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the Manna | September 2011



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the Manna | September 2011


17 | Adopted By God

07 | Signals 09 | On the Air

18 | In Recovery

Features 10 | Most Likely To...Be Humble We may be perceived differently than we think.

12 | The Entitlement Generation

Stay in Touch

Where to go when we find ourselves abandoned. Battling the pride addiction.

20 | Throwing Punches

Sometimes it’s hard withholding our defense mechanisms.

23 | Keep On Keepin’ On

A word of encouragement can do wonders.

24 | Bread Alone

What the world needs us?

A bleak view of life isn’t the only option.

15 | Right


We better check our opinions at the door.

26 | The Success Minute | | September 2011



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Signals Pride You might wonder why pride is considered to be such a serious sin; you might even question what, exactly, constitutes pride. From a Christian perspective, pride is considered the fatal flaw that caused Lucifer (you may know him as Satan) to be cast out of heaven. He thought more of himself than he should have and wanted to exalt himself above God. Guess who wins that contest? When we think too much of ourselves, we fail to seek God and His direction. Or, if we do seek Him, giving lip service to our prayer life and to Him, we may simply ignore Him or worse – flat out disobey Him. Pride is an enemy that lets us believe that we are right, even when we are not. Hence, it can have a devastating effect on our relationships. In his article in this issue, Josh Millwood describes the person who is always right (in his own mind) and how, ultimately, that person comes to be so disliked by those around him. Pride causes us to seek glory for ourselves when the only One deserving glory is the Lord. Pride allows us to want to be the center of attention. It strokes our ego. And it allows us to blow out of proportion our so-called successes. When we start thinking it is our personal contribution of effort or design that resulted in those successes, our focus is directed on ourselves and not God. Pride lets us decide what is right and what is wrong. It lets us pick and choose

what defines sin and what is not. It lets us ignore the Word of God and He that has already made that distinction for us. The Apostle Paul states, in Romans 15:17, “So it is right for me to be enthusiastic about all Christ Jesus has done through me.” This teaches us of Paul’s example of taking pride not in his own accomplishments, but in all the Lord had done through Him. The words and deeds were not Paul’s to boast of – Paul was only the tool the Lord used to do His work. In Paul’s attitude, we find the opposite of pride – humility. Humility is a rare human condition. It allows a person to recognize that it is not human strength by which anything is accomplished but only by the power of God. It allows a person to set aside a natural way of thought and seek, instead, the mind of God, His will and His direction. Humility is gained when we recognize that we need God—as individuals, as families, as communities, as a country. When our awareness of that need is sincere, we seek His leadership and wisdom—and pridefulness is replaced with humility. Debbie Byrd is General Manager of Maranatha, Inc., a ministry that includes Joy! 102.5 and the Manna. | | September 2011


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On the Air Inspired More great songs are being added this month to our playlist here at Joy! 102.5. One of them is the new release from Phil Wickham called “At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh).” Phil says about the song, “I wrote it with a good buddy and awesome UK worship leader named Tim Hughes. He invited me over to London to be a part of a worship conference that he and his team were putting on. After this conference, Tim and I were hanging out and started talking about writing a song together. So we picked up our guitars and started sharing different ideas. ‘At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh)’ kind of simmered to the top, so to speak.” He continues, “I love the idea of talking about the names of God. We call God by so many names—Shepherd, Savior, Messiah, Provider—but in Isaiah, God calls Himself ‘Yahweh.’ He says, ‘I am Yahweh, that is my name. I will not share my glory with others.’ He is Yahweh—when He speaks,

oceans roar and mountains melt and angels bow down! But He’s also revealed to us in the person of Jesus, in humility, love, grace, and sacrifice. It is my hope and prayer that whoever comes in contact with this song would be inspired to worship Yahweh God, to sing to Him, turn to Him, and be reminded of His greatness and power.” Phil’s new album Response will be in stores on October 4th. In the meantime, listen for his new song on Joy! 102.5 and online at You can learn more about Phil Wickham by visiting his website at Rodney Baylous is Program Director of Joy! 102.5. Visit

