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be discovered. Scientists must compare both the empirical evidence they discover in the lab with what has been practiced for hundreds of years. There is a broad amount of nutrition knowledge we don’t know yet and we would be most wise to keep an open mind. By remaining neutral where necessary, both those with or without a background in science can make informed decisions about their own health targets. Within the pages of this product reference guide, you will find a blend of both scientific and historic recommendations for a variety of nutrition topics. We hope that not only will this guide be useful, but that you won’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions. Thanks for reading and here’s to your health! ~ Joe

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Since 1928 we have been committed to providing you with the highest caliber goat milk based supplements available. Our wholefoods will always be all-natural, additive free, and comprised of only the best ingredients found in nature!

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he life of every scientist is based upon two foundations; facts and faith. Empirical evidence must be taken hand in hand with theory, logic, and a respect for the vast landscape of the unknown. While certain branches of scientific knowledge have been extensively researched and leave little room for debate most have expansive territory that is still being explored and concrete facts Joe Stout, B.S., M.S. that are still being established. Clinical Nutrition For example, this is true in Scientist chemistry, astronomy, biology, and nutrition. Perhaps nowhere is the juxtaposition of fact and faith more visible than between science and nutrition. The scientific study of nutrition is an extremely young discipline and much is still to

pathway to thriving wellness. A healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, smart eating, and proper nutrition will do a lot to push you toward realizing your goals. The wide array of wholefoods we produce can be the perfect supplement to anyone seeking good health. We hope this catalog of nutritional products will be both informative and helpful as you choose which supplements are best suited in helping you in your quest for wellness. After all, Mt. Capra stands behind the belief that goat milk wholefoods can transform your mind and body. Not a bad deal if your health means everything. ~ Frank



ow many times have you heard the following cliché: “When you have your health, you have everything” Although such sayings are easy to ignore, anyone having recovered from a serious illness can say with a fairly certain conviction that this axiom (however cliché it might be) is right on the money. Frank Stout The main goal in keeping Owner and maintaining good health is to allow your body to do what it was created to do; thrive. Mt. Capra is here to help you along your

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Why Solar Synergy™? In a room of 100 people, over 80 would be chronically dehydrated without even knowing it and most would be ingesting the antioxidant equivalent of 1/2 a banana each day. This illustrates the pressing need for increased fluid and antioxidant intake among all ages. For many, this need is fulfilled by drinking overly processed liquids known as sports drinks. The ingredient list on these so called performance enhancing drinks read like carbon copies of one another. Example: Sucrose syrup (AKA sugar), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, salt, artificial sweeteners/colors, synthetic minerals, etc. Not only are these mass produced sports drinks basically identical to one another, they have a host of ingredients that should never be intentionally ingested by anyone seeking good health. What is Solar Synergy? Solar Synergy is the answer to a saturated market of unhealthy and overprocessed sports drinks. Solar Synergy combines the best in goat milk minerals with the worlds most powerful botanical superfoods. Comprised of 9 synergistic (working together) superfoods. Solar Synergy packs an unbeatable antioxidant punch that helps to neutralize dangerous free radicals. This supplement has over 20 bio-organic minerals and electrolytes

S Ben Greenfield, M h ac Co & Triathlete

Not only do I feel an instant boost in energy levels and mental clarity following my triathlon training routines, but I also find myself earnestly missing my ”Magic Elixir” if I ever skip a day of Solar Synergy

that have been gently extracted from fresh goat’s milk. With a healthy 7:1 ratio of potassium to sodium, this sports drink is the perfect alternative to most recovery liquids which invert this ratio loading up with synthetic sodium (salt) and very little (if any) potassium. The proprietary combination of both simple wholefoods and powerful botanicals found in Solar Synergy is sure to give any athlete, hiker, runner, or cyclist a nutritionally superior edge over traditional and unhealthy sugared sports drinks What’s in the Solar Synergy bottle? • Goji Berries: These have strong antioxidant properties as well as high levels of trace minerals and vitamins. Studies have reported possible medicinal benefits of Goji Berries, such as potential benefits against cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Goji Berries are one of the

What is it?

60 drinks per bottle!

Nutrient Rich Sports Drink 4

richest sources of Zeaxanthin, a healthy carotenoid. • Açaí berries: This berry is loaded with vitamins and antioxidant power. These have been shown to have antioxidant activity against superoxides (free radicals) and peroxyl radicals (free radical). • Elderberry: Another antioxidant powerhouse, elderberries have been used in clinical research to fight off sick-

420g powder

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Sun to Earth Energy: “Keeps You Competing in the Human Race” ness. Immune stimulating antioxidants known as flavinoids probably contribute to the wellness enhancing effects of the elderberry. • Aronia berries: These are rich in antioxidants and quercitin and may be beneficial as a dietary preventative for reducing the risk of diseases caused by oxidative stress (free radical damage). • Yacón Leaf: is a perennial plant grown in the Andes of Perú. The leaves of the yacón contain quantities of protocatechuic, chlorogenic, caffeic and ferulic acids, which gives tea made from the leaves prebiotic (aiding in digestion and immune function) and antioxidant properties. As a result, some researchers have explored the use of yacón tea for treating diabetes as well as preventing free radical oxidation. • Sea Buckthorn: The vitamin C levels found in this berry are 12 times higher than that of oranges making it the highest natural source of vitamin C on earth! The berry contains carotenoids, vitamin E, minerals, as well as polyphenolic acids and the high levels of antioxidants give it potential to reduce inflammation. • Lo Han Fruit: 300 times sweeter than cane sugar, Lo Han Fruit is ex-

tremely low in calories. With its low glycemic index and no adverse side effects, it has, in fact, been called the perfect sweetener. • Capra Mineral Whey™ (see page 4) contains more than 20 naturally occurring bio-organic minerals from a holistic wholefood source. For centuries, goat milk whey has been prized for its contribution to health, youthfulness and long life. This highly alkaline mineral/electrolyte supplement comes from the milk of free range goats and is the backbone of Solar Synergy and its sun powered energy.

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Helps inhibit fatigue, tension and exhaustion from everyday stressors Helps promote mental clarity, concentration and alertness Helps enhance balanced energy levels for physical performance and endurance Supports healthy cardiovascular function

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Helps prevent cellular damage by promoting an antioxidative environment Helps slow the effects of aging by inhibiting oxidative damage to cells and tissues Supports healthy immune function Promotes a healthy inflammation response Supports heart health

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Promotes cardiovascular health Supports healthy brain function Helps maintain healthy cellular function Supports healthy immune response Promotes healthy aging Supports healthy lipid levels


How does Solar Synergy™ stack up to other “sports drinks”? over 10,000!

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**green tea extract

Fresh Yogurt Taste in under 30 seconds!


Sensational Strawberry

reasons to

love Yo-Quick!

Very Vanilla

Blueberry Blast!

get a free ride in every packet of Yo-Quick! and give For centuries, goat milk has been regarded for its heal- you real health benefits every time you take a bite. ing attributes as well as the ease with which it is digested. Since goat milk is healthier than cow milk, you can en- 4. Always Gently Processed joy Yo-Quick! knowing that your stomach will be happy We’re the industry leaders in gentle processing techniques. Utilizing cutting edge techand your taste buds will be delighted! nology known as Refractance a Window Drying, we are able to 2. All Natural, All the Time maintain low temperatures during Our commitment to you is that for on an the creation of Yo-Quick! each of the products we produce, we add no dangerous additives, pre5. Real Convenience servatives or artificial ingredients. YoNext to the invention of sliced bread, Yo-Quick! Quick! Instant, All-Natural Yogurt is no exhas a convenience factor that is unparalleled. ception and contains only wholesome, real, Instant yogurt can in fact be consumed virtuand natural ingredients like real strawberally anywhere! ries, blueberries, and goat milk.

1. It’s Made with Goat Milk

new idea

old favorite

3. Professional Probiotics In addition to the naturally occurring probiotics found in our goat milk yogurt, each serving of Yo-Quick! has a immune-system-boosting, digestive-system-enhancing shot of Ganeden BC30 probiotics. (see next page) These friendly bacteria


6. Delicious with a Capital “D” With 3 delicious flavors to choose from, your taste buds will be constantly craving their next yogurt fix. Besides when a yogurt tastes this good it makes sense that you would be wanting more.

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the possibilities are endless...

GanedenBC30 is not a drug. It is a natural supplement designed to help support digestive health and maintain the immune system. Two published clinical studies have shown that Bacillus coagulans, the specific bacterial strain of GanedenBC30, (found inside Yo-Quick!™) significantly improves abdominal pain and bloating in patients with IBS1 and increases the immune response to viral challenge.2

Bacillus coagulans is one of the most exciting strains of ‘good’ bacteria to come around because it can withstand extreme temperatures and the harsh acid in the stomach. Dr... Michael Roizen,

Chief Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic and co-author of the New York Times bestselling YOU series of books Larysa Hun, MD, FAAP, Bacillus coagulans Significantly Improved Abdominal Pain and Bloating in Patients with IBS; Postgraduate Medicine, Vol. 121, Issue 2, March 2009 Mira Baron, MD, A Patented Strain of Bacillus coagulans Increased Immune Response to Viral Challenge; Postgraduate Medicine, Vol. 121, Issue 2, March 2009



Prepares in just four steps!


1. Open packet and empty contents into shaker cup. 2. Add clean cold water up to 1/4 inch below shoulder of cup. 3. Place cap on shaker cup firmly, turn upside down, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. 4. Remove lid & enjoy your delicious yogurt!



Sensational Strawberry

Very Vanilla Blueberry Blast!

What is it? Instant Goat Milk Yogurt

12 packets

(shaker cup included)

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Double High Bonded Protein™ Octance Goat Milk Protein Double Bonded Protein™ info: • Contains organic and all-natural ingredients • Double Bonded Protein™ is an alkaline protein supplement designed to increase lean body mass. • Contains high levels of all essential amino acids • Refractance Window Dried. Keeps proteins at low temperature to retain nutritional integrity

What is Double Bonded Protein? Double Bonded Protein, offers both the versatility and flavor of any mass produced cow protein while tapping into the almost mystical attributes of goat milk. This powerful protein combines the best of both worlds in protein supplementation. A natural blend of both casein and whey proteins trigger incredible muscle building stimulation while simultaneously inhibiting factors that lead to muscle breakdown. Double Bonded Protein comes as a delicious, ready-to-mix, creamy chocolate shake. It’s also a perfect addition to smoothies, pancakes, waffles, muffins, yogurt, and hot cereals. Why a Goat Milk Protein? There are countless reasons one should choose goat milk protein over traditionally used and mass produced cow milk protein supplements. The magic of goat milk lies with its affect on our digestive system. amino acids in Double Bonded Protein™ Goat milk and goat Asparagine 2,230 mg Threonine 1,181 mg milk proteins are abSerine 991 mg Glutamate 3,316 mg sorbed by the human Proline 1,260 mg Methionine 428 mg digestive system in a Isoleucine 1,127 mg Leucine 2,526 mg Tyrosine 907 mg Histidine 440 mg far superior way to Valine 1,221 mg Alanine 1,154 mg that of cow protein. Glycine 491 mg Lysine 2,074 mg Double Bonded ProArginine 732 mg Tryptophan 70 mg tein, is an unrefined Phenyalanine

859 mg

What is it? Protein Supplement 8

fast fact!

