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Gail Foxcroft & Apple Dumpling

Cindy and John

9. Have there been any other memorable horses that you have ridden and enjoyed over the past several years? Time to Dance is a thoroughbred mare who I bought through Rogan Asken from David Reid when she was jumping 1m and who eventually took me to the World Equestrian Games in Rome in 1998. She is now 32 years old and still with me at Glenfox. She is a wonderful mare who was very brave and very feisty. She had a difficult mouth and so I always rode her in a hackamore which completely changed her way of going. She had 3 colic operations during her career – one before I bought her and 2 with me and in fact still had the staples from her last op when she went into the 3 month quarantine period in Cape Town on her way to Rome in 1998. Her role in life now is to look after the babies when they are weaned from their mothers – she is a wonderful granny! 10. You have always brought on your own young horses – do you have any particular programme that you like to utilize to move them through the grades? Each young horse is different so their training varies according to his or her personality. I take a long time to bring on my horses and they are never rushed.The concussion on young joints from too much work too soon will lead to joint problems in the future. I back them at 3 years and then leave them until they are 4.They are then ridden perhaps twice or 3 times per week (time permitting) and will probably do their first 70cm show when they are 5. I believe that the longer you take in the beginning, the longer they last at the top. I also believe that they need to be ready mentally 38


Foxcroft Family on Taffy

as well as physically before asking them to cope with the stresses of competition. 11. What is your favourite event and which venues do you prefer and why? I think everyones favourite event is the Derby – purely because of the nature of the event and the huge interest it inspires in the public. I think that Kyalami Park is an exceptional venue and every overseas rider or official that visits South Africa will tell you the same thing. There are a number of great private venues with superb arenas and footing in this country, but none with the capacity and variation that Kyalami Park has. 12. Do you ever get a chance to have a break away from the horses and do you enjoy any non-equestrian pursuits? I don’t often get a break because all my breaks from work involve shows – but when I do, I love to go to the bush. In February I had a chance to visit Mashatu Private Game Lodge in Botswana and that was possibly the best trip to the bush that I have ever had. White water rafting down the Zambezi was another trip I would love to do again. 13. What brought about the launching of your Equifox Shop? I started Equifox in 2004 because at that stage there was no shop selling veterinary products and equine supplements to the public. I started by compounding the supplements myself until it eventually got too big for me to cope with and so I outsourced to a reputable manufacturer (Xenia Pharmaceuticals) who still do my products today.We are moving premises on October 1st, later this year.

Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  
Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

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