Listen Now! Check out our Program Guide at | | September 2011



Most Likely To... Be Humble By Karen Tull


hen I was a senior in high school and the yearbooks came out, the collective eagerness to flip through them wasn’t to see how we all looked in our mock-velvet drapes and tuxedo jackets. Rather, it was to see what our peers really thought of us by way of the “Most Likely To” list. Our school had the usual categories: “Most Likely To Succeed,” “Most Likely To Be Famous,” and other important titles, such as “Biggest Flirt,” “Best Dancer,” and, of course, “Most Attractive.” As someone who did her best to fly under the radar, it never dawned on me that my classmates would nominate me for anything; at least, that had been my thinking. But that assumption had been shot a couple months prior, when the yearbook staff passed around a voting sheet that included all the finalists, with the names of the top three nominees under each category. All the seniors had to vote one last time to determine which person would secure the title. As I was skimming through the list, to my utter shock and horror, I saw my name—listed under “Biggest Ego.” My heart sank. I couldn’t believe it. No one even really knew me! If they did, they would know how untrue that really it was quite the opposite. I felt hurt and upset. Was this truly how people perceived me? As a snob? I wanted to disappear. After a while, I decided that maybe I should take a step back and analyze the image I was putting forth. Obviously, I was coming off in a negative light. I knew I was quiet. And by that time in school, I was pretty much doing my own thing. Plus, I was very self-conscious as a teenager and often avoided

eye contact with people in the hallways. Factoring it all in, I could sort of see why I was being regarded as arrogant, as though I were separating myself because I thought I was better. While I knew my actions came from a place of insecurity, others evidently thought they came from a place of pride. I didn’t know what to do about it. In his book Secrets of the Heart, author Stuart Briscoe explains, “Sometimes when negative motives and pride are attributed to us wrongly, we can fight it, but the hurt is still there. In the end, the only thing we can do is go before the Lord and say, ‘Help me to examine my heart. They don’t know what’s going on. Is it true that I am conceited? Is it true that my heart is proud?’” Perhaps God was using the situation to prompt a self-evaluation and correct some sinful areas in my life. Maybe I really wasn’t as humble as I thought. If nothing else, it was clear that I needed to be more mindful of my persona and Christ-like in my interactions with people. Unfortunately, it was too late at that point to change the consensus about me, but I could at least try to be different going forward. And, I eventually came to the calming conclusion that the only opinion of me that truly matters is that of the Lord. Still, when the yearbooks were finally published, I found myself nervously flipping to the back in hopes that my ego didn’t win top prize. To my relief, it didn’t. However, I did unexpectedly find my name under a different title. Along with another classmate, we ended up being the “Biggest Goody Two-Shoes.” Oh, well. I guess I can live with that. | | September 2011


The Entitlement Generation By Keyanna Butts


his year, approximately 1.6 million students will graduate from universities across the United States. Many of these graduates are Generation Y’ers, loosely defined as people under 30. Upon graduation, they will have one goal in mind: to find employment. Many will accomplish this goal. But even in the midst of tough economic conditions (when landing a job is nothing short of a miracle), employers are finding that young grads are turning down “suitable” job offers. Why? Human Resource managers state entry-level salaries and lack of vacation and leisure time as main factors for position declination. This is why Generation Y has been infamously nicknamed “the Entitlement Generation.” These young job-seekers want better pay, flexible hours, and more benefits. Instead of having the work ethic of moving up the ladder, they have a deserve-itnow mindset. Narcissistic, self-centered, unrealistic expectations, know-it-alls, and knee-jerk reactions to criticism are phrases often associated with this group. To sum it up, Generation Y’ers are prideful. Baby-boomers and older generations are shaking their fingers at Generation Y’s high demands and unwillingness to settle for less, wondering, How did they end up like this? As a product of Generation Y, I have my reasoning as to where our prideful attitudes come from. I strongly believe that social institutions (i.e. family, educa-

tion, religion, media) have ingrained the philosophy that we are special and we can be whomever and whatever we want to be, without compromise. One stereotype of Generation Y’ers is their inability to accept fault, which may cause some to view my theory as biased. However, an article by Aspen Education Group helps validate this notion: “In the 1980s world of child-rearing, the catchword was ‘self-esteem.’ Unconditional love and being valued ‘just because you’re you!’ was the prevailing philosophy. In practice, it involved constantly praising children, not criticizing them under any circumstances, emphasizing feelings, and not recognizing one child’s achievements as superior to another’s. At the end of a season, every player ‘won’ a trophy. Instead of just one ‘student of the month,’ schools named dozens. Teachers inflated grades from kindergarten through college: ‘C’ became the new ‘F.’ No one ever had to repeat a grade because staying behind caused poor self-esteem.” As a young child I was told I could be anything I wanted to be. I was not told you can be anything you want to be if you first start at an entry-level position, make minimum wage, work hard, long hours to prove yourself, and eventually you will slowly move up the corporate ladder until you are CEO. In grade school, teachers told me that it’s important to get good grades so you


can get into a reputable college. The emphasis on the importance of going to college was not to further your education and increase your knowledge, but because if you go to college, you will have better job opportunities and higher salaries than individuals who do not go to college. While in college, professors preached about how our generation is like no other. We were unique in the sense that we were born into the technological age. The fact that we grew up with smartphones and the internet at our fingertips, literally, would make us assets to employers who needed to adapt to the changing, technologicallybased world. We graduated thinking that not only do employers want us, they need us, and we have all the tools to take their business to the next level. Our whole lives are molded by the aforementioned concepts: We are special; we can be whatever we want to be; if we go to college we will have more opportunities and make lots of money; and, the world needs us. This indoctrination of self-worth that was begun in our formative years by parents and family and reinforced throughout our lives has brainwashed us to truly believe that we are the best this world has to offer and we should therefore be compensated for this greatness. But are selfconfidence and high standards bad things? Indeed, if not balanced with humility. The Bible tells us not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to

(Romans 12:3). The lack of humility is what’s giving Generation Y’ers a bad rap. Humility is what separates self-confidence from arrogance and being selective from being uncompromising. Even Jesus made Himself of no reputation and became as a servant in the likeness of man in order to do the work of the Father (Philippians 2:7). We must take on a Christ-like work ethic. It is only then that we will truly excel in life, for he that humbles himself will be exalted (Luke 14:11).

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By Josh Millwood


veryone knows somebody who is always right. Not only are they right, they have an opinion on everything. From theology to politics to what the ultimate sandwich is—they know the answer. Oh, you are entitled to your opinion, but unless it lines up, you are wrong. There is no debate. There is no convincing them otherwise. You would be a fool to even try offering another point of view. Because unless you see it their way, well, you know where the highway is. I try really hard to not be that person. Sometimes I fail. I staunchly defend the fact that Arrested Development is the funniest show to ever be on television. We are all blinded by our opinions sometimes and I think that is forgivable. But there are some circumstances where our opinions can get us into real trouble. Specifically, when we speak of the things of God with a sense of absolute authority, we have to be very careful. The Word is alive. God’s Word transcends cultures. Its wisdom is a precious gift. It is a weapon against evil. Hebrews 4:12 says, “For the Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.” That is a serious weapon! And yet, sometimes we humans wield this powerful sword like a butter knife. We toss around passages of Scripture out of context to get our point across. We pick and choose what we feel is followable and discard what is too hard or obviously not meant for our day and age. But we are held to account for how we use the Bible—good and bad. The next verse in Hebrews says, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before His eyes, and He is the one to whom we are accountable.”

Yikes! Instead of casually tossing around Scripture to support our claims, back up our point of view, or confront someone who we believe to be in error, perhaps we should spend more time focused on cleaning out the “logs in our own eyes” (Luke 6:41). Having an opinion is okay, though we should always be open to Truth conquering our ideas. When we share an opinion as fact, we had better tread carefully. One of the most intimidating books of the New Testament is the book of James. James really tells it like it is. He starts chapter three of his epistle with this: “...not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.” I have used this verse more than once to get out of teaching 8th grade Sunday School (that might actually be an example of misusing the Word of God). It is tempting to read that verse and think it’s no big deal. Since we aren’t up in the pulpit Sunday after Sunday, obviously that doesn’t apply to us! But when we post something on Facebook or Twitter for tens or hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people to read, share, and comment on—we are teaching. It might not be intentional, but for anyone looking for someone or something to follow, you might be tossing out a tempting piece of Scripture. Perhaps they misapply that verse to a situation in their life without tempering it with the rest of God’s Word. According to James, we are held accountable for that! It is arrogant for us to think we have some unique line to the mind of God, outside of the Holy Spirit and the Bible. Talking about, exploring, and cultivating our faith is a necessity! But we have to take James’s warning to heart. | | September 2011