The body CANNOT store excess protein. Daily supplementing is key to replenishing amino acids.

fusion of both casein (milk) protein and whey protein. The natural synergy between these two proteins is nothing short of miraculous! Whey protein triggers the formation of new muscle and casein (milk) protein inhibits the destruction of previously created muscle. Supplement with just one of these proteins and you will be missing out on the crucial benefits of the other. This is why 100% whey protein isolates consistently disappoint. The ability of whey protein to trigger new muscle growth is second to none, but when natural “proteolysis” (the breakdown of previously created muscle) begins, whey isolate has no defense. Enter casein. Casein inhibits proteolysis and keeps the muscle that you have worked so hard for, right where it needs to be; on you! Double Bonded Protein, is just what you need to reach the next level of muscle gain. You can rest assured knowing that you are supplementing with the best protein on earth: Double Bonded Protein.


what’s in the


Goat Milk Protein, Organic Cocoa Powder, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Guar Gum, Xantham Gum, Stevia

1007g powder

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DEEP 30™ 2

Daily Essential Electrolytes, Proteins & Probiotics

DEEP2 30™ info: • A blend of electrolytes, protein, and probiotics meant for daily use. • DEEP2 30™ contains over 20 bio-organic minerals. • Includes a natural blend of both casein and whey proteins for complete protein assimilation. • Ganeden Labs BC30 probiotics provide DEEP2 30 with digestion enhancement and immune support. • Delivers 10 times more live probiotics than yogurt1. • Electrolyte/Protein blend symbiotically assists both digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Why DEEP2 30™? The philosophy behind DEEP2 30 is founded upon three concepts 1. Essential Mineral/Electrolyte Support: Millions of Americans lack minerals/electrolytes in their diet. This can be attributed to poor diet as well as general lack of nutrients in much of the soil used for the farming of our food. DEEP2 30 addresses this by providing over 20 bio-organic minerals from goat milk whey. 2. Specific amino acid maintenance: Since protein is found in every part of the body, it makes sense that proper maintenance of amino acids, the building blocks that make up protein is vital to overall health. DEEP2 30 contains a whole protein supplement untainted by bovine (cow) protein or phyto-estrogen filled soy protein. By utilizing a proprietary process to gently release both casein and whey protein from all-natural goat milk, the protein found in DEEP2 30 is easily digested and free of anything unhealthy. 3. Probiotic Delivery: Probiotics are live organisms and it is imperative that they reach the intestinal tract alive. Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria such as the strain Bacillus coagulans found in GanedenBC30, are important to maintaining a proper balance of healthy vs. harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. When compared with yogurt, Bacillus coagulans delivers 10 times as many live probiotics to the small intestine.1 This is extremely important as probiotics can

What is it?

fast fact!

Nutrient deficiency can be blamed on poor diet, minerally depleted soil, and harsh food processing. Our Most Delicous Drink Yet!

How does

GanedenBC30 work?

GanedenBC30 is a spore-forming probiotic bacterium, meaning that inside the bacterial cell is a hardened structure, or spore, which is analogous to a seed. This spore safeguards the cell’s genetic material from the challenges of shelf life and the acid and bile it is exposed to during transit to the digestive system. Once it is safely inside the small intestine, the viable spore is then able to germinate and produce new vegetative cells or good bacteria and deliver digestive and immune benefits.

only deliver digestive and immune benefits if they make it to the small intestine. And GanedenBC30 is safe too. An independent panel of scientists awarded self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status after an extensive evaluation of research studies and toxicology data. One serving of ­ DEEP2 30 contains a full daily dose of Bacillus coagulans.


what’s in the


Goat Milk Protein, Capra Mineral Whey™, Natural Flavor, Guar & Xanthan Gum Blend, Goat Milk Cream, Probiotics

Essential Nutrients Supplement

1000g powder

In a lab study of a simulated gastric stomach environment with a ph of 2.0 for two hours, GanedenBC30 delivered more than ten times the live cells than a leading probiotic yogurt.


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Capra Mineral Whey™ Alkalizing Minerals and Electrolytes Capra Mineral Whey™ info:

fast fact!

• Contains over 20 naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. • Capra Mineral Whey™ is alkaline and is soothing to the digestive tract. • Excellent source of potassium. • Uniquely processed utilizing Refractance Window Drying at low temperature to retain nutritional integrity.

Bio-organic (food based) minerals far exceed excavated (mined) minerals in terms of bioavailibity.

...the best natural mineral supplement

Why Capra Mineral Whey™? For decades, Mt. Capra has single handedly changed the nutriI know is Capra Mineral Whey. tional landscape by manufacturing a one of a kind goat milk minDr. Bernard Jensen, eral whey supplement called Capra Mineral Whey. Capra Mineral Whey has provided the mineral and electrolyte needs of tens of accommodate for proper potassium intake. The SAD diet usually thousands of health seeking individuals. Capra Mineral Whey is consists of overconsumption of highly processed foods containa mineral/electrolyte supplement that is developed by a gentle ing low amounts of potassium and high amounts of table salt extraction process that captures the nutrients without harsh pro- sodium. Capra Mineral Whey is a phenomenal product because it contains nearly 1000 mg of potassium in a recommended servcessing steps or methods. Capra ing. Mineral Whey contains over 20 dif- minerals found in cmw... Potassium 1052 mg Calcium 260 mg ferent minerals and electrolytes, the Phosphorus 150 mg Sodium 135 mg Directions: Scoop 1 tbsp twice daily in water or main one being potassium. Magnesium 37 mg Sulfur 17 mg juice. Also sprinkle on salads or put in soups for Zinc 1.76 mg Silicon 1 mg a savory treat! For advanced usage, take 2 tbsp Why Potassium? Molybdenum 58 mg Barium 52 mcg three times per day. Potassium is a key mineral that is Copper 51 mcg Iron 51 mcg involved in a multitude of systemic Strontium 27 mcg Chromium 12 mcg roles such as cellular and electriSilver 10 mcg Titanium 9.4 mcg cal function. Potassium helps to Antimony 8 mcg Nickel 8 mcg Vanadium 2.8 mcg Selenium 2.2 mcg regulate acid-base balance as well Manganese 1.5 mcg Yitrium 1 mcg as water hydration levels. Potassium deficiency is unfortunately very prevalent and symptoms can include, fatigue, depression, hypertension (high blood pressure) and muscle weakness. Potassium can be found in a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. However, the Standard American Diet (SAD) does not what’s in the



What is it?

Goat Milk Mineral Whey, Silica

Mineral/Electrolyte Supplement from Goat Milk Whey 10

1440g powder

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Caprotein™ Premium Goat Milk Protein Caprotein info:

fast fact!

• The most digestible protein on the planet! • Caprotein™ contains natural probiotics and fermented protein creating the perfect blend to assist and enhance digestion and absorption. • Absolutely no artificial anything! • Fermented protein is partially pre-digested. This increases the ability of the body to utilize all parts of each amino acid.

