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Dries 421 (Sport)

Dries 421 (Sport)

The Best Friesian Breeding Stallion in the World – Ever! In 2009 Dries 421 (Jasper 366 Sport Prefx Hearke 254 Sport Pref) was approved on his offspring. With the index for conformation at 108 and sport index at 109, Dries has the best offspring report of any Friesian stallion ever! Dries 421 is the sire of the 2 time Stallion Show Champion Uldrik 457. Extracts from Dries’s Performance Test: “A horse with a beautiful conformation ideal for riding. The walk is ample and delicate. The trot ranges from satisfactory to good and shows a moment of suspension. The stallion produces a nice extended trot. The sustained canter is lively, and good overall. He performs easily and is a friendly and quiet horse.” Extracts from Dries’s Offspring Report: “The offspring are breed typical horses with nicely shaped heads. The necks have sufficient length and are more than sufficiently vertical. The horses are jet black in colour and have much hair. The offspring have much length in stride in hand where the use of the hind leg movement stands out. The horses also show much suppleness. The walk has more than sufficient length in stride and is active in the hind legs. The trot has length in stride, is powerful, and has self carriage. The horses also show much suppleness and have more than sufficient balance. The canter has more than sufficient length in stride and is sufficiently uphill. The horses show self carriage and good balance in canter. The Dries 421 offspring have good talent as riding horses and are outstanding in harness with their good use of the hind leg. The horses have a good attitude and much willingness to work.” For more information contact: Pamela Munro – 082 712 7849 – pam@pelaGraç Celeste Steyn – 082 941 2225 – csteyn@pelaGraç



Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine