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Create a Statement in Toronto With The Most Exclusive Tattoo Experience! Choosing a tattoo at Adrenaline is made uncomplicated with the help of any of our knowledgeable staff members. In our Toronto location, you are likely to find an artist most suited for your style of tattoo. Know precisely the design you desire? Come and get it done safely by professionals. Don’t know what you desire? No biggie, we’ll help you get there. At Adrenaline, we will need you to be at least 18 years of age to get a tattoo. At a minimum of 17 years of age, with adult permission and valid identification on both parts, certain tattoos will be considered. Going through the process of getting a tattoo at Adrenaline, you will discover that we pursue an incredibly exact method to prevent cross contamination. All needles and tubes to be used during the tattoo are sealed and sterilized in clean and sterile packaging. All surrounding areas are covered with barriers, such as dry-back dental bibs, avoiding contamination. For your peace of mind, all items to be used during your tattoo will be opened, used, and dumped in your presence. Each tattoo room is completely disinfected between each client. Our tattoo artists have been trained by Health Educators Inc. in sterile technique for set-up and tear down for tattooing. Getting a tattoo at Adrenaline is made trouble free with the assistance of any of our competent staff. In our Toronto site, you are guaranteed to find an artist best suited for your style of tattoo. We strongly encourage you to carry out a small bit of exploration to find the graphic that you like. Keep in mind that some small changes may need to be made in order for your graphic to be tattoo able. When booking a meeting for a drawing or tattoo, you will need to leave a deposit, which guarantees your time with that artist. We also give you the option of booking your scheduled visit over the phone, provided you leave your credit card number for the deposit. Once your tattoo is complete, your deposit will be refunded to you in full. Our tattooing is generally done by scheduled time; however, we are more than happy to deal with walk-ins, provided the time is available. Contact Us! 416 913 8805 Better yet, just drop by- we’re in the heart of Downtown Toronto: Adrenaline Tattoos & Body Piercing (Toronto) 239 Queen St. W Toronto, ON M5V 1Z4 416 913 8805 Check out our site:

Adrenaline Tattoos & Body Piercing (Toronto)  

Getting a tattoo at Adrenaline is made easy with the help of any of our knowledgeable staff. In our Toronto location, you are guaranteed to...

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