Why Caprotein™? Caprotein is the highest quality goat milk protein powder available. It is made from goat milk that contains no antibiotics or growth hormones. Why do we need protein? Proteins are the building blocks of human life, essential for normal growth. Proteins have many important bio-actives including immunoglobulins and enzymes. Proteins form the foundation of muscles, bones, skin, hair, blood and heart. Lack of dietary protein can hinder these foundational areas. Protein generally contain approximately 22 amino acids. Eight of those amino acids are essential because the body cannot produce them and so they must be obtained from our diet. Caprotein contains all of the essential amino acids for optimal health. Why not a vegetable or soy protein? Vegetable proteins lack the complete spectrum of essential amino acids which, as the name implies, are essential for muscle building. Supplementing with a protein that lacks essential amino acids is like taking a daily multivitamin that is missing key vitamins. It is also best to avoid soy protein supplements as they contains phytates which block key enzymes, and phytoestrogens which is a form of hormone. Phytoestrogens can disrupt normal hormonal

Protein is found in every part of the body including skin, muscles, hair, blood, eyes, and even bones.

function. Also, “natural soy” is toxic unless enzymatically treated with chemicals to neutralize a dangerous enzyme. Caprotein is minimally processed Most other milk protein powders are made from cow milk and though they claim to be minimally processed they use several invasive processing steps including heating at high temperatures. At Mt. Capra one of the most important production methods we use is the Refractance Window Drying machine, a drying method that uses conduction, convection and infrared which applies minimal and variable heat sources to gently dry the product and preserve the original integrity that keeps it as close to nature as possible. This unique drying process allows the powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes to thrive from the lacto-fermentation or “pre-digestion” process. The naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes make Caprotein the perfect choice for both young and old alike.

What is it? Protein Supplement


what’s in the


Goat Milk Protein, Fermented Goat Milk Protein, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Probiotics

460g powder

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CapraGreens™ Green Superfood Alkalizer CapraGreens™ info: • • • •

Provides a wide array of energizing greens, brimming with chlorophyll and essential botanicals to aid in digestion. Powerful whole-food concentrates for head-to-toe nourishment, including cherries, broccoli, spinach, and cinnamon, all with potent antioxidant polyphenols. A unique combination of green vegetables and essential electrolyte minerals from all natural goat milk. Extended liver support, with four targeted herbal extracts that specifically fortify the liver and promote detoxification.

What is CapraGreens? CapraGreens is an alkaline blend of goat milk minerals and green superfoods. It is a powerful blend of botanicals that offers a host of benefits. The power of greens is truly amazing! This formula is a convenient way to enjoy the best of nature’s bounty! One drink delivers an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of 2700 units—you’re getting 3 or more servings of your favorite vegetables, in one drink!

fast fact!

Less than 1/4 of Americans eat the recommended 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables each day!

5. Cinnamon: With an ORAC value of 267,536 units/100g, this spice virtually stands alone at the top of the best antioxidants list!

The intrinsic value of CapraGreens lies in its unique combination of GLUTEN FREE, nutrient dense, whole food derivatives. It provide a superior concentration of 5 superfoods found in CapraGreens: vitamins, minerals, and enzymes blended according to 1. Organic Broccoli: referred to as the “Crown Jewel of Nu- nature’s recipe. This fusion of vegetables, fruits, botanitrition,” broccoli is high in vitamin C, fiber, and potassium cals and goat milk minerals, incorporates nature’s wisand packs a serious “green” punch. dom to provide the right balance of nutrients. 2. Acerola Cherries: Not just a delicious snack, these cherries are a rich source of phytonutrients, flavonoids, and antioxidants. 3. Organic Spinach: Popeye has known for years what science is now discovering; that spinach, packed with folic acid, vitamin A, and iron, is the perfect food for going green. 4. Garlic: Use of this food to promote overall wellness goes back thousands of years! Compounds in garlic such as Allium sativum have health benefits we’re just beginning to understand.

What is it?

- Dr. Tina Wellman. (page 23)


what’s in the


Capra Mineral Whey, Flax Seed, Spirulina, Broken Cell Wall Chlorella, Cinnamon, Organic Parsley, Acerola Cherry, Kelp Powder, Fennel Seed, Dandelion Leaf, Organic Dulse Leaf, Garlic, Turmeric, Alfalfa Sprouts, Organic Broccoli, Organic Spinach, Organic Carrot, Green Cabbage, Kale, Tomato, Celery Seed, Beet Root

Green Superfood Supplement 12

600g powder

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CapraFlex™ Bone & Joint Formula CapraFlex™ info: • Promotes wellness within bones and joints. • CapraFlex™ contains naturally occurring cartilage building compounds such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulfates, and type II chicken collagen. • Contains botanicals to ease pain and inflammation. • Contains over 20 naturally occurring minerals (including Potassium, Sodium and Calcium) from goat milk whey to support joints and bone density.

What is CapraFlex™? CapraFlex is a complete, comprehensive bone and joint health support formula. It contains cartilage and bone building compounds, providing the body what it needs to increase bone density and also rebuild healthy cartilage and connective tissue. Additionally included are whole foods, herbs and enzymes for pain associated with inflammation, especially helpful for fibromyalgia sufferers. Why CapraFlex? According to the American Arthritis Foundation, more than 80 million Americans experience some form of joint and soft tissue discomfort. CapraFlex was formulated to assist the body in rebuilding and supporting healthy cartilage, add flexibility and mobility to joints, reduce pain and increase bone density Why does it contain Type II Chicken Collagen? The Type II Chicken Collagen used in CapraFlex comes from chickens free of growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and insecticides. This form of collagen is a whole food concentrate that has no known side effects and provides maximum absorption. Type II Collagen is the principle

What is it?

fast fact!

More than 80 million Americans experience some form of joint and/or soft tissue discomfort.