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Adopted by God By Karen Tull


here recently aired on television a documentary about young members of the Amish community who have left their homes and customs behind in order to pursue a free life out in secular society. Most of them weren’t looking to indulge in a wild lifestyle; they simply wanted to follow a dream that they knew would go unfulfilled if they remained under the rules of the Order. One young man wanted a college education. Two brothers longed to be race car drivers. Another man was weary of dairy farming and hoped to start his own construction business. A newly-married couple sought freedom to practice their Christian faith without the extra man-made regulations they had always known. But the decision to leave home came with a huge cost: They would be forever shunned by their families. Never again would they hug their parents, play with their younger siblings, or sleep in their old beds. They were on their own. And it was a reality that took its toll, even despite their convictions to live differently. The cameras followed one man as he drove up to his family farm when he knew no one would be home. His dog ran up the lane to lovingly greet him and the man whispered a tearful goodbye one last time. The cameras showed another man as he went back one night and quietly stood outside to listen to the singing he once enjoyed so much. For all the men and women who left, being cut off from their loved ones and their very identity was crippling. While this may not be an average case, many scenarios in

everyday life cause similar feelings of abandonment and even betrayal. Children who are deserted by one or both parents and those caught in the middle of a divorce often battle fear and pain induced by those situations. Sometimes we find ourselves abandoned emotionally rather than physically. As adults, many of us carry around invisible scars created long ago by parents who gave up on us because of their disappointment or disapproval. For whatever reason, we failed to measure up to the standards they had in mind. What can we do when the people who are supposed to love us most turn their backs on us? We can find the safe dwelling we need when we put our hope in God. Scripture says, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me” (Psalm 27:10). Unlike human beings, God loves and cares for us without conditions. By inviting His Son, Jesus Christ, into our lives and beginning a personal relationship with Him, we become a child of God for all eternity. Though He knows our sin of the past, present, and future, He never withholds His acceptance of us when we come to Him for forgiveness. The hurts of this world run deep, especially when inflicted upon us by our mothers and fathers, but there is comfort in knowing God’s Word to us as written in Isaiah 41:9-10: “I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” | | September 2011


In Recovery

Glad Tidings

by Brittney Switala

Assembly of God

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like rules. I even like to create rules in places where none exist. Things that are yucky, messy, or uncomfortable are quite possibly “wrong.” Strong opinions contrary to mine are obviously wrong, and those who perform quicker, better, or even in a more “spiritual” manner must have broken some rule. (That once again proves my superiority!) Paul, David, Mary, Abraham, and Sarah are all great biblical characters, but really, it’s the religious leaders—the Pharisees—I like best. If I had lived in biblical times, I would have considered Jesus a flaming liberal for hanging out with prostitutes and naked guys in the graveyard. He talked too much about loving the bad guys and not enough about taking them out with big swords. He hung out with a group of 12 guys who needed to get real jobs instead of relying on charity. A bunch of big ideals and miracles, but he was a slippery one when it came to following the real “rules.” Life as a Pharisee made spiritual position before God cut and dried. You knew what to sacrifice and when to sacrifice. You had power and position as the one who

could impose over 600 laws and toy around with which ones you would keep yourself. Except for those pesky phylacteries, it sounds like one sweet role! I say all of this tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, the role of the prideful, hypocritical Pharisee is an attractive one to me (and perhaps to you). I consider myself a “Recovering Pharisee.” Honestly, I had a very idyllic upbringing. I made a commitment to Christ at the age of five and my wedding ceremony was performed by the same pastor who started the church when I was a toddler. I lived in a safe, small town, got good grades, and had a wonderful, godly two-parent home. I verbally fought moral battles on the playground and in the classroom. It was draining, but I kept on—sometimes for Jesus, sometimes to reassure myself, and sometimes...simply to win. When I would have difficulties, I’d struggle with anger toward God because I thought I didn’t deserve it. After all, I was one of the good guys! It wasn’t until personal tragedy struck my life that I was shaken. I was shaken that doing “right” and


