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Ashbuton July 8, AD 2010 Times

Haunted or Not ? Some information on Ashburton

ARE YOU SCARED? Facts or not?

The ghost of the tor!

• Haunted or not? • Fake or true? • Found or not? • All these are questions need to be answered

Many people think that facts are good words. You are gonna have to make your own mind up on this one! The ghost was a girl She wore ragged old dress She had no legs She had long floating hair You can not see her unless you believe in her!

Ghost Story!

People say that there was once a ghost that haunted the tor of South Dartmoor Community College. She would be floating around but then all of a sudden disappears into thin air!! This is the ghost of South Dartmoor!! Does she still haunt the tor today? The ghost was a young girl about 3 years old. Teachers would be scared to enter the building. No one knew why she was there and who she was. She was free to float around everywhere every day. Her face was pale with pure black eyes. If you were lucky enough to see her you would shiver. Some people say that they could feel her presence.



ARE YOU SCARED?? Many people believe that the ghost is true, but do you? The story is that someone tried to catch the ghost but the next day no - one saw him. That was the end? No one found a body but did find his wallet. Obviously no one tried again but wondered why she killed him? Do you know why? It is still a mystery and there is still one question to be answered. WHY???!!!!!!!

Devon overview The School Looks Around newspaper of Ashburton

Local information for TQ13 7EW

The School Looks Around is a programme of environmental surveys carried out by young people and directed towards capturing the realities of contemporary urban and rural life in Britain.

Over 750,000 people live in Devon and this number is increasing. The population is older than average. A sixth of the population lives in Exeter, while most other people live in smaller towns and villages. Much of Devon is rural and includes two national parks, and a world heritage coastline. Unemployment is low compared with the rest of England, but wages are among the lowest nationally. People are healthy.

This newspaper produced by children at South Dartmoor Community College seeks to discover a new understanding of our past, present and future through research, conversation and survey’s comparing and contrasting opinions of those living and working in the region. This project combines art, history and anthropology for an investigative look at people, places, and stories and how they contribute to our collective understanding of who we are. The children have been searching out clues to the town’s past and present. Joe Stevens

Year 7 History Class

Description . . . . . . . . . . . Value People aged 5-7 . . . . . . . . . 3.5% People aged 8-9 . . . . . . . . . 2.7% People aged 10-14 . . . . . . . . 7.8% People aged 15 . . . . . . . . . 1.2% People aged 16-17 . . . . . . . . 2.2% People aged 18-19 . . . . . . . . 2.1% People aged 20-24 . . . . . . . . 4.0%


Ashburton and Buckfastleigh


Teignbridge District Council


Devon County Council

Latitude: Longitude:

50.5242293217811 -3.74575272322251

June 2010



People aged 25-29 . . . . . . . . 4.1% People aged 30-44 . . . . . . . . 20.3% People aged 45-59 . . . . . . . . 21.9% People aged 60-64 . . . . . . . . 5.0% People aged 65-74 . . . . . . . . 10.0% People aged 75-84 . . . . . . . . 6.8%

3,430 dwellings, 7,664 people live in this area, 41.5 years old on average.

People aged 85-89 . . . . . . . . 1.9% People aged 90 and over . . . . 1.2% 3+7EW&submit=Search+by+postcode

SDCC 30 Years Ago Story about former student

A few weeks ago we had a special visitor. She used to be a student at our school long time ago. The lady talked about the history of our school South Dartmoor Community College was established in 1964. The school was much smaller. The uniforms were also different. The lady told us that she used to wear to grey blazer and skirt. Her uniform was very neat and she was not allowed to wear trousers.

South Dartmoor Community College Balland Lane, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7EW Telephone: 01364 652230 | Fax: 01364 654069

Patch And Elliotts battle Brutal battles

Ashburton v Buckfastleigh The Ashburton Buckfastleigh fight took place on east street in the 50s and 60s it was mainly over girls and territory, they only used there heads feet and fists there were no weapons involved now we are going to interview someone who was there at the time and actually was init! “i was there living and breathing, ready to fight the opposition on East Street, we were all raging with anger, screaming with anger, then they charged at us waving there fists. The scariest bit is when the two teams hit and punches are thrown people kick bite

scratch and nut. The fight lasted for about an hour because it was split up by the police most made a runner but some got caught and were arrested as for me I never got caught because I always got away. It was on the old street road.