Do not give to children 12 years or younger. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, are taking blood thinning medications, or are allergic to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) without first consulting with your health care provider.

structural protein in cartilage—providing strength, flexibility and joint support. According to recent studies at Harvard University Medical School, Type II Collagen derived from Chicken Cartilage works in synchronicity with the immune system. Why does CapraFlex contain goat milk whey? This type of whey has been used for decades to promote bone density as well as relieving aching, painful joints. Worldrenowned nutritionist, Dr... Bernard Jensen, used goat milk whey as one of the foods of choice for healthy joints. This highly concentrated wholefood contains a broad array of naturally occurring minerals (including Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium) in ratios received by the body with ease.


what’s in the


Capra Mineral Whey, Calcium phosphate, Alfalfa Grass, Oat Juice, L-Carnitine, Chicken Collagen Type II, Barley, Wheat, Oat, and Alfalfa Juice, Lutein, Cherry Juice, Ginger, Turmeric, White Willow Bark, Feverfew, Valerian, Acerola Cherry, Lemon Powder, Protease, Bromelain, Papain, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Peptidase

Bone & Joint Supplement

270 caplets

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Caprobiotics Plus+™ A Powerful Probiotic Formula Caprobiotics Plus+™ info: • The first probiotic fermented in fresh goat milk. • Caprobiotics Plus+™ contains over 24 billion beneficial microorganisms per serving. • Includes naturally occurring vitamins, mineral, trace elements, enzymes, and proteins.

Why probiotics? Probiotics are “Health Enhancing Bacteria” that when introduced successfully into the intestinal tract, replenishes the intestinal microflora helping the body to digest and absorb food as well as fight off many different illnesses and disease. There are more than 400 different kinds of bacteria living in our intestinal tract. The human GI tract is supposed to contain 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria. Unfortunately most of us in the western world have a ratio that is higher in bad bacteria. What are Probiotics? Probiotics are living helpful microorganisms. When probiotics are introduced successfully into the intestinal tract in adequate amounts, they have been shown to deliver numerous health benefits. Such benefits may include restoration of intestinal microflora following antibiotic use as well as possible alleviation from gastrointestinal tract related discomfort. How do probiotics work? The human body is designed to serve as home to billions of good bacteria. These tiny friends work hard, helping our immune systems ward off viruses, bad bacteria and

What is it? Probiotic Supplement 14

fast fact!

Antibiotics destroy the good bacteria (probiotics) population residing in our intestinal tract.

fungi. They also play a role in creating B Vitamins and certain enzymes. In order to do this probiotic populations must be high, and the strains of microorganism viable and of good quality. Caprobiotics Plus+ contains over 24 billion health enhancing bacteria with each serving that have been specially cultured to survive stomach acids and the digestive process.

Contains 6 strains of probiotics!


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus casei Lactobacillus bulgaricus Bifidobacterium longum Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS 1 Streptococcus thermophilus

The majority of our population could use probiotics. Dr. Victoria Hamman, Natural Healing Center, San Francisco, CA


what’s in the


Probiotic blend of 6 healthy bacteria strains, gelatin capsule (certified BSE free), rice flour.

120 capsules

1-800-574-1961 - - 279 SW 9th St. Chehalis, WA 98532


Caprobiotics Advanced™ An Advanced Probiotic Formula Caprobiotics Advanced™ info: • • • • •

Over 10 billion Beneficial Microorganisms per serving. Caprobiotics Advanced™ needs no refrigeration! 6 synergistic, broad spectrum, healthy probiotic strains. Lactobacillus rhamnosus provides shelf stability. Proprietary blend of strains cultured in goat milk.

fast fact!

There are more than 400 different kinds of bacteria (probiotics) living in our intestinal tract.

What is Caprobiotics Advanced™? Caprobiotics Advanced is a natural therapeutic whole both Caprobiotics Advanced and CapraColostrum (see food probiotic blend formulated with six strains of page 17) you could be more than doubling your efforts health enhancing bacteria. The proprietary blend of in your quest for wellness. specific probiotics in Caprobiotics Advanced™ have 1. Lactobacillus rhamnosus been cultured in goats’ milk and formulated to ensure 2. Lactobacillus casei that the helpful microorganisms remain active and viable Contains 6 strains 3. Lactobacillus bulgaricus while on the shelf as well as while passing through the 4. Bifidobacterium longum of probiotics! stomach to the intestinal tract. 5. Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS 1


Caprobiotics Advanced and Goat Milk Caprobiotics Advanced has been cultured in a fresh goat milk medium. This natural environment is pH friendly and allows for healthy cell growth which ultimately produces a probiotic supplement that has a stable shelf life and superior intestinal viability. Probiotics have natural synergy with Colostrum! Laboratory research demonstrates that by supplementing probiotics with colostrum, certain immune system activities such as lymphocyte growth and macrophage phagocytosis may be increased by up to twice their normal capacity. This means by supplementing with

What is it?

6. Streptococcus thermophilus




Lactobacillus rhamnosus provides shelf stability for up to 18 months at room temperature.


what’s in the


Probiotic blend of 6 healthy bacteria strains, gelatin capsule (certified BSE free), rice flour, silica.

Shelf Stable Probiotic Supplement

120 capsules

1-800-574-1961 - - 279 SW 9th St. Chehalis, WA 98532


CapraMilk™ Nature’s Greatest Food CapraMilk™ info: • • • • •

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Instant powdered goat milk CapraMilk™ is naturally homogenized Low allergy potential food. Goat milk is soothing to the digestive tract. Excellent source of calcium.

Why CapraMilk? Goat milk is the most widely consumed milk in the world and possesses numerous health benefits. The Journal of American Medicine says, “Goat milk is the most complete food known.” It contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids utilized by our bodies with ease. Here are three more reasons to choose goat milk! Goat Milk is less allergenic. The allergic reaction experienced by those with cow milk allergy can be blamed on a protein allergen known as Alpha s1 Casein found in high levels in cow’s milk. The levels of Alpha s1 Casein in goat milk are about 89% less than cow milk providing a far less allergenic food. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized. If one was to place both a glass of fresh cow milk as well as fresh goat milk in the refrigerator overnight, the next morning would find that while the goat milk looks exactly the same, the cow milk has separated into two distinct ‘phases’ of cream on the top and skim milk on the bottom. This is a natural separation process that is caused by a compound called agglutinin and it will always cause the cow milk to separate. The process of homogenization works by forcing fluid milk through a tiny hole under tremendous pressure which destroys the fat globule

Over 65% of the entire world’s population choose goat milk over cow milk everyday!

cell wall and allows the milk and cream to stay homogeneous or suspended and mixed. The problem with such homogenization is that once the cell wall of the fat globule has been broken, it releases a superoxide (free radical) known as Xanthine Oxidase. Now free radicals cause a host of problems in the body not the least of which is DNA mutations which often lead to cancer! Thus, the benefit of natural homogenization comes into clear view. Goat milk has smaller fat globules and does not contain agglutinin which allows it to stay naturally homogenized thus eliminating the dangers associated with homogenization. Goat milk is easier to digest. Goat milk has smaller fat globules as well as higher levels of medium chain fatty acids. This means that during digestion, each fat globule and individual fatty acid will have a larger surface-to-volume ratio resulting in a quicker and easier digestion process. Also, when the proteins found in milk denature (clump up) in the stomach, they form a much softer bolus (curd) than cow milk. This allows the body to digest the protein more smoothly and completely than when digesting cow milk.


