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Dries foal was born to Amerens in December 2013. He is a stunningly beautiful colt with much of his father’s characteristics; Reitsen fan PelaGraça! It is very exciting to see such potential for the future.The sires of these 3 colts have all proven themselves in dressage. Tjalbert 460 (Sport) has a very successful dressage career in America, Pier and Dries have both been awarded the By December 2012 our lab was up and running, so we were Sport predicate for Dressage. able to send Dries 421’s fresh semen wherever it was needed in South Africa. In the 2013/2014 breeding season we had the Pela Graça Friesian stud is run by a special team of people. Pam honour of also exporting semen to Namibia. We were very Munro the Stud Manager and Coach, who helped with the proud when Dries’ first South African bred foal was born in planning and building of the stud from the ground was Celeste’s October 2013, Rijk van Danina. We also hosted five mares this compass in the right direction from the start. Pam’s knowledge season which were all scanned and inseminated on the property and experience working with Friesian horses as well as her by our vet. We had a successful embryo transfer with Annichje loyal friendship to her mentor Femke Dijkstra has been to the fan Bokkum and have all the rest of our mares in foal to Dries. best interest of the stud. Florine Lombard is the stud’s Equine We will be starting with frozen semen this winter and soon Body Worker and ensures that all the horses are massaged on we will be able to offer this service of freezing semen to other a regular basis and does any necessary rehabilitation work if stallion owners in the area. We are busy negotiating with stallion needed. Anneli Le Roux assists Pam with the training of the owners in the Netherlands to import frozen semen from other horses and stable yard management. Five very efficient grooms stud book stallions as well as our own stallions Epke 474 and take care of these stud horses and 15 other horses on the farm ranging from South African Friesians, Quarter horses, ArabianDjoerd 473 and to offer this to breeders in South Africa. boerperd,Thoroughbreds and Saddle horses. This special team Our very first foals were born in April 2013 to Amondi and is held together and assisted by Celeste who loves working with Zjors, Peatos fan PelaGraça (Pierx Jerke 434 Sport) and Palcher the horses and riding her special equine partner, Dries who she fan PelaGraça (Tjalbert460 Sport x Wikke 404 Sport). These totally adores!! two foals were bred in the Netherlands and foaled in our own approved pregnant mare quarantine stables. This was a great Celeste Steyn’s aim of improving the gene pool of the Friesian blessing to us, but our proudest moment was when our first horse in South Africa is slowly becoming a reality. To join the stud in South Africa was a pregnant Crown mare, Zjors van Visser, and two pregnant Star mares, Amondi M and Eva van de Dompstede.Two year old 1st Premium mare, Hiske fan Feanwalden, will stay in the Netherlands until she is old enough to be in foal.



Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  
Sporting Horse Magazine Issue 19  

July 2014 Edition of Sporting Horse Magazine