The fight happened because some of the members of Ashburton and Buckfastleigh were not happy with each other and they organised the punch up. It was mainly over women and territory.

The Lebricon

Legend has it that a crazed and rabbid Lebricon joined in the fight.

Games people played Teams of ten or twelve boys would play a game called “Hoist your Sails and Run.” All the boys of one team would go hide while the other team wasn’t allowed to look. When they were all in hiding the other team would go look for them. If someone neared the spot where a member of the team was hiding, the team member who was approached would yell “Hoist your Sails and Run”. This was warning to the other boys, that if they stayed in their places now they would be caught. This game continued until all boys were caught and then the teams changed sides.

Skipping in the street Kids would be skipping, and the mums would be turning the rope and all that. We also used to have a bit of rope hanging from the lamp-post, swinging round that, but there was nothing else to do. Linda Bragg

Sniggin’ Buttons Sniggin’ Buttons, which is somewhat like Tiddly Winks, was played outside. A hole was dug in the ground and a line was drawn about 4 or 5 feet away. Each player would place a button on the line. The starter flicked his button with his thumb and forefinger. In turn everyone tried and the first to succeed in flicking his button into the hole was declared the winner. Children skipping, using string from a fruit box,,1922

Ashburton This article is a bit of past and prescent of Ashburton

Old Ashburton

Ashburton unique history is believed to have begun in Saxon times although little is known about this time period. Many finds have been unearthed around the Ashburton area some dating back as early as 3000BC. but there is no evidence of a settlement here until around 500BC. this spot was most likely chosen for it’s presence of tin. This fact has shaped the history of Ashburton ever since. The town’s past prosperity is based on the tin mining of Dartmoor and the woollen industry with the river providing ample power for the many mills that once lined its banks. Ashburton is one of only four Stannary Towns in Devon and tin was mined in the area as far back as Roman times and considered as recently as the 1970s.

Ashburton was and still is a Stannary town. The Stannary Towns were important centres for the trade of tin as all rough smelted tin had to be

stamped before it was taken away for use. This process of weighing and checking of quality was carried out at very few towns and Ashburton was designated a Stannary Town as early as 1285 AD. Its importance as the main Stannary Town peaked in 1515 when nearly 40% of Devon’s tin was sold through Ashburton. By the early 1700s the trade had all but died out but small amounts have been mined even up to comparatively recent times.

Family atractions

Riverdart coutry park is in Ashburton but on the out skirts and it is a great family attraction but there is also thing like Miniature Pony and Animal Farm, House of Marbles, South Devon Steam Railway, Buckfast Abbey, Buckfast Butterflies & Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary, Pennywell Farm and many many more.

Ashburton Museum

No visit to Ashburton would be complete without a visit to the Town’s Museum. Originally started in a private house, it moved to the tower of St Lawrence Chapel and, when it outgrew that, in 1962, to the old blacksmith’s shop behind the chapel (part of the old grammar school site). By 1968 it moved again to its

present site in the centre of Ashburton (next door to Lloyds Bank) in a building which was once a brush factory.

Ashburton Floods The real deal !!

East street from the Bull Ring and depicting Ashburton in flood. This was a fairly regular occurrence in the town up until the addition of the flood prevention scheme introduced in the 1970s. The flood was terrible and it was carrying cars dwn the street and there were 5 animals killed and that was it.

