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Outeniqua Moon mares and foals

By Christine Watt



uying a new towing vehicle, especially when you intend to load two heavy draft horses can be a strenuous exercise. Christine Watt, a member of the Namibian Percheron Horse Society and part owner of Outeniqua Moon Percheron Stud shares her experience with Sporting Horse Magazine. Hectic stuff, buying a new car! When you spend a lot of money it has to be right and buying a new tow car was no easy matter for us. Our old Jeep Grand Cherokee 4,7 V8, which had served us grandly, was now becoming more and more costly to fix and fill up. A new Grand Cherokee was, as much as we wanted one, out of our price range. We spend all our money on our nineteen horses. It would either have to be a double-cab or a mid-range SUV. 44


The absolute necessity criteria: • Towing Capacity of at least three thousand kilograms. Horsebox and two heavy draft Percheron Horses on board. • Local assembly to ensure parts availability and cost effective servicing. • Fuel efficiency. • Comfort; owing to a horse accident I have four shattered discs in my spine so even the vaguest hint of a hard ride was out. • Looks. No point in having to hide it when you arrive at a show. • 4x4 with low range gearbox. We started with the double cab bakkies and slowly worked our way through all of them. They were all way too hard a ride. The Isuzu was passable on the comfort side, then we saw the big Trailblazer alongside the Isuzu and the game changed.

Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  
Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine