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Indix • History • Advantage • Disadvantages

History Wikipedia the free encyclopedia project began as the English language January 15, 2001. The original idea was soon recreated in other languages​​, as only two months later, on March 16, 2001, the German Wikipedia was the second to be created, but paradoxically up to two months after its creation had no employees. In this period the user Cdani German Wikipedia used for testing for Wikipedia in Catalan, the second to contain articles. At March 31, 2008 all editions 9,790,407 articles were added, of which 2,259,431 (24,136%) correspond to the English Wikipedia (update check multilingual Statistics).

advantage the advantages of using Wikipedia is the ease of in contrar information about something or an article of what you want, the truth is that it is very easy.

Disavantages the disadvantages of using wikipedia is that although fast is information may be erroneous because people write and sometimes they do not the people who write this vien informed.

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