Top and left: The children being detectives, searching out clues to the past. Using a range of photos, which had no descriptions or titles. They had to title the photo; describe it; and guess the year. Very impressive with their knowledge of historical events & their detective skills in working out approx yrs for the photos and how/what the pictures showed. For instance they knew Hillsbourough disaster (football fans & that it was the 20ys commemoration this yr; one know about the atomic bomb & how it had ended WWII; one know exact date of Sept 11th 2001 attack on twin towers – they remembered they was three and on holiday when it happened). They also deduced things like the war in Afghanistan The photos covered WW II: Atomic bombing of Hiroshima; Film posters from different years; old cameras from 1950s; and film and football stars from yesteryear. Bottom right: Ashburton is located in the heart of South Devon in the South West of the UK. It is situated within the Dartmoor National Park yet is still only 25 minutes drive from the beautiful South Devon Coast. It lies alongside the A38 almost equidistant between the cities of Plymouth and Exeter making it easily accessible from the Motorway network.

American gum BY MATT MIDDLETON Ryan Northcott (editor), Callum Hill (helper)

Americans and their Gum There were Americans in Ashburton during the war. They had great big jeeps that they drove through the town in. They chucked gum out of them.

got any gum chum ! The gum was pink and long and very nice and one cm thick. The reason why the Americans gave the people gum is to make people in Ashburton like them and support them. If the Americans made the children happy the parents will be happy as well. The Americans were very nice and kind people. They could afford to buy the gum because they were very wealthy soldiers and their sailors were very high. The Americans were very popular in Ashburton because of this.

Ghost of SDCC According to previous teachers and students a ghost lives in the older building of south Dartmoor community college!

There have been many sightings of this ghost by members of staff and students in the old needlework storeroom. This myth has come along by teachers asking their students to go and fetch some materials for their sowing and the room suddenly turns cold and the children see a shadow walking past on the wall. Many staff say that the ghost is the former textiles teacher. Luckily nobody has been hurt

by this ghost that haunts the school but most people who have spotted this terrifying poltergeist have vowed that they will never take another step into that room again. FACT: The ghost has been spotted over 20 times at the school in the room of horror! Over the years many false rumours have been speculated like it tries and hurts you, and it comes up to you and starts

talking. We don’t know for sure but we probably think that these aren’t true at all we know that there is a real ghost up there with the pictures we have found. There is heaps of proof that the ghost exists, like it moving things, walking up and down the halls of the building scaring people witless. and this has been found that this what do you think we would like to know do you believe in ghosts?

old foods By Coby Lace, Sam Whiffin, Jack Rhys-brown.

Over the years the eating habits in Ashburton has changed a lot. In the 1950’s an average loaf of bread would of cost 5 to 10p, and would be very hard to make because the technology was not as advanced.


Snipe roast is a very old dish hardly ever eaten today. The meals ingredients include snipe, toast, bacon, good gravy, water cress and butter.


Hare(rabbit) is still eaten today but was much more popular back in the 1950’s. This peculiar dish includes: 1 tin of jugged hare, half a glass of port wine, red current jelly and salt and pepper.


Back in the 1950’s, takeaways weren’t as popular as people would generally try to eat more healthy. That’s why gradually takeaways started to dissapear. when people started to eat more fatty, takeaways then became fashionable again. also tinned cans were used a lot to store food and they were much preferred. spam was one of the spectacular foods of the year in 1953. it was eaten fried, boiled and raw. spam was also one of the most used resources during world war one and two.

Eating out in Ashburton

Ashburton has had a reputation for its pubs, inns and coaching houses for hundreds of years. Many of the pubs and Inns still exist today along with a good selection of tea shops, cafes, good quality restaurants and food shops. Our ‘Eating Out’ section covers something for everyone, from award winning restaurants to good old ‘pub-grub’ or why not visit our ‘Food and Drink’ section for details of the many food outlets Ashburton has to offer. Spanning the centuries are many beautiful and intriguing buildings. Today, Ashburton is a blend of its richly historic past and its bustling, market-town present.

If you walked into a bakery 60 years ago you would see bakeries like this.

