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Cascading Notes


Cascading or layered note making is a method of organizing information on a fanned stack of papers or in an electronic flip book. Resources: ReadWriteThink Flip Book (an interactive online version) <> Using the ReadWriteThink Flip Book <> Brian Metcalfe's ReadWriteThink Flip Book 1 Brian Metcalfe's ReadWriteThink Flip Book 2

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- Make a small stack of 8.5x11 papers. Fan the paper up slightly so each sheet of paper is about a cm higher than the one under it. The result will be that you'll see a bit of each sheet peeking out at the bottom. Fold the fanned stack (almost in half) so that the top of the top sheet exposes about 1 cm of the bottom of that same sheet. Make a heading for each page. Information may be sorted or stored by writing or drawing directly on each page or by adding sticky notes.

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