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HHCU at the Nissan Easter Festival

Mark White handing over the vehicles to HHCU Fundraiser Joanne Pursey

The Unit carries out vaccinations, de-worming and farrier work to improve the overall health of the equines in the townships. Each month they carry out an average of 100 inspections and see approximately 650 horses during any given month. In the townships they provide correct bits and equipment to replace the wire and other implements that are used. In 2013, they inspected over 8,000 horses in the course of their work. Approximately 2000 of these were working horses and donkeys, many of whom need medical attention that their owners cannot afford. The Inspectors travel just

under 150,000km’s. With an annual budget presently at R3,500 000 and no help from the Government, the funds raised are through donations and sponsorships. Regardless of all this earlier support, Nissan SA and Mark White Nissan once again pulled out all the stops, by donating an amount of R500 per entry at the Nissan Easter Festival in the ever popular and exciting Six Bar Event. This amounted to a further whopping R14,000 contribution to the HHCU. Their care and on-going support are enormously appreciated by the Unit and the entire equestrian community at large.



Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  
Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine