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By Yvonne Bolton


1. I believe you bought Equifox JFK from Sabine Dekker some four years ago – where did you first hear about him and view him? Dominey Alexander knew I was looking for a horse after Lindenberg died in 2010 and suggested that I come and see JFK who was being sold by Sabine Dekker. Sabine was working for Dominey at the time. I went to try him and loved him. I had seen him previously at one of our Young Horse Performance Shows and was really impressed with his jump. 2. He was bred in Zimbabwe by Liz O’Toole – what is his early history and who produced him? JFK was born in Zimbabwe during unsettled times. The land invasions were happening and commercial farmers were losing their land. JFK is by Emma Schultz’s dressage stallion Jambo (Jumbo (ID) ex Djevely xx – Full Colour xx) out of Glittersands xx(Tres Haut xx – Noble Chieftain xx). He was Jambo’s first foal. He was bred by the late Liz O’Toole at Mary Down Stud just on the outskirts of Northern Harare. When JFK was only a weanling Mary Down was taken by war veterans. After several months of violent harassment of the residents and staff of the stud by government thugs, the final

decision to leave Mary Down came when the invaders arrived at seven in the evening with bull dozers threatening to knock down the stables with the horses in them. JFK with the rest of the horses were walked 5km to a neighbour’s paddock who had agreed to take them. Shortly after that his breeder Liz O’Toole ended up in hospital after a serious fall off a horse. In 2003 it was difficult to source medicines in Zimbabwe and Gail Foxcroft used to have whatever was needed couriered to the hospital to treat Liz. Unfortunately Liz did not survive the accident. Her horses were offered up for sale. Renee Booth bought JFK as a weanling. In May 2004 the Booths with all their horses moved to South Africa. JFK was gelded in 2005, the surgery did not go well and he herniated. It took him a while to recover from his gelding. When the Booths moved back to Zimbabwe in March 2007 JFK was sold to Sabine Dekker who was a work rider for Dominey Alexander at the time… 3. Once you had viewed and ridden him, what did you think was special and why did you decide to purchase him? He had a wonderful attitude and was really keen when he jumped. He was and still is very lazy on the flat, but very forward going Issue 19 SPORTING HORSE


Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine