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Joe Soto CEO|Entreprener|Speaker|Author|Consultant One Social Media founder and CEO, Joe Soto, is a leading expert of social media marketing with over 12 years of experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, online lead generation and internet marketing. A self-described social marketing evangelist, Joe has played a key role in the launch of social media campaigns for local, regional and national businesses and brands. Joe’s currently authoring his forthcoming book entitled The Social Truth, a book that humanizes social media, leaves the technical jargon out, and embraces the proven methods that make social media marketing work.

Strategic Partnerships


Jeffrey Gitomer

Leveraging the Power & Reach of Social Media

America’s #1 Sales Authority New York Times Best Selling Author

Harvey Mackay New York Times BestISelling Author, Syndicated Columnist Nationally Renowned Business Speaker

Alex Mandossian I Electronic Marketing Authority

Business Coaches NJ/PA

Expanding Your Social Influence Through LinkedIn Social Media in Sales: Harnessing the Customer Relationship Mastering Social Media Strategy for Business

Formats Seminars | National Tours Boot Camps | Media Appearances Podcasts | Webinars | Workshops

In The Media ABC News Business Record Iowa Living Magazine The Entrepreneur Blog The American Entrepreneur Portico Hour

Content MaGers   “Joe Soto captivates audiences with both powerful content and polished delivery. His ability to deliver complex ideas in easy-tounderstand language makes Joe’s seminars a hit with any audience. And, he’s a heck of a guy. If you need help with social media, call Joe Soto now.” -­‐  Noah  Rickun,  Speaker  and  former  CEO  of  Jeffrey  Gitomer’s  TrainOne  

“As an information marketer, I know a lot about social media. Let me tell you, I learned more from Joe Soto in a one hour lecture, than I learned from all other speeches and lectures I attended. Great information, very detailed, very strategic.” -­‐ Philip  Tirone,  CEO  and  President  of  

Testimonials A

“I have confidence in what he [Joe Soto] says, and if you are going to work with some kind of partner on the internet you better have confidence in what they are saying. If you don’t you’re dead.” Jeffery Gitomer, New York Times Best Selling Author “We have been blessed with the help of One Social Media to reach out, not just in Des Moines where our dream started, but to go nation wide.” Kory Pohlman, CEO, Kosama Inc. "Engaging, entertaining! Joe is my hero!" A Carla H, Sales & Service, Herff Jones "I appreciated the glimpse into a new way of doing business. I'm thrilled to start!" A Sarah B, Business Dev Manager, Acrobat Outsourcing "Hands on, quick, informative, noteworthy." A Mark D, CEO, Ergo Office Seating “The material cut through the fog and showd how it all ties together to form true business marketing.” ABrian Modglin A Interface Systems “Phenomenal info and great ideas no matter where you are currently. I learned more in 90 minutes than in the last 90 days, and I DO social media for clients!” A Lowell S, Owner, Baltimore Networking “Excellent overview and wake up call to social media. (OMG I’ve been asleep and you woke me up to marketing in the 21st century!)” A Sherry MD, 1st VP, Morgan Stanley “Tons of interesting facts, Joe is a lively, fast paced speaker.” A Andrea, Promotion Coordinator, Citadel “Joe is engaging, dynamic and gave me great insight.” A Ben Weber, Senior Sales Representative, Pearson Higher Education


“Opened my mind to social media.” Tim Wasmer, President, The Wasmer Company LLC


“Joe did an excellent job of providing relevant tools that will help me as a small business owner leverage the power of social media. Unlike other social media training I've heard, Joe kept the content low tech, but high application. Thanks Joe!” Pamela Jett, Communication Skills Expert, Jett Communication


“Best hour and a half of immediately deployable learning in quite a while!” Dane D. Miller, Partner, Azure Marketing Communications

Who turns to Joe Soto for his expertise? Joe’s Current  Clients  Include:     Jeffrey  Gitomer   Harvey  Mackay   Joe  Calloway   Terri  Sjodin   John  Spence   Joe  Malarkey   Joe  Sweeney   David  Horsager   Former  Clients  Include:     Mark  Sanborn   Kevin  Hall   Giovanni  Livera   And  many  more!  

Joe Soto Speaking Profile  

Joe Soto Speaking Profile

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