Our trip into Ashburton When our class went to meet the Mayor By Alice Millman x

After the fourth week we went down to meet the Mayor. I found that he didn’t answer our questions as well as we hoped so it was harder to do the newspaper and took longer because we had to find more information about it. I found that it was fun to get out of school. It gave us an opportunity to go out and to see new things and to have the chance to meet the Mayor. As we got to the town hall we went up the staircase into a room with the Mayor and four old people. They answered most of our questions but it seemed like they had were a bit GRUMPY. We asked them a few question and we recorded it with our phone or recorders.

Our class visit to meet the Mayor By Hannah Halstead

After 4 weeks of being stuck in a classroom we found out that we were going to meet the Mayor. So on the 26th May all of our class started to walk down the road to the village hall. ‘The ride down there was really funny; we were all singing and chatting all the way down to the hall!’ Says Hannah Halstead and Alice Millman who were in the class together. When we got to the hall we went up a staircase and sat down in some seats that were laid out in rows.

We sat down and at the front of the room were the Mayor and four old people. As the talk began we got to ask questions and they answered it taking in terns. They didn’t give us much detail in our answers but some of our questions weren’t very easy. We split into different groups depending on if we were doing the past or future of Ashburton. While this was happening we were recording with our phones and recorders. At the end we all came together and went down the stairs again. We walked back and then went into our classroom again and talked about our experience. Some of the most fun parts of the day was missing school and getting to chat to my friends!

Visit to see Ashburton’s Mayor

On the 26th of May we went to Ashburtion, we had to meet under the tented area at school when the bells rang. We got rounded up by Joe. And Mr. Ovens arrived late. When we left school we walked passed where the busses stop to collect people. We walked along the road through town to the town hall were we had arranged to meet the mayor and three people who have seen it all, to question them on Ashburtion’s history. In class we came up with some questions to ask. We had also brought cameras, pens and paper to use to record our findings. When we arrived we were split into two groups one group interviewed the mayor, mine interviewed the three people we asked them about events ands story’s that that they can remem-

ber. For us to use in our newspaper. Once we had finished interviewing everyone we went down the stairs to walk back up to school. When we got to school and put our info in a pile we got ready to go home.

Mr. Mayor

We went on the internet and went on Google earth and had a look at people’s houses. Then a person came in and showed us the sought of questions we should ask and how we should ask them to people. Then Joe [a person who specializes in photos] came in and he helped us with some software on which we are creating our newspapers on. On the Wednesday of the 26/may/2010 at about lunchtime we went out of school, we walked down east street for about 10mins. Then we were in the town enter and then we walked into the village hall and then we met the mayor and the older people of Ashburton. Mr. Ovens then split the class in half and then half the class went into one room then the other half went into the other room. Then the mayor and 2 older people went into the proper councillor room and half the class went with him then 4 older people went into the other room and we asked them questions for about 45 mins then we said good bye and headed back to school but on the way some people stopped at the shop and went and got some lunch from a shop I thought that the interview with the mayor was quite boring.

Mr Mayor

By Sam.W And Oli.R On Wednesday 26th of May instead of doing history and science we walked down Ashburton town to see the Mayor so we could interview him to make a newspaper on old Ashburton and all about the changes and how it is different now. It’s so much better than normal lessons; we got to ask lots of questions and take pictures. These answers helped us to write these newspapers on many different topics of Ashburton.

Our trip to Ashburton

We enjoyed our trip to see the mayor of Ashburton (Mr. Brewher), despite it being all the way back may we can still remember it well, we all had prepared our questions to ask the mayor the whole class met up under the tents with our history teacher Mr. ovens and a artists from outside of school Joe. Who I personally think was helpful but sometimes unnecessary. Next we walked down Balland Lane and then East Street and then within virtually no time at all we were at the Ashburton hall where we were given the de brief about our behaviour, as we had been talking all the way down. Then we walked up some absolutely massive stairs at first I was rather nervous. My nerves soon settled down as did the other members of my class we suddenly got in assort of rhythm questions where flowing perfectly and we were using our visit to our full potential getting lots of answer about the future and past of Ashburton. When we walking back to school a few people went into the shop and within no time at all we were back at school I think that the whole of our class enjoyed our trip to Ashburton.

