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— friends

— annaleise — valeria — gaye — lizzy — natalie — kate — o l e s y a — chrishell.

j. | 003

photography by aaron richter. styling by katharine polk. makeup by anna webber. hair by paul warren.

j. | 004

Top Paul and joe; Pants TIMO WEILAND; Sunglasses STYLIST’S OWN; Previous page: Annaleise: Jacket BY MALENE BIRGER; Jeans R13; Hat PATRICK KAVANAUGH; Kate: Dress TIMO WEILAND j. | 005

an n @ ale su ise pre me

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Gaye: Top Bedford street laundry; Pants TIMO WEILAND; Lizzy: Top JNBY; Pants JUMA

gaye @ img j. | 009

j. | 004

g m i @ y z z i l

j. | 011

Top jnby; Pants SHIPLEY & HALMOS; Sunglasses CHEAP MONDAY

natalie @ elite j. | 012

j. | 013

kate @ supreme

; TY d an TREA l i e CE w o PEA tim arf A s p to 3; Sc h Bot ns R1 Jea

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olesya @ next j. | 015

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This page: Chrishell: Jacket GENERAL IDEA; Overalls BILLY REID; Oleysa: Top ANNE FONTAINE; Pants BDG; Scarf A PEACE TREATY; Opposite page: Romper CHARLES HENRY; Scarf A PEACE TREATY

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See the all m on od J oe els cl ick y T V. he re .

chrishell @ supreme j. | 018

Creative Director Aaron Richter Art Direction M.R.S. Contributing Editor Claire Thornton Contributing Photographers Jakob Axelman, Shawn Brackbill, Alexandra Carr, Emir Eralp, Greg Manis, David Shama Contributing Stylists Ian Bradley, Henry de Castillon, Chloe Hartstein, April Johnson, Carla Knapp, Allison Miller, Katharine Polk Mascot Linus For all inquiries, please contact: Aaron Richter, c/o Joey 343A 22nd St. #3 Brooklyn, NY 11215 347-260-1534 JOEY@JOEYZINE.COM


All content is property of Joey and our contributors. Please do not use without permission. Copyright 2011, Joey. j. | 019


I used to be a writer, but I quit. Now I take pictures and love it. Writing was very much a solitary practice, whereas photography, for me, is social, a craft that vastly rewards the ability to connect with people. I’m a photographer because I like meeting people, making new friends. For this issue, I photographed Kate Somers for our model portfolio, an eight-girl shoot I cast and booked twice, after the first was postponed at the last minute due to (oof!) 24 inches of snowfall in Brooklyn. Kate—note: possibly the most cheerful person ever to exist (I blame her Canadianness)— shares a similar attitude about her career: It’s all an education— meeting and working with new people every day, making great friends, learning from everyone

around you. And remembering to have fun. Because, otherwise, what’s the point? So it seemed obvious and apt to dedicate this third issue to friends; a magazine like Joey wouldn’t be worth doing (or at all possible) without ’em. Throughout these pages, you’ll see stories inspired, in part, by the cool girls we’re all proud to call our friends. Look for the images by Emir Eralp, who photographed six of his favorite women in the world, including stylist Masha Orlov and illustrator Jenny Mörtsell. Elsewhere, Greg Manis and Allison Miller enlisted their friends Bon Jane and Ashley Shaw as models for a trip to a horse ranch, and Alexandra Carr even captured an element of friendship we sometimes forget entirely: just wanting to be alone. This issue was ridiculously fun to plan and create, and now it’s time to shut up and share. Enjoy it! — Aaron @ Joey j. | 020


067 Places to Eat. Shot by Shawn Brackbill. Styled by Chloe Hartstein.

j. | 021

Jenny:Vest Gar-de; Top Eres; Necklace Bevel; Sharon: Cardigan Comptoir des Cotonniers; Polo shirt Timo Weiland; Shirt and Shorts Current/Elliott; Necklace Linn Lømo







We’re with Emir. Shot by Emir Eralp. Lost Cause. Shot by Jakob Axelman. Styled by Ian Bradley. Wake. Shot by Aaron Richter. Style by Carla Knapp. Twice. Twice. Shot by David Shama. Styled by Henry De Castillon. Pretty Baby. Shot by Greg Manis. Styled by Allison Miller. Left Alone. Shot by Alexandra Carr. Styled by April Johnson.

