to offer athletes and former athletes the opportunity to

support over the years.

re-integrate into normal society. Our collaboration with the Johan Cruyff Institute has already yielded a number of

JAN DRIESSEN (Director Communications, AEGON Netherlands)

successes of which we are obviously very proud.”

“Throughout the last 30 years AEGON focused on helping athletes fulfill their sportive dreams. It's a great honor

Herbert Cool (Former professional Biathlete,

for AEGON to support them to develop their business and

Eurosport Scholarship Holder 2010-2011)

personal skills and reach new goals through the Johan Cruyff

“I was active as a biathlete and at the

Institute after their sporting career.”

same time working as co-commentator for World Cup events for Eurosport. I

Barbara de Loor (Former professional speed

was looking for some kind of education

skater, AEGON Scholarship Holder 2010-2011)

(master) and the Eurosport scholarship came across my path

“When I was 15 I became a member of

at the perfect moment. Without the scholarship, it would not

Jong Oranje, and AEGON was the sponsor.

have been possible for me to follow the MISM financially. The

AEGON supported my whole education

bond between me and Eurosport has become stronger and

and has always stood by my side, and

stronger. I am very happy with my scholarship as it meant a

afterwards when I quit skating they

lot to me. The scholarships are fundamental for education for

provided me with the MISM scholarship. I had retired 5 years

topsporters and it's important that the scholarship providers

earlier and needed deeper knowledge so I took this chance

make this all possible. It's vital that the scholarship providers

with both hands. We have built an important relationship – it

step up for topsport.”

has also had its ups and downs like in topsport – and I am really thankful for that.”


Milena van Not (Head of Sponsoring, Unilever Benelux)

awarded the SponsorRing in 2010. I do feel extra motivated

“Working for a better future, every day. With our brands and

to make the most out of this opportunity. In other words,

our partnerships we at Unilever help people to feel good,

I want to make Unilever proud that they have supported

look good and get more out of life. We not only reach these

me. Ultimately, I would like to hold a senior position in an

goals with our products but also by being involved in the

organization that is heavily involved in sports in any way.”

community on a local and (inter)national level. We are very proud to be partner of the Cruyff Institute, which

JAAP DE GROOT (Editor, Telesport, Telegraaf newspaper)

helps top (ex)athletes to keep on bringing out the best in

“As a critical observer of professional sports in Holland

themselves, every day; with their own tailor made programs.

I've regularly criticized the way sports in managed by the

We believe that helping these athletes to achieve higher

federations and clubs. When the Cruyff Institute started

educational goals will help them to be the best they can be

the International Master of Sport Management, Telesport

for now, but also for the future. Unilever believes in the future

saw it as our moral duty to help improve the level of sport

and the scholarships offered by the Cruyff Institute to develop

management in Holland. Professional sports managed by

talent at the very highest level on an international basis

people who not only understand the sport, but also know

through the International Master of Sport Management. We

the way to manage it, it's the formula Dutch sports has been

fully support the achievements already reached in the first 5

waiting for.”

years and are confident that the next 5 years will bring higher achievements yet.”

Herre Zonderland (Former international gymnast, Telesport Scholarship Holder 2011-2012)

Peter van Paassen (Professional Basketball

“Telesport provided me with the

player for Eiffel Towers Den Bosch, Unilever

opportunity to develop myself further,

Scholarship Holder 2011-2012)

as a sport manager and also from a

“The scholarship from Unilever created

personal perspective. I am very thankful

the opportunity for me to pursue the

to Telesport for that. I would recommend

MISM. It's a big compliment to get the

the MISM to everyone who has a passion for sports and the

support from a company that has been

ambition to have a senior position in the world of sports.”


MISM in one word

Thank you to everyone associated with the MISM program over the years!


MISM in one word


T h er e ar e now cl ose to 20 0 alumni who have graduated from the MISM in Amsterdam. This provides a strong and targeted network of professionals who can assist each other now and in the future. We aim to develop and nur ture this net work fur ther, and are always open to your feedback, thoughts and ideas. In the words of our Founder, Johan Cruyff, “you can’t do it alone, you must do it together”.

Special thanks to Tjerk Rook, the intern who made this book possible! Thanks to ROC Nijmegen Grafische Werkplaats for the design and printing of this book.

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