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Stocks Going Up Today Stocks Going Up Today I am always on the lookout for great stock plays and came accross the article below that outlines 3 stocks that look good in downturns. as the markets have not been very friendly latley it may be a good idea to look at the below as an investment idea. Link to CHD – Link to DLTR - Link to DF -

3 Stocks That Always Go Up

“Consumer-focused CHD, DLTR and DF resist even ugly downturns”

“While the markets were tanking during the spring crash, these three stocks were bucking the trend, even on some of the ugliest days. … Stocks to Buy · Stocks to Sell · Dividend Stocks · Penny Stocks · Mutual Funds & ETFs · Mutual Funds · ETF …”

Just an investment idea if you think thinks are going to get bad the above article outlines a few places that tend to act better in those situations. While they are not penny stocks it is something to think about.

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Stocks Going Up Today