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Admit and Exit Slips


An Admit Slip is a small slip of paper on which students write at the beginning of class where they ask questions they would like answered or questions about a previous lesson they did not understand. Admit Slips are intended to focus student attention. An Exit Slip is a brief note or conversation with students at the end of a lesson. Exit Slips provide students with opportunities to reflect on their learning and provide teachers with feedback to inform future instruction as students summarize their understandings of a lesson.

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- Admit Slip: Students write questions that were not answered for them in the previous class. an observation about where they are in the unit. a focus statement about what they expect from this class. - Exit Slip: Students write one of the important things they learned during the class. a question that remains unanswered. an open-ended response given a reflective stem (e.g., Today I learned...;I am still confused about...; I would like to know more about...; A question I have is...). Ideally, students would fill in the Admit Slip before the class and hand it in as they "pass" into class. Some situations require that students be given time at the beginning of the class to fill in their slips. Slips may be completed individually or by small groups. Questions on Exit Slips may be answered at the beginning of the next class or used to set a learning goal for the next day.

Variations Assessment / Think Abouts


Observe students' opinions, assumptions, and conclusions about their learning of a topic/issue/theme. Observe students' perceived strengths and areas for further learning. Focus assessment on the accuracy and completeness of the information. Record anecdotal comments using a Daily Observation Form Daily Observation Form Ela/g/blm_6 TBLM - Success for all Learners: A Handbook on Differentiating Instruction, A Resource for Kindergarten to Senior 4 Schools (p. 6.60).


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