s t e S g n i w S

s Generator

winning arguments was not enough. What I began to discover at that time was the grace of God. A commonly accepted definition of God’s grace is “unmerited favor.” By that definition we know that right standing with God does not come from following social norms, being noticeably nice, or even daring to rescue someone from danger; it is God-given, no-strings-attached approval. Jesus never gave grace to the Pharisees because they made it very clear that they did not consider themselves needy. Pride is such an easy habit. It’s kind of the safety net that keeps us doing the right-appearing things, but for all the wrong reasons. When faith is dry, when God seems far away, when secret sin is creeping in, pride is right there waiting. When we don’t feel in right position with God, working it up seems so natural. Effort plus anxiety equals one unhappy, yet quite prideful Christian. This is even true for well-respected stalwarts of the faith. Great Awakening Evangelist Jonathan Edwards (known for his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”) called pride

“the worst viper that is in the heart,” yet he acknowledged pride was a sin he constantly battled. Just about two months ago, wellrespected evangelical leader C.J. Mahaney (author of the book Humility: True Greatness) stepped down from his post due to assertions of character flaws such as “pride, unentreatability, deceit, sinful judgment, and hypocrisy.” For each of us, the essential cure for pride is focus on the cross. Recalling the sufferings of Christ is healthy in stirring up an attitude of thankfulness. Christ not only suffered physically for us but experienced the ultimate pain of rejection from a part of himself, God the Father, which is something we can’t even comprehend. When we have an attitude of gratitude our minds automatically turn from ourselves to the giver of the gift…and a mind focused on Christ can’t be focused on itself. Thankfulness is therapy for a Pharisee in recovery.

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e sat on the phone going back and forth about the typical this and that. It was honestly nothing worth arguing over, but she said something that struck a chord: “When are you going to step up and be the priest of this relationship?” Whoa! She might as well have said I wasn’t a man. Although that was not her meaning, how I interpreted it as a man was that she was calling me out—and my pride was pricked. As my feelings lay there raw and exposed, a wall of pride erected from the depths of my heart. I started “throwing punches” through a series of small verbal insults (if there is a such thing), recollections of past issues, and overall abusive

language to strike her where I knew it would hurt most. In our relationships, we often throw these defensive punches to protect whatever pride is left after an attack. Pride is hurting us in our unwillingness to admit that we are wrong or in need of help. It drains the love out of a relationship like alcohol absorbs water from the blood stream—and its effects are just as deadly. What if Peter had been too prideful to call out to Jesus when he took his eyes off Him and began to sink? Pride causes us to sink in our relationships every day. We are sinking when it comes to understanding each other. We are sinking in speaking each other’s love language. We are sinking in submission to each other and

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Throwing Punches by Aaron Bell

obedience to God, but many of us wait to send out that distress signal. Remember, Proverbs 16:18-19 is very clear about the fall of the prideful. In dealing with my significant other, I felt the Lord whisper to me, “What you see as a curse or character flaw in her is really a blessing being unused and waiting for you to discover.” At that moment, I had to stop to confess my ignorance and correct my perspective in relating to and loving her. I humbled myself and set aside what I thought I knew, to learn what I never thought I would know. In so doing, I stumbled upon an untapped well of fresh information and feelings and a new ground to our relationship. I challenge us all to not allow our

pride to “throw the first punch.” Signs of a prideful spirit consist of being combative, impatient, hearing but not listening, lack of submission, and wanting to always be right. But we must not allow our pride to keep us from finding the new and replenishing well within our significant others and even ourselves. Let us become totally available to God and all that He has for us, including correction. If love conquers all, pride surely destroys all. So, let it not destroy you and your relationships, especially your relationship with God. There is a well, there is a provision, there is a blessing stored and waiting just for you!

