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he avocado is a vegetable. I stress vegetable, lest we confuse the avocado with a mere tomato or another dreadfully inadequate potato. Like a king made of solid emerald, the avocado reigns over the vegetables/fruits food group with a leafy fist. Contents [hide]

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Specifications With its green skin and green flesh, the avocado is envied by many for its homogenous perfection. Carrots across the country rage at the avocado's sublime egg-shapedness, which not even the misnamed eggplant can match. The unique qualities of the avocado lends itself to numerous applications no other vegetable may even aspire to imitate. A misguided youth, caught without supplies, attempted to make guacamole with a yam. Catastrophe ensued. This man's name is Adolf Hitler. Weighing in at an average of 100g, the avocado can hold its own in any vegetable fighting competition. The reedy celery is snapped asunder by the viridian verisimilitude of the avocado. Even the not-so-great pumpkin, at

the sight of the avocado's very hue, is readily sent into a teary fit. Well, it would be, if pumpkins could talk.

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