Our trip to the Mayor

That day started off, as any normal day I knew well that we were going to see the mayor, I was very exited. When I got to history we set of down the road we approached the hall we all went upstairs quietly and filtered in to seats In front of the mayor. We went there with our teacher Mr Ovens and Joe Stevens, who is a contemporary artist. We were sat in front of the mayor and we all had a long list of questions for the mayor and at the end I don’t think anyone could have asked for more. We all got what we needed the newspaper is now really pulling together thanks to the inspiration of the mayor we can also have the stories that you told us I would like to say thank you to the mayor for sharing his knowledge with us this could turn out being the most successful project we have ever worked on. When we were talking to him it was quite relaxing after the long walk down. When we were talking to the mayor to help us with the questions they were very kind people.

Visit to Mayor diary of visit

Beginning of period 3

On the 26th of May the class went down through Ashburton but first we met up under the tents. We got to the town hall at the end of period 3.

Period 4

The class went inside the hall and we got introduced to the mayor and the guest he had invited. The mayor told us lots of things about him and we asked him some more questions. We all had a photo taken by Joe then we split up into two groups some with the mayor and some with the gests.

Period 5 half way through

In the groups we split up, we asked lots of open questions to the mayor and guests and they asked us questions back e.g. we asked stuff like ‘when did you get the job’ making sure its not a closed question.


We were later than we expected so when we got back we went to class and we refreshed of what

happened that day. Joe recorded and took photos of what we did.

Other bits and pieces

The hall was empty and the chairs were stacked up. In the first room chairs was tidily put in rows and 3 desks was put together in a shape of a u.

The school looks around Project

By Angel Beasley YR 7 This project lasted 8 weeks long!!! 4 weeks through this project (26th may 2010) we visited the mayor and some local friends of his who lived in Ashburton near enough their whole life. We interviewed them at Ashburton Town Hall. We also wrote a questionnaire which we got help to write by a very kind and generous lady who told us not to use yes or no questions. We then also had another lovely lady come into tell us some stories for our newspaper that we are making and the whole time we’ve been making the newspaper we had help from Joe a modern photographic artist. We also made museums and got a lot of help from our year-7 history teacher, Mr. Ovens who has taught us all year. Many thanks to all the people who helped us to do this project well and I think t was very creative and great fun.

Our History Project by Jack Rhys-Brown

I personally think that that this eight-week project has been very successful, because of how many tasks and challenges we’ve been able to achieve e.g. being able to create a newspaper. I think that my class and I have been very lucky to have experiences like this and I think that these kinds of projects should be carried out more often. I also think that the most successful part of this project is the trip to see the mayor because of the amount of good quality information about the town of Ashburton and the changes that have happened from the past to nowadays and even what the mayor hopes for the future, some of these points are how the food businesses have changed e.g. most foods used to be local and fresh but now many foods have been imported from different countries.

The account of this project My time for 8 weeks writing a newspaper about Ashburton, I’ve really enjoyed making the new and finding different information like going to see the mayor of Ashburton and got good information like Ashburton would grow in popularity because of the national park. The museum and carnival was all good to get information from and I have had a good time working with my friends. Finally the project has been great to work on, the best I’ve ever done this year.

The past 8 weeks by Callum Hill and Callum O’brien

Week 1

We were told we were doing a project for the next few weeks about old Ashburton the subject I chose was food we started work

Week 2

We got a visit from a woman that told us stories about the school when she was young and some about the town some people based their work on what she said

Week 3

On this week we got another visit from another woman about questioning and told us not to use closed questions as these give you yes or no answers

Week 4

We went to see the mayor the room was strange we had never seen it before. The mayor along with helpers was sitting in a room we then split into groups one with the mayor and helper and the other was the rest of the helpers

Week 5

We wrote up what the mayor told us it was hard to remember because we were told loads and after we had done writing we read them over checking

