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May 15th, 2013. Ed 6

The Tide Capsule Connecting Student Conservation Association members across New York State.

Welcome to Tide Capsule! May is an important month for the state of New York. This month, dozens of SCA interns will begin their journey to protect the environment and promote sustainability statewide. Take a moment to recognize how much of an impact we have – and how significant it is to be a part of it!

SCA NY in the News On May 12th, Hudson Valley Corps member Danny Molinaro and his supervisor Dan Sorenson facilitated Scenic Hudson’s third annual Mother’s Day planting. This was the first year it was held at Black Creek Preserve in Esopus, NY. Fifteen families participated and planted over 40 plants to help with soil erosion and promote species diversity. Families made memories on this special Sunday afternoon while giving back to Mother Earth. See pictures from a local newspaper here.

June 1st is National Trails Day. If you are planning an event at your site, please visit our JointheSCA discussion here and follow the instructions. For more information about National Trails Day, click here.

Eel Day Every Day

Upcoming Events May 17th – 18th – Project Wild and Aquatic Facilitator Training in Rye, NY (Please contact for details about this training)

Glass eels are caught in these nets in various tributaries of the Hudson River.

May 18th – A Walk In The Woods in Delmar, NY May 18th – Land Use Series: Conservation Planning for Woodland Pool Wildlife in Hillsdale, NY May 20th – Sustainable Hudson Valley Conference in Hyde Park, NY

For event details, see the full descriptions on our Google Calendar.

* Check out this amazing PBS special about voluntary eel monitoring in the Hudson Valley – featuring the Valley’s very own Chris Bowser! There are several other clips and a full length documentary available, as well. *

SCA Member Resources 

Eels are removed from the net and counted.

iMapInvasive trainings are available statewide. Check out the complete list of trainings here. Connect with the Hudson Valley by participating in this year’s Discover Hudson Valley Bike Ride. Sign up here! Frogs, salamanders, and flowers…oh my! Columbia Land Conservancy offers a series of exciting Events through May. Feel the need to pull weeds? Brook Farm is looking for volunteers! Scenic Hudson offers a variety of events all summer long. Check out the full list here.

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Want to see something in next week’s edition? Please contact us at Thank you!

After counting, eels are weighed and data is recorded. Eels are then released upstream of the net.

Tide Capsule  
Tide Capsule  

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