Joey likes: Music / Hats j. | 022

photography by emir eralp.

we’re with emir. Making friends is easy For Emir Eralp, the charming Turkish photographer. Meet six of his favorite women in the world. j. | 023

Azra Deniz Okyay. — Describe what you do in exactly 10 words. A storyteller, a hyperactive dreamer, immigrant, enraged girl from Turkey. — How did you start working with images? When I was six or seven, my architect father would leave me in his work site; there were just white walls, nothing to play with it, so I’d imagine projected films on the walls. At this moment, my true creativity began.... Later, I wanted a Game Boy, but my parents said, “No, it’s stupid.” Enraged, I began to save money to buy one myself. After a few years, at 13, this money helped me buy my first camera. — How do you know Emir? I met him at our friend’s space, with a glass of wine. — Tell us a secret about Emir. He says “A-ha” when he is photographing you! — Who is your best friend? I have many, but one of my best friends is a sociologist; every day she teaches me how to be sensible about the planet, humans and life. — Complete this sentence: Having friends means I never have to... get bored. — What are you working on now? A music video for La Boetie and a short film about an enraged immigrant girl in France. j. | 024

Leah Hayes. — Describe what you do in exactly 10 words. Illustrator, musician, comic-book writer, cartooning teacher, Double Dark, boycrazy twin. — How did you start drawing? I’ve always done it. Pictionary was my favorite game growing up (still is). Drawing helps me communicate (I do things like draw out my grocery list). I like it better than talking. — How do you know Emir? He shot me for Nylon. We hung out at Union Pool soon after, and he’s been my bud ever since. Emir once said to me, “Leah, you are a square, but in a round bottle.” I know what he means. — Tell us a secret about Emir. We wouldn’t be buds anymore if I told on him. More importantly, he knows way more secrets about me. — Who is your best friend? My sister and then my friend Amy Sather, who I lived with in Paris. We smoked pipes every day and lived inside of a bookstore. — Complete this sentence: Having friends means I never have to... stop talking. — What are you working on now? The next album for my band Scary Mansion, the first full-length for my other band Lindbergh Palace, my next graphic novel for Fantagraphics and new music videos for both bands. It’s a lot—too much, which is how I like it. j. | 025

Masha Orlov.

best friend? I am blessed to have many. All my friends are essential to my growth; each inspires me and teaches me so much. — Complete This — How did you get interested in fashion? I am sentence: Having friends from NYC, so I grew up around fashion, means I never have to... worry about being alone; there is always music and photography; it’s inescapable teamwork to be accomplished. — here if you are a creative and curious What are you working bird. I remember Kurt and Courtney on on now? I am flying to Iceland for the cover of Sassy—I must have been 12—and I thought they were the coolest. Reykjavik Fashion Festival and will then I love fashion for making life seem cooler, use the clothes to do a shoot with a best friend makeup artist Andrea Helgadottir sexier and more fun. — How do and the photographer Saga Sig, who I you know Emir? I met Emir have not met yet. Then I’m back in NYC two fashion seasons ago, at the Ikou to shoot for Macy’s; I do a lot of stuff Tschuss boutique in Little Italy, through for Macy’s, especially all their Juniors and our mutual makeup-artist friend Masha Material Girl [lines]—easy-peasy, fun stuff. Gvozdov; we were there for the Urs Then more shoots... Fischer opening. — Who is your j. | 026

Erika Spring.

— Describe what you do in exactly 10 words. I try to outdo myself in songwriting and visual pleasure. — How did you start making music? I had instruments around the house and played piano growing up; I used to write songs for fun. I always loved writing and words and sometimes wanted to be a journalist. I remember falling asleep one night when my sister Liz and I shared a room, and we were talking after the lights went out and confided in each other that we both had written songs, so we sat up in bed and j. | 027

whisper-sang them to each other. Our idols were Tiffany and Belinda Carlisle. Also Michael Jackson. Back then, it was a secret, kind of. Songs were these personal stories, but they’re encoded so that you could share them and still be mysterious. That was part of the attraction, but also, of course, dancing and keeping the beat. Music was the only thing that really transported me. I’m still drawn to making music for similar reasons: curiosity, wanting to talk about things in an abstract way, a general desire to be ridiculous. But I also have a great appreciation for