Week 6

We started typing up our newspapers some named about the American army bringing gum and some about changing Ashburton I also think the Mac computer suites were very useful because we had enough computers. Also I liked the web site because it was easy to navigate difficult to change certain things

Week 7

We continued writing in the library finding pics and info about certain ideas for thier newspaper after that we did some more finding info in books

Week 8 the last week

We writing up everything that happened start to finish

School looks around evaluation For eight weeks we have been making a newspaper. This has involved: a lady coming into tell us about how to write a questionnaire, Joe a modern artist. We also went down to Ashburton town hall and tried out our questionnaires. Finally we went to the Mac suite and used newspaper soft ware. Throughout this project Joe has been helping us with the soft ware. The lady helped us how to make the questionnaires. She showed us a slide show, which was quite boring! Then on the 26th of May we went to see the mayor in the town hall. There were also some elderly people who have been living in Ashburton for years. So they know everything they need to know about the place. The questionnaires we used the answers in our newspaper. We used the Mac suite to type up our newspapers. The website we used was called We have just about finished all we need to do now is print it!

The school looks around On the 26th may south Dartmoor community college year 7 y4 went to see the mayor of Ashburton. Period 3 we walked down east street in 2 the centre of town from there we went 2 the hall and once we walked in we saw a big stare case and at the top u could go left or right we went left it was a big room with a very tall sealing when I saw the mayor I felt a little nervous but he looked glamorous my hart skipped a beat. We were there to ask the information on how much Ashburton has changed over the years. We got a lot of satisfying answers, which uncovered a lot from the past of Ashburton. We also worked with a nice contemporary artist named Joe. He helped us use computer software that was completely new to us. He would show us what things were, and how they are used. At the town hall with the mayor he was recording the questions and answers I think he got some useful information overall I think the information we got was extremely useful in our newspaper it was successful project resulting in a massive help in our studies

The project By Elliott Ford

Our Project

Over the last eight weeks I worked with my history class, my teacher Mr. Ovens and contemporary artist named Joe Stevens. We brought lots of item in from home and we made a tiny museum that was quite fun but frustrating because different people where always changing the place of where you put an object. When we met the mayor of Ashburton six elderly people were there with him. They sometimes complain about how lazy kids were these days that was only the one negative thing we got why were there, we also got a lot of positive information like the streets of Ashburton were very, very quite you’d see about one car per day.

Our Project Build Up! During the 8 weeks we have been doing a project in history with Mr. Ovens, and contemporary artist Joe. Our project is about Ashburton and we are making it into a newspaper. The first thing we did to build up making it into a newspaper………..a lady came to our lesson and told us all about questions. After that we were ready to go to Ashburton and meet the mayor. We wrote all information rough on a piece on paper. After that we came back to school and went to the Mac suites. Then we went on this website could Which Joe showed us. Then we went to the library and finished it.

Top: Class working in the Mac suite on their newspaper ( Bottom: Class making ‘Museum of Today’. Each come up with an object they feel should go into a museum that sums up the last five years. They then wrote a short description of why this should be included and a title for their object. This was to answer the question; If you could leave only one thing in a local history collection or archive, what would it be?

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Up 2 date Latest Gossip (teen clebs in love!)

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Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus!!!

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For a short time period Miley Cyrus was dating Nick Jones from the Jonenes bros! ‘If I have a boyfriend my dad has to approve of him’ Miley told us!

Phones were like bricks! OMG!!! People didn’t have much entertainment! BORING!!! The popular girls in school wore their uniform correctly with a bit of lip gloss. Elizabeth Hurley will Start Organic Food Line. Britney Blows Big Bucks

Fashion 20 years ago!!!

Britney Spears went on a shopping spree this weekend, spending more than five thousand dollars’ worth of United States currency in under 30 minutes.

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Vintage Ads: 1990

Ashbuton Times  

This newspaper produced by children at South Dartmoor Community College seeks to discover a new understanding of our past, present and futur...

Ashbuton Times  

This newspaper produced by children at South Dartmoor Community College seeks to discover a new understanding of our past, present and futur...