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What is it? Powdered Goat Milk 16

Powdered Goat Milk

16 oz powder

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CapraColostrum™ Nature’s First Food CapraColostrum™ info: • The first milk produced, colostrum is low in fat and high in protein and antibodies. • CapraColostrum™ contains natural immunoglobulins, growth factors, and peptides. • Nature’s way of transferring immune components from mother to child. • Collected within the first 24 hours post-partum. • Contains high amounts of immunoglobulins IgG, IgA, and IgM, lactoferrin, cytokines, and over 20 antibodies for healthy immune support.

What is Colostrum? Colostrum is the thick fluid which is produced as a precursor to mother’s milk. It is found in humans, goats, and other mammals where it is produced by the mother for two days following birth. Colostrum can be described as a brilliantly designed transfer system which effectively “jump starts” a newborn’s undeveloped immune system. CapraColostrum is unique because it’s from goats meaning it’s from a source that is closer to human milk than the mass produced bovine (cow) colostrum. Colostrum supplies the body with immune and growth factors and is easily tolerated by most. What biological role does colostrum play? Colostrum has dozens of health related components, the primary being immune and growth related. Colostrum is made up of various macro and micro constituents such

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Colostrum maximizes the strength of your immune system without the side effects of drug intervention.

How should CapraColostrum be taken? Loading dose: Maintenance: Athletes:

Take 2-4 capsules (1450- 2900 mg.) twice daily, on empty stomach for 90 days. Take 2 capsules twice daily, on empty stomach. To improve performance and endurance, take 30 - 45 minutes before workout.

as cytokines, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, growth factors and hormones, etc. These components have various biological roles that are vital to proper health and immune function. What the Experts Say: “Colostrum is the first milk produced after birth and is particularly rich in immunoglobulins, antimicrobial peptides (e.g., lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase), and other bio-active molecules, including growth factors.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition We love our kids! Mt. Capra is aware that baby goats (kids) must utilize the postpartum colostrum from their mother to ‘jump start’ their own newly formed immune system. We have taken steps to allow the kids to have total access to their full need of colostrum. Mt Capra only harvests the “surplus” colostrum.


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What is it?

Goat Milk Colostrum, Goat Milk Cream

Goat Milk Colostrum Supplement

120 capsules/174g powder

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CapraCleanse™ A Total Cleansing Formula CapraCleanse™ info:

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• A Blend of botanicals, essential oils, enzymes, probiotics, fiber, and alkalyzing minerals from predigested goat milk. • CapraCleanse™ contains over 20 proven ingredients that steer the body toward overall intestinal wellness. • Strong enough to be an effective cleanser yet gentle enough to use everyday if needed. • Contains no harsh laxatives. • Contains magnesium and other alkalizing minerals from predigested goat milk whey.

Why CapraCleanse™? The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of overprocessed and refined foods, chemical additives, pesticides & herbicide contamination. A lack of beneficial bacteria in our foods is responsibe for much of the build-up of mucoid plaque in the colon. This plaque adheres to the colonic walls in layers creating a warm dark moist environment, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, Candida (yeast) and parasites. It’s estimated that over 63 million Americans are victims of digestive disorders. Most of those suffering don’t even consider that a toxic colon could contribute to these disorders and diseases. What to expect. Some people who begin on a colon cleansing routine experience some gas and bloating This occurs when the detoxifying herbs and fibers present in CapraCleanse

Over 63 million Americans are victims of digestive disorders such as Crohns, IBS, and diverticulitis!

Do not give to children 12 years or younger. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing without first consulting with your health care provider.

“stirs” the intestinal “compost pile” which creates heat and gas. Because of this, CapraCleanse contains herbs known to sooth and couteract gas, bloating, and cramping, such as: Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root Powder, and Fennel Seed Powder. *** For best results, be sure to drink at least 64 oz. (8 cups) of water each day.


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Arabinogalactan, Ginger Root, Psyllium Husk, Psyllium Seed, Flax, Apple Fiber, Inulin, Rice Bran, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek, Turkey Rhubarb, Beet Juice, Goat Milk Mineral Whey, Alfalfa Leaf, Turmeric, Hyssop, Rosemary, Yucca Root

What is it? Full Spectrum Cleanser 18

120 Capsules

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CandaCleanse™ Candida Yeast Cleanser CandaCleanse™ info: • Encourages the re-establishment of a balanced intestinal microflora. • CandaCleanse™ contains oleuropein a powerful antioxident polyphenol. • Includes antioxidant and antifungal wild oregano. • Contains a proprietary enzyme blend which assists complete digestion of food and other substances used for energy by Candida.

Why CandaCleanse™? CandaCleanse is a multi-system approach to wellness specifically designed for those suffering from overgrowth of common yeasts such as Candida Albicans. Yeast is a regular inhabitant of the digestive tract. Generally, in a healthy intestinal tract, the ratio of Candida is one cell to one million bacterial cells. Due to a variety of factors including, antibiotic use, lack of dietary fiber, and a compromised digestive/elimination system, over-growth of yeast and fungus can occur. Four powerful ingredients found in CandaCleanse: 1. Caprylic Acid: A naturally occurring fatty acid commonly used as an ingredient in acidophilus. Used in formulas to fight yeast infections and balance friendly (health-enchancing) intestinal bacteria. 2. Uva Ursi: A perennial evergreen shrub made-up of tough, long trailing, and flexible stems. The roots have been used for centuries as a remedy for dysentery. 3. Garlic: contains more than 100 biologically useful bio-actives. Garlic is known as one of nature’s antibiotics, and an excellent herb for building the

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Researchers now believe that certain forms of yeast can travel through the blood and inhabit any organ of the body.

