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Green Burial Hall Technical Report BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design Interior Integration By Wong Chi Shing Joe (Part time) Student no. UPIAD19-005

Sage Funeral Services Ltd. 仁智殯儀服務有限公司

Background Benevolence is our core value & Revolutionizing the death care industry through Innovative Thinking is our mission Sage Funeral Services Ltd(Sage) has been providing high quality Chinese and Western style funeral services to the market. Sage emphasizes on being committed to revolutionize this industry through professional management and set benchmarks for industry's best practice by providing transparency in pricing & operation, offering affordable quality services. According to the wishes of the bereaved family, Sage’s devoted staff will sincerely arrange a well-coordinated funeral services . In addition, Sage is dedicated to meet different needs and individual tailored wishes expected from customer.

Client & Background

Project Needs without body and coffin without grave clothes and offerings with full of fun, happy and comfortable environment could express the emotion and feelings for the departed would provide individual tailored services for one customer in one time could help people to recover from sorrow after farewell to the departed

The Site Analysis Site photos The location of this project is on the first floor of an industrial building named Leapont Centre in Fotan Shatin district

The site is located at unit D 1/F of the industrial building. The unit included with an opened-air flat roof which is suitable for designing as a outdoor patio-like place. The light shines all the way from the sky to the patio, and natural light can also be reflected into the inner space.

Mind Mapping

č š



Family Get together - A family get together for a dinner Chinese has a deep-rooted concept of family reunion. Thus, every year they gather together through various ceremonies or festivals, and they eat together. Whether it is a happy event (happy=RED) or a funeral (sad=WHITE), it is a meal, while eating, drinking at the same time, to enhance each other's feelings. All people would meet, talk and eaten together. This place plan to commemorate the departed one is just like a custom-made private banquet for each family. A gathering, a dinner, it would be in memory of the departed one and healing the living person through eating the foods. Let all people have good feelings and go on.

Design Concept

Ancestral Hall Ancestral Hall-used to worship the ancestral shrine and also used to hold family marriages, funerals, birthdays, weddings, etc. From ancient times to the present, the places where Chinese people meet together would have arranged in ancestral halls for the sacrifice, festivals, and gathering together to eat a meal, it is custom and the meaning of reunion Therefore, I design a place like Chinese Ancestral Hall’s environment to let people get together to talk, to eat and stay at outdoor under the sunlight.

Floor Plan The overall layout of the interior is designed with two floors which area L1 and L2. In L1 walk from entrance to the walkway and the Hall, and the L2 is the bow area and family room for dining. Relatives go up L2 through the curve stairs one by one, which has a meaning of farewell to their departed. Then, bow to the position of the brass column antenna-like feature, and pray for the soul of departed.

LEVEL 1 - LAYOUT PLAN Memorial hall

LEVEL 2 - LAYOUT PLAN Family room

Design Rendering

ay flowers area






Wash hand area


4 3 2 1

LEVEL 1- Areas



Sanded glass tube wall for lay flowers


Lay flowers area

Sectional Elevation

a brass column is designed at that center pool point toward the Sky. It can be imagined as an antenna connected to the Heaven. Furthermore, above the atrium, a sundial feature is designed to show the gathering time by the light projection, the showdown of pin is expressing the moment of cherishing togetherness.

In the time of family gathering, the time is short, but it is really too worth to have it. You will find that the reunion of the original life is one [minus], every time when you meet a time, you should realize that you lose a time to see again. All cherish the time to be together, can we turn the relationship into one [addition], it seems paradoxical but it is true.

Ancestral Hall Visible shadow of Sundial time on the floor

Sundial installation in the Hall area

č š Gathering


5 6

Bow area

A factory building that let people feel cold. Therefore, design a family room as filled with a warm environment and the place where people can gather together. Through gatherings, it can heal sorrow, reduce sadness, and slowly return to normal life.

LEVEL 2 - Areas

Family Room


Family room

Level 2- Lighting mood board


Level 1- Lighting mood board


Ceiling & Lighting Plan

Hy-Fi Organic Brick Wall

Wall stucco paint

Floor tile

Wood venee r

Material Board

Brass & Copper

Wooden floor Carpet rug

Hy-Fi Organic Brick



Amount (HK $)


1 Sum


Demolition works

1 Sum


Construction works

1 Sum


Fitting out works

1 Sum


Metal works

1 Sum


Glass works

1 Sum


P & D works

1 Sum


E & M works

1 Sum


Submission fee

1 Sum


Design fee

1 Sum


Total =


Cost Estimation

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Interior Integration - Technical report by Wong Chi Shing,Joe  

Interior Integration - Technical report by Wong Chi Shing,Joe  


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