everything that playing in a band has led me to: travel, crazy people, time to think. — How do you know Emir? We met randomly. He was shooting a campaign for a Turkish company. I was working for a stylist friend for a day, running around Soho completely exhausted, and this adorable girl on a mini-bike was scouting for Emir and asked me to be in the shoot. It turned out that Emir and I knew some of the same people in NYC and also two girls I met in Istanbul when my band Au Revoir Simone toured there a few years ago. We are now neighbors and both go to a lot of shows. — Tell us a secret about Emir. He loves to dance. — Who is your best friend? Mallyce Miller, who designs Laeken in LA. She is a lovely counterpart, always speaks her mind and is always up for an adventure. — Complete this sentence: Having friends means I never have to... subsist solely on my own energy. — Your working on a solo project now; What can we expect? I’ve been recording with producer Jorge Elbrecht, and we’ve been having so much fun making beats and textures. I’m still trying to figure out the live setup and put together a band, but I’m planning to put out a minialbum sometime this summer. j. | 028

Jenny Mörtsell. — Describe what you do in exactly 10 words. I draw what other people ask me to for money. — How did you start drawing? As a kid I was into drawing comics with horses or dogs; later I moved on to shoes and pretty boys. As a teen, I had an emo phase and drew silhouettes of trees and cats and crying eyes and dudes that looked like Robert Smith. Drawing is something you can do alone, and if other people like the result, it is a good j. | 029

way to make new friends, even if you’re socially awkward. — How do you know Emir? We met at Hotel Delmano, at a going-away party for a pretty girl named Lisa. — Tell us a secret about Emir. He likes to say that his mom looked exactly as Jane Birkin when she was younger. — Who is your best friend? Hanna Wieslander. I love her for many reasons but mostly because she’s the coolest, kindest, smartest person I know. — Complete this sentence: Having friends means I never have to... sugarcoat. — What are you working on now? Illustrations for the clothing brand Tilley and a Swedish cookbook about the science behind cooking.

Shruti Rya Ganguly. — Describe what you do in exactly 10 words. I make movies, music and fashion videos. And have fun. — How do you know Emir? We went to Northwestern together. At one point, I was his RA— had to keep him in check. — Tell us a secret about Emir. He’s a mean ballroom dancer. — Who is your best friend? Riddhika Jesrani. We grew up in Oman together. We shared a flat in NYC, but last year she moved back to Bombay to focus on her jewelry line. We used to turn on Bollywood music in our apartment and find ourselves dancing and singing. — Complete this sentence: Having friends means I never have to... worry about people not laughing at my (bad) jokes. — What are you working on now? I’m in grad school and editing my short film “Sunday Dinner.” I just did some fashion videos for Alex & Eli and Catherine Fulmer, and recently produced an NYU thesis film that Spike Lee executive-produced; I’m working with Spike again on another thesis film, this time a feature. It sounds like a lot, but I make it a priority to drink wine, see friends, watch movies and play Scrabble in the midst of the madness. j. | 030

j. | 045

photography by jakob axelman. styling by ian bradley. makeup by nicole heffron. hair by yoko sato. photography assistance by koji ishibashi. models: alisa and maria @ next.

lost cause. j. | 032

j. | 033

This page, below: Shirt Obesity and Speed; Skirt Ksubi; Boots Senso; Cuff Pamela Love; Rings Bevel; Fight:T-shirt Obesity and Speed; Bra Vintage; Necklaces Bevel; Opposite page and opener: Alisa:Top Kimberly Taylor; Jeans Ksubi; Shoes Gee Wawa; Ring and Bracelet Pamela Love; Maria: Collared shirt Kimberly Taylor; T-shirt Mini Market; Shorts Ksubi; Ring and Necklace Bevel

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This page: Bustier Ksubi; Shirt Mini market; Skirt Kimberly Taylor; Rings Pamela love; Opposite page: Vest Davidelfin; Jeans Obesity and Speed; Bracelet Bevel

j. | 035

j. | 036

j. | 037 049

Far ima left: J an ge: M acket Ta d Sp aria:T Ksu y Alis lor eed -shir t bi; M ; a Sho a: Shi ; San Pants Obe in r ts r t S dals Kimb sity Ks tin G e ub e i; B e Go e Wa rly oot s S ya; wa; en so

j. | 038

This page: Maria: Bodysuit Ksubi; Shorts Kimberly Taylor; Mesh shorts Obesity and Speed; Boots Senso; Ring Pamela Love; Alisa: Dress Obesity and Speed; Top Ksubi; Boots Senso; Opposite page: Jacket Ksubi; Dress Mini Market; Boots United Nude

