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Eating Disorders Can Ravage Your Relationships It’s completely undisputable that any medical condition especially mental disorder can have serious implications on your relationships and the same applies to eating disorders as well. That means, eating disorders are nothing but psychological or mental disorders which are symbolized by abnormal eating habits.

Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder etc., are the kind of medical conditions wherein a person in question loses the potential or ability to control his/her abnormal eating habits. All most all the people with eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa fear weight gain. As far as eating habits are concerned, there is a huge difference between the behaviour of the people suffering from anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. As far as anorexia nervosa is concerned it is characterized by food restrictions or inadequate consumption of food, whereas the attributes of later one include excessive eating with behaviour to restrict weight gain.

In other words, in the case of anorexia nervosa people try to restrict food consumption with an intention of preventing weight gain, however, people suffering from bulimia nervosa cannot control their excessive eating habits but they still fear weight gain. Since they cannot control eating large amounts of food within a short time, they indulge in behavior like self-induced vomiting to stop themselves from gaining weight. On the other hand, binge eating disorder is a kind of mental illness wherein a person eats excessive food within short time intervals and do not fear weight gain. It is important to seek the treatment for eating disorders at the right time so that they won’t affect you badly. Here’s how eating disorders can spoil your relationships

1. You Stop Accompanying Your Loved Ones To Parties Staying in isolation or separation is one of the most important characteristics of people suffering from eating disorders. And since they love to stay alone, they slowly try to stop accompanying their family members to parties or any sort of social gatherings. This kind of behaviour ends up spoiling their relationships with their family members and friends. For example, if you are suffering from an eating disorder, you will surely try to avoid partying with your friends and family members, which will surely bring a whole lot of chaos and confusion in your relationship with them.

2. It Affects Your Work Life As You Try To Distance Yourself From Others Your workplace remains a very important part of your life, but when you suffer from an eating disorder it starts ruining your relationship with your colleagues. Again as in the case of your family members you also try to create distance from them when it comes to involving in an official gathering that revolves around food and snacking. For example, when someone throws a party in office, you restrict yourself from getting involved in it.

3. Eating Disorder Minimizes The Ability Of Women To Conceive A Child Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that can have devastating effects on women, as they lose the ability to conceive a child, and that’s because the hormones which are accountable for menstruation like estrogen require the

support of fat cells, which are hard to find in sufficient quantities in a starved body. That means, once the required fat levels decline in a woman’s body, it refuses to produce fertility hormones which create huge obstacles when it comes to getting pregnant. And a woman’s inability to produce a child can have damaging effects on her relationship with her spouse and rest of the family members.

4. Eating Disorders Bring Stress Among People Though it is true that people suffering from these mental and psychological illnesses try to hide their problems from others, but in reality they go through a lot of stress and depression. The kind of stress and depression that they have contributes a lot in spoiling their relationship with their loved ones. There is no denying the fact that a person with high stress and depression cannot enjoy his/her life like others and that forces him/her to remain in isolation. Eating disorders including Anorexia nervosa are life-threating mental illnesses and hence you must seek reliable treatment for curing them.

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Eating disorders can ravage your relationships  

Eating disorder is a mental illness in which a person eats excessive food within short time intervals and without worrying about weight gain...

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