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BABY: Best sleep methods Continued from page 5B that healthy babies are much safer on their back than on the stomach. There is no evidence that aspiration or choking is more common while sleeping in this position. ◆ Keep the crib free of blankets or other stuffed objects like pillows, crib bumpers or stuffed animals. ◆ Infants should never sleep in the same bed or on a couch with a parent.

Many of the deaths thought to be SIDS related were actually a result of suffocation from sharing adult beds or being in an unsafe sleep environment. ◆ Do not smoke near an infant’s sleeping area. ◆ Avoid soft mattresses or other surfaces. ◆ Dress the child lightly and keep the room at a comfortable temperature to avoid overheating during sleep.

STUDY: Valve replacement Continued from page 5B sis who are at high risk, or are ineligible, for open heart surgery. The non-surgical valve replacement procedure, known as transcatheter aortic valve implantation, is similar to a heart catheterization and balloon angioplasty. An artificial aortic heart valve attached to a wire frame is guided by catheter (thin, flexible tube) to the heart. Once in the proper position in the heart, the wire frame expands, allowing the new aortic valve to open, deploying the new valve inside the diseased aortic valve without open-heart surgery or surgical removal of the patient’s original valve. About 100,000 Americans, most of them more than 70 years old, are diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis each year, but one-third of patients, because of age or frail health, are considered too high-risk for traditional surgery. When the aortic valve narrows it does not open or close properly, making the heart work harder to pump

BORG: Enlightening talk Continued from page 6B for what it means to follow Jesus, to be a disciple, to be a Christian. It means the path of following Jesus to Jerusalem, death and resurrection. Lent is about participating in that journey,” he said in an email. Borg is the primary speaker at 7:30 p.m., Friday, March 16, and at 9 and 10:30 a.m., Saturday, March 17, at Christ Church Grosse Pointe. He also delivers the 9 and 11:15 a.m. sermons and leads the 10:15 to 11 a.m., adult forum Sunday, March 18. Friday’s topic is “Two Visions of Christianity Today.” The 9 a.m. Saturday topic is “Telling the Story of Jesus Today” and the 10:30 a.m. topic is “The Passion of Jesus: God, the Way and the Kingdom” with the message, ethics and activity of the historical Jesus. His

Sunday presentation is “Salvation: Here and ow? Then and There?” Borg is the canon theologian at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Ore. “My sermon,” he said, “will be about the meaning of Lent as ‘following Jesus from Galilee to Jerusalem.’ It suggests that Lent is not very much about believing in Jesus — it’s about participating in the journey, the way, that we see in him.” Leading up to his

“One of the greatest challenges for nurses,” Stewart says, “is educating new parents about safe sleep practices. Parents need to be prepared to give solid reasons to counter the advice that they may receive from others. Nothing is more convincing than the data that proves infants are more likely to die if they are exposed to unsafe sleeping conditions.” Stewart suggests parents and caregivers should take an active part in teaching friends and family members about

safe sleep practices. Those in the community can also help by contacting store managers when they see cribs displayed with bumper pads and quilts inside them. Stores should be encouraged to place these types of accessories on the outside. Since 1994, Beaumont and other organizations across the country have been educating new parents and the community the safest way to put babies to sleep is on their backs. As a result, infant deaths have decreased by 50 percent.

blood throughout the body. Eventually, this extra work weakens the heart and limits the amount of blood it can pump, which may lead to heart failure and increased risk for sudden cardiac death. The clinical trial will involve more than 1,300 patients at up to 44 hospitals in the United States. St. John Hospital has begun enrolling patients in the study. New clinical data presented recently at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2011 demonstrated positive long-term performance for the CoreValve System. The study monitored patients through four years — the longest follow-up in a published study of any transcatheter aortic valve implantation system to date — and found the CoreValve System maintained its structural integrity and led to positive clinical outcomes. SJH&MC, a member of St. John Providence Health and the St. John Providence Heart and Vascular Care Center of Excellence, is involved in heart and vascular research and treatment, and home to the W. Warren Shelden Heart and Circulatory Center. Interested patients should call 855-98-VALVE to learn more. Davis, interventional cardiologist at St. John, is principal investigator for this study.

Sunday sermon, Borg said his Friday night discussion describes “the tension in American Christianity between two very different ways of seeing Christianity, the Bible and what it means to be Christian. Though these two visions of Christianity share some things in common, they are also so different they sometimes seem like tow different religions both using the same language.” Both Saturday lectures are about Jesus, he said. “The first describes different ways the story of Jesus is told in American Christianity, the different forms of Christianity each

generates, and then a more historical way of telling his story. The second lecture describes what Jesus was passionate about: God, the Way and the kingdom of God.” Borg signs books following his Friday evening talk and at 8:15 a.m. Saturday. Books are available at the church office, 61 Grosse Pointe Blvd., Grosse Pointe Farms. For more information, visit or call (313) 885-4841.

EMOTIONS: Seek support Continued from page 5B stress it’s important for the people supporting women with PPD to seek support for themselves as well.

or at Moffitt is president of Tree of Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting education and awareness of postpartumrelated mood disorders and provides support to families struggling with a postpartum mood disorder. She can be reached at 877-HOPE-311 or at pmoffitt@treeofhopefoun


Are there any community resources available for women struggling with PPD? Yes. Beaumont Health System, in collaboration with the Tree of Hope Foundation, offers free support groups. Support groups are facilitated by licensed professionals with special training in postpartum adjustment issues. Women and their support persons are welcome to attend. Visit the Beaumont Children’s Hospital website at for a complete list of Parenting Program support groups and to download a free Postpartum Adjustment Resource Directory. Buszka, R.N., has a specialty in women’s health from Wayne State University. She can be reached at (248) 995-5457


The Family Center, a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization, serves as the community’s centralized hub for information, resources and referral for families and professionals. To view more Ask The Experts articles, visit E-mail questions to in To volunteer or contribute, visit familycenter, call (313) 4323832 or write 20090 Morningside Drive, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236

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August, she leads the musical portion of vacation Bible school. There are always challenges when working with children. Baker sees hers as teaching movements to accompany the song and “keeping the boys interested is a challenge.” With 15 children under her tutelage, Baker said, “The children are excited to come. It’s a social experience.” Baker is classically trained and has been singing in churches since the age of 16. A native of Royal Oak, she was named the International Young Singer of the Year in Wales, Great Britain, and was grand concert finalist in Vienna, Austria. Singing makes up so much of her life and working with children in a religious setting is a natural talent she has honed. “I hopefully set a good example ... being a good Christian using music, a love for the Lord and a lifelong love of music,” she said.




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