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photography by aaron richter. styling by carla knapp. makeup by anna webber. hair by crews. model: elyse @ ford, jessica @ elite, julia @ muse.

wake. Jessica: Dress Mark Fast; Tights AGENT PROVOCATEUR; Julia: Dress Ohne titel; Belt Marni; Necklace Model’s Own; Bracelet stylist’s own; Elyse: Dress Stella mccartney; Bra and Briefs Agent provocateur; Belts Stylist’s Own; Tights Hue; Shoes YSL j. | 042

Top and Skirt Whistle & Flute; Tights AGENT PROVOCATEUR; Jewelry stylist’s own

j. | 043

Blazer and Tank Alexander Wang; Bra La Perla; Necklace Stylist’s Own

j. | 044



: Sh ir Bra & F t Th ar cele lut ako w ol aks t Sty e; Soc on fo ; Sh list ks ; Dr o Pr ess mo He rd; B r ts a ’s Ow ad W hist a; sty de adba ra a nd S n S h l n g h ; & f list’ ’s ow d jen ent oes C Julia: oes Y le lu s o n; nif pro hlo Body SL; t w Tur e; T n; Belts er b vac é; Ti suit i b He an ghts Elys topshehr at ghts e: adb pr a e ; and ada gen Jump op Neck ur; ; Br lace be (wor ; Sho t pr suit whist ace hr n a es ov let ; Br s n pie ac ace eck rr at le e la let e sty ce) j har ur; list enn dy ’s o ifer ; w n

Ely art se ist, is a her too! n wo See cl ick rk. he r e.

j. | 047

This page: Blouse Whistle & flute; Bra and Briefs AGENT PROVOCATEUR; Suspenders American Apparel; Tights Wolford; Bracelets Stylist’s Own; Opposite page: Julia: Bodysuit araks; Shorts Chloé; Tights wolford; Bra agent provacateur; Headband jennifer behR; Necklace model’s own; Belts topshop; Elyse: Jumpsuit whistle & flute; Turban prada; Headband (worn as necklace) jennifer behr; Bracelet stylist’s own; Jessica: Shirt Thakoon; Dress Whistle & Flute; Socks Prada; Bracelet Stylist’s Own j. | 048

See Jes s a Elyse , on nd J Joe ulia cl ick y T V. he re .

photography by aaron richter.

j. | 051

Joey likes:

music. austra

For Toronto’s Austra, led by operatic Canadian singer Katie Stelmanis, song titles often begin with the word the (see: “The Choke,” “The Noise,” “The Beast”). And likewise, at Joey we’ve found ourselves concerned with “the click,” as we call it—the moment our brain clicks from casual interest to rabid obsessesion. It happened at Emo’s during SXSW. The bass tremored our chest, the synths chilled our generous Lone Star buzz, and Stelmanis stood flanked by twin backup singers; her left hand fluttered as she soared through her band’s invigorating debut, Feel It Break, melting Fever Ray’s gothic dramatics into the pop momentum of Bat for Lashes. Feel free to disappear here. j. | 052

twice. photography by david shama. styling by henry de castillon. makeup and hair by gilles de givry. models: celine and anastasia @ oui management paris. j. | 053



j. | 054

j. | 055

Dress ATSURO TAYAMA; Shoes and Socks COTÉLAC

j. | 056


j. | 057

j. | 058

j. | 059

Top ANNE FONTAINE; Dress, worn as skirt CERRUTI; Shoes COTÉLAC

j. | 060

Overalls CERRUTI; Collar and Belt ANNE FONTAINE; Shoes COTÉLAC; Glove and Ring BIJULES

j. | 061

j. | 062

j. | 063


j. | 064

j. | 065

Blazer and Dress CERRUTI; Collar and Belt, worn as necklace ANNE FONTAINE; Shoes COTÉLAC

j. | 066

places j. | 067

s to eat.

