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Top 10 Research

Top 10 Research

BBC One BBC One’s stance on film through its Film 2011 programme makes it a top choice for my ‘Top 10 films of 2011’ proposal.

Identity BBC One’s identity has

1997, the globe became

a globe shown on its

hot-air balloon, coloured

been symbolised by

idents for much of its

existence. In 1962 this

was represented as a map of the UK shown between

a red, orange and yellow to resemble a globe. It

was filmed flying around

various places in the UK.

programmes, but in 1963

On 29 March 2002 the

changing in style and

series of visual identities,

the globe appeared,

appearance over the next 39 years. Most notably,

on 18 February 1985, the “Computer Originated

World” was introduced. This was a computer-

animated globe with the land coloured gold and

the sea a transparent blue, giving the impression of a

glass globe. On 4 October

globe was replaced by a “idents”, consisting of

people dancing in various styles. These were

replaced on 7 October 2006 by the present

‘circle’ idents. According to the BBC, the circle

symbol both represents

togetherness and acts as a link to former indents.

Top 10 Research

The Film Programme The Film programme

introduction of Claudia

His favourite film would

television programme,

from 2010. This saw

Mulholland Drive and

is a British film review broadcast weekly on

BBC One, presented by Claudia Winkleman and

Danny Leigh. The title of the show changes each year to incorporate the

Winkleman as host

the adoption of a live

studio format and the introduction of a co-

presenter, film journalist Danny Leigh.

year of broadcast, with the

Danny Leigh is a film critic,

2011, but when referring

first review was printed

current series being Film to successive series, the BBC calls it “the Film

programme�. The show

was previously presented

by Barry Norman between 1972 and 1998, and by

Jonathan Ross from 1999 to 2010, before receiving

a format revamp with the

journalist and novelist. His in the late, lamented

Neon magazine in 1997.

Since 1999 he has written most regularly for The

Guardian, for which he

now produces a weekly

online film column. He is

the author of two novels,

and is working on a third.

be a toss-up between

Night of the Hunter. Or

Stalker. Or The Shining.

Top 10 Research

Film 24 Film 24 is a weekly review

He also co-presents

five), presented by Mark

programme The Culture

show on BBC News (at

Kermode. He reviews the latest film releases in a

short, 10 minute segment. Mark Kermode is an English film critic,

musician and a member

of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. He contributes to Sight

and Sound magazine, The Observer newspaper and BBC Radio 5 Live, where

he presents Kermode and Mayo’s Film Reviews with Simon Mayo on Friday afternoons.

the BBC Two arts

Show and discusses

other branches of the arts for the BBC Two

programme Newsnight

Review. Kermode writes

and presents a film-related video blog for the BBC. Kermode is also a film

critic and presenter for Film4 and Channel 4,

presenting the weekly

Extreme Cinema strand. He also writes and

presents documentaries for Channel 4

Film 2011 info can be

found on other document.

Top 10 Research

Top 10 Research

BBC Three BBC One’s stance on film through its Film 2011 programme makes it a top choice for my ‘Top 10 films of 2011’ proposal.



Targetting an audience of

The channel’s original

unveiled. Rebranding

Three’s programme has

by Stefan Marjoram at

Red Bee Media, along

16 to 34 year olds, BBC to compete heavily with

rivals, including ITV2 and E4,for an audience that

the BBC has traditionally

idents were conceived Aardman Animations and were used from launch until February 2008.

had difficulty in attracting.

Stuart Murphy was

of 16-34 year olds in

Animations looking for

In 2008 it reached 26.3% digital homes — the

channel’s highest ever

such reach and above that of E4, ITV2, Dave and Sky One. On average, nine

million people watch BBC Three every week, and it has a 2.6% share of he

15-34 year old audience and 1.7% of the whole population, (BARB)

touring Aardman

new programming ideas for BBC Three when he

spotted the cone shaped

creatures, he then took the idea back to the Lambie-

Nairn agency, responsible

for the BBC Three identity package.

On 22 January 2008 a

new channel identity was

was carried out by

with agencies MPG

and Agency Republic

with music and sound

design by creative audio company Koink.

Top 10 Research

Their approach

Great movie mistakes

We’re shamelessly and

Robert Webb exposes the

There, we’ve said it. Your

gaffes that the film studios

directly influenced by you. habits shape us, your

sense of humour tickles us and we want you involved in what we do.

Because of you we’ve

cinematic blunders and

hoped they had got away with - from cameramen

getting caught in shot to wobbling scenery and

childlike spelling mistakes.

grown beyond regular TV

This lighthearted,

where you want it, all the

to film, although not

into a channel that can be time.

A channel that’s constantly trying new things, taking risks and exploring new

places, because just like

you we’re Never Afraid To Try New Stuff.

humorous approach necessarily showcasing the best of film, is

appropriate to my

intended target market and that of BBC three.

Top 10 Research

Top 10 Research

Sky Movies Alongside their usual film broadcasts, Sky Movies occasionally has short programmes reviewing the latest cinema releases.


Alex Zane’s Guest List

Channels & audience

Sky Movies is the

From Mickey Rourke to

0.1% (Action & Adventure)

premium subscription

talks to the Hollywood

0.1% (Comedy)

collective name for the television movie

channels operated by

Sky Television, and later

Michael Caine, Alex Zane stars about their careers and favourite movies.

British Sky Broadcasting.

Top 10 Show

subscribers, via satellite,

Take a look at what’s

and Ireland. In addition to

the box office on both

It has around 5 million

cable and IPTV in the UK the television channels, it has an interactive

‘red button’ service, a

website ( and in 2005 launched

a 3G mobile service via Vodafone. Sky Movies

is said to be the largest

television movie service in the world.

doing the business at

sides of the Atlantic with our weekly Top Tens

run down. Somebody’s

certainly making a splash Stateside!

0.0% (Classics)

0.1% (Crime & Thriller)

0.1% (Drama & Romance) 0.2% (Family) 0.0% (Indie)

0.1% (Modern Greats) 0.3% (Premiere)

0.1% (Premiere +1)

0.1% (SciFi-Horror) 0.2% (Showcase)

Film 2011 Channels  

Research into appropriate channels

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