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This just in Mr.L.T Morrison has just been awarded the noble peace prize. We sat down with him and asked him a few questions. Read more on the article below. J.T: So Mr.Morrison how does it feel to have just been awarded the noble peace prize? L.T:Well you see now I didn't do all my good deeds for this here award now i did it for the future of America to stop racism. J.T:So Mr.Morrison has anyone or anything in your life help you achieve this goal? L.T: Well I see these little black boys and girls getting bullied by white boys and girls, I just think I have to do something because black people have to live in fear when whites think here the superior race. I never had a mother or father to teach me the way things are I learned it the hard way. So I’m telling these young folk’s before it’s to late. J.T: So your mom and dad passed away when you were little that must have been hard growing up? L.T: Yessa it was a hard child hood when i was up for adoption. This white family adopted me and worked me like a slave. They just thought of me as a thing and not a human being. J.T: What were you feeling when you were living with this family? L.T: Well I felt like I had to live in constant fear hoping that one day I could get out of this dreadful place and live somewhere else that people are not racist or prejudice and don’t judge me because imma different color ya hear. J.T: Who has inspired you to achieve your goal? L.T: My inspiration was Malcolm X because he rejected nonviolence as a principle and this quote kept me going on each day "My homemade education gave me with every additional book that i read, a little bit mare sensitivity to the deafness, dumbness, and blindness that was afflicting the black race in Americans." J.T: How does that quote keep you going on each day? L.T: Every day I would wake up and read that quote and say to myself that I could do something good even if I didn’t have a good education. J.T: Why do you compare yourself to Malcolm X? L.T:I feel that I went from being a slave boy to being a hero just like what Malcolm X did. He was involved in drugs when he was a teenager. I got involved in drugs too because I used them as a healing device for all the pain that i went through when i was with the white folks yessa they were nasty just because of my skin color. J.T: When did you realize that you wanted to reach out to young kids and teach them how to not to use violence as the answer? L.T:I taught kids to channel in their emotions ya see so that they dint get hurt. All those times I've seen those boys and girls getting beat up that’s why I started my teachings like when Malcolm X had a teacher that inspired him, his name was Elijah Muhammed. J.T: Have you ever been in a protest before and if how did it feel? L.T:I’ve been in the March in Washington and i felt like you were trying to change

the world so that all the whites and blacks boys and girls could one day go to school and work together and not have segregation through the nation. J.T:Thank you for spending this time with us to ask you these question and congratulations on your noble peace prize? L.T:Yall very welcome.

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