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“JUST OVER TWO THIRDS OF THOSE CURRENTLY IN TREATMENT WITH US ARE MALE” With drugs and alcohol becoming a worryingly ubiquitous part of an average night out for many people in the UK, it comes as no surprise that numbers of individuals seeking help from dedicated substance misuse clinics are on the rise. But where do you go for help if you need it? And what can you expect when you get there? CALMzine spoke to Des Kirby from the South Westminster Drug and Alcohol Service to find out…

their substance misuse, but can also offer treatment on issues like physical and emotional abuse, eating disorders, gambling, mental health etc. We also offer group programmes, including men only groups that discuss topics such as health, relationships & family and anger management and a variety of different therapies from music workshops and arts & creativity programmes to basic IT skills training and military fitness sports sessions.

Q: How many people visit your clinic every week? A: In total we average approximately 45-50 people accessing our service on a daily basis. We currently have just under 400 people in treatment, with just over two thirds of those currently in treatment with us being male.

Q: There are a lot of recreational drug users who wouldn’t admit to having a problem, or at least think that their drug use wouldn’t be classed as ‘abuse’. How would you define ‘substance abuse’?

Q: What services do you provide, apart from basic treatment for substance abuse? A: Everyone who accesses our service receives a key worker who will work with them throughout their treatment. Clients meet with their key worker regularly for one to one support about their substance misuse, as well as looking at the other factors of their life that has been effected by their use; for example health, housing, employment, debt etc. Their key worker will also work closely in finding the most suitable rehab that will not only look at

A: Our definition of substance abuse is anyone whose lifestyle has been diminished or changed either physically or emotionally because of the substance(s) they are taking. For example if someone walks through our doors and says that his drinking one glass of wine a night is causing problems we will work with that person. Q: At what point do most of your visitors come to you for help? A: Most people walk through our doors when things in their life start to go wrong because of their drinking or drug use. Some are referred in by part-

20 - CALMzone Helpline London: 0808 8025858 Outside london: 0800 58 58 58

Calmzine - The Drugs Issue  

THE DRUGS ISSUE - men's lifestyle magazine brought to you by CALMzine - Campaign Against Living Miserably.

Calmzine - The Drugs Issue  

THE DRUGS ISSUE - men's lifestyle magazine brought to you by CALMzine - Campaign Against Living Miserably.