Do not give to children 12 years or younger. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing or are taking anti-coagulant medications without first consulting with your health care provider.

immune system by stimulating other immune cells such as macrophages and T-cells to fight bacteria and viral infections. Benjamin Lau, M.D., Ph.D. conducted a study where he injected garlic extract into mice with Candida infections. After a day, the Candida colonies numbered 400, compared with 3500 colonies in the mice given only a salt-water solution. After two days into the trial, the garlic treated mice were completely free of Candida. 4. Hyssop (Wild Oregano): This herb is used medicinally. A test tube study demonstrated that oil of oregano inhibited the growth of Candida Albicans effectively.


what’s in the


Caprylic Acid, Goldthread extract, Uva ursi, Pao d’Arco, Hyssop, Garlic, Olive Leaf Extract, Barberry Root, Grapefruit Powder, Cellulase, Protease, Cellulose (vegetable source)

What is it? Candida Cleanse Supplement

60 caplets

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CapraSite™ Parasite Cleanser CapraSite™ info:

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• An Herbal Intestinal Parasite Cleanser. • CapraSite™ is a dietary supplement of 18 different The World Health Organization herbs and botanicals designed to support good estimates that 3.5 billion people intestinal health. suffer from a parasite infestation! • Contains plant compounds such as pumpkin seeds, black walnut, and wormwood. • Provides tonic (health enhancing) mushrooms traditionally used to support a healthy immune system. Suggested intake protocol... • CapraSite contains no harsh laxatives. Week 1 & 2 Week 3 Week 4 & 5 After Travel Maintain • CapraSite is made with only all-natural ingredients. Two capsules twice a day on an empty stomach

Why CapraSite? The World Health Organization estimates that 3.5 billion people suffer from a parasite infestation. Parasites are opportunistic invaders which means they take advantage of a host (you) when the intestinal ecosystem is unhealthy or the immune system is compromised. Support the Immune System to Fight Parasites! Our immune system is the first line of defense against invading bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Staying healthy requires this system to be maintained free of additional burdens, such as parasites, so that immune function is not compromised. Why a Parasite Cleanse? Parasites and worms are scavenger organisms living within, upon, or at the expense of the host. They reside in the gastrointestinal tract and feed on toxins and waste

Resting period. No CapraSite required.

Repeat week 1&2

Repeat weeks 1-5

material within the body. The danger of these uninvited vistors exists in that they become extremely toxic, and even deadly, as waste materials are expelled in the the hosts body. A parasite cleanse can grant relief to those suffering from a parasitic investation. Do not give to children 12 years or younger. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing or are taking anti-coagulant medications without first consulting with your health care provider.


what’s in the


Garlic bulb, Pau d’Arco, Plantago Ovata, Papaya leaf, Pumpkin seed, Grapefruit, Lemon Peel, Black Walnut, Oregon Grape, Wormwood, Mushroom Blend: [Corlorus versicolor, Grifola frondosa, Lentinula edodes, Schizophyllum commune] Caprylic acid, Ginger, Slippery Elm, Rosemary

What is it? Parasite Cleanse Supplement 20

Every 6 months, repeat week 1&2

60 capsules

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CapraZyme™ Potent Enzyme Blend CapraZyme™ info: • A complete, high potency, broad spectrum, digestive and botanical enzyme blend. • CapraZyme™ contains powerful enzymes for assistance with digestions of fats, carbohydrates, fiber, grains, seeds, legumes, fruits, & vegetables. • Contains lactase and protease enzymes, vital in total lactose and protein digestion. • Includes an isoflavone blend specifically aimed at complete soy digestion. • CapraZyme is a 100% Vegetarian Product.

Why CapraZyme? Everyday, over 200,00 Americans stay home from work because of illness of the digestive tract. Digestive diseases are responsible for nearly $50 billion in lost work and wages. The need for proper digestion help is overwhelming. Fortunately there’s CapraZyme. The Role of Enzymes. Primarily, enzymes functions as a catalyst. This just means that they help a metabolic reaction happen faster than it would without the enzyme present. In fact many reactions that enzymes are present in cause the process to be accelerated several million times faster than what could be accomplished without the enzyme. Therefore if a reaction with an enzyme takes a few miliseconds, then without the enzyme it would take several years!

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Everyday, over 200,000 Americans stay home from work because of digestive related problems... Found in CapraZyme...

The Benefits of Enzyme Supplementation. Our lifestyle of overprocessed and refind foods requires the body to create the enzymes needed to digest these foods. This repeated need for enzymes depletes our natural enzyme storage leading to digestion difficulty. CapraZyme works at a pH between 3.0 - 9.0 the perfect range to revolutionize the digestive process and help you feel your best!


what’s in the


Lipase, Amylase, Protease, Alphagalactosidase, Glucoamylase, Xylanase, Pectinase, Peptidase, Cellulase, Lactase, Bromelain, Papain, Grapefruit Powder, LGlutamine, Organic Barley Grass, Ginger Root, Organic Wheatgrass, Aloe Vera, Yucca, Turmeric...too much to print!

What is it? Vegetarian Enzyme Supplement

90 capsules

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Vital Energy™ Potent Metabolic Blend Vital Energy™ info:

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• A dietary complex containing a vast array of health stimulating nutritionals. • Vital Energy™ is comprised of over 25 botanicals, enzymes, and nutritionals, comprised into 5 unique and multifaceted dietary blends.

leth·ar·gy: (noun) the quality or state of being drowsy, listless, unenergetic, or sluggish.

What is Vital Energy? Vital Energy has been formulated for those looking to boost mental/physical energy, increase wellness and stamina, and provide comprehensive nutritional support utilizing 5 synergistic blends made of wholefoods, botancials, and herbal extracts.

