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Nestled near the confluence of the Vaal and the Orange rivers near the little town of Douglas lies a world class stud with world class horses. Here on the banks of the Vaal river is where a dream has come true.


he dream of Celeste Steyn of owning a Friesian Stallion, was born when she saw a couple of imported Friesian stallions dancing through a dressage test at a show in Kimberley. These magnificent, graceful black horses immediately caught her eye. During her research of Friesians in South Africa she learnt that there were only 3 approved Stud Book Stallions in the country. And so Celeste’s dream grew into not only owning a stallion, but also bringing a new approved Stud Book Stallion to South Africa. Her aim was to assist other breeders to improve and grow the gene pool of the Friesian breed in this country. Her dream became a reality when she visited De Nieuwe



Heuwel in the Netherlands in January 2012 where a couple of weeks was spent searching for that special stallion and suitable mares to start her stud. And special they were! In fact the stallion, Dries 421 (Sport), was pronounced the best Friesian breeding stallion in the world, and the mare Annichje fan Bokkum (Model Sport) was the Champion at the 2011 Central Mare Inspection and Horse of the Year 2011 and the only Friesian mare competing in Grand Prix dressage at that stage. The Junior Reserve Champion Crown mare Amerens RS fan Top en Twel was selected to join them. And so with this trio, Dries, Annichje and Amerens, Pela Graça Friesian Stud was born. Pela Graça means “by the Grace of God” as this was and is only possible by His grace according to Celeste.

Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine

Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine