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Bullish Penny Stocks Bullish Penny Stocks As I was doing my daily reading I came accross a great article on Sirius Radio. It has recently moved up froma bottom and the below article talks about what it might do in the future. While no one knows…it is a good article for the low prices stock that might have run it’s course.

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“Last week, Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) scored three positive sessions in a row making for a cumulative apprecation of 13.9%. However, instead of… While the basic technicals present SIRI as a potential grower, its fundamentals really provide a fair background to the case. As it is, the company’s quarterly revenues have been increasing for the last three quarters in a row, i.e from $744 million a/o Jun. 30, 2011, to $805 million a/o Mar. 31, 2012. The same goes for its current assets which have soared from $965 million to $1.34 million for the same time frame. As for the net income of $108 million recorded in Q1 of 2012, it is the company’s highest since Jun. 30, 2011.”

Keep a look out for great bullish penny stocks. This one has moved up and might not have much more room. Check out the above article for details. It details the fast rise of the stock as compared to it’s fundamental value. Keep on eye on this one and read the above article for clarity.

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