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Graphics software may be used to illustrate and label concepts and ideas. Images created with graphics software may be imported into other applications (e.g., word processor, presentation software, etc.) and be more fully explained. Previously created images may be changed and adapted to reflect new understanding as additional information is acquired. add draw tools help file support/general/drawtools

Purposes Specific Learning Outcomes LICT Descriptors How To Do Related Information Variations Assessment / Think Abouts

Construct student-generated assessment criteria (e.g., What do quality illustrations/diagrams look like?) Constructing Student-Generated Criteria for Quality Work Setting link to file Offer descriptive feedback based on criteria/goals. Record focused observations on the visual representation of concepts and ideas and to determine which students need differentiation and/or appropriate scaffolding.Focused Observation Form blm/ela/g/blm_5 TBLMFocused Observation Form Sample blm/ela/g/blm_5a TI Have students select graphics for inclusion in their portfolios as evidence of their growth and understanding. Portfolio link to file Guide self- and peer assessment, using a Met/Not-Yet-Met strategy.Reflection link to file Self-Assessment link to file Met/Not-Yet-Me link to file

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