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Keep on Keepin’ On by B.A. Timmons


ecause of the events of the previous year, we were looking forward to my wife’s family reunion. It had been a difficult time health-wise for her father. During his lengthy hospital stay, we had provided updates about his condition on a website set up by the hospital. I did most of the journaling the first week or so and tried my best to keep my father-in-law’s large family both informed and encouraged. It was really no trouble at all, as I enjoyed having something productive to do. At the family reunion, one of the very first conversations I had was with one of the brothers in the family who had made a long trip to visit my father-in-law in the hospital. After exchanging greetings, the first thing out of his mouth was, “Have you found any new venues for your writing?” It was an extremely intriguing question, as it had been a topic of much thought in the past months. I chuckled and replied, “Why do you ask that?” He explained that he was just wondering, as it was evident that I enjoyed writing. We went on to discuss other things, and found that we had much in common, especially in our experiences in church life. Perhaps that conversation encouraged me to press on into a new writing endeavor. Within two weeks of the reunion, I had jumped into a new venture which provided another outlet for writing. It seemed only appropriate to share this with the brother to whom I had spoken. I sent him an e-mail that read: “I really appreciated you asking me about writing. You specifically

asked if I had found any other venues. Since you brought it up, I wanted to tell you I started this new endeavor a couple of weeks ago. It probably isn’t much of a ‘venue,’ but at least it’s another exercise in writing. In case you are curious, here is the address.” Shortly thereafter, I received an e-mail that read: “Thanks for sharing. I don’t do a lot of online reading, but I will check it out. Mostly I just wanted to encourage you to use the gifts God has given you. Keep writing.” Hmmm. Either this brother has a dry sense of humor or he was just being honest. While many in the family do have a great sense of humor, I suspect the brother was just stating the facts, which I appreciate. But sometimes, honesty doesn’t feel all that good. As I thought about it, though, this brother was being a model encourager. Essentially he was saying, “I’m not really into what you are doing, but regardless, it seems worthwhile, so keep on doing it.” That’s what an encourager does. He encourages one to press on, regardless of his affinity (or lack of) for the particulars. If the only thing we can encourage is that which we personally enjoy, then that really ties our hands in our ability to encourage the body of Christ. In a perfect world we would all be perfectly adjusted, with no need of affirmation concerning our place in the world. But most of us, in our weakness, still need an occasional word of encouragement. So once in a while, consider that the Lord may want to use you to say to someone, “I’ve noticed, keep it up.” | | September 2011


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“I don’t want to make the wrong decision for the one person who always made the right ones.”


n a powerful scenario played out in a hot, dry, and dusty wilderness, Jesus said in response to a temptation: “Man does not live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Notice he did not say that man did not live on bread “at all,” as some forms of mysticism and bodily denial might assert. He showed that man did live on bread partially, but not exclusively. In other words, we are both body and spirit, and there is a higher dimension to our existence. The New Atheists, and the old ones for that matter, would have us embrace what some have called “nothing buttery.” We are nothing but our DNA; we are nothing but our social and biological inheritance; we are nothing but a random collocation of atoms, time, and chance. What is interesting in all this is that those who are saying such things use words. Indeed, they write long books, extensive articles, and scholarly tones to persuade us that we are nothing but “matter in motion.”   Is their use of words, their reliance on reason, their appeal to rationality, a backhanded tribute to Jesus’s claim that there is something higher, more complex,

and real that is indeed a major feature of what it is to be human? After all, if my delight in reading or my love of the ideas and impressions that arise from reading are mere chemical reactions with deterministic outcomes, mere responses and not real experiences, then I am left wondering if even my wondering is nothing more than a blind reaction to stimulus. I must confess: I don’t buy it. If we look at the ancient Scriptures, we see an initial confrontation with several players. Adam and Eve are in an idyllic setting. God is present and in communion with them. Then the “tempter” appears and raises what will be a lasting question, one which has as much bearing on the twenty-first Century as it did when it was first stated: “Did God really say?” (Genesis 3:1). Now, whether we take this question in broad directions (Is there any God who actually speaks?) or in specific directions (Do I believe God is speaking to me now?  What should I do in these circumstances?  Can I expect insight from God for life?), the thought has vast consequences. Did God really say?  If there is no God, if there is nothing but chance and necessity, then I must fling

A Higher Level of Care A Higher Level of Care HealthSouth H e a l t h S o u t h R e h a b i l i t a t i oRehabilitation n Hospital

Bread Alone


by Stuart McAllister

It could happen to you -- an unexpected illness or injury that requires a lengthy recuperation. Like anyone, you want to get the best care and get back to the quality of life you’ve come to enjoy. So, what are your options?