Jenny: Sweater Billy Reid; Shorts JérÔme Dreyfuss; Shoes Stylist’s Own; Necklace Bevel; Sharon:T-shirt Whitley Kros; Necklace Linn Lømo

photography by shawn brackbill. styling by chloe hartstein. makeup and hair by sarah graalman. models: jenny @ elite and sharon @ img.

j. | 068

This page: Jenny: Jacket Shipley & Halmos; T-shirt Creative Growth; Jeans Current/ElliotT; Necklace Bevel; Sharon: Sweatshirt Creative growth; Vest Risto; Shorts Current/ ElliotT; Necklace Linn Lømo; Opposite page: Sharon: Sweater Gar-de; T-shirt Whitley Kros; Shorts Cheap Monday; Shoes Converse; Necklace Linn Lømo; Jenny: Sweater Billy Reid; Shorts Jérôme Dreyfuss; Shoes Stylist’s Own; Necklace Bevel j. | 069

j. | 036


Sw ill eate y R rT eid imo ;N eck Weil lac a e B nd ev ; el

rt B

j. | 073

Opposite page, inset: Jenny: Sweater Billy Reid; Shorts J茅r么me Dreyfuss; Necklace Bevel; Sharon:T-shirt Whitley Kros; This page: Jenny: Vest Gar-de; Top Eres; Necklace Bevel; Sharon: Shirt Current/ElliotT; Polo shirt Timo Weiland

j. | 074

j. | 075

Sha de ron: C and s Co ardig Ell Shor ton an C o W iot ts Cu nier mpt t e Lø ilan ; Polo rre s; Sh oir W mo; d; N shir t nt/ ir t e Bil ilan Jenny eckla Tim o :S c ly Re d; Sh weat e Lin id ; N ir t an er Tim n eck d P lac ant o eB s ev el

j. | 076

photography by aaron richter. model: anna @ q.

j. | 077

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ny yankees caps

Too often the baseball cap serves simply as a nothing-to-see-here tool for ensuring anonymity, relegated to shy instances of hangover supression and incognito transit. (Celebrities! They’re just like us!) This spring, Joey is reclaiming the heritage classic as a proud staple. A New Era fitted Yankees cap—strictly navy with white letters; please, let’s not entertain color variations—can lend dark denim from Rag & Bone or A.P.C. a casual confidence and bold nonchalance. Undeniably utilitarian, the Yankees cap, worn with only a subtle curve of the bill, is a certain signifier of taste and pride—because, well, who else are you gonna root for? The Red Sox? Ha! j. | 078

pretty This page:Top TOPSHOP; Shorts Levi’s @ Urban Outfitters; Belt A.P.C.; Opposite page: Vest and Shorts LYELL @ URBAN OUTFITTERS; Top TOPSHOP j. | 079

photography by greg manis. styling by allison miller. makeup by nicole heffron. models: ashley shaw and bon jane.

baby. j. | 080

j. | 081

Thi UR s pag Ash BAN e: Bon Sho ley:Ve OUT : Vest Op r ts LY st TO FITT and S sh posite ELL PSH ERS; hor ts Boo aku page @ U OP; S Shir t LEV I @ ts VIN hachi: Ashl RBAN hir t a and B ’S @ ey n UR e BANTAGE @ :Top OUT d Bel lt A.P Urb RODE FI t A TT .P.C .C.; OU ; Bon a TF : Jack n O BJE ERS .; ITT et ; R ER , Shi utfitt; Sho r S; B r t a er ts oot nd s A Ves s; .P.C t DA . GM AR j. | 082

This page:Top shakuhachi @ Urban Outfitters; Shorts TOPSHOP; Belt A.P.C.; Opposite page: Top TOPSHOP; Shorts shakuhachi @ Urban Outfitters; Boots A.P.C.

j. | 083

j. | 084

j. | 085

Ashley: Poncho rodebjer; Panties TOPSHOP; Boots VINTAGE; Bon: Poncho RODEBJER; Panties topshop; Boots A.P.C.

j. | 086

. e n o l a t f e l

photography by alexandra carr. styling by april johnson @ 2b management. makeup by talia shobrook @ community nyc. hair by paul warren. model: naomi @ next.

This page:Top and Skirt A DÉTACHER; Headband Shourouk; Opposite page: Bra and Underwear VPL

j. | 089

j. | 030

This page: Sweater and Skirt A DÉTACHER; Below: Jumper BODKINI; Opposite page: Jewelry SHOUROUK

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j. | 092

j. | 093

This spread: All clothing A DÉTACHER j. | 032

designers against aids

Learn more about Designers Against AIDS’ spokeswoman Katharine Polk at

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