Power Blend: 1. Fermented Goat Milk Protein/Cream: Animal protein is the only complete protein available. Protein derived from goat milk/cream is tolerated well by most. (see page 11) 2. Organic Raw Honey: Organic means safe and pure. 3. Goat Milk Mineral Whey: A pre-digested whole-food source of more than 20 naturally occurring minerals and a highly concentrated alkaline food. (see page 10) 4. Tart Cherry Juice: A rich source of phytonutritents, antioxidants and quercetin. 5. L. Carnitine Powder: A naturally occurring amino acid used to transport long chain fatty acids to the mitochondria. 6. Bee Pollen Powder: Contains antioxidants, vitamins, mineral, trace elements, enzymes and amino acids. 7. Royal Jelly Powder: A rich source of all the B vitamins and vitamins A,C,E and K.

Brain Blend:

1. Chocamine™: A wholefood that has the taste, smell and health benefits of chocolate without the sugar and fat. 2. Ginkgo Biloba: Contains antioxidants and flavinoids. 3. Maca Extract: Also known as Peruvian ginseng. 4. Muira Puama: botanical from the Amazon rainforest.

Do not give to children 12 years or younger. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing without first consulting with your health care provider. 2. Wheat Grass Powder: A super food with no gluten. 3. Barley Grass: Contains superoxide dimutase (SOD) and anticarginogen chlorophyll. 4. Astragalus Root Powder: A potent Chinese herb 5. Cordyceps sinensis Powder: A potent Chinese mushroom

Cellular Blend:

1. Flax Seed: Rich in essential fatty acids like alpha-linoleic acid, B-vitamins, potassium, lectithin, magnesium, and zinc. 2. Rhodiola Rosea Root: A plant native to the regions of Asia, Europe and the Arctic. 3. Acerola Cherry Extract: Intense antioxidant power. 4. Green Tea Extract: Contains strong free radical fighters. 5. OxyPhyte Ultra: A blend of apple, white tea, and rosemary.

Digestive Enzyme Blend:

1. Ginger Root Powder: Contains gingerols and shogaols. 2. Turmeric Extract: Contains powerful curcuminoids. 3. Enzyme Blend: amylases, lipases, cellulases, alphagalactosidases, alpha amylase, invertase, and lactase. 4. Goat milk Probiotic Blend: A five strain wholefood probiotic blend cultured in fresh goat milk.

Defensive Blend:

1. Goat Milk Colostrum: Contains immunoglobulins, peptides, growth factors and essential amino acids. (pg 17)

What is it?


Find out by examining the 5 synergistic blends above!

Wellness Supplement 22


what’s in the

90 capsules

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We are privileged to an have an exemplary advisory board of doctors and researchers-each contributing counsel in their area of expertise in health and wellness. They are invaluable resources in the area of clinical studies, product The formulation, and natural health reporting. We would like to take the opportunity to thank each of our advisors for sharing expertise in their respective fields thus enabling Mt. Capra to become a leader in the natural health food industry by serving the needs of health conscious consumers.

Mt. Capra

Medical Advisory Board Thomas R. Cooke, DO Graduated in 1976 from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. For over thirty years Dr. Cooke has been caring for patients in a culture of holistic treatment, practicing a preventative illness approach, while teaching and encour-

aging patients the importance of wellness care. Dr. Cooke did his internship at Stevens Park Hospital in Dallas TX. The past twenty-five years his private practice, family medicine, has been in Centralia/Chehalis, WA. “Health care is an exciting time with technological

advances and yet with these scholarly developments I’m still amazed at how our bodies try and compensate, correct and facilitate the healing process under some extreme circumstances.”

Tina Wellman, Ph.D., PNE Author of “Psychoneuroendocrinology: Copper Toxicity and Premenstrual Syndrome”, Dr. Wellman has blazed a trail through the maze of alternative medicine, conventional wisdom, and complementary

methods. She has been engaged in natural healing modalities for nearly 40 years, researching the mind-body connection to illness. Blending nutritional support with environmental detoxification, she patterns a healthy lifestyle

to achieve wellness. Her compendium of healthier choices is a vital key to achieving total wellness. Dr. Wellman shares that key with her clients, providing them with the fundamental tools to recover their health.

Terry Perry, B.Sc., R.D. Terry is a Spokane native and received her B.Sc. in Food and Nutrition from Eastern Washington University. She has worked as a Registered Dietitian for the last 25 years in the field of Nutrition Education and Disease Preven-

tion. Terry began her dietetics career at Holy Family Hospital and served as Chief Clinical Dietitian, she has been on staff with The American Cancer Society, and the Washington State Dairy Council. Terry is a member of the American Dietetic Association,

The Greater Spokane Dietetic Association, and the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Practice Group. She is also a member of The Healthy Families/Active Kids Coalition, a consortium that works to promote healthy lifestyles for children and families in the Inland Empire.

Dan Bekker, DDS Dr. Bekker has a dentistry practice in Seattle, Washington. For over twentyfive years Dan has not just encouraged oral hygiene but has taught his patients the close relationship of keeping the

whole body healthy. He has passionately preached and practiced this message not just in his Seattle dental office but also in Cofradia, Mexico. Dr. Bekker and his family has ventured every year to underprivileged towns in

Mexico spreading his smile and making new smiles where the need is great. Dr. Bekker earned his DDS degree from the University of Washington graduating in 1982.

Ben Greenfield, B.Sc., M.S. Ben holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sports science and exercise physiology and was the trainer of the year for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has authored multiple books on me-

tabolism, nutrition and fitness and is an expert in holistic wellness management. With over 12 years experience in coaching professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes from all sports, Ben is the owner of Pacific Elite Fitness ( and specializes

in multi-sport training and nutrition, coaching, and program design. Ben recently competed at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. He is available as a private wellness coach or to speak at seminars and conferences. E-mail Ben at


The milk we process comes from our own farm in the Southwestern part of Washington state. Having our own milk supply here in the Pacific Northwest gives everyone the assurance that all of the products manufactured are of the freshest and highest quality possible. Our goats are free range allowing them to enjoy life the way nature intended. Their food supply is free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, and antibiotics. This relaxed lifestyle and commitment to food quality is captured in our gentle and unique production methods and transferred into our products.

Serving you 1928. Questions? Comments? We want to hear from you! Visit:




279 SW 9th St. Chehalis WA, 98532


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Mt. Capra Whole Food Catalog  

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