A Higher HealthSouth Re

HealthSouth offers patients the opportunity to recuperate and rehabilitate at HealthSouth’s inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Chesapeake. Our multidisciplinary team approach is designed to provide a far more concentrated setting with more aggressive therapy and nursing care than other post acute settings such as skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes. And our state-of-the-art technology offers patients the latest advancements, providing a higher level of care for stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, trauma, neurological diagnoses and orthopedic injuries. It all adds up to getting you better, faster.

A Hi HealthSout

It could happen to you -- an unexpected illness or injury that requires a lengthy recuperation. Like anyone, you want to get the best care and get back to the quality of lifehappen you’vetocome It could you --toanenjoy. unexpe So, what are your or injury thatoptions? requires a lengthy rec

A Higher Level of Care HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital Get the higher level of care you deserve. Call HealthSouth at 410 546-6400.

HealthSouth Chesapeake Rehabilitation

myself into existence with all the will and hope I can muster and simply allow the dice to land. If there is a God, however, then I not only have access to the author and creator of life, but I can meet and know a God who is called “The Good Shepherd” and reminds us that his name is Immanuel, “God with us.” In this age of the saturated self, time and space are drowning in voices, noises, and insistent demands—all clamoring for our attention. We might feel at times as if we are suffocating or simply being squished by blind forces that have no consideration or compassion, and we wonder if we can survive. Did God really say? Did God say anything that could help? In a very powerful story told in Genesis 21:8-20, Hagar, who gave birth to Ishmael by Abraham, was sent away as a result of internal family strife and hostility. Abandoned with a young boy, wandering in a wasteland, she collapsed in hopeless despair. We surely feel her sense of utter desperation and loss. Yet into this bleak, dark, and hopeless scenario, God speaks. And his words are words of hope and words of life. Hagar hears what is being communicated and responds.

has earned The -Joint ItHospital could happen to you an Commission’s unexpected illness Gold Seal of Approval™ it could be false. It could or Of injurycourse, that requires a lengthyall recuperation. all be a construct. It could all and be get nothing Like anyone, you want to get the best care backwishful to the quality of life you’ve come to enjoy. but thinking. Perhaps it is A Higher Level of Care all imagSo,the whatwork are yourof options? ination or religious deceivers

across time who have created these moving HealthSouth offers patients the opportunity to stories to distract us. Perhaps man really recuperate rehabilitate HealthSouth’s 220 and Tilghman Road at • Salisbury, MD 21804 does live by bread410 alone, and what we need 546-4600 inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Chesapeake. to is simply accept it and get on Our do multidisciplinary team approach is designed to with life as it is. Ormore perhaps—perhaps—there provide a far concentrated setting with more is a aggressive therapy care than other post God, and Godandis,nursing as Francis Schaeffer said, acute settings suchsilent. as skilledThe nursing facilitiesisor real and there and not choice nursing homes. And our state-of-the-art technology it is unavoidable. Jesus offers a way and an offers patients the latest advancements, providing alternative to the bleak vision of life bound a higher level of care for stroke, brain injury, spinal by cord time, chance, and necessity: injury, trauma, neurological diagnosesHumanity does not live by bread alone, but on every and orthopedic injuries. It allthat adds comes up to getting you better, faster. of God. word from the mouth Get the higher level of care you deserve. Stuart McAllisteratis410 vice president of Call HealthSouth 546-6400.

Like anyone, you want to get the best

HealthSouth offers the opportunity backpatients to the quality of life you’vetocom So, what are your options recuperate and rehabilitate at HealthSouth’s HealthSouth’s Inpatient inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Chesapeake. A H i g h eRehabilitation r L e v e l HealthSouth o f C a r Hospital e offers patients inthe opp Our multidisciplinary team approach is designed to H e a l t h S o u provide t h R e ah far a b more i l i t aconcentrated t i o n H and o ssetting prehabilitate i t a lwith atmore recuperate Salisbury, MD proudly offers Hea rehabilitation hospital in C aggressive therapyinpatient and nursing than other post patients the most care advanced Our multidisciplinary team approach i acute settings such as skilled nursing facilities or technology in the goal of setti provide a far more concentrated nursing It could happen to you -- an unexpected illness homes. And our state-of-the-art technology aggressive therapy and nursing care th recovery and recuperation. or injury that requires a lengthy recuperation. offers patients the latest advancements, providing Like anyone, you want to get the best care and get acute settings such as skilled nursing back to the quality of life you’ve come to enjoy. Our multi-disciplinary a higher level of nursing care forhomes. stroke,And brain spinal So, what are your options? our injury, state-of-the-a approach isneurological designed to cord injury, trauma, diagnoses offers patients the latest advancemen HealthSouth offers patients the opportunity to recuperate and rehabilitate at HealthSouth’s incorporate a far more anda orthopedic higher level injuries. of care for stroke, brain inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Chesapeake. Our multidisciplinary team approach is designed to Itaggressive all adds up tocord getting you better, faster. injury, trauma, neurological d therapy program provide a far more concentrated setting with more and orthopedic injuries. along with comprehensive

aggressive therapy and nursing care than other post acute settings such as skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes. And our state-of-the-art technology offers patients the latest advancements, providing a higher level of care for stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, trauma, neurological diagnoses and orthopedic injuries. It all adds up to getting you better, faster.

It all of adds up to you getting you bette Get the nursing higher level care deserve in comparison Call HealthSouth at 410 546-6400.

to other care Get post-acute the higher level of care yo providersCall such as skilled HealthSouth at 410 54 Get the higher level of care you deserve. nursing homes. Chesapeake Rehabilitation Call HealthSouth at 410HealthSouth 546-6400. Hospital has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™

©2010:Health HealthSouth Chesapeake Rehabilitation Hospital has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™

HealthSouth Chesapeake Rehabilitation Hospital has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™

A Higher Level of Care

220 Tilghman Road • Salisbury, MD 21804 410 546-4600

A Higher Level of Care

A Higher Level of Car

220 Tilghman Road • Salisbury, MD 21804 410 220 546-4600 Tilghman Road • Salisbury, M ©2010:HealthSouth:441521

410 546-4600

training and special projects at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in HealthSouth Chesapeake Rehabilitation Atlanta, Georgia. Hospital has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™ Bread Alone by Stuart McAllisteri, A Slice ofA Infinity, No. 2520, orignally Higher Level of Care printed August 4, 2011 ( Used by permission of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. 220 Tilghman Road • Salisbury, MD 21804 410 546-4600



The Success Minute By Dorsey Marshall

“Wisdom crieth without; She uttereth her voice in the streets: She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: In the city she uttereth her words” Proverbs 1:20-21


o you remember the fairy-tale story of Alice in Wonderland? Alice was running through the woods and came to a fork in the road and wasn’t sure which road to take. In a frantic voice, she asked the Cheshire cat, who was perched up on a tree limb, which road she should take. The cat asked Alice where she was going, to which she replied, “I don’t know!” Then, said the cat, “It doesn’t matter which road you take.” If you don’t know your destination, you won’t know it, when you arrive. We all face intersections in life. Some have the mysterious, God-given ability to choose the right path at those critical intersections. These are directional issues, and they are capable of paralyzing your entire life. Or, they can catapult you toward greatness. A person with directional skill is able to sort out the options, carefully assess the values of his life, then with remarkable wisdom point in the right direction. Wrong calls at these key intersections can wreck your future. King Solomon’s son made a wrong call at such an intersection, and it wrecked an entire nation. Have you asked God for wisdom to steer you wisely at the intersections of your life? Wisdom is not the acquisition of more knowledge. Wisdom

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is a Person! And where is this Wisdom crying? In the streets! At the gates or the doors! Wisdom is on the outside knocking on the doors of man’s heart attempting to make an entry. We have shut Wisdom on the outside. Wisdom is the Lord, Jesus Christ. You will never be able to take the right roads of life without a personal relationship with God. You must let Him into your life for any type of fulfillment at all. Sadly, He is on the outside of many Christian’s lives as well. Many of God’s people want the benefits of Christianitysalvation, blessing, healing, prosperity, power, authority, and the like. But few are interested in His Lordship where He is Ruler and King over their lives. As born-again believers, let us surrender to His Lordship where we gladly walk in obedience to His will and plan for our lives. Let us move from the selfcentered life to the Christ-centered life. This is the beginning of the right road! Let us pray: “Father, I welcome You into my life to steer me on right paths. Order my steps, and I will follow, In Jesus’ Name, Amen!” From The Success Minute by Dorsey Marshall. Reprinted with permission from Heartfelt Ministries. Email:

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